Episode # 179 – Sage Vyaasa blesses Yudishtra and the Paandavas!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the birth of Ghatotgaja to Bheemasena and Hidimbi, after Bheemasena killed her brother, Hidimba. As per Hidimbi’s request, she married Bheemasena and had a child by name Ghatotgaja, who is going to be extremely instrumental during the Kurukshetra war. Ghatotgaja, as he was leaving Bheemasena, gave him an assurance that whenever his father wanted him for any help, he would appear immediately then and there. Thus, Ghatotgaja did appear during the Mahabharata war and was instrumental in neutralizing key people in the Kaurava camp. As Ghatotgaja was born, Hidimbi and Ghatotgaja left Bheemasena and the Paandavas proceeded from that place further. 

As the Paandavas, including Kunthi Devi start walking down the forest lanes, they reach a place called “Eka-Chakra-Nagara”. As they enter into a city for the first time in so many years, the Paandavas have almost transformed into the appearance of Maharishis, with the “Jataa-Mudi” (Long hairs and beards) and simple clothing. We’ve to understand here that the time from which the Paandavas escaped out of the “Laaksha Griha” till the time that we’re talking about now, would be 2 to 3 years easily. This is because, after they left Vaaranaavatha Desha, the Paandavas were roaming around in the forest for a few months, before the Hidimba-Hidimbi episode took place. Subsequently, Bheemasena had lived with Hidimbi for sometime, until Ghatotgaja was born. This would have ideally consumed two years of time. It is only after Ghatotgaja was born, Hidimbi left Bheemasena and then, they go to the “Eka-Chakra-Nagara”. Readers should not confuse this phase of the Paandavas in the forest with the “Agnyaata-Vaasa”. That is going to happen much later after Yudishtra loses the gambling game against Duryodhana and Co. Now, this is the initial phase of their life before their marriage with Draupati. 

Thus, the Paandavas have completely changed their appearance in these two to three years of living in the forest amongst the sages. Moreover, that was the instruction given by Vidura as well isn’t it? As the Paandavas left Hastinapura, Vidura had indirectly advised them to live a disguised life for sometime after they escape from the “Laaksha Griha”, so that, Duryodhana and Co. wouldn’t be able to find out their whereabouts. Thus, as per Vidura’s instruction, the Paandavas have morphed their appearance completely and they’ve developed a physical identity in such a way that nobody, not even Duryodhana would be able to identify them. 

As the Paandavas were entering into the “Eka-Chakra-Nagara”, the Paandavas have the unique opportunity to meet Sage Veda-Vyaasa. Upon seeing the Paandavas in this form, Sage Vyaasa, being a great sage with a lot of “Tapo-Bhala”, identified them and came to see them. Upon seeing Sage Vyaasa, the Paandavas paid all the due respects to him. As the Paandavas provided all the hospitality, Sage Vyaasa was extremely happy and impressed. Upon seeing Yudishtra, Sage Vyaasa blesses thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Please do not worry. This is just a temporary phase of difficulty in your life. Very soon, you’re going to be revered and respected by the entire world as “Dharma-Putra” or the “Epitome of Dharma”! You’re going to be a great king and you would be performing countless numbers of “Raaja-Suya Yaagas” and “Ashwamedha Yaagas”. You would be a great ruler for many years, after which you would attain the highest “Moksha” with Bhagawan’s divine “Anugraha”!” 

As Sage Vyaasa blesses Yudishtra thus, he looks at Kunthi Devi and blesses her too. He says, “Oh Kunthi! Please do not worry! These phases of difficulties are just passing clouds. You’re going to see light at the end of the tunnel very soon, and your sons are going to be great people and you’re going to become a proud mother! Hence, please tolerate this small bit of inconvenience that is meted out to you for no fault of yours!” Saying thus, Sage Vyaasa quickly leaves the place, and with this, we come to the end of the “Hidimba-Vatha-Parva”. These are all small “Upa-Parvas” and I’m going a bit faster with them. There are important places which we would slow down again, and for today, let us understand until this point. We shall continue with this discussion of what the Paandavas did at “Eka-Chakra-Nagara” in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 178 – GHATOTGAJA is born to Bheemasena & Hidimbi!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bheemasena and Hidimbi engaged in a deep conversation, wherein Hidimbi wanted to marry Bheemasena almost immediately. Bheemasena was however not ready to marry her as she was a Raakshasi and moreover, he would leave such marriage decisions to be taken by his mother and in consultation with his four brothers who were sleeping at that time. Bheemasena tried to excuse himself from her by saying that his brothers and his mother were fast asleep and she should come after a while once all of them were awake. However, Hidimbi stood by her stance of marrying him then and there. Hidimbi tried to lure him by saying that she would protect them from Hidimba, her brother, who was looking to kill all of them! This irked Bheemasena and he replied to her that he can single handedly take Hidimba down without anybody’s help. As this conversation was ongoing thus, Hidimba arrived at the scene and a huge fight between Bheemasena and Hidimba started. 

Both were equally powerful and they attacked each other very intensely. Hearing some sounds of intense fighting going on, Kunthi Devi and Arjuna woke up from their slumber – Only to find Bheemasena fighting with a huge Raakshasa! At first, both of them got terrified and they woke up Yudishtra, Nakula and Sahadeva. The four brothers rushed to the spot and asked Bheemasena if they could help him. But Bheemasena was steadfast in taking Hidimba down all by himself! He refused their help and the fight went on and on! Finally, Hidimba wasn’t able to match Bheemasena’s immense and raw muscle power and with brute force, Bheemasena gave a decisive blow to Hidimba, with which he fell down on the ground, dead! Thus, Bheemasena ensured that Hidimba’s atrocities came to an end. 

Thus, as Hidimba fell dead, Hidimbi was standing beside him and as Kunthi Devi saw her, she fell on Kunthi Devi’s feet and requested her to give permission to marry Bheemasena. Kunthi Devi too understood Hidimbi’s good intention and she recommended Bheemasena to go ahead and marry her. Hidimbi promises to them thus, “Oh Mother! I shall be a good wife to your son. Although I’m a Raakshasi by birth, I would live with him as a normal woman, with all the required characteristics. Hence, you can trust me and get me married with Bheemasena!” Accordingly, Bheemasena was also convinced. He replies to Hidimbi thus, “Oh Hidimbi! I accept your proposal since my mother has also accepted it. However, please remember one thing – Although you might be a good wife to me, end of the day you are a Raakshasa woman. I cannot live with a Raakshasa woman for a long time. However, I shall live with you until the time you get a child out of our marriage. After that, I would have to proceed with my mother and brothers. If you accept this deal, I shall marry you!” 

As Bheemasena explains his stance thus, Hidimbi accepts it and thus, both of them get married. Thus, the son who took birth from their marriage is none other than “Ghatotgaja”. He was born with a huge physical body and this is the same Ghatotgaja who came amidst the Kurukshetra war for just one day and was instrumental in killing important people from the Kaurava army. In fact, we can say that Ghatotgaja was the actual savior of the Paandavas during the war, at a time when the Kauravas were slowly drifting away towards victory. It was Bhagawan Krishna’s idea to bring Ghatotgaja into the warfield to take on Duryodhana and Co. and to instill some sort of fear in the minds of the Kauravas. Ultimately, however, Ghatotgaja was killed during the war and he sacrificed his life to save his father! We shall witness a detailed accord of this at the time when we would witness the Kurukshetra war in an elaborate detail. 

As Ghatotgaja was born and growing up thus, he gives an assurance to his father, Bheemasena: “Oh father! I’ll have to leave now. However, I would appear in front of you at any moment and at any location, whenever you want to see me. If you require any help from me at any time, please feel free to think of me and I would come for you! You can be rest assured!” Saying thus, Ghatotgaja disappears from that spot. As Ghatotgaja left the spot, Hidimbi also wanted to go along with her son, and as per the deal, Hidimbi also left that place. So for today, let us understand until this point, and let us wait for the next episode to continue this discussion further! Where did the Paandavas go next? Stay tuned for an important discussion! 🙂 

Episode # 177 – Bheemasena vs. Hidimba – An intense battle begins!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the Paandavas roaming around in the forest all alone, after they escaped the ploy of Duryodhana burning them down under the “Laaksha Griha”. On one hand, Duryodhana and Co. are of the belief that the Paandavas have been burnt alive, but on the other hand, thanks to Vidura, the Paandavas are safe and secure. As they were in the forest, one day, a Raakshasa by name Hidimba spots them and thus thinks that these people could be killed for his prey for the day. He sends his sister, Hidimbi to check who these people were, before going ahead to kill them. As Hidimbi comes along, all of them were fast asleep, except Bheemasena, who was fuming within himself seeking revenge on Duryodhana for ruining their lives. On the other hand, Bheemasena was crying upon seeing Yudishtra sleeping on the floor, instead of sleeping in the royal palace, which he rightly deserves. It is at this state, Hidimbi meets Bheemasena, and upon seeing him face-to-face, Hidimbi falls in love with Bheemasena instantaneously! Hence, rather than checking on who these five people were, Hidimbi directly proposes to Bheemasena that she wants to marry him! 

Upon hearing this from Hidimbi, Bheemasena was shocked initially! He did not know how to react. However, Bheemasena replied back thus, “Oh lady! I do not even know who you are, and where are you from. Moreover, all my brothers and my mother are sleeping at the moment. I cannot give you an answer without consulting all of them. Moreover, I’ve never received any such instant proposals ever in my life. It is not apt for me at this stage to accept proposals just like that. Also, we’re going through a very bad situation in our lives. We’re wandering amidst the forest because we were plotted to be killed by Duryodhana and Co. at Hastinapura for no fault of ours. Hence, given all these limitations that we are facing right now, I might not be able to marry you!” As Bheemasena replies thus, Hidimbi was clearly not satisfied. She somehow wanted to marry Bheemasena then and there and she was steadfast with her resolution. Hidimbi replies back to Bheemasena thus, “Oh Bheemasena! I know what your situation is. Moreover, you can wake all of them up and let them decide now itself whether we both can get married or not. It’s not a difficult thing isn’t it? Also, let me tell you one important thing about who I am. I’m Hidimbi, sister of a Raakshasa by name Hidimba. Please understand that Hidimba is plotting to kill all of you and it is with this intention he had sent me to you. However, since I’m in love with you, I can take all of you from this place to a safer place wherein Hidimba wouldn’t be able to trace your whereabouts. I shall take the responsibility to protect all of you!” 

As Hidimbi proposes thus, Bheemasena’s ego was slightly hurt. He replies thus, “Oh Hidimbi! What do you think of us? Do you think we’re powerless? I can manage a thousand Hidimbas single handedly at the same time. You do not need to worry about our safety. We are warriors and we know how to take care of ourselves well. I do not need your help in protecting us. Hence, don’t try to play down our strengths and push your agenda on to us. Now that you’ve mentioned that you are a “Raakshasa”, I cannot marry you. Hence, please leave me and look for another person who can marry you!” 

As this conversation was going on between the two of them, Hidimba arrived at the scene. It has been a while since he had sent Hidimbi to check for the whereabouts of these people, but she hasn’t come back with any information. Hence, Hidimba himself came along to see what had happened. Learning what had conspired between the two of them, Hidimba became angry! He shouted thus, “Oh Hidimbi! What are you doing here? Instead of checking these people’s whereabouts, you’ve fallen in love with them! This is not fair! You walk away from here. I shall take care of them by myself!” Saying thus, Hidimba tried to attack Bheemasena straightaway! 

Sensing that there is a huge danger approaching him in the form of Hidimba, Bheemasena decided to give it back to him! He decided to show his strength! As the others were fast asleep, Bheemasena drew Hidimba to a distance and a huge fight between the two of them erupted! Both of them were extremely powerful! As Hidimbi was looking at all this, Bheemasena and Hidimba were involved in an intense battle. As the war progresses further, Kunthi Devi and Arjuna slowly wake up to see what was happening! Initially they did not find Bheemasena around, and both of them started to search for him, only to find him involved in an intense fight with Hidimba! So for today, let us understand until this point and let us wait till the next episode to find out the result of this battle. Is Bheemasena going to stamp his authority over Hidimba or vice-versa? Stay tuned for the important update! 🙂 

Episode # 176 – Hidimbi expresses interest to marry Bheemasena!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Vidura lambasting Bhishmaachaarya for his relative inaction towards Duryodhana’s atrocity of going to the extent of killing the Paandava brothers for no fault of theirs. Vidura clearly outlined Bhishmaachaarya’s strengths – both physical and mental, yet, something was holding him back from taking strict action against Duryodhana for his wrongdoings. Forget doing something – Bhishmaachaarya could have once raised his voice and condemned Duryodhana for his “Adharma”, but Bhishmaachaarya rather remained a mute spectator to what was happening in front of his two eyes. As Vidura asks Bhishmaachaarya as to why he was silent, Bhishmaachaarya replied back with tears in his eyes saying that it was his magnanimity towards King Dhirdiraashtra and Paandu that was making him keep mum! He was unable to raise his voice because he was constantly pulled back by the attachment and affection he had towards King Dhiridraashtra and his sons. Thus, Bhishmaachaarya gave more importance to his worldly attachment than to protecting “Dharma” by taking a neutral stance. This is where Bhishmaachaarya failed miserably and for all of this, he is going to face the wrath sooner or later. We shall find out as the time approaches. 

Thus, these were the happenings at Hastinapura, post the “Laaksha Griha” episode that happened at Vaaranavatha Desha. Moving on thus, we shall now shift our focus towards the Paandava brothers and Kunthi Devi and let us see what happened to them post this heinous attempt to kill. As we’ve witnessed earlier, Vidura’s assistant helped them to cross the river Ganges in his raft and after this, the Paandavas were roaming around in the dense forest area. That entire day went off in roaming here and there in the forest area, and during the night time, all of them were tired. They just spotted a huge tree and beneath this tree, all of them were lying down. As Mother Kunthi Devi and his brothers were fast asleep, Bheemasena was the only one who was awake. He shed tears of sorrow upon looking at his mother and his brothers who were sleeping on the muddy surface. Yudishtra was supposed to be a great king, and he should have been sleeping on his royal cot in the palace. However, as fate would have it, he was sleeping on the floor, amidst the heat, cold and rain. Upon looking at this, Bheemasena couldn’t hold back his tears. 

As Bheemasena was crying thus, he was also simultaneously looking out for some food and water for all of them. It is at this time, there was a Raakshasa by name “Hidimba” who was sitting on the top of a nearby tree trunk. This Hidimba spots these five people and thought that he has a good amount of food today! He wanted to kill these five people and have them as his prey. With this in mind, Hidimba called his sister, whose name was “Hidimbi”. Hidimba tells Hidimbi thus, “Oh sister! Look there! We have some five or six human beings wandering around without knowing that they’ve come near a powerful Raakshasa. You go and see if we can capture them and eat them off!” 

Thus, as per Hidimba’s instruction, Hidimbi comes along to see who these people are. Before killing them, she wanted to know their whereabouts and where they were from. As Hidimbi came closer, it was only Bheemasena who was awake and the rest were sleeping. Upon seeing Bheemasena for the first time, instead of the fighting attitude, Hidimbi fell in love with Bheemasena instantly! She decided on the spot that if at all there’s a marriage for her in this lifetime, it should only be with this person and nobody else! With this intention, she approaches Bheemasena and slowly starts a conversation with him. As Bheemasena introduces himself to her, she knows that this person is not an ordinary boy. He is a very powerful person and her love for him only increased from there on. Thus, Hidimbi slowly expresses her interest to marry Bheemasena. She proposes to Bheemasena that she wants to marry him immediately as she started loving him so much! 

Upon hearing Hidimbi’s direct proposal, Bheemasena couldn’t believe his ears! He initially did not know how to react to Hidimbi’s request. So what is Bheemasena going to reply? Is he going to accept Hidimbi’s request to marry her? Let us wait till the next episode to witness Bheemasena’s reaction! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 175 – Vidura blasts Bhishmaachaarya for his “inaction” to stop Duryodhana’s “Adharma”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the entire Hastinapura kingdom believing that the Paandavas along with Kunthi Devi had been burnt down in the “mishap” that happened at the Vaaranavatha Desha. As everybody was crying and mourning, only two people weren’t – One was Duryodhana, obviously for all the wrong reasons and the other was Vidura, who made sure that Duryodhana’s “wrong intentions” never frutified. The “Jala-Tharpana” for the “departed souls” were being performed and as Bhishmaachaarya was also crying, Vidura called him by his side and explained that the Paandavas were very much alive and safe! Upon hearing this, Bhishmaachaarya was surprised and shocked! How could this be the case? Vidura explained to him the entire “Modus Operandi” that he had performed through two workmen and how the Paandavas are now safe and secure on the other side of the River Ganga.

Upon hearing this from Vidura, Bhishmaachaarya heaved a huge sigh of relief. He came to know of Duryodhana’s ploy and that this was not an “accident” as everyone was thinking. There was a huge plan and a revengeful attitude behind Duryodhana’s action, and as Bhishmaachaarya knew of it, he did not know what to say! He was internally fuming with anger against Duryodhana, but did not express it in front of Vidura. However, Vidura knew that Bhishmaachaarya is holding himself back from taking any action on Duryodhana, and this is not the first time that he’s silent. He was silent even when Duryodhana attempted to kill Bheemasena multiple times during the childhood days. 

Looking at Bhishmaachaarya’s silence, Vidura replies thus, “Oh Pita-Maha! This is not right on your part at all! You’re such a great warrior and anybody and everybody in this world would start shaking with fear with your mere presence in the battlefield. You’re a person with immense strength and power. You’re blessed not only with physical power, but also with enormous mental intellect to take right and informed decisions at critical times. You’re blessed to be Mother Ganga’s own son. Given all these attributes, you’re not doing justice to any of what you have! When “Adharma” is happening right in front of your eyes, you’re keeping quiet and doing nothing about it! Why is that so? What is stopping you from taking action against Duryodhana? Afterall who is this Duryodhana and what is his power as compared to yours? If you take the bow and arrow against him even for a second, Duryodhana would be nowhere to be seen, isn’t it? Yet, why are you keeping quiet and supporting a person who is growing up as an epitome of “Adharma”? If you’re doing such a thing, what is the use of being powerful physically and mentally? What kind of stance are you taking? Isn’t it detrimental to the kingdom’s growth and prosperity? If seniors like you are keeping mum when “Adharma” is openly happening, how will the kingdom and its people be happy? Aren’t you setting a bad example for people to do anything and everything and get away unscathed?” 

Saying thus, Vidura scolds Bhishmaachaarya left right and center! As Vidura asks multiple questions back to back like this, Bhishmaachaarya is very patient to hear all of them out! He is in tears. As Vidura completes his accord, Bhishmaachaarya replies thus, “Oh Vidura! Whatever you’re asking me are all valid! There’s no iota of doubt that you’re a learned scholar. There’s no doubt that you stand by “Dharma”. If there’s one person in this kingdom who stands by “Dharma” at crucial times, it is you – And only you! Today you’ve proved it to the entire world as well! However, you had asked me why I keep mum despite so many things happening around, isn’t it? It is because of my gratitude to all these people because of whom I’m in this state today. Just because they were helpful to me some day earlier, I’m tolerating all what these crooks are doing. I don’t have any other option. I can easily take the bow and arrow, gun them down and walk away easily! But just because they are my own family members and because of my relationship with King Dhirdiraashtra and his family, I’m keeping my mouth shut! I do not have any other option to choose!” 

As Bhishmaachaarya says thus, Vidura did not utter a single word back. He walks away angrily. In fact, this is the main reason why Bhishmaachaarya is never talked about with any regard by our “Aachaaryas”. In spite of Bhishmaachaarya having enormous physical and mental capabilities as Vidura just explained, the “Aachaaryas” and “Aalwars” do not give any sort of respect to him. We’ve to also remember that the famous “Vishnu Sahasranama” is also going to be given by this same Bhishmaachaarya. Even then, he doesn’t get the due respect that he’s supposed to! This is the same with Karna also – Just because Duryodhana helped him at some point in time, he wanted to be a loyal servant to Duryodhana all the time! Even when Bhagawan Krishna wanted Karna to switch sides and ditch Duryodhana, he was only standing by Duryodhana’s “Adharma”, wasn’t he? This is where Karna, although being a good and a genuine person at heart, ended up getting a bad reputation. Whatever maybe the cause, if one ditches everybody and everyone and comes towards Bhagawan, when He Himself gives a call, this person is Bhagawan’s true devotee! Vibhishana did this during the Ramayana and he is revered and respected by the “Aachaaryas” and “Aalwars”. When Vibhishana knew that there wasn’t any option to mend Ravana’s ways, he immediately switched over to Bhagawan Rama isn’t it? Thus, even though being a Raakshasa, he obtained Bhagawan Rama’s divine companionship. This is what is expected from a devotee and this is where both Bhishmaachaarya and Karna failed miserably, even though both of them got enormous opportunities from none other than Bhagawan Krishna Himself to walk the path of “Dharma”! 

So for today, let us understand until this point, and let us wait till the next episode to continue to witness what happened to the Paandavas on the other side of the river Ganges! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 174 – Hastinapura mourns the Paandavas’ “demise” – Except Vidura !!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important juncture wherein the time had come for the “Laaksha Griha” to go up into flames! Purochana and Duryodhana believed that the Paandavas had trusted them enough and it was time that they were burnt alive inside the “Laaksha Griha” as per their plan. However, neither Purochana nor Duryodhana had an iota of an idea that Vidura’s workman was building an underground escape route for the Paandavas overnight. Thus, as the “D-day” approached, the Paandavas saw it as an opportunity to escape out, when Purochana’s assistants (A woman and her five sons) were residing in the same “Laaksha Griha” and were fast asleep. As Purochana’s men saw these six people sleeping, they thought that these were the Paandava brothers alongside Kunthi Devi who were sleeping! Thus, the entire “Laaksha Griha” was set on fire and all the six people were burnt to death. However, the Paandavas took the escape route and reached the banks of river Ganges, wherein another assistant of Vidura was readily waiting for them with a raft. He helped them to cross over the river and ensured that the Paandavas and Kunthi Devi are safe and secure. 

As all this was happening, it was the wee hour of the night and the entire town was fast asleep. However, with the entire “Laaksha Griha” up in flames, people of the town woke up to see the horror visuals. They gathered in front of the burning palace and there was a lot of hue and cry going around. As the Paandavas were aboard the raft, they were also seeing all this happening at a distance. As the entire town was frenzy all around, the fire was somehow dozed down, but not without damaging the entire palace. As the fire came to a halt, people started to find out the whereabouts of those who were residing inside. They saw the burnt corpse of a woman, which was beyond identification. As nobody was able to identify who it was, the people came to a conclusion that it was none other than Kunthi Devi! Subsequently, the corpses of five other people were also found out, and the town believed that these were the corpses of the five Paandava brothers who were residing here. 

Thus, the news spread thick and fast like wildfire. King Dhirdiraashtra, Bhishmaachaarya and Dhronaachaarya were shell-shocked upon hearing the news! Duryodhana too acted as if he was in despair, but internally he knew what had really conspired. The entire Hastinapura kingdom started mourning the untimely demise of the Paandava brothers and Kunthi Devi. The situation went to such an extent that even the “Jala-Tharpana” was performed for the Paandavas and Kunthi Devi. As Bhishmaachaarya couldn’t hold back his grief during the process of “Jala-Tharpana”, Vidura called him by his side. In fact, as the entire kingdom was mourning the Paandavas’ demise, Vidura was the only person who was not mourning. In fact, he was laughing within himself, knowing what had happened. He thus called Bhishmaachaarya towards him and secretly told him not to worry – The Paandavas were alive, safe and secure! Upon hearing this, Bhishmaachaarya was surprised! He asked Vidura how he knew of it. Vidura explained to Bhishmaachaarya that it was he who ensured the Paandava’s safe passage out of the “Laaksha Griha” through an underground tunnel that was dug overnight by his workman. Eventually as the Paandavas escaped out, it was his person who ensured that the Paandavas crossed over the River Ganges to reach the other side safely. 

As Vidura explains thus, he is now going on to scold Bhishmaachaarya! Why is Vidura scolding Bhishmaachaarya, even though he was a senior person in the kingdom? What was Bhishmaachaarya’s fault here? Let us wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s stinging accord on Bhishmaachaarya! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 173 – The “Laaksha Griha” set on fire – The Paandavas escape through an underground tunnel!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the Paandavas strategizing their way out of the “Laaksha Griha”. The broad strategy was that, they would wait till Purochana trusts them and one night when he was sleeping, they would somehow sneak out of the “Laaksha Griha” and burn it up to trap Purochana inside. As the Paandavas were strategizing thus, a workman arrived from Hastinapura, introducing himself as Vidura’s messenger. To earn Yudishtra’s trust, the workman narrates all what Vidura had advised him in the “Mlecha Bhaasha” and with this, the Paandavas knew that he was a trusted aide of Vidura. The workman joined the strategizing process along with Yudishtra and Co. and finally, a tunnel was planned to be built underground, so that this would serve as a secretive exit route for all of them. The workman cautioned them that it was not easy for the Paandavas to sneak through the normal entrance / exit gates as Purochana is a very shrewd person to find out the intention with which the exit is done. Hence, the only way to outsmart Purochana is to escape through an underground tunnel, which he might not know. 

Moreover, the day on which Purochana and Duryodhana are planning to burn down the “Laaksha Griha” is the “Krishna-paksha Chaturdashi” day, which is quite far off. As a lot of time is left, the workman assures the Paandavas that he would finish the tunneling work within that day. Thus, the tunneling work goes on in full swing and the workman singlehandedly does all the work. This work goes on without the knowledge of Purochana, who is not going out even for a single minute. He is constantly inside the house 24*7, with a constant vigil over the Paandavas. The Paandavas in turn behave well with Purochaha, thus earning his trust. As time passed by, Purochana believed that the Paandavas trusted him a lot and they treated him as a loyal and a royal servant with all the respect! Yudishtra was extremely smart in that way, and somehow kept Purochana away from the place from where the tunnel was being built. 

As this tunneling work was coming to an end, the day that Duryodhana had anticipated was also coming closer. At this point in time, there was a woman who had five sons. All of them were wicked in nature and were all assisting Purochana in whatever he was doing. These six people also used to reside in the same “Laaksha Griha” for the night and as the “D-day” arrived, Yudistra saw this as an opportunity. Meanwhile, there was someone outside who was ready with the fire! Bheemasena saw this secretly from a window and the Paandavas decided that it is now or never! Along with Kunthi Devi, all of them jumped into the tunnel one after the other, walked underground and came outside through another exit that was far outside the “”Laaksha Griha” near the banks of River Ganga. As this was happening, it was the wee hour of the night and the time that the Paandavas left along with Kunthi Devi, the Laaksha Griha was set on fire! 

Since the “Laaksha Griha” was built with all inflammable items, the fire catches quickly and the entire palace started burning with full steam! Duryodhana’s messenger set the fire on to the “Laaksha Griha” thinking that the five people and the wicked woman (Purochana’s assistants) were the five Paandava brothers along with Kunthi Devi. They were all sleeping at one point, which was visible for Duryodhana’s assistant from outside. As the fire was set, Duryodhana’s messenger runs away from that spot, so that he is not traced by anybody outside. As the “Laaksha Griha” was burning, the Paandavas safely exited out of the tunnel and were shell-shocked to see the entire palace on fire! They were protected by timely help from Vidura! 

As the Paandavas reach the banks of the river, there was a boatman readily waiting for them, who again introduced himself as someone who was sent by Vidura to transport them safely across the river. We’re witnessing multiple places wherein Vidura was of great help to the Paandavas and how he protected them at critical junctures when their lives were at risk. Thus, the Paandavas got into the raft and with this, they reached the other side of the river safely. So for today, let us understand until this point, and let us witness in the next episode as to what happened next at Hastinapura! Duryodhana would have been an extremely happy person because his “plan” was executed with “perfection”! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 

Episode # 172 – Vidura sends a workman to help Paandavas escape the “Laaksha Griha” trap!!!

We’re amidst a crucial juncture wherein the Paandavas are trapped inside the “Laaksha Griha” at Vaaranaavatha Desha – Courtesy, a wicked plan by Duryodhana with the help of Purochana. We’ve witnessed earlier that Purochana was deputed by Duryodhana to build an attractive “Laaksha Griha” which was built with all types of inflammable items that would easily catch fire when burnt. The idea was to trap the Paandavas while they were fast asleep during the wee hours of the night and burn them alive! As per the mega plan, the “Laaksha Griha” was constructed within no time and Purochana sent a message of consent to Duryodhana. Accordingly the Paandavas move in, but not without some pieces of advices and “indirect” warnings from Vidura. In the entire Hastinapura family, if there was one person to be picked out who was genuinely worried about the Paandavas’ welfare, it was Vidura. This is the second instance wherein Vidura tried his best to protect the Paandavas from the wrath of Duryodhana and Co. 

Accordingly, we’ve seen that as the Paandavas started their new life at the “Laaksha Griha”, Yudishtra came to know the real plan of Duryodhana. He discovered with the touch of one of the walls in the palace that the entire structure was built of wax and other inflammable items. Within a flash, Vidura’s advice lingered in Yudishtra’s mind. He understood the ploy and immediately called for a meeting amongst the five brothers. Kunthi Devi was shocked! Bheemasena was fuming with anger! He wanted to go and finish off Duryodhana then and there and put and end to all these nasty things that were happening. However, Yudishtra calmed all of them down. Especially for Bheemasena, Yudishtra had a piece of advice to make, which is very important here. Yudishtra explains to Bheemasena thus, “Oh Bheemasena! I understand your anger. It is genuine. Even I have the same anger within me too! But this is not the right time to express it in the open. Duryodhana’s intent is that all of us should be killed. At this time, if we try and do something against Duryodhana, Purochana would wake up and smell the situation. We should never let Purochana know our strategy, as he is even more wicked than Duryodhana!”

Yudishtra continues further with his advice to Bheemasena. He now recollects what Vidura had explained to him before they left for the Vaaranaavatha Desha. Yudishtra advices Bheemasena thus, “Oh Bheemasena! Moreover, remember Vidura’s words of wisdom! If Vidura wanted us to protect us then and there, he would have easily done so! But he did not do that. Vidura advised us only to “escape” from Duryodhana’s trap, and not to “fight” against Duryodhana at this time. Vidura is a senior person, isn’t it? Hence, he would definitely know when is the right time to take Duryodhana down. Since Vidura advised us to escape out, perhaps he wants us to live somewhere else without the knowledge of Duryodhana for sometime. This might perhaps give a chance for Duryodhana to mend his ways and be friendly with us again. Oh Bheemasena! Fights and wars should always be the last resort to take on someone. According to the “Raaja Dharma” we should always give a chance for the enemy to mend his ways and understand our real good intent towards him. Fighting doesn’t take a long time! All of us know your strengths and we know that you are no match to what Duryodhana is. But you need to wait. You should exhibit your strength only at times when it should be exhibited. For now, let us strategize our way forward! Our first agenda should be to somehow escape out of this “Laaksha Griha” as soon as possible before Purochana finds out!” 

As the Paandavas were strategizing thus, a workman from Hastinapura arrived at the “Laaksha Griha” to meet the Paandavas. This workman was specifically sent by Vidura to help the Paandavas in building an underground tunnel. As the workman arrives, he talks to Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! I’m Vidura’s apprentice, and I have come to help you to escape out of this place as quickly as possible. I know you wouldn’t be in a position to believe me directly. But here is proof that I’ve come from Vidura. Do you remember Vidura talking to you in a “Mlecha Bhaasha” before you left Hastinapura? If I tell the content of what Vidura had said, you would believe in me, isn’t it?” Saying thus, the workman narrates the entire advice given by Vidura in the “Mlecha Bhaasha”. I’m not going into it again, as we’ve already witnessed in our previous episode. This is exactly the same strategy that Hanuman adopted when he went to meet Mother Sita at Lanka. He too narrated some instances that were highly intimate between Mother Sita and Bhagawan Rama to earn her trust. We’ve witnessed this in our previous Ramayana project and readers can refer to it for more details.

Thus, Vidura’s workman too earns the trust of Yudishtra and Co. and the process of tunnel building begins! So for today, let us have it until this point and we shall witness in the next episode how the Paandavas escape out of the “Laaksha Griha”! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 171 – The Paandavas realize that they are trapped into the “Laaksha Griha”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Yudishtra and Co. leaving for the Vaaranaavatha Desha and as they leave, Vidura gives some important pieces of advice in the “Mlecha Baasha” (Combination of non-verbal and indirect communication) to the Paandavas, so that they would be alert of the grave danger that they’re being put into. As Vidura explains his points, Yudishtra fairly understands that there is some sort of a problem awaiting them, but doesn’t understand completely. Anyways, all of them leave Hastinapura and the entire caravan lands at the beautiful “Laaksha Griha”, which is newly constructed at the Vaaranaavatha Desha. 

As they are on the way, Kunthi Devi slowly asks Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! What was Vidura telling you all this while? I was not able to understand what he was trying to say. I guess he was trying to tell you something indirectly. Did you understand the deeper meaning behind what he said?” Yudishtra replies thus, “Oh Mother! Yes. I fairly understood. I know that Vidura is one person who always thinks about our welfare and is extremely concerned for our well-being. Hence, I’m sure that whatever he has said, is for our own good only. All that I understood from Vidura’s narrative was that, we should be very alert at all times! Walls might have ears, so we should be very careful in what we talk. We shouldn’t believe anyone so naively and we should be careful to identify what people’s real agendas are. Moreover, Vidura has warned that there might be a danger with fire and hence we should be careful not to be trapped into any sort of fires. Anyways, let us see what happens as we reach Vaaranaavatha!” Saying thus, the entire caravan reaches the Vaaranaavatha Desha and Purochana is there, waiting to receive all of them! 

Purochana, on his part, shows the entire palace to them and the Paandavas are impressed with the design and the aesthetics with which the palace was constructed. They slowly start residing there and Purochana, as planned, acts like an extremely loyal person to all of them. However, as hours pass by, Yudishtra recalls Vidura’s words regarding the “wall” and “fire”. He touches the wall and sees that it is something different than the normal construction. The wall was very soft, unlike the ones that are constructed with rocks. Upon deeply examining the construction, Yudishtra understood that the palace is fully constructed with wax! He became alert of the imminent danger that is ahead of them. As Yudishtra realizes this, he immediately calls his brothers and Mother Kumthi Devi and explains thus, “Oh brothers and mother! Do you remember Vidura’s words? There’s an imminent danger with fire and the wall! Look at this. The entire palace is constructed with wax and other inflammable items. There is every chance that the entire palace would be burnt down any minute and we might be trapped into the fire! Look at the trees and grass that are planted outside this palace – All of them would catch fire immediately and burn quickly. Whatever we see around are all inflammable items, including oil, ghee, etc.”

As Yudishtra explains thus, the Paandavas understand the serious danger that they are into! Mother Kunthi Devi is shocked beyond words! Their lives are under a huge threat! However, Yudishtra continues thus, “Oh people! Let us not panic at this point. This would cast a doubt in Purochana’s mind, whether we’ve found out their ploy! Let us just go by the flow. Let Purochana try and earn our loyalty. We shall also act as if we trust him. As time progresses, we shall trap him and burn him inside this “Laaksha Griha”!” Hearing this from his brother, Bheemasena was fuming with anger! He bit his teeth with extreme fury and asks Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Give me permission! I shall kill this Purochana on the spot and after this, go and kill Duryodhana straightaway! Enough is enough! Why should we undergo these tortures and threats from an incapable and a jealous fellow?” 

As Bheemasena was fuming thus, Yudishtra calmed him down by saying that this is not the right time to exhibit anger and frustration! Here, Yudishtra’s strategizing of the problem is exceptional and impeccable and this is something that all leaders and managers should learn and understand! What is Yudishtra’s strategy going to be to counter Duryodhana’s arrogance? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 170 – Vidura alerts Yudishtra with his “non-verbal” & “indirect” communication!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana entrusting the important and a secretive task of building the “Laaksha Griha” (Inflammable palace or “Arakku Maaligai”) to his dear friend Purochana at the Varaanaavatha Desha for the Paandavas to reside. The plan is to somehow earn the trust of the Paandavas and as they start residing there comfortably, they would be burnt down by Purochana and Co. When the people see the entire palace burning with fire, they would think that it was just another fire accident and unfortunately the Paandavas would have been trapped into it, without being able to escape out on time. As Duryodhana was planning and instructing the entire set of events to Purochana, there was someone who overheard the entire agenda! This person was none other than Vidura himself! On one hand, as Purochana received all the instructions from Duryodhana, he immediately set out to complete the task of building the “Laaksha Griha”. On the other hand, Vidura was fuming within himself thinking about the wickedness of Duryodhana and Co. He was thinking of ways and means of protecting the Paandavas and to avoid an unnecessary “Adharma” from taking place due to Duryodhana’s ignorance and arrogance. 

Thus, the civil works of the “Laaksha Griha” are going on extremely quickly. As mentioned earlier, the palace is being built with all possible inflammable items such as wax, oil, etc. which can catch fire very easily. Within the next few days and months, the palace is completely built and is ready for accommodation. The news reaches Duryodhana and he is extremely happy. Thus, Duryodhana goes to Yudishtra and explains to him that he and his Paandava brothers would be able to live a happy life if they proceed to the Vaaranaavatha Desha’s most beautiful palace. Yudishtra too accordingly accepts Duryodhana’s words innocently, not knowing what is the secretive agenda behind his words. As the day approaches fast, the Paandavas are ready to move their base to Vaaranaavatha. Kunthi Devi also accompanies her five sons to Vaaranaavatha. An entire set of army also accompanies the Paandavas, so that they would reach safely without any hiccups in the middle. 

As the caravan was set to start, Vidura storms in and gives an important piece of advice to Yudishtra before he leaves. We call this as “Mlecha Bhaasha” in Sanskrit, which we can equate it what we call today as “Non-verbal communication”. Of course, what Vidura employed wasn’t fully non-verbal, but it also contained few words which had multiple inner meanings. Vidura explains thus: 

“Aloham nishitam chatram shareera parikarthanam!

Yovetthi nathutham gnanthihi prathigaathavitam dvishaha!!” 

Vidura first starts with some eye movements towards Yudishtra to draw his attention towards him. Accordingly, Yudishtra understood Vidura’s “eye-language” and focused his attention towards him. Now Vidura explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Please do not come to the conclusion that weapons used for warfare are only made of metals (“Loham”). There are certain weapons that might not be made of metals too! (“Aloham”). If you think destruction is possible only by using weapons, please think again! Destruction can be caused without employing a single weapon! Even if it is a devastating fire that is burning down the entire city, a rat can easily escape from the fire by entering into a net and safeguarding itself! Hence, please take care!” Vidura explains further thus: 

“Naa chakshurvethi panthaanam naa chakshur vindate dishaha!

Naa dhrithir buddhimaam aapnoothi budhyasthaivam prabodithaha!!”

Vidura continues to explain in his “Mlecha Bhaasha” thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Please understand – Walls have ears! If you think that you’re safe under any roof to talk and strategise whatever you want to, please be careful! Please do not think that only those people who have good eyesight would know the way forward. People who are blind also would know it much better! Only those who have the right mindset and intellect would be able to understand the proper way forward. When you are at Vaaranaavatha Desha, you should make sure that you keep both your eyes and ears open at all times. You should never fall into anybody’s trap because of your lack of alertness and attention to details. Oh Yudishtra! Please do not trust anybody so easily! Please take your time to analyze what is that person’s real agenda behind coming to you! If you have doubts on the wall, please touch the wall and check!” 

As Vidura explains the danger indirectly with these above words, Yudishtra fairly understood what is in store for him and his Paandava brothers. Yudishtra assures Vidura that he would be careful on all accounts right from day one and would ensure that no lapse occurs with his alertness.  Assuring thus, the Paandavas, led by Yudishtra leave for Vaaranaavatha Desha. Kunthi Devi is also accompanying them all along. So for today, let us halt at this point and in the next episode we shall see how Yudishtra is going to implement Vidura’s advice! Stay tuned for an exciting accord tomorrow! 🙂