Episode # 394 – “Seeking revenge on someone is against Dharma!” – Bhagawan Krishna advises Draupati!!!

In the previous episode, we had continued our discussion on “Conditional Surrender” and how dangerous that could be when it comes to Bhagawan Krishna. The important point that all of us need to understand is that, when we surrender to Bhagawan (Sharanaagathi), it should be completely unconditional in nature. In other words, we should not expect anything from Bhagawan and we should have the confidence that Bhagawan would take care of everything that pertains to us – Irrespective of protecting us, punishing our enemies, etc. This is where Draupati went slightly off track. Her Sharanaagathi is very pure and Bhagawan too responded promptly to protect her at all the critical times. However, since she had “pre-conditions”, Bhagawan Krishna wasn’t happy within Himself. Thus, when it came to a decision between transcending towards the “Svarga-Lokha” or “Vaikunta”, Bhagawan Krishna gave the former than the latter, which means that she had to again take a re-birth in this world! Thus, in yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed Draupati venting out all her frustration to Bhagawan Krishna. She fumed in anger as to how Duryodhana and Duchaasana insulted her publicly and how her husbands were just mute spectators to that disastrous event at Hastinapura palace. For this heinous crime, Draupati demanded to Bhagawan Krishna that Duryodhana should at once be killed without any mercy! 

Of course, Bhagawan Krishna understands the pain with which Draupati is talking all these, but somehow internally He wasn’t really convinced. At one point, Draupati started instructing what Bhagawan Krishna had to do next! This is where Bhagawan Krishna intervenes thus, “Oh Draupati! Please understand one thing very clearly – You had asked me to protect you, and I have done it with perfection. More than that, you’re not supposed to intervene in nature’s “Sankalpa”. You do not have the right to decide who should be killed and who should be protected. That is my job to look into it and it is not yours. If you ask me to protect you, I’m always there with you! But please do not get into the next level of deciding whom should be killed and whom should be protected. Let Bhagawan take care of everything. You do not need to interfere in Bhagawan’s Sankalpa. He knows whom to kill and whom to protect and at what time!” 

This is a very interesting reply from Bhagawan Krishna. Although He is Bhagawan Vishnu Himself – The one who protects the entire world, He doesn’t wish to reveal Himself fully to Draupati at that point. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna uses His words very carefully here. He doesn’t say that protecting and destroying someone is His job. Instead, He cleverly says that these are the jobs of Bhagawan who is above all of us! Thus, the important understanding that all of us should have here is that, more than anything else, Bhagawan Krishna plays the role of a “Guru” to the Paandavas and Draupati. At every instance, more than directly saving and protecting them, Bhagawan Krishna guides them and makes them do their jobs perfectly, through which they are protected. This is a very important point here – Bhagawan Krishna is very clear in His approach. His simple agenda here is, “Do your job perfectly without any blemish. I shall take care of the rest!” We should understand this perfectly here as we move on. 

Moving on thus, Bhagawan Krishna continues His accord with Draupati. He explains to her thus, “Oh Draupati! Please do not worry or get angry. You will certainly get back your kingdom and all your wealth. These are just passing clouds. Things will come back to normal. However, getting angry on somebody, taking vengeance on someone, etc. are against the principles of “Dharma”. Please do not get into it. If you do so, what is the difference between you and Duryodhana? He’s also fuming in anger for nothing, and you’re also doing the same! Hence, don’t get into that zone. Maintain yourself in a calm and composed manner. Things will automatically fall in place. Time will give you the best answer!” 

As Bhagawan Krishna says thus, He consoles Draupati who is in extreme pain and distress. Upon listening to the soothing words of assurance from Bhagawan Krishna, Draupati too feels happy. She is assured even more that Bhagawan Krishna is always with her at all times – Both visible and invisible. As Draupati calms down, Arjuna asks an important question to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Keshav! Usually you would immediately mark your divine presence whenever Draupati calls you, don’t you? However, when that regrettable incident happened at Hastinapura during the gambing game, where did you go? You never came when she called you! Why was it so?” As Arjuna asks thus, Bhagawan Krishna replies, “Oh yes! I’ve to tell you something very important! I shall tell you where I was at that time, and why I couldn’t come to Indraprastha / Hastinapura at that crucial time!” Saying thus, Bhagawan Krishna is going to give an important reply to Arjuna’s question. We might also be wondering where did Bhagawan Krishna leave these people and go at that critical juncture, isn’t it? Bhagawan Krishna is going to give an important answer for this in the next episode! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 

Episode # 393 – “Take immediate action on Duryodhana & kill him!” – Draupati vents her anger to Bhagawan Krishna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an interesting discussion on “Sharanaagathi” (Surrender to Bhagawan’s divine lotus feet) and should it be conditional or unconditional. We’ve used Draupati’s exhibition of “Sharanaagathi” towards Bhagawan Krishna to drive this conversation forward. We’ve seen that if the “Sharanaagathi” is conditional, it has certain limitations. Bhagawan might still honour our requests and words at all times and protect us, but we never know if we would be able to reach the ultimate “Moksha” or not. Many a time, we might transcend to the “Svarga Lokha” and come back again to this world once our “Punya Karma” is over. We’re going to see this happening to all the Paandava brothers and Draupati. All of them went to the “Svarga Lokha” but none of them transcended beyond that, since their “Sharanaagathi” was conditional and subject to Duryodhana’s destruction. However, if we look at other instances like the fruit vendor, Vidura, etc. their “Sharanaagathi” towards Bhagawan Krishna was completely unconditional. Their sole aim was to be with Bhagawan at all times, without any expectations from Him. Hence, these people transcended to Vaikunta quite easily and were able to experience infinite joy with Bhagawan. 

We can witness similar instances in the Ramayana also – Jataayu obtained Moksha from Bhagawan Rama on the spot, because the help that Jataayu had rendered to Bhagawan was so unconditional! Jataayu did not think for a moment that his life was in danger and he was too old to fight Ravana, who was carrying Mother Sita along with him. Even though Ravana was mighty powerful, Jataayu braved him and put up a valiant fight, only for his wings to be cut down! Thus, as Bhagawan Rama came running to see the pitiable plight of Jataayu, His heart melted immediately! We’ve seen in our previous Ramayana project as to how Bhagawan Rama cried on the demise of Jataayu, whom He had considered at a level more than even King Dasharata. Pained by Jataayu’s demise, Bhagawan Rama ordered his Atman to reach Moksha straightaway! Thus, the point here is that unconditional surrender towards Bhagawan would definitely take us to the ultimate “Moksha”. If our surrender is conditional with certain expectations, perhaps Bhagawan might still ensure that our expectations are met out, but we do not know if we would be able to transcend to “Vaikunta”! This is where we’ve to be very careful and let us spare a thought over this. 

Moving on thus, we shall now witness how Draupati spoke to Bhagawan Krishna – She completely poured out all her frustration to Bhagwan Krishna! Draupati says thus, “Oh Bhagawan! You see all my five husbands standing in front of me. But when the crucial time came, none of them came forward to help or to protect me. Forget my husbands – Even seniors like Bhishmachaarya and Guru Dhronachaarya were silent spectators for what conspired on that fateful day! It is only because of you I’m alive today. If you hadn’t protected me at that critical time, I would have killed myself, rather than living with these husbands with guilt in my mind. Oh Bhagawan! For all whatever had happened, you should immediately take stern action against Duryodhana and Co.!” As Draupati says thus, Bhagawan Krishna gives a smart reply thus, “Oh Draupati! I know that you had called out for me, and I had protected you, didn’t I? By doing so, I’ve already taken action! Now what more should I do? I’ve done my part isn’t it?” 

As Bhagawan Krishna replies thus, Draupati says again: “Oh Bhagawan Krishna! No no! I never said that you did not protect me! You did! But you never took any action on the perpetrators of the crime! You should ensure that Duryodhana endures the same pain as that of mine! You should ensure that Duryodhana is killed and my pain is avenged! You should do this immediately in front of my eyes now itself!” As Draupati vents her frustration and anger thus, Bhagawan Krishna slowly and calmly replies to her. This reply is going to be a very important one for all of us to understand, which is also going to be an illustration as to how Bhagawan responds to “Conditional surrender”! We shall witness this epic reply of Bhagawan Krishna in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 392 – Should our “Sharanagati” be conditional or unconditional? A discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important conversation that endures between Bhagawan Krishna and Draupati. As Arjuna finishes his conversation with Bhagawan, it is now Draupati’s turn to talk to Him. Of course, she exhibits her surrender to Bhagawan, but with a rider – She was having that little bit of thought that Duryodhana and Co. have to be avenged somehow for what they had done to her and to her husbands. This was burning within her right from the day when she was physically assaulted by Duchhaasana, and even to this day when Bhagawan arrives to meet her, she doesn’t relent from her stance. This is an important point that we should elaborate a bit, with regards to “Sharanaagati” towards Bhagawan. We shall do this in today’s episode. 

When we exhibit “Sharanaagati” towards Bhagawan, how should it be? Should we have prerequisites while doing so, or, should we be unconditional in our approach? This is an important question that many of us might be having deep within ourselves, isn’t it? Now if we look at Draupati’s case, she definitely has a prerequisite – To seek Bhagawan’s help to avenge Duryodhana’s and Duchhaasana’s insult that was meted out to her. Of course, even if any other woman would have been in Draupati’s place, she would have had the same thought process while praying to Bhagawan. But the real question here is, whether Draupati had that trust on Bhagawan! Doesn’t Bhagawan know that Draupati was insulted? Wasn’t Bhagawan Krishna who saved her at that critical point when her saree was pulled off? Draupati realizes that very well, yet, she had her own little doubt within herself as to whether Bhagawan would somehow forgive Duryodhana and let him get away! Now this is where the crunch is – Who are we to doubt Bhagawan? Isn’t His divine will and wish to protect / kill people who follow “Dharma” / “Adharma”? Who are we to interfere and decide whom should Bhagawan kill or not kill? This is where the unconditionality clause comes in. 

Thus, the point here is very clear – As we exhibit “Sharanaagati” towards Bhagawan, it is better if it is unconditional. I’m saying this because, Bhagawan is far more superior than us in terms of deciding whom to protect and whom to kill. Bhagawan’s action on someone depends on various factors which we might not be aware of. For instance, if Duryodhana’s “Karma” would have been extremely good, Bhagawan wouldn’t be able to touch him at all till the end! Or, if we look at it in another angle, had Duryodhana mended his ways and had he given back the Indraprastha kingdom to Yudishtra, Bhagawan Krishna wouldn’t be able to do much! Or, had Duryodhana himself exhibited unconditional surrender towards Bhagawan Krishna, again, Bhagawan wouldn’t have any other option but to protect him! Like this, there might be so many aspects that we might not be aware of, however, Bhagawan would be! Thus, who are we to decide whom to be punished and avenged, and whom to be protected? This is where Draupati went slightly out of track in terms of Bhakti and Sharanaagati. Her Bhakti towards Bhagawan Krishna was completely divine and pure – There is no doubt about that. However, since she had that small iota of revenge in her mind towards Duryodhana, that played spoilsport! 

Now the question would come – How do we know that this aspect played spoilsport? The answer is very simple. During the “Svarga-Aarohini Parva”, what happened to all the Paandava brothers and to Draupati? All of them at different points went to the “Svarga Lokha” only and later took many more births again in this world! Did any of them reach Moksha or Vaikunta? The answer is a big “No”! We might see during the entire course of the Mahabharata that Bhagawan Krishna was backing the Paandavas and Draupati at all times. But, did He take any of them to Vaikunta? This is where, Bhagawan Krishna plays the role of “Maya” or “Illusion” and this is where all of us get carried away! However, it is not to say that Bhagawan Krishna did not give Moksha or Vaikunta to anyone. He gave that “Praapti” (Divine Opportunity) for the vendor who was selling some fruits during His childhood. We’ve witnessed this incident during our previous “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana”. Similarly, Bhagawan Krishna gave this “Praapti” to His ardent devotee Meerabai. As Meera was singing continuously in praise of Bhagawan Krishna, He suddenly appeared from nowhere and took her along with Him, didn’t He? We might have heard this many times.Why did Bhagawan grant “Moksha” to these people? It is because they were “unconditional” in their approach towards Bhagawan. All they wanted is to spend more and more time with Him, experiencing the divinity with Him. Thus, Bhagawan’s heart melted towards them and He granted them the highest reward for their pure “Bhakti”! 

Thus, there are instances wherein Bhagawan Krishna had granted the ultimate “Moksha” or “Vaikunta” to people. Hence, just because we see Bhagawan Krishna moving closely with the Paandavas and Draupati, it doesn’t mean that He took them along with Him at the end! Of course, Bhagawan protected all of them at all times, but at the end of the day, when it comes to the ultimate question, we’ve to spare a thought! So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and let us strive towards making our “Sharanaagati” more and more unconditional! Of course, it would be tough for us going forward, but we shall put incremental efforts and try to reach there! We shall continue with this discussion in the next episode, and move forward from there! Stay tuned! 🙂  

Episode # 391 – Was Bhagawan Krishna really happy with Draupati’s surrender? An interesting thought!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna making a startling revelation to Arjuna that both of them are none other than the “Nara-Narayana” combine of the Bhadrinatha Kshetra. “Nara” is the human being who is the greatest disciple of “Narayana” who is Bhagawan Vishnu Himself. Thus, it is this “Nara-Narayana” combine who had reincarnated in this world as Arjuna and Bhagawan Krishna respectively. It is for this reason, Arjuna was sticking on to Bhagawan Krishna constantly at every instance in the entire Mahabharata story. In fact, we’re going to witness later during the Kurukshetra war episodes that at one point, Bhagawan Krishna Himself feels worried that He cannot imagine a world wherein He has to spend His days without Arjuna, and hence for this reason alone, He worked hard to protect Arjuna at any cost! Thus, such is the relationship between Arjuna and Bhagawan Krishna and we’ve witnessed this close bonding in the past as well. 

Now coming back to the current context thus, Bhagawan Krishna feels extremely bad and guilty that He couldn’t respond on time to save Yudishtra and Co. He also feels bad that He let down Draupati at a time when she needed His “Anugraha” the most. Even though Bhagawan Krishna saved her invisibly by extending her saree length, Bhagawan Krishna thinks that this is just not enough! For an ardent devotee like Draupati and the Paandavas, Bhagawan Krishna feels that He should be with them 24*7 physically as well, to guide and protect them! Such is Bhagawan’s intention towards ardent devotees and this is a great lesson for all of us to learn with regards to “Bhakti” and “Sharanaagathi”. If we’re true to Bhagawan and surrender to His divine lotus feet, many a time we’ve witnessed that Bhagawan would completely take care of us in all ways. This is a perfect example of how Bhagawan takes care of His Bhaktas who exhibit complete surrender. If Bhagawan has to feel bad that He did not do enough to protect the Bhakta, we can imagine the extent to which Arjuna and Draupati were extremely pure in their heart and devotion towards Bhagawan. This is what we’ve to slowly inculcate in us – We should realize that Bhagawan is the ultimate savior of all of us, and we should take steps to mend our ways and direct ourselves towards Him! Of course, saying this is very easy, but it might not be that easy to do it practically! Our egos and arrogance would come to the fore and prevent us from moving forward towards Bhagawan! This is where we’ve to exhibit control over our mind and our senses. Bhagawan Krishna Himself is going to talk about this in a great detail in His Bhagawad Gita to Arjuna, and we shall witness this point in detail during that context. Hence, as ardent Bhaktas of Bhagawan Krishna, let us start thinking about this important point and let us start taking baby steps towards achieving our goal. 

As Arjuna finishes his accord thus, it is now Draupati’s turn to welcome Bhagawan Krishna and sing in praise of Him. But here is a small difference – As Draupati does so, unlike Arjuna, she doesn’t exhibit complete surrender. She was having that little bit of thought that Duryodhana and Co. have to be avenged somehow for what they had done to her and to her husbands. This was burning within her right from the day when she was physically assaulted by Duchhaasana, and even to this day when Bhagawan arrives to meet her, she doesn’t relent from her stance. This is where many of us make mistakes – If we’re completely surrendering to Bhagawan, we should not have any pre-conditions within us. We should give ourselves 100% to His divine lotus feet. Draupati couldn’t do this – Of course, she surrendered herself to Bhagawan, but she couldn’t get over the fact that she was insulted in the public. In the sidelines of her “Stothram” towards Bhagawan, she requested Him to help her and her husbands avenge the insult that Duryodhana had meted out to them! 

This is a big problem here – Of course, at that stage, Bhagawan calmly replies back to her that He would definitely take it upon Himself to seek that revenge and to punish Duryodhana for his crime, but within His heart, Bhagawan wasn’t really happy with Draupati. He felt that Draupati was a little opportunistic and her surrender wasn’t unconditional. Bhagawan Krishna of course guided her until the end and He tried His best to protect her at all instances of her problems, but still, something kept Him at bay! This is a very important point and needs to be discussed in a bit of detail. What makes Bhagawan Krishna really happy with His Bhaktas? This is the question that we should discuss. Let us do this in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 390 – “I’m Narayana and you’re Nara of Badrinatha Kshetra” – Bhagawan Krishna reveals to Arjuna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna making His way to meet the Paandavas in the “Kaandava Vanam” forest. This meeting happens after a really long time, perhaps for the first time since Yudishtra’s “Raaja-Suya Yaaga” was over at Indraprastha. Ever since that time, Bhagawan Krishna, for some reason, never paid even a single visit to check on the Paandava brothers. However, of course, He was there to protect them at all the crucial moments invisibly, and we should never forget that. As Bhagawan Krishna enters the Paandavas’ dwelling place, He enquires about all that happened in the near past – About the gambling game, Draupati’s insult in public, the Paandavas losing their kingdom, ascending to the forest for the next thirteen years, etc. Subsequently we’ve also witnessed how Arjuna is paying his respects to Bhagawan Krishna in a beautiful and an emotional way. 

Interestingly as we move on, Arjuna refers to Bhagawan Krishna in his praise as the “Dweller of the divine abode – Bhadrinaatha Kshetra”. At this point, Bhagawan Krishna drops an important point here. As Arjuna praises Bhagawan thus, He quickly intervenes and quips thus, “Oh Arjuna! You would have heard about the Nara-Naaraayana combine of the Bhadrinaatha Kshetra isn’t it? Let me now tell you one important thing – I’m Bhagawan Narayana from Bhadri, and you are none other than the “Nara” (Human Being) there. Both of us have taken a divine incarnation in this world for a very important purpose. Oh Arjuna! Just like how “Nara” is the first disciple of Bhagawan Narayana at Bhadrinaata Kshetra, you are my most important disciple now as well!” As Bhagawan Krishna says thus, Arjuna couldn’t believe this for a moment! He is so surprised and awestruck! He doesn’t know what to speak for a moment or two as He looks into Bhagawan Krishna’s divine eyes eagerly! 

As Arjuna looks thus, Bhagawan continues further: “Oh Arjuna! You are my Atman! You are my soul! You are telling everyone that I’m the “Atman” or the “Paramatman” for everyone! It may be true, but please remember this – I’m your Atman and I’m dwelling all over you – Both in your mind and body! Similarly, you are dwelling everywhere within me! If someone praises you, it is equivalent to that person praising me! At the same time, if someone insults and abuses you, it is equivalent to that person insulting and abusing me! Please understand one thing – Duryodhana has insulted and abused you. This means that he has insulted and abused me as well! He would pay a heavy price for this. I shall make you do this when the time comes. Oh Arjuna! At some point in time, I feel very bad about myself! You are showing extreme love and devotion towards me, but I’m unable to reciprocate even a fraction of that towards you! This makes me feel very bad! Had I been there with all of you at that crucial time of the gambling game, all these unfortunate events might not have taken place! If at all things would have gone bad, I myself would have ensured that the entire Duryodhana gang was finished then and there! Oh Arjuna! This very thought of you suffering like this in the forest, makes my heart break!” 

As Bhagawan Krishna explainst thus, He sheds tears! We can witness here the in-depth relationship that Bhagawan had with Arjuna and Co. So for today, let us understand this point and let us appreciate this divine relationship between Bhagawan and the Paandava brothers! We shall wait till the next episode to witness what conspired after this between Bhagawan Krishna and the Paandavas! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 389 – Bhagawan Krishna comes to see the Pandava brothers in the forest!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bheemasena killing Raakshasa Kirmeera, as part of the “Kirmeera-Vadha-Parva”. Kirmeera is none other than Bhakaasura’s brother. We’ve already witnessed earlier that Bhakaasura was killed by Bheemasena when the Paandavas were residing at “Eka-Chakra-Nagara” along with Kunthi Devi, before they got married to Draupati. As Kirmeera came to know of Bhakaasura’s and of Hidimba’s deaths, he decided to seek revenge from Bheemasena for the heinous crimes. Thus, Kirmeera came forward to attack Bheemasena and in turn, Bheemasena with his raw muscle power, made Kirumeera a mere object for him to punch upon! Thus, within no time, Kirmeera met death in the powerful hands of Bheemasena. 

Thus, this is a very small “Parva” which states that Kirmeera is killed. Now we move on to the next one called “Arjuna-Abhigamana Parva”. This is an important “Parva” wherein Arjuna is going to gain a lot here. Arjuna is now going to transcend towards the “Svarga-Lokha”, “Kailaasa” (The Divine Abode of Bhagawan Shiva), and many other places from where he is going to obtain enormous “Asthras” and “Manthras”. This “Parva” assumes a lot of significance for these reasons. Now as we move into the details of it, the “Parva” starts with the entry of Bhagawan Krishna, who comes to see the Paandava brothers in the forest. Till now, for a long time, we never saw Bhagawan Krishna coming anywhere in the picture, except for the time when He helped Draupati with the saree. Even at that time, He did not come in person, but provided His “Anugraha” from wherever He was! Also, Bhagawan was never there in the picture when the gambling game happened, and when the Paandavas were ill-treated by Duryodhana. Bhagawan was never in the picture when the Paandavas were chased out of their kingdom by Duryodhana! But now after all these had happened, He is giving an entry. 

So now let us witness what happened when Bhagawan Krishna comes in. As Bhagawan enters, Yudishtra and Arjuna run towards Him and receive Him with all the due respects. As Bhagawan settles down, He sees all the pale faces of the Paandavas and Draupati and enquires emotionally thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Oh Arjuna! I heard of all whatever happened to you when I was away. I had some other work and couldn’t attend to you during that time. I came to know that you had been chased out of Indraprastha and I heard that Duryodhana’s wrath brought you to such a pitiable state. But let me tell you one thing – Please do not worry! Duryodhana, Sahuni, Karna, Duchaasana, etc. who were responsible for this would certainly be destroyed. You would be the people who would destroy all of them. This would certainly happen. “Dharma” would never go down the drain! I’m there with you to protect all of you!” 

As Bhagawan Krishna says thus, Arjuna immediately stood up with tears in his eyes. He replies to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Vaasudeva! I do not know how to thank you for all whatever you’ve done to us over the years! Whenever we were in any kind of suffering, you were the first one to come and save us, aren’t you? If we’re alive today, it is only because of your divine “Anugraha”! Even now when we are in deep distress, you’re the one who came and saw us! Ideally, we should have come and met you. But what happened is vice-versa! How can we even thank you for what you’ve done to us?” As Arjuna says thus, he cries out to Bhagawan Krishna! This is a very important point for all of us to understand – A beautiful illustration of how a devotee (Bhakta) should exhibit complete surrender to Bhagawan! In fact, there is an entire “Adhyaaya” wherein Arjuna is singing in praise of Bhagawan Krishna here! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point. Bhagawan Krishna has arrived after a long time! So let us celebrate this momentous occasion by joining hands with the Paandava brothers and Draupati! We shall witness the continuation of this beautiful conversation in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 388 – Bheemasena kills Rakshasa Kirmeera – Brother of Bhakaasura!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Maithreya making his point very clear to King Dhridiraashtra – He has to find some way or the other to control Duryodhana, and there is no other option left in his table to resurrect things at Hastinapura. If at all King Dhridiraashtra has to reverse Sage Maithreya’s curse, Duryodhana should mend his ways and repent for all the mistakes that he had committed to Yudishtra and Co. If he’s not ready to do so, he has to get prepared to meet a ghastly end to his life in the hands of Bheemasena, who would plunder his thighs and kill him mercilessly! As Sage Maithreya says thus, he quickly hurries out of the palace with a heavy heart. He is clearly upset with Duryodhana’s insulting and abusive words, however, “Adharma” is now at its peak. After Sage Maithreya leaves, King Dhridiraashtra is completely blank. How is he going to mend Duryodhana’s ways from here on? Is it really possible for him to do so? If Duryodhana is not willing to listen to Sage Vyaasa’s and Sage Maithreya’s words, who on earth could advise Duryodhana henceforth? At the same time, King Dhridiraashtra internally wants Duryodhana to be the ruler of his kingdom and not Yudishtra! Thus, King Dhridiraashtra is currently in a confused state of mind here – How does he ensure that Duryodhana stops his “Adharmic” way of life, and at the same time, how can he make Duryodhana succeed him as the next king? 

As this happens, we shall now move on to the next “Parva” called “Kirmeera Vadha Parva”. This is a simple and a very easy “Parva” to go through. There is a Raakshasa by name “Kirmeera”. As the Paandavas are roaming all around the “Kaamyaka Vanam” forest, they encounter this Kirmeera with a huge physical form and with a threatening appearance. Now we’ve to understand who this Kirmeera is. We’ve witnessed another Raakshasa by name “Bhakaaasura” or simply referred to as “Bhaka”. We’ve already seen earlier that when the Paandavas were roaming around the “Eka-Chakra-Nagara” in a disguised “Sannyasin” form after they escaped from the “Laaksha Griha” (Wax palace) ploy, they were residing at one house wherein they were preparing truckloads of food for a Raakshasa called “Bhakaasura”. We’ve witnessed that Bheemasena took over the responsibility to hand over all the food to Bhakaasura, and instead of doing so, he himself consumed all the food! This made Bhakaasura angry and there was a huge fight between Bheemasena and Bhakaasura. At the end, Bheemasena emerged victorious and Bhakaasura had to meet a painful death at the hands of Bheemasena. It is to this Bhakaasura, Krimeera was a brother to! Thus, we can see here that Kirmeera and Bhakaasura are brothers to each other. Bhakaasura is no more, and Kirmeera is the other one who is left over. 

As Kirmeera sees the Paandavas roaming around in the “Kaamyaka Vanam”, he understands that it is one amongst these five brothers who had killed his brother Bhakaasura. Hence, he wants to avenge his death by killing all the five Paandava brothers. He thus waits till the night time, and after all of them go to sleep, Kirmeera decides that this is the apt time for him to go for the kill! He thus takes a huge form and with a loud sound, approaches the vicinity of the Paandava brothers. Yudishtra and Co. are fast asleep and Bheemasena is awake, looking around in all directions in a bid to safeguard the others who are sleeping. As Bheemasena looks around thus, he hears a loud thud sound with enormous trees and branches being crushed onto the ground! Upon wondering what is going on all of a sudden in the middle of the night, Bheemasena looks around and finds a huge Raakshasa coming towards him with a ferocious form! 

As this happens, Yudishtra and Co. also wake up from their deep slumber and rush towards Bheemasena to check what is happening. Upon seeing a huge Raakshasa approaching them, Yudishtra goes forward and asks the Raakshasa thus, “Who are you? What are you here for? Where are you coming from? Please let us know what we can do for you?” We can see here that even if a Raakshasa comes in front, Yudishtra is a person who never loses his calm and composure! He patiently and calmly asks the Raakshasa his background and whereabouts and this shows how Yudishtra is deeply involved in following the path of “Dharma”. 

As Yudishtra asks thus, Kirmeera introduces himself thus, “Oh Yudishtra! I’m Kirmeera, the brother of Bhakaasura, whom your brother Bheemasena killed some years ago. There was another Raakshasa by name Hidimba, who is one of my relatives. Bheemasena had killed Hidimba as well. Thus, because of all this, I’ve come to seek an explanation from Bheemasena and to avenge their killings. As Kirmeera demands an explanation, Bheemasena is not interested in giving any answer! He instead invites Kirmeera for a fight! A huge fight erupted between the two of them and at the end, Kirmeera couldn’t withstand the raw muscle power of Bheemasena and finally he breathed his last! 

Thus, with this, Kirmeera is also killed and this marks the end of this small “Parva” called the “Kirmeera-Vada-Parva”. So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to move on further from here! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 387 – “Now the ball is in your court!” – Sage Maithreya advises King Dhridirashtra!!!

We’re in the midst of an important juncture, wherein things are starting to take a turn for the worst at Hastinapura palace. Duryodhana has insulted and fumed at Sage Maithreya, who in turn gets pissed off with his stupidity. Sage Maithreya curses Duryodhana that he would meet a ghastly end to his life by none other than Bheemasena himself, who would tear open his thighs during a fight. As King Dhridiraashtra watches these proceedings all along, he immediately tries to pacify Sage Maithreya and requests him to take back his curse. As King Dhridiraashtra starts to talk with Sage Maithreya, Duryodhana leaves the scene and walks away with anger and disgust. Sage Maithreya is also angry and is about to leave. It is at this time, King Dhridiraashtra requests Sage Maithreya and apologizes on Duryodhana’s behalf. Now it is up to Sage Maithreya to decide whether the curse would come true or not. Sage Maithreya is now going to talk to King Dhridiraashtra before he leaves. 

Replying to King Dhridiraashtra’s request, Sage Maithreya says thus, “Oh King! Normally once any sage renders a curse, it is irreversible and it comes true at some point of time, if not immediately. However, in this case, I’m ready to take back my curse – Provided, Duryodhana mends his ways. This drama cannot continue any further since this is deadly against the path of “Dharma”. As a Sage, I cannot tolerate this from happening. If Duryodhana doesn’t mend his ways anytime soon, my curse will definitely come true. I’ve tried my best to convince Duryodhana, but if he goes on to the extent of abusing a Sage, I do not know to which level Duryodhana can stoop in the near future. All the omens show that Duryodhana’s end is nearing. His sheer arrogance and jealousy is going to bring his curtains down. Thus, unless and until he changes his ways, things are looking extremely bleak, not only for him, but also for your kingdom as a whole. Hence, as a responsible father and as a king, it is your duty to try and mend his ways. If you’re not willing to do it, you’ll have to forget your son’s future completely!”

Saying thus, Sage Maithreya leaves Hastinapura in a jiffy! Again, King Dhridiraashtra is all in tears and confusion. How does he make Duryodhana understand things? How does he make Duryodhana mend his ways? Or, is it possible at all? Will Duryodhana even pay heed to what he says? These questions constantly keep playing in King Dhridiraashtra’s mind. He of course tried his best to convince Sage Maithreya to reverse the curse, but that hasn’t happened. Now this adds to King Dhridiraashtra’s fear too! This is exactly the problem with all of us as well. If we’ve to do something as per “Dharma” straightaway, we wouldn’t do. Instead, we would turn towards looking for some short-cuts to do some other things as a “Praayachittha”! For instance, if there is a 7.5-year-period wherein one has to undergo a tough time in life, will we just accept it straightaway? What would we do instead? We would immediately run towards an astrologer to search for some “Praayachittha”, so as to “escape” from the potential tough time. This astrologer too, would try and use our mental weakness and unwillingness to face life as it is, and make money by suggesting some stupid “remedial measures”! This is how many astrologers cheat people today, and we’re seeing this right in front of our eyes! If we have the guts and will power to face any difficulty in life, why should we even go to see an astrologer for such nonsensical things? This is exactly where King Dhridiraashtra is stuck up too – Instead of facing the reality of life (Making Duryodhana mend his ways), he is simply looking to pass the buck on to somebody else to do his job! We should remember one thing very clearly – There is no short-cut for success! If we’ve to succeed in life, we’ve to slog our way through, and there’s no short-cut option available for us. 

So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and let us wait for the next episode, to witness the next “Adhyaaya” under this “Parva”. Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 386 – Duryodhana fumes in anger – Sage Maithreya CURSES him severely!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Maithreya providing some valuable advice to Duryodhana and Co. Sage Maithreya emphasizes on the key point that nothing in this world can be achieved through enmity or by seeking revenge. He indirectly advises Duryodhana to give up his revengeful attitude towards Yudishtra and Co. and asks him to hand over the Indraprastha kingdom rightfully to Yudishtra, which would solve the issue once and for all. Instead, if he is going to continue this jealousy into the coming years, a huge disaster cannot be averted. Sage Maithreya also reminds Duryodhana about the enormous raw muscle power of Bheemasena and how he had single handedly killed many famed Raakshasas within minutes! Subsequently he also reminds about Arjuna’s prowess with the bow and arrow and how he is the best student of Guru Dhronachaarya. He reminds of how Arjuna was extremely successful in the past with his expertise and concentration and what kind of disaster would Duryodhana confront if all the five Paandava brothers come and stand in front of him. 

As Sage Maithreya explains to Duryodhana thus, what should Duryodhana ideally do? He should listen to the great Sage and atleast try a little bit to mend his ways, isn’t it? Or, to the minimum extent possible, he should atleast send off Sage Maithreya with some assuring words, isn’t it? Duryodhana did none of the above! As Sage Maithreya finishes his accord, Duryodhana taps his thighs and fumes with anger! Duryodhana gives a pointed backlash towards Sage Maithreya thus, “Oh Sage! Till now I was thinking that atleast you would talk in favour of me, but you are also only interested in supporting that useless and reckless Yudishtra! What do you even know of Yudishtra and Co.? They are my bitter enemies and they would continue to be, irrespective of whether you advise me or not. Nobody in this world thinks of my future and my tenure as a king. Oh Sage Maithreya! I’m not interested in your words and I straightaway reject them! You just mind your business and get out of here! Nobody wanted your stupid pieces of advice!” 

Saying thus, Duryodhana once again taps his thighs with his hands with anger and arrogance. Upon seeing this, Sage Maithreya becomes extremely angry! He immediately replies back to Duryodhana thus, “Oh Duryodhana! You do not need any enemy to finish you! You yourself are the biggest enemy for you! Your arrogance and anger is crossing all limits! Now let me tell you one thing – Today you had tapped your thighs with this deep arrogance in front of me, didn’t you? You did the same in front of the Paandava brothers when Draupati was insulted amidst the public courtroom. Hence, for this horrible act of yours, I’m hereby cursing you straightaway – You would be killed by none other than Bheemasena, who would plunder these thighs of yours into pieces! This will happen very soon! I tried my best to save you from the imminent danger, but you’ve decided not to save yourself! Hence, your end is nearing and it is going to come through Bheemasena himself!” 

As Sage Maithreya says this with extreme anger, he quickly gets up and walks out of the Hastinapura palace! As Sage Maithreya walks out, King Dhridiraashtra starts shaking with fear! Till now, Duryodhana had tapped his thighs on many occasions with his arrogance, but King Dhridiraaashtra never took it seriously. But now, when he does so in front of Sage Maithreya, and as Sage Maithreya curses him with these same thighs as a “road to hell”, King Dhridiraashtra doesn’t know what to do! Of course, a curse from the mouth of a great Sage like Sage Maithreya is bound to come true at any point of time. However, he wants to somehow nullify this curse. With this in mind, King Dhridiraashtra stops Sage Maithreya mid-way as he was exiting the palace. He falls on Sage Maithreya’s feet and pleads with tears in his eyes thus, “Oh Great Sage! I understand the root cause of your anger. The behaviour exhibited by Duryodhana towards you is extremely unpardonable! On behalf of Duryodhana, I seek unconditional apology under your divine lotus feet! Please take back your curse if at all it is possible. I know that once a curse is given, it cannot be taken back. But as a special case, please consider my request! I shall make sure that Duryodhana mends his ways and he repents for what he did to you!” 

So for today, let us understand up to this point. We are at a very important juncture here, wherein Sage Maithreya paves the way for the huge disaster that is unfolding for the Kaurava camp. This curse given by Sage Maithreya is going to go a long way in haunting Duryodhana! However, as King Dhridiraashtra pleads to Sage Maithreya thus, we’ve to understand what Sage Maithreya’s reaction is! Does he discard King Dhridiraashtra’s request? Or, does he relent and take back his curse? An interesting and important accord awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 385 – “It is impossible to win over anyone with enmity” – Sage Maithreya advises Duryodhana!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Vyaasa narrating an interesting story of Mother Surabhi and how she shed tears for all her children in the world who were being beaten up by human beings for their own usage. She also felt bad particularly about those cows that were not adequately fed, yet being used in a very harsh manner. As Mother Surabhi narrated these ordeals to Indra, he immediately summoned Varuna Bhagawan to pour copious amounts of rainfall onto the earth, through which, all the farming activities would come to a halt. Accordingly as Varuna Bhagawan released enormous rainfall, the cows had a break from their hectic schedule of harsh work and treatment. Sage Vyaasa narrates this to drive home the important point to King Dhridiraashtra that how “Putra Vatsalya” would end up creating a huge imbalance in the world! He explains through this story to King Dhridiraashtra that he should have a control over his affection towards Duryodhana and he should mend Duryodhana’s ways as quickly as possible, so as to avoid a huge disaster from happening. As Sage Vyaasa explains his part and leaves, he paves the way for Sage Maithreya to come over and do his part. We’ve witnessed the discussion till this point, and in today’s episode, we shall continue this further. 

Moving on thus, just as Sage Vyaasa had informed, Sage Maithreya makes his way into the Hastinapura palace. As Sage Maithreya arrives, King Dhridiraashtra performs all the important respects towards him and makes him comfortable. As Sage Maithreya gets composed, he starts talking to King Dhridiraashtra, which is precisely the same as what Sage Vyaasa had spoken earlier. I’m not going into that part of the discussion because we’ve already witnessed it in the past couple of episodes. As Sage Maithreya narrates his accord, King Dhridiraashtra clearly explains to him thus, “Oh Sage Maithreya! I understand all what you’ve said till now! I’m ready to obey all your words. However, it is Duryodhana who has to pay heed and listen. I’ve told all this to him “n” number of times, yet, he is not prepared to listen to my words. Maybe you can do one thing – Please try and talk to Duryodhana and see if he gets convinced by your words. You can meet him in his chamber immediately!” 

As King Dhridiraashtra said thus, Sage Maithreya immediately goes into Duryodhana’s chamber to meet him. As Sage Maithreya arrives, Duryodhana too pays all his respects and makes him comfortable. As Sage Maithreya sits down, he talks to Duryodhana thus, “Oh Duryodhana! You’ve undergone tremendous amounts of education under the able guidance of Guru Dhronachaarya. You would be knowing various aspects of “Raaja Dharma” and I do not need to take a special session for you to teach all that. However, please understand one thing very clearly – It is not possible to win over anyone in this world with enmity! If you create a divide between two groups of people, it would only lead to destruction, and not anything constructive. Moreover, please understand one thing – As I was on my way as part of my “Theertha-Yatra” (Spiritual tour), I met Yudishtra and Co. who are residing at the Kaamyaka-Vanam forest. They are doing fine and are executing all their “Dharma” to perfection!” 

As Sage Maithreya explains thus, Duryodhana suddenly seems like losing interest in what he is explaining to him. Sage Maithreya continues thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Haven’t you heard of Bheemasena killing Hidimba, Bhakaasura, etc. who were extremely powerful Raakshasas in this world. You must know about Bhakaasura! It is very difficult to kill him, and Bheemasena achieved the feat singlehandedly. So why do you think all this happened? How did this happen? It is because of the divine “Anugraha” of Bhagawan Vaasudeva! Even now Bhagawan Krishna is with them. Hence, please do not commit the mistake that you’re about to commit now. Past is past. Whatever has happened, cannot be changed. However, the future is still in your hands. If you can mend your ways even now, it is not too late. You can resurrect a lot of things. Please call back Yudishtra and give away the Indraprastha kingdom that duly belongs to him. If you do so, you can escape a huge disaster that is awaiting your doorstep. If you fail to do it, nobody can save you!” 

As Sage Maithreya explains to Duryodhana thus, Duryodhana has to react and say something isn’t it? So what is he going to say? Is Duryodhana going to realize at this point atleast after hearing from Sage Maithreya? Or, is he still going to continue his arrogance towards everyone? Let us wait and witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂