Episode # 155 – Mother Yashoda tries to pamper Bhagawan Bala-Krishna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna killed the second Raakshasa, Sakatasura by just giving him a mere kick off His tiny legs. This is all part of the Krishna-Leela and we’re at a very important juncture here. The Krishna-Leela commences actually from the day one when Bhagawan Bala-Krishna incarnates in this world. Since then, every event that conspired, right from how Vasudeva took Him to Gokula, how Kamsa was fooled by Goddess Yoga-Maya, to how Poothana was killed, are all part of the divine Krishna-Leela. All the events that are upcoming after this too, would be part of the Krishna-Leela only. 

Having said thus, we’ve seen in yesterday’s episode that Kamsa on the other side was waiting impatiently for the news that Sakatasura had killed Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. However, the news came on the contrary! Sakatasura had been killed by Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, and this infuriates Kamsa even more. Whoever is being sent to Gokula is meeting with the same end. Kamsa has to now come up with something better to overpower this mysterious child. What is Kamsa going to do next? 

As Kamsa is conspiring on the Mathura side, let’s travel to the Gokula side now to see what Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is doing. Upon coming back from work for the day, Yashoda was tired and thus relaxes for a while. She has a glance at her baby, who is all smiles all the time! Moved by Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s beauty, Yashoda couldn’t resist sitting at the corner of the room feeling tired. She wanted to pamper the little one and she came closer. Yashoda takes Bhagawan Bala-Krishna into her hands and places Him on her hips. It is to be noted that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna doesn’t like it when someone is trying to hold Him. He starts crying profusely and is kicking His legs as He cries loud. Normally too we would see how newborn babies cry. They would cry as if they’ve lost everything in this world, isn’t it? 🙂 They would kick their legs, punch their hands, etc. in the air and their entire body would vibrate as they cry intensely. Similar is the case with Bhagawan Bala-Krishna here too – As He cries, His tiny legs are kicking Yashoda’s hips – The same little legs that kicked Sakatasura to death, just a few minutes ago. However, now the situation is different, isn’t it? Yashoda is His mother, and Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is giving her childish kicks off His tiny legs as He cries. Sensing that this is not going to work, Yashoda changes her strategy of hugging Bhagawan Bala-Krishna with her chest. This also doesn’t work as Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s tender hands are also at work when He cries. He punches His mother as she tries to hug Him and calm Him down. This also doesn’t work beyond a point as Yashoda is receiving punch after punch from the little fellow! 🙂 Unable to bear them, Yashoda tries to leave Bhagwan Bala-Krishna in the cradle, heaving a sigh of relief that atleast here, He would be quiet. But on the contrary, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is only going to cry even more profusely and His actions are going to increase further! Now, both the hands and legs are in action simultaneously. It is as if He’s going to kick and break away the cradle as He’s crying. Heaving a heavy sigh, Yashoda becomes tired of handling this little one! 

As the onlookers see what is happening at Yashoda’s place, all of them enter inside to have a glimpse at Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s beauty. They praise Yashoda thus, “Oh Yashoda! Your baby boy is so cute, beautiful and naughty! How fortunate are you to obtain such a beautiful baby! You’re really lucky!” Replying to all of them with a heavy sigh, Yashoda says, “Oh yes! I might be fortunate! But look at the way this fellow is kicking and punching the cradle! He did the same to me when I tried to hold Him! It is very difficult to handle this baby, and if you handle Him for a day, you would understand what I mean!” 

Thus, Mother Yashoda is trying to pamper Bhagawan Bala-Krishna and this story continues day in and day out for the next few months. How fortunate is Mother Yashoda to have Bhagawan Bala-Krishna by her side everytime? So for today, let us join hands with Mother Yashoda and enjoy Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine presence alone with her! We shall wait till the next episode to continue this further! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 154 – Bhagawan Bala-Krishna kills Sakatasura with a mere kick off His legs!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Gargacharya performing the “Nama-Karana” for the newborn baby at Yasoda’s home. Sage Gargacharya gives the name “Krishna” for Yashoda’s son and “Balarama” for Rohini’s son. It should be remembered that Rohini was Vasudeva’s other wife apart from Devaki and thanks to Goddess Yoga-Maya, Balarama was shifted out of Devaki’s womb to that of Rohini’s. Thus, Balarama escaped the wrath of Kamsa’s atrocity of killing babies. As this was happening on the Gokula side, Kamsa was readying Sakatasura from the Mathura side to finish off this newborn baby. Sakatasursa was briefed by Kamsa about Bhagawan Bala-Krishna and how He managed to kill Poothana. Sakatasura, after hearing all this from Kamsa, made a plan for himself. He quickly hurries on to Gokula and spots Bhagawan Bala-Krishna smiling and playing around. 

As we’ve seen earlier too, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna doesn’t volunteer to take initiative to kill the Raakshasas and it is only the Raakshasas who came one by one in the queue to Bhagawan Bala-Krishna and got themselves killed. Similar is the case with this Sakatasura too. He came with a savage resolution to take the baby on. Bhagawan Bala-Krishna noticed Sakatasura approaching Him with a wicked attitude. Sakatasura’s plan was to hop on to a small cart that was lying near the place, roll over the baby and kill it then and there, and finally project it as an “accident” and escape from there. With this plan, Sakatasura gets on to the cart and comes towards Bhagawan Bala-Krishna with a great speed. As Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was seeing this person coming towards Him, He just lets out a beaming smile, kicks Sakatasura’s cart with His small legs and sends him packing! Unable to bear that one kick from Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, Sakatasura and the cart were thrown miles apart! This was just a small play for Bhagwan Bala-Krishna! Baby as He was, He was amused by the cart running fast towards Him, and just to make sure that the cart doesn’t hit Him, He playfully kicks the cart with His leg. It was Sakatasura who was unable to bear the kick of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, who was badly bruised and hurt, which ultimately led him to breathe his last! 

Thus, we’ve witnessed how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna killed the second Raakshasa, Sakatasura. As this happened in Gokula, Kamsa was anxiously waiting at Mathura city for Sakatasura to return with the good news. However, as he learnt that Sakatasura too was neutralized by Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, Kamsa was shell shocked again! He couldn’t believe what was happening. Initially Kamsa had conceptualized Bhagawan Bala-Krishna as an ordinary newborn baby, but given the fact that He had managed to neutralize the powerful Poothana and Sakatasura, Kamsa is forced to re-visit his strategy to take on his lethal enemy! What is Kamsa’s next action plan to take on Bhagawan Bala-Krishna? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 153 – Sage Gargacharya names Yashoda’s son as “KRISHNA” – Gokula celebrates!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Kamsa getting shell-shocked upon hearing Poothana’s death under the hands of a little baby. He was initially very anxious that Poothana hadn’t returned to Mathura City with the “good news” that she has somehow managed to kill the newborn. Rather, the news was on the contrary to Kamsa that the baby managed to kill Poothana. Recovering from the shock thus, Kamsa had to chalk out the next plan. Time is running out and the enemy is getting stronger for Kamsa. He thinks of a revised plan and again calls up his cabinet for a meeting. As the meeting progresses, Kamsa calls up another Raakshasa by name “Shakataasura” for the job. It was unanimously decided that Shakatasura would make his way to Gokula and deal with this newborn baby. 

Meanwhile at Gokula, things are getting happier now. The shock of Poothana had vanished and now it is time for Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to be laid on a cradle. There was a grand function arranged by Yashoda and Nandagopa at their place, wherein Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was first laid on the cradle. The cradle was beautifully decorated with innumerable flowers and other types of decorations and Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was all smiles. As many people were coming for the function, each person has a feeling that this little baby should be theirs’. It was in such a way that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is “abducting” people’s hearts and pulling them into the “Bhakti-Maarga”. This is the beautiful strategy of Bhagawan – If people are true and innocent in their love and devotion towards Bhagawan, it is His responsibility to “attract” these people towards Him, through an exhibition of His beauty. Whereas, for people like us who do all sorts of debates about Bhagawan, and who refuses to go beside Him, even after His fervent calls, Bhagawan has to take some other drastic steps. Hence, it is important for us, not to let Bhagawan take some “drastic steps” to bring us close to Him. We should use this opportunity to enjoy Bhagawan’s beauty and thereby gradually get closer to Him. This is the most important message that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is sending out to all of us, and this is perhaps the only opportunity wherein we can experience Bhagawan as our own darling child. This is also perhaps the easiest way to enter into the “Bhakti-Maarga”. We’re going to witness Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s “Leelas” in a great detail in the coming days and let us all use this opportunity to experience Bhagawan Bala-Krishna and push ourselves into the “Bhakti-Maarga”. 

Saying thus, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was placed on the cradle now, Sage Gargaachaarya makes his way to suit an apt name for the newborn. It is to be understood that Poothana’s episode happened even before Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was named as “Krishna”. Moving on thus, Sage Gargaachaarya arrived at the scene, which was in full celebration mode. The entire Gokula village was thrilled to see this baby and all of them were in tears of joy. With the consent of Yashoda and Nandagopa, Sage Gargacharya begins the ceremonious function of “Nama-Karana” (Naming the newborn baby). The name that Sage Gargacharya gives to the newborn baby is “KRISHNA”. At the same time, the other child that was also present besides Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, who was Vasudeva’s seventh child was named “BALARAMA”. Sage Gargacharya thus ensured that the “Nama-Karana” happened simultaneously to both the babies. We’ve already witnessed how Balarama incarnated. The name “Krishna” was given to Yashoda’s son, since He is going to give so much of happiness and bliss to the entire world in the near future. 

As Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is in the cradle, He has this unique habit of kicking the ends of the cradle with His two small legs! It is as if He’s sending out a message to Yashoda and Nandagopa thus, “Oh parents! You’re trying to arrest me into this small cradle, isn’t it? I’m the person who is arresting the entire world under my cradle of divine love and grace. But you’re not realizing that and instead, trying to arrest me in this small cradle!” Thinking thus, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is smiling sarcastically at His parents. Yet, as we’ve discussed earlier too, Bhagawan always bows down to those people who are ardent “Bhaktas”. Here too, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna obeys Mother Yashoda’s act of putting Him in a small cradle and stays in it for the happiness and joy of His ardent devotees around Him. 

As this happy episode was progressing on one side, Sakataasura gets ready from Mathura City, under the instruction of Kamsa. He makes his way to Gokula, in search of this child. What is going to happen next? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 152 – Poothana’s death leaves Kamsa shell-shocked!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna neutralized Raakshasi Poothana and how Mother Yashoda was shell-shocked to see her little baby being attacked by such a huge Raakshasi. In fact, Gokula village hadn’t seen such a huge form of a Raakshasi ever in their history. The entire village was shell-shocked, however Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was playing all over her dead body. Upon seeing this, Yashoda rushed towards the baby, took Him in her arms and tried to calm Him down. She was thinking that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was also equally shocked and should be calmed down immediately. However, it was on the contrary – Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, who is the savior of the entire world isn’t going to back down to just this one Raakshasi. Killing such Raakshasis was such a cake-walk for Him. We’ve already seen in due course that Bhagawan Krishna is never going to voluntarily kill anyone. All those Raakshasas who voluntarily come inside Gokula are going to search their own ghastly ends by themselves. Poothana was the first of all of them! 

As Yashoda was doing thus, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna “purposefully” cried more profusely, as He was hungry for more milk. Hence, Yashoda tried various tricks of calming Him down, which we’ve seen yesterday. After a while, the baby calmed down and again started to smile beautifully. The entire Gokula village came back to life and was admiring the beautiful smile of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. Yashoda too was relieved. As this was happening in Gokula, Kamsa was anxiously waiting for the “good news” that Poothana would have killed the baby successfully. However, on the contrary of Kamsa’s expectations, Poothana did not arrive back from Gokula. This made Kamsa even more anxious, and it is at this time, Kamsa gets the news that Poothana has been killed! Upon hearing this news, Kamsa couldn’t believe his ears initially! How could a giant Raakshasi called “Poothana ” be killed so easily afterall by a newborn baby? Poothana had been a terror all these years, and how can she be neutralized within minutes  like this? 

Kamsa didn’t know what to think of for a moment, and after a while, he too calms himself down and tries to get back to his senses. What is his plan going to be? Let’s wait till the next episode. Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 151 – Mother Yashoda’s unconditional love towards Bhagawan Bala-Krishna – A perfect example of pure “Bhakti”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna neutralizing Raakshasi Poothana as He was sucking her breast milk filled with poison. Poothana’s plan was to kill the baby with her poison stored amidst her breasts. However, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna knew her wicked plans. As mentioned in yesterday’s episode, one important characteristic of Bhagawan Krishna is that, He doesn’t kill anybody directly. It is only the circumstances that would bring all the Raakshasas to Him, only to get killed by themselves and their wicked actions. This happened not only with Poothana, but with many others. We’re going to witness many such cases one by one as we progress further. Thus, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna neutralizes Poothana and makes her fall on the ground dead. As she had disguised her Raakshasi form, she had initially come in the false form of a young beautiful lady. However, as she was getting killed, her disguised form made way to her original horrible form of a Raakshasi, and she fell on the ground with a grumpy loud sound that sent shivers all across the Gokula village. People rushed to the spot to see what had happened. Poothana was lying there dead and Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was playing over her dead body. 

Upon seeing this, all the Gokula residents were shell-shocked! They’ve never seen such a huge Raakshasi in their village till date. Yashoda came running amidst all the chaos that had just happened and she was shocked beyond words when she understood that it was her baby that was in trouble. Sage Paraashara explains the length and breadth of this Raakshasi Poothana, who had fallen dead just now. She was around 12 miles tall! It was thus very difficult for the Gokula people to carry such a huge body and cremate it. Thus, they had to cut the body into pieces and finally do the needful. However, Sage Paraashara in this context, explains an important point here – As Poothana fell on the ground dead, there was not even a single trace of any foul smell coming from her body. Normally, Raakshasas are characteristic to foul smells due to so many bad reasons. However, the presence of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna made all the difference here. As the “Shaastras” repeatedly keep mentioning, Bhagawan Vishnu is an embodiment of pure smell of fresh sandalwood and is also an embodiment of all forms of light. Since Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is playing all over her body, there was no place for any sort of bad or foul smells there. It was all transformed into the smell of fresh sandalwood, and this made the Gokula residents comfortable. 

Moving further thus, as Yashoda sees the baby safe and secure, she heaved a huge sigh of relief. On one hand, she was happy and satisfied that the child was safe, and on the other hand, she felt that the child has become scared upon seeing such a huge Raakshasi! We’ve to imagine here – The entire world is fearing upon seeing this baby, and here is Yashoda thinking that this baby is fearing afterall for this Poothana! 🙂 With this feeling thus, she decided to calm down the baby. She took Bhagawan Bala-Krishna on her lap, fed Him with her milk once again and calms Him down. Even then, the baby was profusely crying. Yashoda inferred that the baby was crying because of the deadly scare, and hence she immediately brings a cow in front of Him, turns the cow to the opposite direction, with the tail facing the baby. She circles the tail in the clockwise direction in front of the baby, so that upon seeing it, the baby’s fear would come down! 

This was an age-old practice. If a baby gets shocked or scared for life, the baby is confronted in front of a cow, with its tail facing the baby. The tail would be rotated clockwise, and it is believed that upon doing so, the baby would be devoid of fear. This is exactly what Yashoda is doing here! We might wonder whether Yashoda was a fool to do all this to a baby who is the leader to the entire world (“Bhagawan Jagad-Rakshaka”) We’ve to understand one thing very clearly here – Yashoda is a mother, and she doesn’t know the reality of this baby. She is doing all this out of her motherly love and affection towards her darling child. We’re knowing that this baby is none other than Bhagawan Vishnu, because we’re reading this story from Shri Vishnu Puraana. Our context of looking at this story is very different. Hence, we might feel this way. This is one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is that, if we’re doing something towards Bhagawan with our ardent and innocent love and affection towards Him, this is what accounts to “Bhakti”, isn’t it? If we’ve to go into the “Bhakti-Maarga”, we’ve to first understand that our love towards Bhagawan should be unconditional and pure. Yashoda is doing the same thing here – She’s witnessing Bhagawan as her own baby, and hence, her unconditional love and affection towards Him is overflowing without any blemish. Hence, whatever she does to Bhagawan Bala-Krishna – Be it this experience that we’re currently talking about, or tying Him to the wall, scolding and beating Him for stealing butter (We’re going to witness all of this in the further episodes), is out of her true love and affection towards Bhagawan Krishna. Hence, Bhagawan too takes all of it in a loving way, rather than retaliating against her with all His might! 

Thus, this is the message that we’ve to understand from the motherly love and affection of Yashoda! How fortunate was she to parent Bhagawan during His childhood days! So for today, let us understand this point and let us appreciate the bountiful opportunity that Yashoda had obtained to be a mother for Bhagawan Krishna for the first ten years of His divine incarnation! We shall wait till the next episode to witness what happened next! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 150 – Bhagawan Bala-Krishna neutralizes Raakshasi Poothana!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important juncture, wherein Nandagopa is at Mathura prison to meet Vasudeva, who is his close friend. Since Goddess “Yoga-Maya” was at full force the previous night, none of them knew that the two babies were swapped, although Vasudeva physically did all what was required. Nandagopa shared the happy news that he’s a proud father of a son, and in turn, Vasudeva also explains that he had a girl child and that, Kamsa had tried to kill that too. However, as this conversation was going on between the two fathers, Poothana, the Raakshasi whom Kamsa had sent to kill Bhagawan Bala-Krishna arrives in Gokula. She’s searching her way to reach Yashoda’s house, wherein she spots the baby all alone. Yashoda had just fed the baby with milk, placed it at the corner and had gone out to do some farming work. As the baby was all alone, Poothana saw this as a golden opportunity, enters inside the house, keeps the baby on her lap and tries to feed the poisonous milk that she had in her breasts. 

As Poothana was doing so, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna tries to suck the milk from her breasts, but the baby had other plans! In fact, one typical characteristic of Bhagawan Krishna right from His birth till the last day is that, He never goes in search of anyone voluntarily to kill them. However, this is in sharp contrast with what Bhagawan Rama did! He had His “Dhanush” (Bow) and with that, He had to make sure that He goes in search of the Raakshasas and kills them. We can see this at every instance of the Ramayana – Bhagawan Rama went in search of Maareecha and Shubaahu, killed Shubaahu in the encounter. Later on, He went in search of the 14,000 Raakshasas at the “Dhandaka Forest” and kills all of them, except one Raakshasa called “Akampana”. Similarly, the highlight of the entire Ramayana story – Bhagawan Rama goes in search of Ravana, all the way to Lanka and destroys him. So in all these cases, we’re seeing that Bhagawan Rama goes in search of the Raakshasas and kills them. However, Bhagawan Krishna’s “modus operandi” is very different here – All the Raakshasas come towards Him and get killed! Bhagawan Krishna doesn’t go in search of anyone. Right from Poothana to Kesi, all the Raakshasas came in search of Bhagawan Krishna to kill Him, only for them to get killed! 🙂 Even during the Mahabharata war, Bhagawan Krishna took an oath not to fight a single person with a single weapon. Yet, He used Arjuna at the helm of affairs to finish off the entire Kaurava camp, isn’t it? In fact, it is not only the Kaurava camp that suffered heavy damage. The Paandava camp too was at the behest of heavy damage. Ultimately at the end of the war, only the five Pandava brothers were left out! All the other people who fought the war had to face death at Kurukshetra! 

This is exactly what happens here too in the case of Poothana as well – She’s the first Raakshasi who is coming in search of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to kill Him, only for her to get killed by Him! As she is feeding the breast milk thus, Bhagawan strangles her breasts with His mouth in such a way that she gets scuffed for breath. As the hold becomes tighter and tighter, Poothana is not able to breathe at one stage, and with that, she gets angry as well! She finally reveals her real “Raakshasi” form and tries to scare the baby. However, Bhagawan Krishna is not going to be scared by all these gimmicks. He strangles her even more and finally at one stage, Poothana runs out of breath, and finally falls dead on the floor, with a huge thunderous noise! Poothana thus falls on the ground dead and this marks Kamsa’s first failure to capture Bhagawan Krishna. 

As the Raakshasi was lying dead with a huge form, the neighboring people came running with a lot of panic to check what had happened! They had heard the huge noise coming from Yashoda’s house and found a huge carcass, beside which Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was playing happily! Yashoda comes running inside the house meanwhile too! What’s going to happen next? How is Yashoda going to react to this? Let’s wait and witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 149 – Raakshasi “POOTHANA” arrives at Gokula to kill Bhagawan Bala-Krishna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Goddess Yoga-Maya’s stern warning to Kamsa saying that the baby who is going to kill him has already taken birth and it is growing up at Gokula, which is on the other side of River Yamuna. Upon hearing this from Goddess Yoga-Maya, Kamsa is all the more stunned! He has been fooled right royally! He had been eagerly waiting for the eighth male child to be killed, and here he is, totally taken aback when he hears that the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva had somehow escaped out of the prison complex at Mathura city, amidst tight security blankets all around! How can this happen? Kamsa couldn’t believe his ears! However, all said and done, things have happened and there is no point in investigating what were the lapses on the security front. Instead, Kamsa quickly gets to action as to how to kill that eighth child now. He immediately calls a meeting with all his ministers to chalk out plans and strategies to take the enemy head-on. 

Kamsa thus formed a team of “Raakshasas” to go one after the other to Gokula, to trace out where this baby is and to kill it eventually. The first to arrive at Gokula was the Raakshasi by name “Poothana”. Kamsa calls Poothana and instructs thus, “Oh Poothana! I’ve got an important task for you. Devaki’s eighth son has somehow taken birth without my knowledge and has escaped the prison too successfully. The baby is at Gokula. Now your job is to try and trace the whereabouts of this baby, go to that place and try to feed poison to the baby on the pretext of breastfeeding it. Ultimately, you should come with the news that you’ve killed that baby with the poison from your breasts. Hurry up and get yourselves ready for this mission!” 

Kamsa’s instructions were loud and clear! As Poothana is getting ready on this side, let us see what is happening on the other side at Gokula. Now who was this Nandagopa, at whose place Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is currently residing. This Nandagopa is a person who is the head of that village. He is the person who collects all the taxes from the Gokula villagers, crosses over the Yamuna river every month, comes to Kamsa and hands over the taxes to the kingdom. This Nandagopa and Vasudeva are good friends and well-wishers. As Nandagopa goes to Mathura city for handing over that month’s taxes, he specially goes to the prison where Vasudeva was lodged. He wanted to convey the “happy news” that he is now a father of a beautiful baby boy. He goes to Vasudeva and explains thus, “Oh Vasudeva! I’m proud to inform you that I’m a father of a baby boy! I heard that you also had your seventh child but it had a premature death. I also heard that you’ve obtained the eighth child as well, which is a baby girl!” 

Nandagopa was sharing all this with Vasudeva, who, because of the illusion that was created by Goddess Yoga-Maya, had completely forgotten that it was he who transported this baby boy of his to Nandagopa’s house! At this moment, nobody in this world is aware of the “baby swap” that had happened the previous night. Nandagopa is happy that he has obtained a baby son, and Vasudeva is also happy for him. However, Vasudeva replies to Nandagopa thus, “Oh my friend! Congratulations on the great feat! However, I urge you to go back to Gokula immediately. I’m seeing a lot of bad omens all around and I think it’s not a very good time now for you to be in Mathura City. Hence, please go back now, and we shall talk later. I sense that there is some evil force that is about to cause some harm to your newborn baby. Hence, please hurry up immediately and check what’s happening on the other side, without wasting much time!” 

As Vasudeva was telling thus to Nandagopa, Poothana had arrived at Gokula with her “mission” of finding out the whereabouts of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. Even before Nandagopa could make his return journey, Poothana had found out the exact address where the baby was and she quickly hurries out to reach that venue. It was at this time when Yashoda had just fed the baby with her breastmilk, placed the child on one corner of the house and had gone out to bring the cows and calves back to the village. As the baby was all alone at the house, with Nandagopa out of town still, Poothana sees this as the best chance to execute the agenda. She quickly disguises herself into the form of a beautiful young woman and comes into Yashoda’s home. She senses that the baby is all alone, lying in one corner and with a beaming beautiful smile on its little face. 

Thus, Poothana reaches the place, sees the baby and takes it on her lap! The moment Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was on Poothana’s lap, He started to cry profusely. Some babies have this practice – They start crying a lot when they feel hungry. Seeing thus, Poothana quickly sees this as the golden opportunity to finish off her agenda. She immediately keeps the baby’s mouth on her breasts and the baby starts sucking the milk! However, is this real milk? It is poison, isn’t it? What is going to happen next? Let’s wait for an absorbing episode tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂

Episode # 148 – Goddess Yoga-Maya issues a stern warning to Kamsa!!!

In the previous episode we had witnessed a very important point as to why various Bhagawan’s incarnations have various specific purposes associated with them. In that way, we’ve witnessed Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation serving certain purposes and Bhagawan Rama’s incarnation serving certain other purposes. Thus, it is wrong for us to make comparisons between Bhagawan Krishna and Bhagawan Rama and come to conclusions that Bhagawan Krishna prompted “Adharma” to happen and didn’t follow “Dharma” as Bhagawan Rama did. All these narratives doesn’t hold waters as the situations, the Yuga in which Bhagawan Krishna incarnated were very different from those of Bhagawan Rama. Moving on further, we’ve continued with Sage Paraashara’s accord on how Vasudeva had successfully “swapped” Baby Krishna and Baby Yoga-Maya between Mathura and Gokula. We’ve seen how Bhagawan Krishna entered into Gokula, wherein He is going to spend the next ten years of His childhood life there, before moving to Mathura and then to Dwaraka later on. 

As Kamsa gets to know about the eighth baby of Devaki and Vasudeva, he comes with the sword, with a savage resolution. Vasudeva, as per the instruction, hands over the baby to Kamsa. Now Kamsa is about to kill this baby, even though it was a girl child. As Kamsa lifts the baby to hit it across the stone, yet another miraculous event happens – The baby girl unexpectedly flies off Kamsa’s hands! This stuns Kamsa to bits! Not only that – The baby girl starts talking from the “Aakaasha” (Sky). Kamsa recollects within himself thus, “Oh! This is the same voice that we heard on that fateful day of my sister, Devaki’s marriage isn’t it?” As Kamsa was thinking thus, the baby girl warns Kamsa in a stern voice – “Oh Kamsa! Oh Mooda! (Fool) The entire world knows how foolish you are, but today you’ve proved your character yet again! Please understand that there’s a force beyond your control that can easily fool you back, for all the atrocities you’re committing! Let me tell you something important – The baby that is going to kill you is not me! That baby is at Gokula, on the other side of River Yamuna! There’s no point in killing me as I’m not that person who’s going to kill you! If you have the guts and the courage, try killing that child at Gokula and see what happens! Catch Him if you can!” 

Saying thus, Goddess Yoga-Maya flew off from that place and reached Vaikunta again. As instructed by Bhagawan Vishnu earlier, which we’ve seen in earlier episodes too, Goddess Yoga-Maya finishes her tasks successfully and thus, gets all the praise henceforth. Ultimately she had got the divine opportunity of involving herself in the “Krishna-Kainkarya” (Service to Bhagawan Krishna) at an early stage itself! As this happens, on the other end, Kamsa is shell shocked. He’s feeling totally helpless at the moment. Thus, he calls up a meeting of all his “Raakshasas” and thus starts to chalk out plans to strangle Baby Krishna somehow and kill Him. What’s going to happen next? Let’s wait for the next episode to continue the “Charithra” of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 147 – Bhagawan’s “Leelas” in this world are for a definitive purpose – An important discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important discussion as to why Vasudeva had to carry Bhagawan Krishna overnight and leave Him at Gokula without anybody’s knowledge. It is mainly because it was Bhagawan’s instructions, and many times, it is virtually impossible for us to understand what Bhagawan intends to do and why is He doing so. Only He can explain things clearly! As for us, ardent devotees, we are here only to experience Bhagawan’s “Leelas” (Divine plays) and not to question His actions. I’ve also mentioned another point in our previous episodes with regards to the nature of Bhagawan Krishna as compared to Bhagawan Rama. During the Ramayana project, we’ve clearly seen how Bhagawan Rama followed the “rule book” verbatim from A to Z, all through His life. We’ve seen how Bhagawan Rama was an obedient son to His father, how He was a great elder brother to Lakshmana and Co., how He was a loyal and a loving husband to Mother Sita, etc. Thus, Bhagawan Rama ensured that He followed Dharma and set Himself as a role model for others to follow. However, Bhagwan Krishna is slightly different. His nature is very simple – “Whatever I do in this world is Dharma”! 🙂 This is why we would witness more of “Krishna-Leela”, rather than “Rama-Leela”! We wouldn’t have virtually heard of anything called “Rama-Leela” ever, isn’t it? It is only with Bhagawan Krishna that we would see all the playing here and there. By saying so, I’m not demeaning Bhagawan Rama over Bhagawan Krishna. All I’m saying here is that, the purpose of the “Rama-Avatara” and the “Krishna-Avatara” were entirely different. 

Moreover, the “Yugas” during which both Avataras took place were totally different and it’s not easy for us to compare. When Bhagawan Rama incarnated during the Treta Yuga, Dharma wasn’t so diminished as it was during the Dvaapara Yuga, wherein Bhagawan Krishna incarnated. So according to the diminishing of “Dharma” in this world, Bhagawan has to change His style and character, isn’t it? It is very similar to that of cricket – In Indian home conditions, which are favourable for spin bowling, batsmen have to accommodate themselves to these conditions, whereas if we go to Australia or England, the playing conditions are very different. Pitches would have more of pace and bounce, and Indian batsmen should play according to the merit of the pitch, isn’t it? We’re clearly seeing here too, how we as normal human beings itself accustom and acclimatise ourselves to changing conditions. If we’re doing so, Bhagawan should also do so as per the changing “Dharma” conditions, isn’t it? This is why it becomes very complex to attach worldly meanings to why Bhagawan Krishna did certain “Leelas” in this world. If we look at these outwardly, it wouldn’t make sense, but given the context, various situations, compulsions, etc. Bhagawan had no other option, but to do certain things at that point in time. 

Similarly, many might have this doubt – Why did Bhagawan Krishna make Yudishtra “lie” during the battlefield at Kurukshetra about Guru Dhronacharya’s death? Isn’t it a foul game? Why is Bhagawan Krishna showing “favouritism” towards the Pandavas? There are many justifications to it, and obviously we would take one full episode to discuss the answers separately. However, to be brief, there were multiple situations that led Bhagawan Krishna to employ such a strategy. It was Guru Dhronacharya’s curse that Drushtadhyumna had to kill him. Secondly, where did Guru Dhronacharya go when Abhimanyu (Arjuna’s son) was killed amidst the “Chakravyuh”, which was totally against the rules of the war? Thirdly, why did Guru Dhronacharya remain silent and as a mute spectator when Draupati was insulted in the public courtroom of King Dhirdiraashtra? All these were Guru Dhronacharya’s grave mistakes and Bhagawan Krishna had to punish him for all what he had done. Thus, rather to look at the situation from just one angle, we should consider multiple viewpoints to view the situation. Hence, whatever Bhagawan Krishna had done to Guru Dhronacharya is completely justified, if we look at it from hindsight. 

Hence, the point that we’ve to understand here is that, all whatever Bhagawan does in this world, are for a definitive purpose. We might not understand the meaning of Bhagawan’s certain actions directly, but that doesn’t mean that Bhagawan has done something wrong. It is we who’ve to understand Bhagawan’s Leelas in the right sense and move on. Saying thus, we’re amidst the incident wherein Vasudeva has brought the baby girl (Goddess Yoga-Maya) into the Mathura city prison and this baby girl is crying loud. Kamsa is after the baby’s life as this is officially the eighth kid of the Devaki-Vasudeva couple. When Kamsa realizes that this is a baby girl, rather than a baby boy as expected, he is perplexed and confused as to what to do. Should he kill the baby or should he leave it? Of course, Vasudeva had his bit of some “Pre-Bhagawad Gita” that his son is about to give to the world later 🙂 But Kamsa didn’t pay heed this time around. He’s in a savage resolution, not to take any chances, as it is a life-death situation for him. 

So what is Kamsa going to do next? Is he going to kill this girl child? What is going to happen next? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 146 – Why should Vasudeva escort Bhagawan Krishna to Gokula secretly overnight? A discussion!!!

We’re at the midst of an important juncture as to how Bhagawan Krishna “escaped” the prison campus at Mathura City in the middle of the night. We’ve seen in yesterday’s episode as to how Vasudeva transported Little Krishna on his head by walking across the Yamuna river, finally heading towards Gokula. Vasudeva finds Yashoda’s place, enters inside without anybody’s knowledge, places Little Krishna there and brings back the baby girl (Goddess Yoga-Maya) which Yashoda had just delivered. As all this was conspiring, it was surprising that Vasudeva was able to comfortably walk out of the prison, even amidst the tight security that Kamsa had placed. Vasudeva was able to complete the mission of transferring babies from Mathura to Gokula and vice-versa without any hassle and without anybody’s knowledge. Aren’t these instances Bhagawan’s divine plays? He wanted things to happen this way during this incarnation. The “mysterious” way in which He took birth at Mathura jail and the “mysterious” things (Leelas) that He performed all throughout His tenure in this world are all a treat for us to enjoy and experience, isn’t it? 

We might ask a question here – Why should Bhagawan Krishna act like a coward here? Why can’t He publicly announce His birth to Kamsa straightaway? Why did Bhagawan “steal” butter and other milk products when He was a little boy? Why should Bhagawan steal all these things? What kind of message does it convey to people like us? The answer is very simple – To be born in such and such ways are Bhagawan’s “Sankalpa” (Divine Will & Wish) and we’re not apt people to question that. Even if we’ve to do so, we should understand that Kamsa’s fate designed Bhagawan’s birth episode in such a way. Kamsa’s wickedness, the need for Kamsa to be repeatedly warned, etc. compelled Bhagawan to take this route. Similarly, we might find the same thing with Bhagawan Narasimha too – Why did Bhagawan Narasimha come out of a pillar and why not straight away directly in front of Hiranya Kashibu? The answer is the same – Bhagawan has to act according to the boons that these Raakshasas obtain from Bhagawan Brahma. His calculations are beyond one’s reach. 

Moreover, if we say that Bhagawan Krishna stole a lot of things during His childhood days, there is a meaning for all this in the deeper spiritual context. Bhagawan “stole” butter from the houses of Gokula and sent a message to “Bhaktas” like us that just like stealing this butter, Bhagawan is stealing our hearts which are as soft and pure as the butter. He is trying and instilling the purest “Bhakti” in all our hearts by doing so. Moreover, by stealing items at Gokula, Bhagawan is sending out the highest message that if we surrender to His lotus feet, He would “steal away” all our sins and unwanted “Praarabdha Karma”, and make us eligible to attain “Moksha”. Bhagawan Krishna takes birth in this world so that we do not need to take a re-birth again in this world. Bhagawan Krishna is taking birth in a prison complex so that we’re freed away from the “prison” called “Samsaara”. So for every action of Bhagawan, there are inert and deeper spiritual meanings. So the point here is that, we shouldn’t just look at these stories in an outward way and conclude that Bhagawan took birth in this world just to enjoy His life by stealing and playing pranks with people. There are all these deeper messages which we’re going to see one after the other in the subsequent episodes in detail as and when the situation and context arises. 

Thus, Bhagawan Krishna is transported to Gokula successfully overnight and in turn, Vasudeva brings in “Goddess Yoga-Maya” in place of Bhagawan Krishna! The baby is crying aloud, which attracts the attention of Kamsa straightaway. He immediately gets up from his sound sleep and he knew that this is the eighth child. He’s now in all forms of tension and with that, he rushes with his treacherous sword towards the prison complex, where Vasudeva and Devaki were having the baby in their hands. As soon as Kamsa reaches the prison, he comes to know that the newborn baby is a girl and not a boy! Upon seeing this, Kamsa was both shocked and surprised at the same time! He didn’t know how to react.

We’ve to recollect here – The heavenly voice once said that it would be the eighth “son” of Devaki that would kill Kamsa. Thus, the eighth baby should have ideally been a son, and not a daughter. Kamsa was perplexed at what he was seeing, however he decided to go for the kill – For “safety reasons”! He recollected Sage Narada’s words that there was a larger conspiracy planned by Indra and Co. to cheat Kamsa, and perhaps this was also a ploy to cheat him! Thinking thus, Kamsa quickly grabs the girl baby from Vasudeva’s hands and Vasudeva stops him once again. Vasudeva explains that killing a girl child is perhaps the greatest sin of all times, but this time, Kamsa had enough! He’s not going to listen to Vasudeva’s “lectures” on what is a sin and what is not! He quickly hurries to kill the girl child, until something unique happens again! What is that unique happening? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂