Episode 309 – Ayodhya re-enters the festive mood after fourteen years!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Bharata unconditionally hands over the reins of the Ayodhya kingdom and surrenders it at Lord Rama’s lotus feet. Eventually, Bharata’s tearful conversation with Lord Rama showed us the extent of love and devotion Bharata had for Lord Rama. These emotional words coming from Bharata’s pure and innocent heart moves Rama to tears. He hugs Bharata and acknowledges his unconditional surrender. How can Bhagwan resist himself when his devotee is in tears? He reaches out to Bharata and consoles him and explains to him that by going to the forest, he had achieved one of the most important missions of his life – To kill Ravana. This might not have happened had he not gone to the forest. Hence, Lord Rama comforts Bharata that he is not the reason for the exile and requests him not to feel guilty about it.

As Bharata listens to the loving and soothing words from his brother, the smiles are back in everybody’s faces! It is now time for celebration! All the hurdles have been crossed successfully! It’s now time for Ayodhya to re-enter the festive mode! As Lord Rama gives the consent, the arrangements for the coronation function commences. Hanuman leads the way along with Rama’s three brothers, Vibhishana and Sugriva to make all the preparations.

Now Lord Rama is all set to end his “Vana-Vaasa” (Forest life). He first removes his beard and all the robes of that of a saint. He takes a holy bath in the waters of the River Sarayu and changes into a fresh suit of that of a king! Now it is time for all of them to proceed from Nandigraama to Ayodhya. The entire caravan commences its journey. There are innumerable royal elephants, chariots, soldiers who lead the way. Lakshmana and Hanuman fan Lord Rama and Sita, who are sitting in a beautiful golden chariot. All along the journey, Lord Rama narrates the entire fourteen-year experience in the forest to all his people who are gathered around him. Every house in Ayodhya is in festival mode – Every house is beautifully decorated and garlanded with the most aromatic flowers. Flowers are sprewn all over the road through which Lord Rama’s chariot is passing through. As Rama passes by the city roads, each and every person in Ayodhya wishes him and seeks His blessings. Lord Rama acknowledges each and every person in his kingdom and gradually moves into the city of Ayodhya. Once he sets foot into Ayodhya city, he bows down to the great land ruled by all his forefathers until King Dasharata.

As Lord Rama steps into Ayodhya, all the people including saints bless Rama for a long life and a successful tenure as an invincible king. Till now they’ve seen Rama as a child and now they’re going to see them as a matured individual who can take all of them forward.

Now the entire caravan reaches the Ayodhya palace. Rama slowly enters the palace after fourteen long years. His three mothers, Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra are eagerly awaiting Rama’s return and as Rama steps in, they are with tears of joy! Kaikeyi is especially happy because her son Rama had executed her orders without any regret. She praises Rama for his obedience and respect towards his parents.

As the caravan enters the palace, there is happiness all around! People exchange greetings and smiles. For today, let us also join this caravan and the people of Ayodhya to enjoy the joyous occasion of Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya! We shall wait till the next episode for the coronation function to commence! 🙂

Episode 308 – Bharata submits the Ayodhya kingdom to Lord Rama’s feet!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed that Lord Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana have arrived at Nandigrama to meet Bharata and Shathrugna after fourteen long years. Before that, Hanuman arrives in front of Bharata and appraises the situation to him. He says to Bharata that Rama is on his way and thus prevents Bharata from jumping into the pyre of fire.

Eventually as Rama arrives, Bharata is in tears of joy upon seeing his brother after fourteen years. He immediately rushes towards Rama and hugs him with all his love and affection. This is a beautiful and an emotional moment and is captured in an elaborate manner by Vaalmiki Maharishi.

Now moving on, as the four brothers settle down after a few initial emotional moments, Bharata comes forward and surrenders the Ayodhya kingdom at Lord Rama’s feet.

This is a very important phase as we are going to witness the unique characteristics of a person who practises complete surrender to the Lord’s feet.

Bharata says to Lord Rama thus, “Oh dear brother! Here are the reins of this great Ayodhya kingdom, which has been ruled by our great forefathers for innumerable generations. Now the time has come for you to take over the reins and become the 37’th king of this great place! I’m submitting this wholeheartedly to your lotus feet!”

Saying thus, Bharata takes water in his palms, washes Rama’s divine feet and bows to him with all his respect. Rama accepts Bharata’s request. However Bharata continues his talk to Rama thus, “Oh Rama! Although I’m submitting the reins of Ayodhya to you, you might have a feeling that I should continue ruling Ayodhya and you would be assisting me. However, can a tiger and a dog be compared? A tiger is so ferocious and aggressive unlike a small dog! You are that great tiger and I’m that small dog. I shall assist you in whatever way you want me to do, rather than me ruling the kingdom. If that is the case, you might ask me ‘How did you rule this kingdom for fourteen years when I was on exile?’ Let me tell you one thing – It was because of compulsion that I had to execute the duties of the kingdom and not voluntarily. I was forced into this and I still have the guilt that I took away the right that you deserved! Hence, my dear brother, I request you to forgive all my wrongdoings and accept me as your devotee! I would be the happiest person if this could happen. I know that I do not deserve it for all the wrong things that I’ve done to you! But please have some mercy on this poor child! I would always like to see you as my king and I would always like to be your servant to execute whatever you order me to do!”

As Bharata says thus, he breaks into tears and starts sobbing uncontrollably. His mind is now full of guilt and regret that he and his mother Kaikeyi had snatched Rama’s rights, fourteen years ago! Also, Bharata is having the feeling that it was only because of him that Rama had to suffer in the forest for all these years! However, Lord Rama – As we all know, is the most compassionate person in this worldHow can he tolerate Bharata’s innocent tears arising out of a pure heart? He immediately lifts his brother from his feet and hugs him with all his love! He slowly wipes Bharata’s tears and replies him thus, “Oh my dear Bharata! Although I was physically away from you all these years, there has never been a moment where I was not thinking about you! Bharata! You are everything for me! Don’t forget that. And it is not your fault that I had to go to the forest. It was the very purpose of my birth that I execute some important duties that I left for the forest. And see.. We’ve got such wonderful people like Hanuman and Sugriva as our dear friends and this friendship happened only because I had gone to Kishkinta! So rather than feeling sad about it, you should be happy that we’ve got such wonderful people with us today!”

Saying thus, Rama consoles Bharata and accepts his complete surrender! Now the kingdom of Ayodhya is under Lord Rama. The stage is all set for the grand coronation ceremony! Let’s wait till the next episode for the important coronation function to commence! 🙂


Episode 307 – Rama meets Bharata after fourteen years!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Rama, along with the others have landed at Sage Bharadhwaja’s ashram, just outside Ayodhya. Rama’s fourteen-year exile period has come to an end and thus, seeks the blessings of Sage Bharadhwaja for the next phase of his life. As Sage Bharadhwaaja blesses Rama, he requests him to stay in the ashram for a night before proceeding to Ayodhya.

Upon hearing this from the Sage, Rama couldn’t tell a “no” to him. However, he also knows that Bharata is eagerly waiting for him at Nandigrama. Hence, Rama sends Hanuman to Nandigrama to explain to Bharata of his arrival and that, he is on the way! As all of us know, Hanuman, being one of the most intelligent and smart person amongst the entire population, swiftly makes his way to Nandigrama where Bharata is.

Meanwhile, as Rama’s arrival is getting delayed, Bharata gets dejected and he thinks within himself that his dear brother has deserted him forever! Bharata couldn’t control his emotions and he straightaway heads to the place where the wooden logs are stored, picks up few of them and prepares a pyre. The idea is to jump into the burning pyre and end his life, because Rama has deserted him. Hence, as per the plan, Bharata has set up the logs and arranged the pyre. He is all set to lit the pyre and jump into it. Along with Shathrugna’s help, the pyre is ready.

It is at this time that Hanuman sees Bharata in this situation while he is nearing Nandigrama. Upon seeing Bharata in this condition, Hanuman is shell-shocked! He has to do something immediately to stop Bharata from jumping into the fire. He should not allow Bharata to take one step forward too. What can he do? Now Hanuman quickly decides within himself, “Oh! The best way to stop Bharata from proceeding forward is to narrate the ‘Raam-Katha’ (Story of Lord Rama)! Let us give it a try!”

Thinking thus, Hanuman starts narrating Rama’s story of victory as he comes closer slowly! He explains how Rama emerged victorious and lists all of Rama’s achievements in these fourteen years in the forest.

“Dadharsha bharatam dheenam krishamaashrama vaasinam!

Phala moolaasinam dhaantham thaapasam bhramhachaarinam!!”

Thus, Hanuman begins to address Bharatha who is also appearing like a “Tapasvi” (Saint), unable to bear the separation from Rama.

“Asmin muhurthe bhraarthraa tvam raamena satha sangathaha!

Yeva muktho hanumathaa bharatah kaikeyi suthaha!!”

Now Hanuman starts from the very beginning – “Once upon a time there was a great and a mighty king by name Dasharata. King Dasharata was childess for a long time and after performing the “Puthra-Kaameshti Yaaga” he was blessed with four sons….”

I’m not going into the story again, as all of us know it by now! 🙂

Thus as Hanuman narrates the whole Raama-Charithra, Bharata listens to it with tears in his eyes and looks up to find who is that person chanting Rama’s story with such an expertise and an emotionally touching manner. (Here too we can understand the importance of giving a effective speech at the right time!)

As Bharata stands confused and unable to take a step forward to jump, Hanuman lands in front of him and introduces himself as “Raama-Thooda” (Lord Rama’s messenger) and that, Lord Rama has sent him to inform his arrival. Upon hearing this, Bharata is all excited and is speechless! He hugs Hanuman with all his happiness. Even today, we can see the portrait of Bharata hugging Hanuman at Nandigrama. Shathrughna is at the same time, overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Thus all of them are eagerly waiting for Lord Rama’s arrival.

As Bharata and Hanuman are conversing with each other and as Hanuman narrates the whole fourteen-year experience of Lord Rama in the forest, the Pushpaka Vimaana makes its way to Nandigrama. As the Vimaana lands on the ground, Rama walks out of it along with Sita and Lakshmana!

What an emotional moment for Bharata! He immediately runs towards his brother and hugs him with all his emotions and tears in his eyes! Rama too is extremely happy to see Bharata again, safe and secure! All the four brothers are excited emotionally to see each other again! They’ve re-united in a grand manner!

For today, let Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shathrughna meet each other and re-unite after fourteen long years. We shall also celebrate this grand reunion for the whole of today and wait till tomorrow’s episode to find out what happens next! 🙂

Episode 306 – Lord Rama, Sita & Lakshmana reach Sage Bharadwaaja’s Ashram!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that the Pushpaka Vimaana has started its journey towards Ayodhya with Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, all the Vaanaras and along with Vibhishana and Co. The Vimaana makes its journey through various geographical locations through which Lord Rama and Lakshmana had strolled their way in search of Sita. Eventually, as the Vimaana crosses over the “Ram-Sethu” Bridge, Lord Rama explains its significance to Sita and requests her to bless it with her merciful eyes. As Mother Sita blesses it, the Ram-Sethu Bridge is believed to be a place that washes away all the sins of devotees who throng to take bath in the holy water surrounding it. This is why even today this place is worshipped in a huge scale by all the Hindus.

Now moving on, as the Vimaana passes through Kishkinta, Sugriva has a wish that all his remaining counterparts and his wives should also join the group so as to witness Lord Rama’s coronation at Ayodhya. Accordingly with Rama’s approval, the Vimaana stops at Kishkinta for a few seconds and all the remaining Vaanaras and Sugriva’s wives Ruma and Taara also gets in. All of them are so eager to see who this Sita is. It is to be noted here that none of them have seen Mother Sita till date, although they’ve heard about her innumerable times. Thus, they are all so eager to see who this woman is, and how does she look like.

As they have a look at Mother Sita, they’re astonished by her unique beauty and get mesmerized completely. They are completely awestruck by Sita’s appearance!

Now the Vimaana again commences its journey and finally lands at Sage Bharadwaaja’s ashram. As the Vimaana lands down, all of them deplane from it and now Rama calls a meeting with Hanuman and discusses the way forward. Rama tells Hanuman, “Oh Hanuman! In close proximity to this place is Shringiberapuram, which is the capital of Guha. Fourteen years back I had assured Guha that I would come back to his place and announce my arrival! Hence I need to go there along with Sita and Lakshmana to visit Guha! He would be eagerly waiting for me!”

Lord Rama continues further upon pointing out to the city of Ayodhya from a distance, “Oh Hanuman! Look over there! That is my father’s kingdom – The great Ayodhya city! All of us are going to reach Ayodhya in a short time from now!”

As Rama and Co. reach Sage Bharadwaaja’s ashram by now, Sage Bharadwaaja is so eager to listen to Rama’s fourteen-year experience in the forest. Thus, Rama starts to explain the whole set of events, however he is always having the fear at the back of his mind that Bharata is eagerly waiting for his arrival at Ayodhya. Hence he keeps it short and crisp.

As the conversation gets over, Rama is about to take leave from there, but before he could start, Sage Bharadwaaja requests Rama to stay in the ashram for a night and then leave for Ayodhya! Being a great Sage, Rama could not deny his request and he decides to stay back. However Rama decides to send Hanuman again as his messenger to go to Bharata to inform him of his arrival!

What does Hanuman say to Bharata? Is Bharata ready to listen to Hanuman? Let us wait till the next episode eagerly to witness Rama’s successful return to Ayodhya!! 🙂

Episode 305 – Significance of the “Ram-Sethu” Bridge!!!


n the previous episode we had witnessed that Lord Rama along with Mother Sita and Lakshmana are commencing their journey back to Ayodhya in the Pushpaka Vimana. Vibhishana makes all the arrangements for Rama’s smooth and quick journey and as Rama is about to leave, Vibhishana expresses his desire to join them so as to witness Rama’s coronation at Ayodhya. Accordingly Lord Rama approves it and the whole gang commences the journey.

As the Pushpaka Vimana travels, Lord Rama shows to Mother Sita the place where the Rama-Ravana war took place. He shows the route through which the entire Vaanara army traversed from Kishkinta to Lanka. Enroute, he also points out to the bridge that he had built, so as to cross over from Rameshwaram to Lanka. Valmiki Maharishi has dedicated one sloka just to describe the bridge:

“Yethatthu drishyathe theertham saagarasya mahaathmanaha!

Tatha hetho vishaalaakshi nihatho raavano mayaa!!

Sethu bahdham ithignyaanam trilokyenacha pooritham!!

Yetath pavithram paramam mahaa paathaka naashanam!

Athra raakshasa raajoyam aajagaama vibheeshanaha!!”

From the above slokas, Lord Rama clearly mentions, “Oh Sita! Here is the place where Vibhishana came to me and announced his surrender (“Athra raakshasa raajoyam aajagaama vibheeshanaha”) This place is a very important place wherein all the sins would get washed away,(“Mahaa paathaka naashanam!) if visited. Those who come to this place and take bath in this holy water, all their sins would be resolved and the person would become pure! Hence, Oh Sita! Vishaalaakshi!! Please have a look at this and bless this bridge!” (“Tatha hetho vishaalaakshi!”)

As Lord Rama mentions thus to Sita, she has a look at the entire place (along with the bridge) and blesses it with her ever-merciful eyes. Such is the significance of the “Ram-Sethu” bridge, which is still being worshipped by all Hindus across the world even today. According to researches performed by scientists in the earth sciences area, the existence of this bridge is still found in the region bordering India and Sri Lanka. However, the remains are very negligible, perhaps owing to all the geological changes that would have taken place over thousands of years. It is quite saddening to know in the modern day that some people (just to gain some political mileage and brownie points) take up this issue without doing any proper research and come up with false inferences and in turn hurt the sentiments of one particular religion.

Moving on, as the Vimana enters the Indian shores, it passes along different geographical regions wherein Lord Rama explains each and every incident that happened after he had lost Mother Sita. He explains his route in minute detail as Sita listens to it in awe!

As the Vimana passes over Kishkinta, it stops for a moment because Sugriva had a small wish – He wanted to take all the remaining Vaanaras including his wife to Ayodhya for the coronation function. Accordingly the remaining people at Kishkinta get inside the Vimaana and it again commences its journey.

Thus, the entire caravan of Lord Rama is travelling across India in the Pushpaka Vimana. For today let us also travel with Lord Rama and Co. with all our hearts filled up with devtotion and prayers for him and Mother Sita. We shall wait till the next episode to witness where the Vimaana lands! 🙂

Episode 304 – Rama, Lakshmana & Sita commence their return journey to Ayodhya!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Lord Rama magnanimously brings back all the Vaanaras who had lost their lives during the battle. Now the entire Vaanara army that had marched into Lanka is safe and secure! As they start rejoicing, Lord Rama asks Vibhishana if he could similarly bring back all those Raakshasas who had lost their lives in the battle. However, Vibishana says that Ravana threw the bodies of the dead Raakshasas into the ocean, and hence it is not possible to bring them back to life. Here, we can witness yet another instance of Lord Rama’s magnanimityIrrespective of whether the other person is a friend or an enemy, Bhagwan wants to protect all of them and ensure that everyone is safe and secure!

As this episode comes to an end, it is now time for Rama to return back to Ayodhya immediately, as the fourteen-year period is over. Rama knows Bharata’s resolve and he is scared if Bharata commits any untoward end to his life just because Rama is not back yet. Hence he turns again to Vibhishana and asks for a solution for this.

It is at this point in time that Vibhishana shows the “Pushpaka Vimana” of Ravana to Rama. Vibhishana says, “Oh Rama! This is the magnificent “Pushpaka Vimana” of my deceased brother Ravana. Till date he had only used it for bad purposes – To destroy, kill and abduct people from all over the world. So for this one time, let this be put into a good use. You get into the Pushpaka Vimana along with Sita and Lakshmana and this will take you to Ayodhya within a jiffy!”

Rama acknowledges Vibhishana’s words and he gets inside the Pushpaka Vimaana along with Sita and Lakshmana. As Rama tries to bid farewell to Vibhishana and Co., Vibhishana requests Rama, “Oh Rama! How can we let you leave Lanka just like that, without all of us? We also want to accompany you to Ayodhya to witness your grand coronation! Hearing this, Rama is puzzled as to how can this Vimaana accommodate all of them at a stretch. Vibhishana assures Rama that this Vimana is designed for it – How many people want to travel by this Vimaana, it gives space to all of them at a stretch!

Thus, all of them climb onto the Pushpaka Vimana – Including all the Vaanaras, Vibhishana, his family and the remaining Raakshasas who were with Vibhishana. After all of them have got inside, the Vimaana starts. It begins it’s journey to Ayodhya by air. 🙂 

It is at this time, Lord Rama shows Sita all the important locations through which he and Lakshmana have passed through, to reach Lanka. What are those places? Vaalmiki Maharishi gives a detailed accord of them and also about the significance of the “Ram-Sethu” bridge. We shall allocate tomorrow’s episode exclusively for looking into this, as this explanation is very important. Let’s stay tuned!

Episode 303 – Lord Rama brings back Vaanaras to life!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and all the Devas had assembled together in front of Rama, and all of them remind him that he is none other than Lord Vishnu himself who has incarnated in this world to finish off the wicked Ravana. Now that this mission is over and Ravana having been killed successfully, Lord Brahma makes a request to Rama to come back to Vaikunta. However, Lord Shiva and others oppose the idea and they emphasise that Lord Rama should go back to Ayodhya and rule the kingdom for some years before he can come back to Vaikunta. At this time, we had also witnessed that King Dasharata appears in person and grants Rama the boon of re-accepting Kaikeyi and Bharata as his wife and son respectively.

Now moving on, as Lord Brahma is watching all these happenings, he is also so impressed and wants to grant something to Lord Rama for his great achievement in restoring the Dharma in this world. Lord Brahma wants his contribution also to be there in this whole divine process. He thus requests Rama to ask for a boon of his choice. Accordingly Rama requests, “Oh Lord Brahma! Since many of these innocent and pure-hearted Vaanaras have unfortunately lost their lives during the war, I request you to bring all of them back to life! It is not their fault that they should bare the brunt of the war. It is only for me that they fought with their 100% effort. So, these innocent Vaanaras should not be punished for no fault of theirs!”

Upon hearing this, Lord Brahma becomes extremely happy and tears of joy trickle from his eyes. He never expected this from Lord Rama. He is proud of Rama’s magnanimity and immediately grants the boon!

Thus, all the Vaanaras who had lost their lives during the war, are now able to get back to their lives! All of them are surprised as each one of them are waking up with not even one injury mark on their bodies! What a miracle! All the Vaanaras including Sugriva and Hanuman are in tears of joy as they’ve got back their friends, fit and fine! They are so overwhelmed with happiness that they have no words to thank Lord Rama for this magnanimous act!

Next, Lord Rama turns to Vibhishana and asks him whether this same can be applied to the Raakshasas who had lost their lives because of one wicked Ravana. Upon hearing this, Vibhishana is surprised! However, unfortunately as Ravana had ordered all the dead bodies of the Raakshasas be thrown into the ocean, there is nothing left! Alas! Rama coulnd’t save the innocent Raakshasas who had lost their lives in the battle! The opportunity is lost!

As this is happening, Rama realizes that it is time that he should go back to Ayodhya immediately. The fourteen-year period has come to an end! It is to be recalled that Bharata is waiting eagerly for his brother’s return. Now if Rama delays his Ayodhya return, Bharata is going to end his life! Rama has this fear within himself and he doesn’t want Bharata to get into something untoward. Now that his mission has been accomplished – He has successfully killed Ravana, got back his beloved Sita safe and secure. It is now time for all of them – Rama, Sita and Lakshmana to make a move.

As Rama thinks thus, he has a doubt – How can he “quickly” make his way to Ayodhya, without wasting even a single minute? What can be done? For today, let Rama and Co. think over. We shall also wait till the next episode to find out how Rama reaches Ayodhya in “super-quick” time! 🙂

Episode 302 – Lord Brahma to Rama – “You are Lord Vishnu – Come back to Vaikunta”!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Sita jumps into the fire to everbody’s utter shock and disbelief but however Agni Bhagawan (Lord of the Fire) brings Mother Sita safely out of the fire. Agni Bhagawan prostrates in front of Lord Rama and says to him, “Oh Lord! I cannot even touch your beloved and chaste wife! She is so pure that she is perfectly made only for you! Hence please do not test her like this and accept her as your wife again!” Upon hearing this from Agni Bhagawan, Lord Rama is in tears of joy as he runs towards Sita and hugs her with him. Mother Sita is overwhelmed too and she hugs Rama back! This is an emotional moment for both of them as they are reuniting after almost 10 long months of bitter separation.

As this emotional moment is on, all the Devas (Celestial Beings), Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva are extremely happy and they decide to appear in front of Lord Rama and Mother Sita in person. As they come in front of everyone standing in the ground, Lord Brahma proclaims to Rama, Oh Rama! Please realize that you are none other than Lord Vishnu and your beloved wife is none other than Goddess Lakshmi! Both of you had incarnated in this world to finish off the wicked Ravana’s attocricies. Now that Ravana is defeated and killed, the purpose of your incarnation is over. All of us are waiting for your return to Vaikunta. Hence, please make it to Vaikunta immediately!”

As Lord Shiva looks on, he intervenes and replies back to Lord Brahma, “Oh Lord! It is only just now that our Lord Vishnu has re-established Dharma in the world. There are a few more things to be completed by him in this world before he transcends back to Vaikunta.!Let him go back to Ayodhya and get coronated as the king of the land. There are some important duties left to be completed

At this point, Vaalmiki Maharishi mentions a very important and an interesting note. As this conversation is going on, King Dasharata appears in the scene and appreciates his son Rama with flowers. He is so happy for Rama and talks to him, “Oh Rama! Fourteen years ago, I had asked you to go to the forest on exile. You had obeyed each and every word of mine and descended to the forest as per my instruction. However at that time I did not know that all what had happened was for a greater and a noble cause. Now I realize that all this is a divine game enacted by you! I bow to you, Lord Vishnu! I’m very fortunate in this birth that I had been the father for you! What more can I ask for? However, even though you are an incarnate of Lord Vishnu, for me you are always my dear son! Hence oh Rama! Please feel free to ask me for a boon and I shall be happy to grant it for you!”

As King Dasharata speaks thus, Lord Rama bows in front of him with all his respect and replies, “Oh my dear father! Irrespective of who I may be, I’m always your dearest son. Nobody can ever change this. I’m always “Dasharata-Rama”. You want me to ask for a boon. What am I going to ask you father? You’ve given me everything whatever I’ve wanted since my childhood! However, please grant this one wish of mine – On that day when I had descended to the forest, you had abandoned Bharata and Kaikeyi from your life. I now request you to re-accept Mother Kaikeyi as your wife and Bharata as your dear son!”

As King Dasharata hears this from Rama, he is in tears of joy! He replies back, “I never expected this from you, Oh Rama! Today you’ve made me so proud of you! Even though Kaikeyi pushed you out of Ayodhya, you still do not have any grudge against her! You are an embodiment of “Dharma” and as per your words I’m wholeheartedly accepting Kaikeyi as my beloved wife and Bharata as my beloved son!”

Hearing this, Lord Rama is extremely happy. His dear brother Bharata is finally relieved of the allegation that it was he who sent Rama to the forest fourteen years ago! Upon seeing the entire happening, Lord Brahma is also overwhelmed and it is his turn to grant a boon to Lord Rama. What is Rama going to ask Lord Brahma? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! 🙂

“The Indian Dharma” crosses 300 episodes with 12,000 viewers from 80 countries!!!


It is indeed my pleasure to announce to all our esteemed readers that with the divine grace of Mother Sita and Lord Rama we’ve reached a significant milestone in terms of number of episodes and viewership across the world.

It has been a 13-month long journey so far and as of today, (4’th March, 2018), we’ve reached 301 episodes of Vaalmiki Ramayana and the viewership has successfully crossed the 12,000 mark from across 80 countries worldwide! This has been a tremendous and a remarkable journey so far and I sincerely extend my hearty thanks to all our readers who are spending their valuable time in going through, enjoying it and providing their valuable feedbacks for further improvement.

We are currently in the “Yuddha Kaanda” of the Vaalmiki Ramayana and thus slowly inching towards the end of the Ramayana storyline. We still have a few more episodes to convey some important information before we wind up this huge project. In a few days time I shall make an announcement of our next big project that is coming up and hence I wish to continue this journey further with all your love and support!

For our new readers – All our 300+ episodes are archived in the following blog address:


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I solicit your enormous love and support in making this movement bigger, and let us join hands to create a constructive change in this world! 


Episode 301 – Mother Sita – An epitome of chastity!!!


At this moment, all of us are in great shock! Mother Sita had stunned all of us in the previous episode by jumping into a huge fire, so as to prove a point to everybody around her. People around her have started to take her for granted and it is time for Mother Sita to prove everyone wrong! She wants to illustrate to her husband that he is testing the wrong person for purity and chastity.

As Mother Sita does this, Lord Rama realizes his folly and appeals to his beloved wife, not to go for this extreme step. However, Mother Sita is an extremely determined woman. She doesn’t want to tolerate nonsense. As she proceeds further, she replies to Rama, “Oh Rama! Just because I’m taking an extreme step, you are afraid and thus you’re stopping me. What if tomorrow someone again questions me in this way and you doubt me? Let me put an end to all of that today! Let the world know who this Sita is!”

Saying thus, Mother Sita jumps into the fire and she gets engulfed into it! The entire set of people is looking on with huge anxiety! Hanuman is completely shocked beyond words and expressions!

As Sita Devi jumps into the fire, even Agni Bhagawan, the Lord of Fire couldn’t tolerate this. He has had enough. He has to do something immediately to protect Mother Sita. What could he do? He decides to appear in person straightaway to put an end to all this. Thus in a few seconds, Agni Bhagawan directly manifests from the fire and gives back Mother Sita in her normal condition! Upon seeing Lord Rama in front of him, Agni Bhagawan says to him, “Oh Lord Rama! I do not have the power to burn down such a pure woman! She is an epitome of chastity and purity! You have doubted the wrong person in a disgusted way! Please accept her again as your beloved wife! Enough of this game! Mythili (Mother Sita) cannot be doubted by anybody in this world for her actions. Hence, oh Lord! Please relent from your stance and accept your purest woman immediately!”

Hearing this from Agni Bhagawan, Lord Rama becomes speechless and with tears rolling down his eyes like a river. He feels sorry and guilty for his action. He couldn’t look at Mother Sita’s face properly! However, as Sita walks down towards him, Lord Rama runs towards her and hugs her with all his love! Mother Sita too accepts her beloved husband’s love for her! Finally both of them have united – But not before a huge testing time! Finally Sita is extremely happy that she is back with her husband and Rama is happy that he has seen his beloved wife again, safe and secure!

For today, let us allow Mother Sita and Lord Rama to rejoice their reunion. Let them enjoy their unison after almost ten long months of separation. Let us also celebrate this great reunion by praying to both of them with our pure hearts!

With Mother Sita’s and Lord Rama’s grace, today we’re completing 300 episodes successfully in our blog series. Let us all join together to pray and celebrate this wonderful moment together! The action continues in the next episode!