Episode # 339 – Key lessons from “Agni” (Fire), “Chandra” (Moon) and “Soorya” (Sun)!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed some important learnings that we can take from Mother Earth, Air, Sky and water, as per what the “Avadhoota” Sanyasin explains to King Yadhu. We’ve witnessed that we can learn the important characteristic of “patience” from Mother Earth (Bhoomi). We can various aspects of “detachment” from the Sky (Aakasha), Water (Aapah) and Wind (Vaayu). In fact, we should remember here that Bhagawan Krishna is telling all of these to Uddhava, to drive home the point on “detachment”, and how Uddhava has to be totally detached even from the physical form of Bhagawan Krishna, after He descends back to Vaikunta. Hence, many of the concepts that we’re going to discuss further in this accord, is going to pertain to detachment in some way or the other.

Now moving on further, the Sanyasin is talking of what he is learning from Agni (Fire). As we all know, the fire is something that burns out anything and everything in this world, whatever it comes across. However, whatever object it catches upon to burn, it burins in the same shape as that of the object. For instance, if a long stick catches fire, it burns in the shape of that stick. For instance, if a circular object catches fire, then the shape varies accordingly. However, there is no specific form for the fire. The form of fire depends on the object which it burns. Similalry, this Atman of ours is like the fire – Whichever form it assumes – Be it a human being today, or a lion tomorrow or a rat in the subsequent birth, etc. The Atman doesn’t have its own form. It thus depends on the “Shareera” (Physical body) to engulf into it. This is why, Bhagawan Krishna repeatedly explains in the Bhagawad Gita as well as in this context as well, that all Atmans are the same. It is only the physical body that keeps differing from one form to the other, and is transient across births.

Next, we move on to “Chandra” (Moon). Every fifteen days, we see that the moon is losing its round shape and finally there is a “no-moon” day (Amavaashya), and similarly for the next fifteen days, the moon regains its shape and brightness till the full moon day (Pournami). But in reality, does the moon keep changing its shape every day? No! It is only because of the earth’s shadow that casts upon the moon, we see a change in shape of the moon. Similarly, if we’re saying that we’re a child, an adolescent, a married person, old-age person, etc., all of it is only for the human body. Nothing of these affects the “Atman”. The Atman is ever young and indestroyable in nature, just like the moon having its permanent shape every time. Hence, the important lesson that we can learn from the moon is that, our Atman is indestroyable and permanent in its form, irrespective of how many births that we take. The light that the moon emits is also constant, and only the earth’s shadow decreases and increases that light intensity. Similalry, it’s only the physical body that gains shape, size, beauty, etc. as age progresses. But the Atman is something that is constant throughout.

Now moving on with the next important element, the Sanyasin is talking about “Soorya” (Sun God). We might be sometimes thinking thus, “Oh wow! The day is extremely hot and sultry and there is no respite from the scorching heat of the sun!” However, if the Sun God doesn’t shower His heat and light on the earth for 2 or 3 days continuously due to rain, what would happen to us? We would start complaining again that our clothes aren’t drying, lot of fungus is coming on our clothes, utensils, etc. Thus, we see here that the sun is very important and paramount for our everyday life. Similalry, if we happen to do something good for others and for the society, there would always be people who would be complaining about it, cribbing, etc. due to their jealousy. However, upon hearing their cribbing, do we completely stop doing whatever good that we’re doing? The answer is “No” isn’t it? Hence, the important message from Sun God (Soorya Bhagawan) is that, we should be consistent and persistent in whatever good activities we’re doing. No matter how many people might criticize us or make fun of us, etc. we should never get carried away by their “trap” and fall into it.

So for today, let us understand and realize these important lessons from “Agni” (Fire), “Chandra” (Moon) and “Soorya” (Sun). We shall wait till the next episode to witness the next set of learnings that the Sanyasin is going to explain! Stay tuned! 🙂







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