Episode # 610 – “Why should Draupati suffer for all my wrongdoings?” – Yudishtra cries to Sage Markandeya!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Shiva granting a boon to King Jayathrada, just for the sake of his intense “Tapas” that he had performed. Even though Bhagawan Shiva made it quite clear to King Jayathrada that he will not be able to win over the Paandavas, especially Arjuna at any cost and that, he has to let this off from his mind and move on with his normal life. However, Bhagawan Shiva explains that because of the fruit of his penance, King Jayathrada would be able to win over the Paandavas (except Arjuna), but that victory will last only for one day and not more. As Bhagawan Shiva says thus, King Jayathrada is confused – Whether this is a boon or a bane, in the first place! What is he going to do by winning over the Paandavas for just one single day? What is he going to benefit out of that victory? Can he use that just to fulfill his vengeance towards Yudishtra and Co.? As a lot of things run in King Jayathrada’s mind, he makes his way back to his kingdom. We shall of course witness the repercussion of this boon given by Bhagawan Shiva during the Kurukshetra war. 

Moving on thus, we shall now witness what happened back at Yudishtra’s camp. In the next “Upa-Parva”, there is a full description of the “Rama-Avatara” given by Sage Vyaasa. This Parva is called “Rama-Upaakhyaana Parva”. Sage Vyaasa has kept this Parva in the Mahabharata text in a very brief form, as narrated by Sage Maarkandeya to Yudishtra. Now we might wonder how Sage Maarkandeya is back again in the picture! Now we’ve to fast-forward the days and months in time. After a few months of roaming here and there, Yudishtra and Co. settle down in the forest in another place, and it is at this point, SGe Maarkandeya makes a second visit to Yudishtra. Sage Maarkandeya is very concerned about the well-being of Yudishtra and his Paandava brothers and hence, he makes frequent visits to confirm whether everything is fine with all of them. Hence, in this way, Sage Maarkandeya gives an entry into Yudishtra’s place and as usual, Yudishtra receives him with all the due respects and the protocol. As Sage Maarkandeya settles down, he once again sees Yudishtra’s face becoming pale and sorrowful. Now Sage Maarkandeya asks Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! What is worrying you now? Are you fine? Are you taking your food properly? Are you getting good sleep? Are you able to maintain your physical and mental health properly?” 

As Sage Maarkandeya asks thus, Yudishtra replies, “Oh Sage Maarkandeya! I have a long-pending question that I need to ask you – All of us know that I was responsible for playing the gambling game and it was a gross mistake that I did. Owing to that mistake, I’m now experiencing the punishment of roaming around in the forest by losing all my kingdom and wealth. My brothers who are with me – Of course, knowingly or unknowingly since they were born along with me, they would also have to bear the punishment. But what fault did Draupati do? She came from a different family altogether and the family from which she has come, isn’t an ordinary one. King Drupada is an extraordinary king and Draupati was his daughter who came from a “Yaaga”. Given such an enormous significance attached to her, why is she suffering along with me just because I’ve done something wrong? What wrong did she do so that she would be insulted publicly in the courtroom on that fateful day? Hence, my question is very simple and straightforward – In your previous accord to me, you had said that our “Karma” is responsible for the suffering that we’re experiencing. However, in this case, what “Karma” did Draupati perform, in such a manner that she has to suffer like this? My “Karma” is that of playing the gambling game, for which I’m experiencing the punishment. But Draupati never did anything, and yet, she is experiencing this pain. Why is this so? Please, can you explain the reason behind Draupati’s suffering?”

This is a very important and pertinent question that all of us might have at our homes too! If the husband is into all sort of bad habits like smoking, drinking, gambling, etc., why should the wife and children also suffer because of the husband’s wrongdoing? Every woman in these kinds of houses will have this question in their mind, for which, Sage Maarkandeya is going to give an important reply. So for today, let us understand the question from Yudishtra very clearly and in the next episode, we shall witness a detailed reply from Sage Maarkandeya! Stay tuned for an interesting and important update! 🙂 

Episode # 609 – Bhagawan Shiva grants a “confusing” boon to King Jayathrada!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed King Jayathrada being handed over a crushing and a humiliating defeat in the hands of the Paandava brothers for the reason of abducting Draupati in broad daylight. As Bheemasena followed King Jayathrada, he made sure that King Jayathrada doesn’t get away so easily. Bheemasena showed a glimpse of what his raw muscle power can really achieve, and with this, King Jayathrada was bruised and torn apart! Unable to fight again, King Jayathrada was held captive and brought in front of Yudishtra. Even though Jayathrada had to be meted out with a harsh punishment for the heinous crime that he had committed, Yudishtra made him accept his mistake and let him scot free! Even though this act of Yudishtra irritated Draupati, Yudishtra is someone who follows “Dharma” verbatim as per the text book! There is no question of deviation! On the other side, unable to bare the defeat and insult in the hands of Yudishtra and Co., King Jayathrada sits on a deep penance towards Bhagawan Shiva, who warns him not to take on the Paandava brothers. Bhagawan Shiva reminds King Jayathrada that Arjuna is the owner of the “Paashupatha-Asthra”, before which, Jayathrada would not even be able to stand for a minute! Now what does King Jayathrada do? Does he leave this insult and injury here itself and move on with his life? Or, is he going to have other plans? Let us find out! 

As we’ve also witnessed yesterday, Bhagawan Shiva explains how Bhagawan Krishna who is always around Arjuna is none other than Bhagawan Vishnu Himself from Vaikunta! Hence, with all these facts, Bhagawan Shiva advises King Jayathrada not to mess up with the Paandavas, which would invoke the anger of Bhagawan Krishna as well. Continuing thus, Bhagawan Shiva explains thus, “Oh Jayathrada! Please be careful! Do not indulge in these kind of “Adharmic” activities with the Paandava brothers. However, since you’ve performed an immense “Tapas” towards me, I cannot go away without giving you a boon. With your power, you will be able to win over the Paandava brothers, except Arjuna for 24 hours. Beyond that you cannot!”

Now, this might seem like a small boon given by Bhagawan Shiva, but this has enormous significance. In other words, Bhagawan Shiva says that King Jayathrada would be able to win over the Paandava brothers in a war, but that victory can sustain only for one day, post which, he would again be defeated / killed! However, this boon doesn’t apply to Arjuna. With Arjuna, King Jayathrada can never win even for that one day! Now this boon came handy for Duryodhana and Co. during the final Kurukshetra war, and using this boon, Abhimanyu was killed during the “Chakra-Vyuga” plan! Thus, Abhimanyu was the person who had to bear the brunt of Bhagawan Shiva’s boon to King Jayathrada. The connection might be very distant here, but readers should understand how boons work! In fact, this is how the entire Mahabharata works. We’ve to remember all these “connections” and “loops” very carefully, because at some later stage, we’ve to figure out this loop from somewhere! This is why I always keep advising readers to make notes while reading through our episodes. It would be of great help, because we would be referring to this particular episode maybe after 100-150 episodes from now! Hence, if we do not make notes today, we might not be able to find the link later on and we might not be able to understand the storyline properly. Hence, it is always advisable to take notes as we keep following the Mahabharata storyline. 

We shall of course shed more light on this context while discussing the Kurukshetra war in a great detail later on, but for now, we should understand that the impact of Bhagawan Shiva’s boon to Jayathrada is going to fall on Abhimanyu later on! With this, Bhagawan Shiva bids farewell to King Jayathrada. As Bhagawan Shiva leaves, King Jayathrada wonders whether he had obtained a boon or a curse from Bhagawan Shiva! He doesn’t know how to proceed further, as he had got confused! Should he use the boon to go full throttle against Yudishtra and Co., or should he refrain from the pursuit because of Bhagawan Shiva’s warning? Lot of things run in King Jayathrada’s mind! So for today, let us understand this clearly and let us wait till the next episode to find out more! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 608 – “Do not venture against the Pandavas” – Bhagawan Shiva warns King Jayathrada!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed King Jayathrada trying to abduct Draupati, only to be gunned down by Bheemasena, Sage Dhoumya and the others. Bheemasena thrashes King Jayathrada with his brutal and raw muscle power, ties him with a rope and drags him in front of Yudishtra for the final decision. As everybody expected Yudishtra to pronounce his decision of putting King Jayathrada to death, Yudishtra had other thoughts running in his mind. He wanted to somehow stick to the path of “Dharma” and never intended to deviate an inch from it here or there. Thinking thus, Yudishtra requested Bheemasena to let Jayathrada off without killing him, however, upon the condition that he has to accept his defeat and he shouldn’t cross roads again with the Paandavas henceforth. Even though this decision did not go well with Draupati, who was the direct victim of King Jayathrada’s wrath, Yudishtra somehow consoled her. King Jayathrada left that place accepting defeat, but is he really happy that Yudishtra saved his life that was in great danger in the hands of Bheemasena? Let us find out what King Jayathrada did henceforth in today’s episode. 

Moving on further thus, King Jayathrada moves out of Yudishtra’s place and thinks what to do next. He could not take the insult that he had just experienced in the hands of Bheemasena and Yudishtra. He somehow wants to give it back to both of them. The anger within King Jayathrada is making him fume! What does he do now? He sits on a “Tapas” towards Bhagawan Shiva. The “Tapas” continues for days and nights together and with this, Bhagawan Shiva is mighty impressed. Bhagawan Shiva thus appears in front of King Jayathrada and asks him what he wants. King Jayathrada explains his stance thus, “Oh Bhagawan Mahadeva! I requested your intervention because I’m in a problem right now – I was insulted very badly by Yudishtra and Bheemasena. I want to somehow win over them and become their leader. I want to somehow defeat Arjuna and kill him. Please grant me a boon accordingly!” As King Jayathrada asks thus, Bhagwan Shiva replies, “Oh Jayathrada! Whatever you’re saying might not be possible. Of course, I understand your pain and frustration, however, remember one thing – It is not that easy to win over Arjuna and the others. I myself had gifted Arjuna with the “Paashupata-Asthra” earlier when Arjuna came to meet me. If he uses it against you, you can be rest assured of defeat in his hands! You will never be able to win over him at all! 

Oh Jayathrada! Let me give you an important piece of advice – The people whom you are trying to take on, are not ordinary people like you think. They are very close devotees to Bhagawan Krishna, who is none other than Bhagawan Vishnu Himself! You do not know who Arjuna really is – He is none other than the divine disciple (“Nara”) of Bhagawan Narayana at the Bhadreenaatha Kshetra. Hence, I would suggest that you leave this episode of insult here itself and move on with your life. Do not put yourself in danger by opposing Bhagawan Krishna unnecessarily!” 

As Bhagawan Shiva says thus, He also narrates Bhagawan Krishna’s previous incarnations as well, in the likes of Bhagawan Rama, Bhagawan Varaaha, Bhagawan Narasimha, etc. He does this to highlight that Bhagawan Krishna is none other than Bhagawan Vishnu or Bhagawan Narayana from Vaikunta and has incarnated in this world to restore and re-establish “Dharma”. As Bhagawan Shiva narrates all these anecdotes, the important question here is simple – Is King Jayathrada ready to listen to all these? Or, is he still going to take the offensive route against the Paandavas and Bhagawan Krishna? Let us wait till the next episode to find out the answers! Stay tuned! 🙂  

Episode # 607 – Yudishtra lets off Jayathrada – Draupati fumes!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Draupati being abducted forcefully by King Jayathrada as he falls in love with her. Even as Draupati persists with her stance of not coming with him, Jayathrada is in no mood to listen. He abducts Draupati and places her on the chariot. As he rides fast, Sage Dhoumya spots him and runs behind the chariot in a bid to save Draupati. Sage Dhoumya warns King Jayathrada of inflicting a heavy curse on him if he doesn’t relieve Draupati immediately. As this is going on, Yudishtra and Co. quickly understand the situation and join the chase. As the chase goes on, Bheemasena shouts in a loud voice thus, “Oh Jayathrada! Why are you running away upon seeing all of us? If you have the guts to fight us, stop! Don’t run like a coward! Face me in a war if you really have the strength in you!” 

As Bheemasena shouts thus, Jayathrada comes to a grinding stop! He is now shaking with fear for Bheemasena, as he knows how powerful Bheemasena is. Unable to accept defeat straightaway, Jayathrada decides to give a fight with Bheemasena. The war begins and Bheemasena is no match to Jayathrada. Within minutes, Bheemasena has Jayathrada under his complete control with his raw and brutal muscle power! Even as Jayathrada screams for help, Bheemasena is in no mood to let him off! He tears open Jayathrada and inflicts heavy blows on him. As Jayathrada is bruised beyond repairs, he calls truce! With this, Bheemasena also does not want to kill Jayathrada and instead he drags Jayathrada all the way in front of Yudishtra. Now it is upto Yudishtra to take the decision whether to kill Jayathrada or not. Yudishtra says thus, “Oh Bheemasena! Oh Sage Dhoumya! When Jayathrada called for truce and has surrendered himself, it is wrong on our part to kill him. We shall let him off this time!” 

As Yudishtra rules thus, Draupati becomes extremely angry. She vents out her anger on Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Don’t you understand the graveness of Jayathrada’s crime? He has surrendered not because he has realized his mistake. He has done so only because he is unable to match Bheemasena’s might in war! It is only because he has been bruised so heavily, he has no other option but to surrender! Hence, I feel that Jayathrada should be brutally killed immediately. Everytime I’m being insulted like this, you never feel for me at all! You did the same thing when I was insulted in the courtroom amidst the public. You remained silent without reacting even for a single minute. Even now, you’re only talking in favor of Jayathrada who did a henious crime of kidnapping me! What do you think you’re doing? Everytime you’re letting me down in front of an enemy. Is this the “Dharma” that you’re practising?” 

As Draupati fumes thus, Yudishtra tries to calm her down. He says thus, “Oh Draupati! Please calm down. Why are you bursting out in anger? Jayathrada had already got what he deserved, isn’t it? He has got bruised all over his body! Now what more is left in him? At any cost, patience (“Kshama”) is the highest aspect of “Dharma” and we should always follow it. Moreover, tell me one thing – What benefit are we going to gain by killing this Jayathrada? Who is he? Does he have any relationship with us? Not at all! If such is the case, why should we poke our nose into someone with whom we do not have anything to share? Hence, the best way to deal with this situation is to let Jayathrada off!” Saying thus, Yudishtra requests Bheemasena to let Jayathrada off. Yudishtra tells Jayathrada thus, “Oh Jayathrada! Please accept your defeat and get out of here. I don’t want you to stand in front of any of us even for a single minute. I’m letting you off for a good reason. Hence, do not try to take advantage of it and repeat the same mistake again!” 

Accepting his defeat thus, Jayathrada is freed up and he rushes out. However, is Jayathrada happy with the escape that he had got? No! He could not resist the insult that he had obtained from the hands of Yudishtra and Bheemasena! So what does Jayathrada do from here on? Is he going to seek revenge on the Paandava brothers henceforth in the near future! Let us wait and witness the next set of happenings in the next upcoming episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 606 – King Jayathrada abducts Draupati!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the key learnings that we can imbibe from the Yudishtra-Draupati-Sage Dhurvasa event and also the importance of the “Atma-Kshemam” and the “Shareera-Kshemam”. Moving on from here, Bhagawan Krishna takes leave from Yudishtra’s place and heads back to Dwaraka. After a few months, one fine day when Draupati is cleaning and washing the front portion of the house, Jayathrada who is the king of the Sindhu Desha comes along. He sees Draupati at a distance and falls for her beauty. King Jayathrada is on the way to the “Shaalva Desha” for attending a “Svayamvara” event and on the way he spots Draupati as he passes through the close vicinity of Yudishtra’s place in the forest. As King Jayathrada spots Draupati, he wants to know who this beautiful lady really is. So he sends Kotikadhya, an assistant who had accompanied King Jayathrada on his travel to find out the whereabouts of Draupati. 

As Kotikadhya approaches Draupati he enquires thus, “Oh lady! Who are you? What are you doing in this forest area? My king, King Jayathrada is from the Sindh Desha and he has fallen in love with you. He wants to marry you and take you along with him!” As Kotikadhya says this straightaway, Draupati replies back immediately thus, “Oh Kotikadhya! Please do not even encourage such thoughts of marrying me in your king’s mind. I’m the wife of the Paandava brothers and Jayathrada is having a wrong intention. I’m someone else’s wife and I cannot be the wife of another person beyond my marriage. Hence, please tell your king to change his mindset and leave this place immediately!” 

As Draupati is explaining her stance to Kotikadhya, King Jayathrada himself comes to the vicinity. He directly asks thus, “Oh beautiful woman! Why are you roaming in this dense forest and experiencing suffering? You can come with me, marry me and enjoy all the luxuries of life! Please come with me. I shall ensure that you’re my queen with all facilities. What are you going to gain by being a wife of someone who is roaming and wandering around in the forest without anything? You are not supposed to undergo such suffering in life. You’re someone who has to enjoy a luxurious life. Please come with me!” As King Jayathrada directly makes a proposal thus, Draupati tries to explain her stance to him with all the good and decent words possible, but Jayathrada is not going to listen to all of that! He has already made up his mind to somehow attain Draupati and hold her hands. Even as Draupati signals a warning that if her husbands come from wherever they are, it would signal danger for him, Jayathrada is in no mood to listen to her warning signal as well! Jayathrada is determined to take Draupati with him, and even if she resists, he is determined to take her by force! 

Thus, as Draupati refuses persistently, Jayathrada loses patience and finally makes the move. He rushes towards Draupati, forcefully holds her hands, drags her quickly, lifts her in his strong shoulders and places her on his chariot! With this, he rides fast, before anybody could even trace him. As Draupati is being abducted like this, Sage Dhoumya spots Jayathrada. He runs behind Jayathrada’s chariot and warns him that if he doesn’t give Draupati back, he would be inflicted with a heavy curse! But King Jayathrada is not in a mood to listen even to Sage Dhoumya’s warning. As all this is happening, Yudishtra and Co. quickly understand the graveness of the situation that Draupati is being abducted by King Jayathrada. They too join the chase along with Sage Dhoumya to stop Jayathrada from abducting Draupati! 

Now what does Jayathrada do? Does he budge and return Draupati back? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 

Episode # 605 – “Atma-Kshemam” vs. “Shareera-Kshemam” – Which is more important?

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the culmination of the Sage-Dhurvasa – Yudishtra – Draupati event wherein we had discussed some key learnings that we can imbibe from it. First and foremost, it is important that we serve our guests properly when they visit our place. Second, we should provide the best hospitality to those who are visiting us. Third, even if we do not have anything with us to serve, we should make that dedicated effort to prepare something and serve them. The first two things atleast, many of us might perform, however the third point is a bit difficult – If we do not have something at home and if we’ve to serve guests, we would start showing faces, we would start getting frustrated, etc. If it is the worst case scenario, we will conveniently say that we cannot serve them anything since we do not have anything at home! Of course, even if we give a negative answer, most of the people would understand our difficulty and might not take it in a big way. However, we’ve to remember that by skipping the practice, we’re deviating from our path of “Dharma”. If we do not have anything, atleast we can give them a tea / coffee or some light snacks or biscuits! Or at the worst, we can simply buy some batter from a shop, prepare some idlis and offer the guests. Such things aren’t very difficult to do, but many times, we become complacent and lazy. This is the problem with all of us. Hence, by going through this particular event, we should realize how important it is to serve people who come in search of us. We should make sure that we nourish them with the best of the best food that we can offer. 

Sometimes we have this practice too – If we have a scarce quantity of food items and if we’re in a situation to serve a guest, what will we do? Our natural tendency is to apportion a small amount of that scarce food item for ourselves, and then serve the rest of the food, isn’t it? This is what we should not do. Instead, we should completely serve whatever the guest asks for and should not bother about what is leftover for us! This is the highest level of hospitality that we can offer! Even if the offering is a small amount of rice grains with a simple vegetable, it should first be offered to Bhagawan and then to guests if any, and only after all this, we should consume the offering. These are certain important points that Yudishtra highlights through this event. Thus, the key learning here is very simple – “Atma-Kshemam” is more important than the “Shareera-Kshemam”. The phrase “Shareera-Kshemam” means enjoyments / pleasures for our physical body and “Atma-Kshemam” means enjoyments / pleasures for our “Atman”. If we’re only looking at our “Shareera-Kshemam”, our “Atma-Kshemam” will go for a toss! The problem today is that, wherever we go, “Shareera-Kshemam” gains a lot of prominence. Even inside our house, we make sure that all our household equipment is “user-friendly” for our physical body. For instance, when we go to the bathroom to take a bath, there is a shower on the top, which provides us with water directly on our body! We don’t even need to bend down, take a mug full of water and pour it upon our body. Nowadays, the time has come that if we bend down, we get back pain! Actually, the reason for back pain is not because we’re bending down. We’re getting back pain only because we’re not doing any sort of bending down for anything in life! There is no physical activity / exercise at all in today’s world as most of the jobs are in front of the computer! We hardly even get up and walk! This is why all the problems surface in our physical body. If we constantly keep walking, bending down to do household work, etc. our “Shareera-Kshemam” is automatically taken care of. This is what is in fact, the real “Shareera-Kshemam”. In the olden days, people rarely had the problem of diabetes, stress, hypertension, blood pressure, etc. and this is because, they performed a lot of physical work and without much worries. Even though their hands and legs were doing a lot of work, their minds were focused on Bhagawan and this takes care of the “Atma-Kshemam”. They never had worries and tension on worldly affairs like how we have today! 

Thus, the point here is very simple – Both “Shareera-Kshemam” and “Atma-Kshemam” are important for us, however, “Atma-Kshemam” should gain more and more prominence as we advance spiritually. So for today, let us understand this point and with this, Bhagawan Krishna also takes leave from Yudishtra’s place. Let us wait till the next episode to witness what happened next! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 604 – Key learning for us from the Sage Dhurvasa – Yudishtra anecdote!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Yudishtra is meticulously following the path of “Dharma” even though the path is hard. He is sacrificing his hunger to wait for Sage Dhurvasa to arrive, although he knows that Sage Dhurvasa has already left mid-way. This impresses Bhagawan Krishna a lot and even after Bhagawan Krishna tries to tempt Yudishtra to call off his waiting, Yudishtra doesn’t give in. This is the important lesson that all of us should learn from such episodes in the Mahabharata. We’ve just witnessed how Mudgala followed the path of “Dharma” by waiting for fifteen days for one sumptuous meal. Even in that, if a guest comes home, serving the guest becomes the top priority and his meal takes a backseat. It was the same Sage Dhurvasa who tested Mudgala as well and here is Sage Dhurvasa again to test Yudishtra too! However, with the divine intervention of Bhagawan Krishna, Yudishtra’s “Dharma” is being protected. 

From this, we’ve to understand one important lesson too – If we’re steadfast in our practices and in our path towards “Dharma”, Bhagawan will always stand with us like a rock! At times, even if our path of “Dharma” is quite dangerous to walk through, Bhagawan will always come to our rescue. If our “Dharma” is under threat, Bhagawan will rush towards us to intervene. This is exactly what happened with Yudishtra and Draupati too here, isn’t it? When Yudishtra had given his promise to Sage Dhurvasa that he would serve him and his disciples a sumptuous meal, he gave the promise without even realizing that the kitchen was empty! Given this fact, how will Draupati serve all of them? Where will they go for procuring all the raw materials for preparing the food for everyone? This is where Bhagawan Krishna intervened. If there is a danger along the path of “Dharma” which Yudishtra is following, at every instance in the Mahabharata we would be able to see Bhagawan Krishna’s divine intervention. This is not the first place where we’re seeing this happening. Right from the childhood days of Yudishtra and Co. whenever they faced problems, Bhagawan Krishna will always come for their rescue. We’ve seen this happening during the wax palace episode, as to how Bhagawan Krishna timely sent Vidura and his assistant to bail the Paandavas out of the great danger of being burnt down! Subsequently, all of us know what happened during the gambling game – How Draupati was saved and protected by Bhagawan Krishna! We’ve also seen how Bhagawan Krishna frequently visited Yudishtra and Co. when they were ruling the Indraprastha kingdom before the gambling game occurred. 

Thus, at every instance, whenever the Paandavas are facing difficulty, Bhagawan Krishna will always rally behind them. Now why is He doing so? It is only because of the fact that the Paandava brothers stood by the “Dharma” path at every point in time. Especially Yudishtra, who is an epitome of “Dharma” – How can Bhagawan keep quiet by refraining from helping him out at crucial times? Yudishtra is putting that meticulous effort of practising “Dharma”, isn’t he? So he should be rewarded for it, isn’t it? This is where Bhagawan plays an important role. He will not interfere in any way with any of our actions, but if He finds credibility, honesty and sincerity in whatever we’re doing, and when things are taking the tough route, Bhagawan will come up to us with His divine intervention! Bhagawan is like a leader or a CEO of an organization – Unless and until things are going fine in the company, the CEO will not interfere unwantedly in the everyday activities. However, when he / she senses that something is going wrong, it is only then the CEO will intervene and find out what is happening, isn’t it? Similarly here also, if everything goes well, Bhagawan will never intervene and this is why He has gifted us with all our six senses! It is up to us to use our intellect and follow the path of “Dharma” as prescribed by Bhagawan. If we’re deviating from it, Bhagawan will not intervene unnecessarily. He will however keep giving us chances to mend our ways and improve ourselves. However, if we’re not improving, Bhagawan will finally take the stick in the hand! 

So this is the important learning that all of us have to imbibe from this Yudishtra-Draupati-Sage Dhurvasa episode and for today let us reflect upon this and consciously take efforts to mend our ways towards the path of “Dharma”! We shall wait till the next episode to move on further with our discussion! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 603 – Yudishtra waits for Sage Dhurvasa’s arrival as prescribed by the “Dharma Shaastra”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna providing His divine “Anugraha” to Yudishtra and Draupati for walking the path of “Dharma” even during tough times. Even as there was no food in the kitchen, Yudishtra and Draupati were steadfast in offering a sumptuous meal to Sage Dhurvasa. As the kitchen was completely empty, Draupati helplessly called out for Bhagawan Krishna, who rushed to help her as He had done many times in the past. As Bhagawan Krishna consumed that one small food grain of rice sticking to the vessel, the hunger of Sage Dhurvasa and his 10,000-odd disciples flew away and they started feeling over-full! This made all of them rush away from Yudishtra’s place once and for all! However, Yudishtra is still waiting for Sage Dhurvasa’s arrival so that he can offer Sage Dhurvasa the meal that he had promised earlier. Since Sage Dhurvasa isn’t seen anywhere, Sahadeva goes in search of him, only to come back empty-handed! Sage Dhurvasa had left that place once and for all! Even then, Yudishtra waits for Sage Dhurvasa’s arrival as prescribed in the “Dharma-Shaastra” – There is a stipulated time up to which it is mandatory to wait for the guest to arrive, before serving food to him / her. 

Upon seeing this, Bhagawan Krishna is mighty impressed! Even though Bhagawan Krishna is testing Yudishtra and tempting him to end his wait for Sage Dhurvasa, Yudishtra is not someone who will compromise on his “Dharma” and promise! He keeps waiting! This is the gross difference between Yudishtra and all of us! If we were in Yudishtra’s spot, what we would have done? If we hear that Sage Dhurvasa had left the place, immediately we would be waiting for a chance to consume our meal, isn’t it? 🙂 In the “Dharma-Shaastra”, it is clearly mentioned that if we’ve given assurance to someone for offering food, and if that person is not turning up, we should wait for a minimum of 20 minutes. If we’re offering “Naivedhya” to Bhagawan, we’ve to wait for atleast 20 minutes to see if anybody is visiting us. If that happens, we should offer the “Prasadham” to them first, before we consuming it. These are all some noble practices prescribed by our “Sanaathana Dharma” and as ardent followers, we should make sure that we implement these practices. Of course, with the passage of time and with a lot of commitments and lack of time, we might skip a few, but this should not become an excuse to escape from practising “Dharma”. Atleast on an “Ekadashi” day in every month we should try and fast and on the next “Dvaadashi” day we should offer something to someone as a “Dhaanam” before we consume food. If that is not possible, we can always offer the “Agatthi Keerai” (Spinach) to a cow on the “Dvaadashi” day before we consume food. These are all some best practices which we should adopt in our lives. As I’ve mentioned this earlier as well, feeding a cow gives us enormous benefits for our spiritual growth and we should follow it meticulously. Even if we’re unable to do it everyday, we should atleast follow these practices once or twice every month when the “Ekadashi” and “Dvaadashi” falls. These practices would definitely bring a lot of positivity and happiness in our lives and never will these practices fail us at any time. When we go through difficult times in our lives (Which all of us will go through at different times for sure), all these benefits of our spiritual practices that we perform will manifest and protect us. We might not be able to see tangible benefits of all these practices immediately and this might demotivate us from performing them. However, we should understand here that spiritual practices will always offer long-term benefits which are intangible in nature. We should always remember this point clearly as we move on from here. 

So, the important learning from this event is how Yudishtra is following the path of “Dharma” meticulously and even if Sage Dhurvasa had left, he makes sure that he waits for him as prescribed by the “Dharma Shaastra”. So for today, let us understand this important point and let us also wait along with Yudishtra for the arrival of Sage Dhurvasa. Is he really going to come back? What is Bhagawan Krishna going to do next? Stay tuned for the next episode for updates! 🙂 

Episode # 602 – Sage Dhurvasa leaves straightaway without returning to Yudishtra’s place!!!

We’re at an important juncture wherein Bhagawan Krishna is bailing out Draupati and Yudishtra from a tricky situation! Sage Dhurvasa and his disciples had gone for a freshening up, before they would be back at Yudishtra’s place for a sumptuous dinner, as promised by Yudishtra! However, when Yudishtra comes to know that Draupati had already finished her meal for the day, he is in a fix as to how do they serve all of them. At this time, Bhagawan Krishna arrives timely, thanks to the ardent prayers of Draupati. Bhagawan Krishna, as we’ve witnessed in the previous episode, consumes that one last food grain sticking on to the “Akshaya Paatra” of Draupati, which satisfies His hunger completely! As Bhagawan Krishna’s hunger gets satisfied, Sage Dhurvasa and his other disciples too feel that they’re already stomach-full! With this, the 10,000-odd disciples feel that it is time for them to leave Yudishtra’s place, even without having the meal. Sage Dhurvasa too feels the same, but he is now scared as to whether he would be undermining Yudishtra’s “Dharma”. He is now in a fix clearly! What does Sage Dhurvasa do? Let us witness in today’s episode! 

As the disciples feel more and more stomach-full, they are unable to bear that feeling. They start choking and their feeling of leaving the place immediately is getting stronger and stronger by the minute. Even as Sage Dhurvasa tries to convince them that they should atleast visit Yudishtra for a few minutes before leaving, the disciples aren’t really ready to pay heed to Sage Dhurvasa’s words. Understanding the situation thus, Sage Dhurvasa too decides to leave, as he is also increasingly feeling the same! Hence, Sage Dhurvasa and Co. make a decision to bypass Yudishtra’s place and leave straightaway from the riverbank where they had their shower. As they take leave, Yudishtra and Co. meanwhile are waiting for Sage Dhurvasa’s arrival. Time is running out, and there are no signs of Sage Dhurvasa and his disciples returning back! The ploy of Bhagawan Krishna has clearly worked out! As Bhagawan Krishna’s hunger was arrested by that one small rice grain, Sage Dhurvasa’s hunger too was automatically arrested! This is how Bhagawan protects those people who walk the path of “Dharma”! 

Meanwhile, as Yudishtra’s patience is running out, he starts feeling concerned. What happened to Sage Dhurvasa and his people? Are they safe? Are they facing any problem anywhere? Having all these questions in mind, Yudishtra sends his brother Sahadeva to find out what really happened and where Sage Dhurvasa is. Sahadeva goes in search of all of them, only to see the river bank completely empty! Upon seeing this, Sahadeva couldn’t understand anything. He goes around further in search and starts enquiring with some people around. As he enquires, Sahadeva finds out that all of them who were taking shower, had already taken leave! Unable to decipher where all of them went, Sahadeva comes back to Yudishtra and reports his findings! Meanwhile, Bhagawan Krishna is still sitting with all of them and casually chatting. Bhagawan Krishna jokingly asks thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Oh Sahadeva! Why isn’t Sage Dhurvasa returning back? What is he doing there at the riverbank? For how long will he take a shower? All of us have to get ready for the next meal for the day, isn’t it? Aren’t you all feeling hungry already? It has been a lot of time since we’re waiting!” 

As Bhagawan Krishna wantedly asks thus, Yudishtra still sticks to his “Dharma”! He gives a beautiful answer to Bhagawan Krishna here – “Oh Bhagawan! Yes. Sage Dhurvasa is taking time to return. However, we should not consume food as yet. In the “Dharma-Shaastra” there is a stipulated timing for which we’ve to wait for a guest to return back before consuming food. We’ve not crossed that time yet! So let us patiently wait for Sage Dhurvasa to come back!” As Bhagawan Krishna hears this from Yudishtra, He is overjoyed! He again replies back thus, “Oh Yudishtra! I don’t think Sage Dhurvasa would come back. Sahadeva too is reporting that he had already left. Hence, let us get ready for our next meal!” Even as Bhagawan Krishna repeatedly assures this way, Yudishtra isn’t convinced! He wants to stick to his “Dharma” whatsoever, even if Bhagawan Himself reassures of the situation. This is how Yudishra is! So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall continue this discussion further in the next episode! Stay tuned 🙂 

Episode # 602 – Sage Dhurvasa & his disciples feel “full” after Bhagwan Krishna’s hunger is satisfied!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a critical juncture wherein Bhagawan Krishna gives a grand entry into the home of Draupati and Paandavas. Bhagawan Krishna makes His way urgently to meet Draupati and Yudishtra on the pretext of Draupati’s ardent Bhakti and prayer. As Bhagawan Krishna arrives, He quickly understands what is going on and creates a beautiful “Leela”. He proclaims that He’s extremely hungry owing to the long travel that He had to do to meet them. However, as we know, Draupati did not have anything to offer from the kitchen! The entire kitchen is empty and Sage Dhurvasa too is on his way to have a sumptuous meal at Draupati’s place! Now when Bhagawan Krishna tries to complicate the issue further, Draupati loses herself and cries with complete “Sharanagathi” to Bhagawan Krishna’s divine lotus feet. Acknowledging Draupati’s helplessness, Bhagawan Krishna asks her to bring the empty “Akshaya Paatra” from the kitchen and Draupati obeys. Even though the vessel is empty, to her utter dismay, there is just one rice grain sticking to the corner of the vessel, unwashed! As Bhagawan Krishna spots this, He quickly consumes it and makes fun of Draupati by saying that she can cook very nice food, but she doesn’t know how to wash the dishes properly! 

As Bhagawan Krishna consumes that one food grain, His hunger comes to a grinding halt! He gives a satisfied look, which Yudishtra and Draupati couldn’t understand! As Yudishtra asks Bhagawan Krishna for an explanation, Bhagawan explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Oh Draupati! Do you really think that this small food grain filled my stomach and satisfied my acute hunger? Absolutely not! I have the entire world under my control and this one small food grain is just a miniscule of what I own in this world! However, what actually quenched my hunger was your unconditional surrender and Bhakti that you showed towards me. Oh Draupati! Please understand one thing – It was me who saved you during the time when you were being molested in the public courtroom by Ducchaasana. If I can do that, why can’t I protect you now? Hence, I came running to meet you because you called for my intervention with your ardent and pure Bhakti! Now please do not worry! Sage Dhurvasa will not be having that hunger in him to consume food at your place!” 

At the same time when Bhagawan Krishna says this, Sage Dhurvasa’s 10,000 disciples who had gone to take a shower are starting to have a feeling that they’ve consumed an excessive amount of food! Their stomachs are completely full and they feel that the food is choking their throats! Surprised by this feeling, all of them slowly walk towards Yudishtra’s place along with Sage Dhurvasa. As they walk slowly, all of them ask Sage Dhurvasa thus, “Oh Guru! Shall we start from here as quickly as possible? We don’t think that we need any meal from Yudishtra’s place as our stomachs are already so full and brimming!” As the disciples ask thus, Sage Dhurvasa doesn’t understand what is going on all of a sudden! He replies thus, “Oh disciples! How can we leave without having any food at Yudishtra’s home? Won’t that be a breach of Yudishtra’s “Dharma”? What would he feel? Won’t he think that he has deviated from his “Dharma” of serving the Maharishis? In fact, I’m also having that “full” feeling in my stomach!” 

Saying thus, Sage Dhurvasa is now in fear instead of Yudishtra, who actually was shaking with fear until a few minutes ago! On one hand, Sage Dhurvasa feels so full and so are his disciples! They are in no position to consume any further food! However, on the other hand, if they do not consume food, Yudishtra’s “Dharma” would be grossly disobeyed, and the blame will come on Sage Dhurvasa for not acting as per the “Dharma”! Now what does Sage Dhurvasa do, as the tables turn around? Let us wait for an interesting accord in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂