Episode # 340 – Key life learnings from “Kapotham” (Pigeon), “Ajaharaha” (Python) and “Sindhu” (Ocean)!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the interesting learning accord that the “Avadhoota” Sanyasin is giving to King Yadu. So far, we’ve witnessed the key learnings from seven different items such as “Bhoomi” (Mother Earth), “Vaayu” (Air), “Aakaasha” (Sky), “Aapaha” (Water), “Agni” (Fire), “Chandra” (Moon) and “Soorya” (Sun). Overall, we’ve listed down twenty-five different items and we’re in the process of witnessing the learnings from each of them. Ultimately, Bhagawan Krishna is recollecting this important accord to teach Uddhava the conceopt of detachment. He’s trying to drive home the point that Uddhava should be mentally strong after Bhagawan’s departure, till the time that he can ascend to Vaikunta.

Now continuing on with the discussion further, we shall now look into the eighth aspect and what can we learn from it. We are now going to witness learnings from “Kapotham” (Pigeon). We might wonder what can we learn from a pigeon! But the Sanyasin is coming up now with a very interesting answer for this thus. The Sanyasin narrates a small instance that he had witnessed with the pigeon – Once a family of a male pigeon, female pigeon and a chick were together in their nest. The male pigeon had for sometime gone out in search of some food for itself and its family. However, in the midst of the food search, a hunter had come, captured both the female pigeon and the chick in his net. Upon seeing this, the male pigeon was shell shocked. It started to come closer to the hunter and his net, in a bid to release its family from his clutches. However, the female pigeon warns the male pigeon thus, “Oh! Please do not come close to us. We shall somehow try and release ourselves!” But the male pigeon didn’t listen and kept coming closer, only to be caught by the hunter and put inside the same net!

This is where, we’ve to learn the important lesson, how attachment towards “Samsaara” pulls us deep into the pit of “Maya” (Illusion) and drives us away from Bhagawan. Moreover, it is not wrong to save people who are in danger. But while doing so, we’ve to also have the “Viveka” or smartness to do it. If we lack the smartness and just blindly go behind to save trapped people, we should also be prepared to land ourselves into the same trap as them. Thus, another important lesson here that we should learn is that, at any tough situation in life, we should never take emotional and hasty decisions. We should always stay calm, think once or twice before proceeding with our reactions. Thus, these are the important lessons that we can learn from the pigeon.

Moving on thus, we now witness the learnings from the Python. All of us know some basic and important characteristics of the python, isn’t it? It would always be stationary at one place and wait till its “food” comes close to it. The food might be any animal that comes by, like deer, or dog, or cat, etc. Even if the python comes across any animal close by to its vicinity only once in ten or fifteen days, it would still wait that long, capture whatever comes by, swallow the animal straightaway and again sleep off at the same place! One important learning that all of us can understand from the python is the deep understanding that Bhagawan who had given us this birth, would definitely give us some food through some or the other means. Bhagawan would never desert us for the want of food! This is the strong belief that the python has. This is why the python never goes here and there to hunt down its food, unlike the lion, tiger, etc. in the forest. It stays wherever it is and just waits patiently for its food to come close to it. Similar to the python, we should also develop the belief and trust in Bhagawan that He would definitely protect us and would shower upon us with His infinite grace. We should realize this and should focus all our efforts towards our daily activities with this strong faith in Him.

Now moving on further, we’re going to witness the key learnings from the next aspect – “Sindhu” (Ocean). What can we learn from the mighty ocean? At any point in time, we would be able to understand the real depth of the ocean waters, isn’t it? Whatever might be our attempt, we can never succeed in disturbing the ocean waters. Moreover, it requires a humongous effort to cross over the ocean of water and reach the other end of it. Similalry, if we compare the mighty ocean to a “Sadguru” or a “Yogi”, we can never understand the depth of knowledge or grace that the “Sadguru” or the “Yogi” can shower upon us. We can never win over them at any instance. We shall never be able to confuse them with all our ignorance. A “Sadguru” or a “Yogi” is thus considered a “Mahatma”, as equivalent of a mighty ocean and hence we should always pay our respects to the “Mahatma”. Rather than testing them, we should learn as much as possible from them, and make ourselves eligibile for receiving their divine grace, which would ultimately pave us the way to attain the highest “Moksha”.

So for today, let us learn and understand these important points and we shall wait till the next episode to continue further on this important accord. Stay tuned! J


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