Episode # 684 – Arjuna’s “Mohana-Asthra” makes the entire Kaurava army fall unconscious!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a great revelation made by Bhishmachaarya when Duryodhana claims to have found out the whereabouts of Paandavas before the “Agnyaata Vaasam” period is over. As per the rule we might be aware that if the Paandavas are sighted before the end of the “Agnyaata Vaasam” period, they should once again go to the forest for the next 12 years, and subsequently they should undergo a thirteenth year of “Agnyaata Vaasam”. Now, more than winning the war against Arjuna, Duryodhana is steadfast in announcing to the entire “Kaurava” camp that he has found out Arjuna’s whereabouts before they complete the “Agnyaata Vaasam”. However, Bhishmachaarya thunders that as per the “Chandra-Panchaangam” calculation, the Paandavas have already finished their “Agnyaata Vaasam” five months ago! Bhishmachaarya also explains that he doesn’t understand the logic behind the Paandavas extending their “Agnyaata-Vaasam” period without any reason. This claim made by Bhishmachaarya sends shock waves across the “Kaurava” camp and Duryodhana is surely simmering with anger! Now what is Duryodhana’s reaction going to be? Let us continue witnessing today!

As Bhishmachaarya thunders thus, Duryodhana simmers with anger as expected! So now, Duryodhana cannot argue anything, as the arithmetic seems to be correct! Even if we look from the “Surya-Panchaangam” calculation, five days have passed by after the “Agnyaata Vaasam” period is over! Hence, according to both the calculations, it is now confirmed that the Paandavas have successfully completed the “Agnyaata-Vaasam” and are now completely eligible to return back to Indraprastha and stake claim for their kingdom. Duryodhana has completely missed a trick here! Hence, as per the advice of Bhishmachaarya, the only way now to stop Arjuna and Co. is to wage a battle! Anyway, Arjuna is out there in the middle and is singlehandedly taking on the Kaurava army, Bhishmachaarya asks Duryodhana to think of ways of defeating Arjuna, rather than making claims! 

Thus, Duryodhana now focuses on how to defeat Arjuna. Now that all of them have individually tasted defeat in the hands of Arjuna, Duryodhana decides that it is time now to launch an all-out assault on him! He instructs his army to jointly attack Arjuna from all four directions! Till now we’ve seen Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronachaarya, etc. attacking Arjuna individually and everybody tasting defeat. Now Duryodhana wants all of them to attack Arjuna together. As the army surrounds Arjuna’s chariot, Utthara Kumara is damn scared! He doesn’t even understand what is happening around him! First of all, it was a rude shock earlier that the sober music and dance teacher in the Viraata Desha is none other than Arjuna himself! Secondly, Utthara Kumara has never seen such an intense war ever in his life! Arjuna is teaching him live lessons as to how to fight a war single handedly! Now, Arjuna is getting ready to face an all-out assault! 

As Utthara-Kumara looks on, Arjuna flexes his powerful “Gaandeepa” bow and arrows are flying from it on all four directions! Within a wink of an eye, Arjuna changes the “Gaandeepa” bow from his left hand to his right hand (“Savya-Saachi” or Ambidextrous characteristic) and even before anyone predicts from which direction the arrow would strike, a flurry of arrows strike Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronachaarya, Sage Kripachaarya, Duryodhana, Karna, etc. All of them are struggling to face one man in the war! Even though the entire army plagues Arjuna with all its arrows, Arjuna is neutralizing all of them single-handedly and with ease! As time progresses, Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronachaarya, Sage Kripachaarya, etc. face defeat one after the other! However, given the prowess of all these people, they wake up again from defeat and start firing Arjuna with arrows from all directions! As Arjuna continues his fight, he quickly makes out a plan thus – “Oh! Why am I wasting time by fighting all these people with a flurry of arrows? I should make all of them fall unconscious on the ground and the purpose of this war is not to kill anyone. The main purpose is to retrieve all the cows of the Viraata Desha and hand them over to the king safely. Hence, the only way to go about it is to fire the “Mohana-Asthra” on all of them! 

With this, Arjuna fires the “Mohana-Asthra” on the entire army! One arrow manifests into a thousand arrows with the powerful “Mantra” of the “Mohana-Asthra” and this makes the entire Kaurava army succumb at once! All of them including the veterans fall on to the ground unconscious! With this, Arjuna succeeds and defeats the entire Kaurava army single-handedly, and for today, let us understand up to this point! We shall continue this discussion further in the next episode to witness how Arjuna retrieved the cows from the clutches of the Kaurava army! Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂 

Episode # 683 – “The “Agnyaata Vasam” is over five months ago” – Bhishmachaarya’s huge claim!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a marquee battle emerging between Arjuna and each of the veterans lined up in the Kaurava camp! First in the list was Guru Dhronachaarya! As he picked up a fierce battle with Arjuna, Guru Dhronachaarya couldn’t withstand the relentless pressure inflicted by Arjuna upon him and at the end, he had to succumb! Same was the case with Bhishmachaarya, Sage Kripachaarya, Karna and finally Duryodhana himself! Now comes the interesting part – As Duryodhana succumbs to Arjuna’s prowess, he realizes that there is no point in fighting against Arjuna. Hence, as we had mentioned earlier, Duryodhana has a “Plan B”, wherein he could do something so that he can corner the Paandavas. Now what is he going to do? Let us witness today! 

Duryodhana’s plan is very simple here – To proclaim to the world that he has spotted out the Paandava brothers before the “Agnyaata Vaasam” period is over! Now, readers might remember the rule very clearly – If the Paandava brothers are spotted out within this one-year-period of the “Agnyaata Vaasam”, they would have to once again go to the forest for the next twelve years, followed by the thirteenth year of “Agnyaata Vaasam”! Sensing this as an opportunity, Duryodhana wants to use this to his benefit! Now Duryodhana proclaims thus, “Oh Bhishmachaarya! Oh Guru Dhronachaarya! Oh Sage Kripachaarya! Listen here! I’ve spotted Arjuna even before the one-year-period of the “Agnyaata Vaasam” is over! Five more days are remaining for the one year period to get over! Now, as per the rule, the Paandava brothers have to once again go to the forest for the next thirteen years! Winning or losing today’s battle isn’t a great thing for me! My sole agenda was to spot these people during this one-year-period, and I’ve successfully done that! Hence, the Paandavas have no way out now! Let them descend back to the forest!” 

As Duryofhana claims thus, Bhishmachaarya is quick to revert back! He replies to Duryodhana thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Till today I was thinking that you did not know only the “Dharma”, but today I came to know that you do not know arithmetics too! Oh Duryodhana! Now let me tell you one important finding that I have – I do not know why… But the Paandavas have spent five months more in the “Agnyaata Vaasam”! In other words, the actual stipulated “Agnyaata Vaasam” period for the Paandavas was over five months back, and they had been spending time in the disguised form for more time than required! Oh Sage Kripachaarya! You may please confirm this statement of mine with your knowledge on astrology! There are two “Panchaangams” that we follow – One is according to the path of “Chandra Bhagawan” (Moon) and the other is according to the path of “Surya Bhagawan” (Sun). As per the path of Surya Bhagawan, one year period spans for around 365 days and as per the path of Chandra Bhagawan, one year period spans only for around 352 days! As per my arithmetic, when the Paandava brothers left Hastinapura for the first time, they followed the “Chandra-Panchaangam”, wherein the number of days per year is 352. Now, if they’ve spent twelve years according to this, there will be around 156 days of difference, as compared to the “Surya-Panchaangam”. Now, during the thirteenth year, for some strange reason, they’ve switched over to the “Surya-Panchaangam” and they’ve spent another thirteen days in the disguised form! This accounts to 156+13 = 169 days, which is more than five months than the original “Chandra-Panchaangam” that they started with! Hence, I say that the Paandavas have spent 169 days more than the stipulated time frame in the forest and because of this, their “Agnyaata-Vaasam” period is over long back! Thus, the Paandavas can rightly stake claim on the Indraprastha kingdom and they can officially end their “Vana-Vasam” today!” 

This claim from Bhishmachaarya stuns Duryodhana! Now what is his reaction going to be? Is he going to accept Bhishmachaarya’s claim? Or, is he going to stick to his original claim? Let us wait and witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 682 – The entire Kaurava army succumbs to Arjuna’s prowess!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Utthara Kumara being schooled by Arjuna on confidence and determination. Arjuna explains how he had fought several wars on his own and even goes on to tell Utthara Kumara that the same enemies who he sees in front of him have been rescued by him several times in the past. Even then, these people want to test their strength against Arjuna and Co. Speaking thus, Arjuna asks Utthara Kumara to drive the chariot, which he obeys. Subsequently, as the chariot nears the huge banyan tree, Arjuna wants the flag of Viraata Desha (The lion flag) to be removed and the chariot goes without the flag in front of the enemy camp. As this happens, several people in the enemy side like Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronachaarya, etc. are surprised! Firstly, there was a young boy who was coming alone to fight, and then the young boy became a charioteer and somebody else is on the king’s seat! Now, even the flag of the Viraata Desha has been removed! What is the mystery behind this move? Let us continue witnessing what is going to happen subsequently. 

As the chariot is moving at a fast pace, Arjuna meditates upon Hanuman, who in turn provides his divine “Anugraha” in the form of a flag on top of the chariot. Thus, with Hanuman’s divine “Anugraha” in place as well, Arjuna and Utthara Kumara are super-confident with their strength, and march on towards the enemy camp. As Arjuna now takes the “Gaandeepa” bow in his hand, Bhishmachaarya spots this immediately! By the time he makes an announcement that the guy who is coming in the opposite direction is none other than Arjuna himself, the sound that emits from the “Gaandeepa” bow is so deafening for everyone! With this great thunderous sound from the “Gaandeepa” bow, everybody in the enemy camp figures out that this is none other than Arjuna himself! By the time people get on their toes to face Arjuna, two arrows come flying from Arjuna and one of them falls just close to Guru Dhronachaarya’s feet! Another arrow passes so close to Guru Dhronachaarya’s ears and whizzes past him with great speed! 

As these two arrows are fired directly towards Guru Dhronachaarya, Bhishmachaarya declares that the war is on! Guru Dhronachaarya then explains the message behind the two arrows thus, “Oh Bhishmachaarya! The message from Arjuna is loud and clear here – The first arrow that fell on my feet signifies the way in which he respects me! The second one that whizzed past my ears signified that he is ready for the quest! Through the second arrow, Arjuna wishes to convey to all of us that if we have the real talent, we should proceed with the abduction of the cows, and he would somehow come and take all of them back from us! This is an open challenge that Arjuna has issued to all of us!” 

Now the war opens up! First comes Guru Dhronachaarya! As he comes closer, Arjuna pays his respect to his Guru, and the war begins! An intense and a fierce battle between the two commences and even as Utthara Kumara sees it, Guru Dhronachaarya is unable to stand in front of Arjuna’s penetrating arrows at such a high speed! Utthara Kumara now sees the real prowess of Arjuna and within seconds, Guru Dhronachaarya is being hit by arrows one after the other! At the end, Guru Dhronachaarya falls on the ground with multiple arrows around his body! He accepts defeat and slowly moves away from there! Subsequently, Bhishmachaarya comes forward for the battle. Arjuna pays his due respects towards them, and the battle begins between the two! Again, an intense and a fierce battle rages between the two and both are equally invincible! However, Arjuna’s “Gaandeepa” bow has the last laugh as he employs it with full throttle! Arrow after arrow pierces through the air like lightning as Arjuna exhibits who he really is! Bhishmachaarya at one stage, couldn’t resist Arjuna’s persistent firing of arrows as he succumbed to defeat slowly! 

As the two veterans are defeated, Sage Kripachaarya comes forward and he too meets with the same result! Finally, Karna and Duryodhana come forward. Arjuna warns Karna to run away to safety instead of giving a fight and experiencing defeat! However, as Arjuna says thus, Karna’s ego gets hurt and he is up against Arjuna for a fight. Again, a marquee battle results and at the end, Karna falls unconscious on the ground, unable to bear Arjuna’s relentless pursuit. It is the same case with Duryodhana too next, as he too falls unconscious! However, Duryodhana quickly wakes up and he understands that there is no point in fighting Arjuna any further! Instead, Duryodhana now wants to resort to the second plan (Plan B). Now what is this plan B of Duryodhana? What is he going to do now? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 681 – “I’ve won every battle in my life single handedly!” – Arjuna motivates Utthara Kumara!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Utthara Kumara knowing how Brihannala really is! As Utthara Kumara asks many questions to Brihannala after seeing the “Gaandeepa” bow, Brihannala has no other option but to reveal himself that he is none other than the owner of the prestigious “Gaandeepa” bow – Arjuna himself! Moreover, he also reveals all his four brothers’ identities as well, along with Sairandhri’s! He explains that Sairandhri is none other than Draupati herself! Upon hearing this, Utthara Kumara is in a state of utter shock and he could not believe what he is hearing from Brihannala! Till now, Utthara Kumara had been grossly underestimating Brihannala and now he understands that he had made a grave mistake by doing so! Moreover, Arjuna also reveals ten other names of his, so that Utthara Kumara believes his words fully! 

Moving on further, as Utthara Kumara is getting more convinced, Arjuna explains now thus, “Oh Utthara Kumara! Now that you know about me and my background, please do not worry! You sit on the driver’s seat and drive the chariot forward. I shall single-handedly take them on and defeat them! I have the capability to do what I say. Hence, you may trust my words and move forward!” As Arjuna says thus, Utthara Kumara is still shaking with fear! He replies thus, “Oh Arjuna! I know that you are extremely capable of taking the enemies on. However, the question is not about your strength and capability. The question is about mine! I’m not as capable as you to take these people on! So it is better that I stay here itself and you go and fight with them! I don’t even have the courage to drive the chariot towards the battlefield! Moreover, I have one doubt – Look at the ocean of army in front of us! Do you even think Bhagawan Krishna can win over these people? If that is the case, how will you be able to take them on singlehandedly? Moreover, even if you want to do so, you need some backup isn’t it? Any king can win over a battle only with due backup of arms and ammunition. But in our case, there is nobody to back us up! If such is the case, how are you going to win?” 

As Utthara Kumara asks thus, Arjuna replies back: “Oh Utthara Kumara! You’ve asked an important question here. Now let me tell you something – So far in my life, I’ve fought “n” number of battles and most of them were alone only! I’ve won all of them! I do not need any backup of any sort! I can manage it all by myself, no matter how big / small the enemy is. Moreover, I have Bhagawan Krishna always by the side of me. If His divine “Anugraha” is there with us, what else is required to win? Hence, please do not worry. I do not need anybody’s help as a backup. I’m used to fighting alone and taking on extremely tough enemies in the past and winning over them quite easily! You might even think that Bhagawan Krishna never takes the bow and arrow even for a single time and He is laughing and smiling all the time! How is He going to help me? It is very simple! Yes! Bhagawan Krishna never takes the bow in the hand, yet, He provides His divine “Anugraha” to me! I’m merely a divine instrument in His hands! He is the one who is motivating me everytime! He is the one who makes sure that I would win any sort of battle against any enemy at any time! This is the same Arjuna who went all alone during the “Kaandava-Dahanam”, of course with Bhagawan Krishna merely standing near me! I was the one who fought and won over all the Raakshasas singlehandedly there! Moreover, there are many such instances which I can keep on explaining like this! Hence, please do not worry!”

Upon listening carefully to Arjuna’s words, Utthara Kumara now gets some much needed confidence boost! He now starts driving the chariot. As the chariot nears the banyan tree, Arjuna has a thought and tells Utthara Kumara thus, “Oh Utthara Kumara! Let us do one thing quickly – Let us remove the lion flag of our Viraata Kingdom and place it secretly inside this banyan tree and then proceed!” Utthara Kumara obeys, and both of them remove the lion flag and place it secretly inside the banyan tree. Now as the chariot is moving forward, people in the enemy camp are puzzled! Why is this chariot coming without any flag? Whose chariot is this? Who is coming in it? These same questions are haunting our minds also isn’t it? So, let us wait till the next episode to find out the answers for these questions! Stay tuned for a very interesting accord! 🙂 

Episode # 680 – Arjuna reveals himself to Utthara Kumara!!!

We’re at a very important juncture wherein Brihannala is forced to take up the charge as a warrior to defend the Viraata Desha, as Utthara Kumara is trying to run away in a cowardly manner. As Brihannala takes charge, he knows who the enemy is, and has no option other than taking up the “Gaandeepa” bow that is kept hidden inside a huge banyan tree. As Brihannala instructs Utthara Kumara to climb up the tree and take the Gaandeepa bow, Utthara Kumara is extremely surprised to see it! Upon questioning Brihannala repeatedly, it is now on Brihannala whether to reveal his true identity or continue playing himself down! If he has to lift up the “Gaandeepa” bow, Utthara Kumara will obviously find out that Brihannala is none other than Arjuna himself! Now let us see what happens next and how Brihannala is going to handle this situation. 

Moving on thus, as Brihannala is apprising the significance of the “Gaandeepa” bow, Utthara Kumara is happy to have a divine “Darshan” of it, and repeatedly asks how does Brihannala knows so much about the “Gaandeepa” bow! Moreover, how come this “Gaandeepa” bow has been hidden in this particular place? How does Brihannala exactly know the whereabouts of the “Gaandeepa” bow? Where are the Paandava brothers? Where is Arjuna? Is he here somewhere? As these questions mount on Brihannala, he too thinks what is to be done! Has he spoken to Utthara Kumara too much? Anyway, now that there is no other option, Brihannala decides to reveal himself to Utthara Kumara! Hence, he quickly removes his hair wig, takes off his saree-like dress (Because Brihannala, as we’ve seen earlier, is acting like a transgender, teaching music and dance to Utthara Kumara’s sister). Thus, as Brihannala is slowly revealing himself, Utthara Kumara could not believe what he is seeing in front of him! As Utthara Kumara looks with shock, Brihannala explains thus, “Oh Utthara Kumara! You were asking where Arjuna is, didn’t you? I’m none other than that same Arjuna himself! Similarly, the one who cooks at your place is by name Vallabha, isn’t it? That Vallabha is none other than Bheemasena himself! Moreover, there is a person by name “Kanka” who is always with your king, isn’t it? He is none other than Yudishtra himself! There are two people who are taking care of your cowshed and your horse stable, aren’t they? They are none other than Nakula and Sahadeva! There is a woman by name Sairandhri with your mother, isn’t it? She is none other than Draupati herself! We came to your country in a disguised form to spend one year secretly without being noticed by anyone!” 

As Arjuna says thus, Utthara Kumara initially did not believe his words! As Utthara Kumara looks at him stunned, Arjuna continues further thus, “Oh Utthara Kumara! Now I’ll tell you a list of around ten people’s names. If you hear those names, you will get a lot of strength and confidence to fight! Let us see if this works with you! The ten names are as follows: Arjuna, Phalguna, Jishnu, Kireeti, Shreshta-Vaahana, Vijayaha, Paartha, Krishnaha, Savyasaachi, Dhananjaya! These are all my names!” As Utthara Kumara listens to this, he is very happy to understand that Arjuna is the one who is standing in front of him! It is the same Arjuna that Utthara Kumara was fantasizing till today, when it comes to being a great warrior! His childhood hero was Arjuna, and Utthara Kumara is thrilled to see him in front! Now Arjuna also explains why he obtained those names – “Phalguna” because he was born on the “Utthara-Phalguni” Nakshatra (Star). “Paartha” because he was born to Kunthi Devi whose other name is “Prutha”. “Savya-Saachi” because Arjuna is ambidextrous – That is, he can hold the bow in both left and right hands with equal power and fight! “Kaunteya” because, he was Kunthi Devi’s son! “Krishnana” because he is one of the best and soulful friends of Bhagawan Krishna! Thus, Arjuna explains that these names duly belonged to him and this makes Utthara Kumara overwhelmed with a lot of joy and happiness! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness what unfolded next! Enough of talking stories now! The time is coming to take the “Gaandeepa” in hand for Arjuna and fight! Stay tuned for the next episode to witness what happened next! 🙂 

Episode # 679 – Utthara Kumara spots the “Gaandeepa” bow of Arjuna and gets awestruck!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Brihannala (Arjuna) continuously motivating Utthara Kumara to put up a brave fight against the enemies gathered outside the Viraata Desha, however, Utthara Kumara is only interested in running away from there! At one stage, Brihannala gets fed up with Utthara Kumara’s cowardly attitude and asks him to pass on the mantle to Brihannala himself! Surprised by this move, Utthara Kumara questions Brihannala’s capabilities and Brihannala gives a safe answer, just to portray himself to be on the “weaker side”. Without an option, Utthara Kumara accedes to Brihannala’s request and asks him to take over. Meanwhile, observing Brihannala’s body structure, the way in which he is getting down from the chariot, running, etc. Guru Dhronachaarya vaguely figures out that this Brihannala could be none other than Arjuna himself in the disguised form! So what happenes next? Let us witness today!

Moving on thus, as Utthara Kumara passes on the mantle, Brihannala once again gets on to the chariot, and this time for a chance, Utthara Kumara is going to drive the chariot! Brihannala instructs Utthara Kumara to proceed towards the banyan tree where all the weapons are shielded secretly! As this happens, the enemy camp is wonderstruck! Just a moment ago, Utthara Kumara was in the warrior’s seat and now he is the charioteer! How can this happen? Even before Duryodhana and Co. rub their eyes and come to reality, Brihannala instructs Utthara Kumara to climb the banyan tree and bring down the dead body carefully. Utthara Kumara could not believe what he is being asked to do! Even though he has objections, he does not have an option as the instruction from Brihannala is extremely strong. Utthara Kumara obeys Brihannala’s words and keeps the dead body safely by the side, even though it is smelling so bad! 

Now comes the surprise! As the dead body is kept aside, Utthara Kumara is able to see what is there behind the dead body! A bright, shining glittering huge bow! Upon seeing this, Utthara Kumara asks Brihannala thus, “Oh Brihannala! What is this? This seems to be a great bow, which has come from the Devas! By any chance, is this the famous “Gaandeepa” bow that Arjuna has in his hands always?” Brihannala quietly replies back thus, “Oh Utthara Kumara! Yes! This is the Gaandeepa bow of Arjuna! Without a doubt, you’re right!” As Brihannala hears thus, he again asks back – “Oh Brihannala! What are you going to do with this? Do you know that nobody will even be able to lift it? If that is the case, how are you going to lift it and fight the enemies out there? This bow looks “Wow”! It’s fully made of precious ornaments and let me atleast prostrate in front of it for once! I’ve never seen such a bow ever in my life! How do you know that such a weapon is here amidst a dead body and a tree? Who told you all these secrets? How did Arjuna’s possession come here?” 

As Utthara Kumara asks a series of questions thus, Brihannala slowly replies: “Oh Utthara Kumara! Yes! You are right! This “Gaandeepa” is of Arjuna’s and is gifted to him by the Devas! This Gaandeepa bow was with Bhagawan Brahma in the “Satya Lokha” for over a thousand years. For the next 503 years, this bow was with King Prajapati. Subsequently, Indra had it for another 500-odd years. Varuna Bhagawan was also having this for the next 100 years. Subsequently, this bow has come to Arjuna and it is with him for the past 65 years!” As Brihannala says thus, we can roughly calculate Arjuna’s age at this point in time! If the Gaandeepa is with Arjuna for 65 years now, we’ve witnessed how Arjuna had obtained it earlier, isn’t it? We’ve seen how the Kaandava Vanam was completely burnt by Arjuna and Bhagawan Krishna together and at that point, Indra gifted Arjuna a golden chariot and this Gaandeepa bow to fight all the Raakshasas who came out of that Kaandava Vanam. All this happened before the Indraprastha city was built! Hence, when Arjuna obtained the Gaandeepa, he would have been around 25 years old! Now if we calculate, when this particular episode is taking place, Arjuna would have been approximately 90 years old! Of course in those times, the life span of human beings was very high and even at the age of 90, people were quite active like how today’s 45-50-year-old would be! 

Coming back to our context thus, Utthara Kumara asks Brihannala thus, “Oh Brihannala! You’re saying so much about Gaandeepa, aren’t you? How do you know all these intricate details? Where  are the Paandava brothers? Why are their weapons here and where have they gone, keeping all of them here?” Now comes a very important stage here – If Brihannala should answer this question, he has only two options – One – He has to reveal himself to show that he is none other than Arjuna himself! Or, he can carefully choose not to respond to Utthara Kumara’s question! So what is Brihannala going to do here? Let us wait and witness in the upcoming episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 678 – Guru Dhronachaarya vaguely identifies Brihannala as Arjuna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Utthara Kumara shaking with fear as he sees an ocean of people standing in front of him, including the likes of Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronachaarya, Sage Kripachaarya, Duryodhana, Karna, etc. Upon seeing all of them, Utthara Kumara realizes his folly of being highly over-confident and even though Brihannala has a lot of advice and motivation for him, he is not in a mood to listen to even a single word from Brihannala. Instead, Utthara Kumara doesn’t even have the maturity to stand and put up a valiant fight to save his kingdom! Hence, he decides to quickly get down from the chariot and run away from the battlefield! Utthara Kumara does so and this leaves Brihannala in a state of shock! He did not expect this cowardly act from Utthara Kumara! Even though Brihannala gives a chase, but Utthara Kumara is not someone who is going to come back to the battlefield anymore! 

Moving on further thus, as these things keep happening, Guru Dhronachaarya is keenly observing from the other end! Upon seeing the way in which Brihannala is getting down from the chariot and running towards Utthara Kumara, he figures out that this Brihannala is not merely a transgender, but a great warrior! By looking at Duryodhana, Guru Dhronachaarya explains thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Look at the way how that transgender charioteer is running towards Utthara Kumara! I have a doubt whether this person is really a transgender or not! By looking at the body structure and by looking at the way this person is walking, it doesn’t seem to me that this person is a transgender at all! This person should be a great warrior! By having a closer look, I feel that this person is none other than Arjuna himself! Only a Guru knows in and out of his student, isn’t it? Hence, my understanding is that, this transgender charioteer is none other than Arjuna himself!” 

As Guru Dhronachaarya says thus, Duryodhana fumes with anger! He replies thus, “Oh Guru! You always keep doing this – You are physically on my side, but mentally and emotionally you are always supporting Arjuna’s and the Paandavas’ cause! You’re eating my food and drinking my water every day, but you are not loyal to me even for a single day! Will you please stop heaping praise on Arjuna for a moment atleast and focus on the task in hand? I had called you to fight, not to sing praises!” As Duryodhana fumes thus, Karna intervenes – “Oh Duryodhana! Oh Guru Dhronachaarya! Irrespective of whoever is the enemy, we are here to fight! Even if it is Arjuna, so what? It is good for us, isn’t it? Let us take this opportunity to kill Arjuna in this battle itself and let us send a strong message to Yudishtra as to not to meddle with us anymore in future!” 

As Karna says thus strongly, Duryodhana gets his smile back! He appreciates Karna for his attitude and all of them get ready for the fight! Meanwhile, Brihannala is continuing to give a chase and finally catches Utthara Kumara by his hair! Brihannala explains to Utthara Kumara thus, “Oh prince! If you are not ready to fight, it doesn’t mean that you will leave the kingdom at stake and run away! If you are not having that courage, pass on the mantle to me. I shall put up my best show of strength and give a tough fight to these guys! Now, you sit on the charioteer’s place and let me take over the mantle from you!” As Utthara Kumara hears thus, he couldn’t believe his ears for a moment! He asks back to Brihannala thus, “Oh Brihannala! Do you really know what you are talking about? Are you even aware of the skills that are required for warfare? Look at those enemies! They seem to be highly accomplished warriors! How are you even going to stand in front of them for five minutes? You do not know what kind of commitment you’re giving! Please think before you talk!” 

As Utthara Kumara says thus, Arjuna replies back, “Oh Utthara Kumara! Yes I know what I’m talking! My strategy is a thousand times better than yours – Atleast I’m willing to put up a fight, unlike you, who is only interested in running away from the battlefield! Now please give me the mantle! I shall take over!” As Brihannala replies firmly thus, Utthara Kumara is confused! Now what does he do? Does he accept Brihannala’s assurance and go forward? Or, is he only going to continue running away from there? An interesting accord awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 677 – Utthara Kumara shakes with fear as he sees the huge Kaurava army!!!

We’re at an important juncture wherein Brihannala has taken Utthara Kumara to the battlefield for the marquee battle against the likes of Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronachaarya, Sage Kripachaarya, etc. All throughout the journey towards the battlefield, Utthara Kumara boasts about his prowess and keeps proclaiming that he can defeat any enemy with ease! He even talks to Brihannala that this battle would be over within just 15 minutes or so, and they should return back to the kingdom to protect the king who is busy defending the kingdom from the other end! As all these talks happen, the chariot reaches the battlefield, and a sea of an army stands in front of Utthara Kumara. However, Utthara Kumara is going on talking about himself and at one stage, Brihannala tells him thus, “Oh Utthara! Please stop your talks and have a look at what is in front of you! There are around a lakh people standing in front of you, who have also abducted almost all the cows from our kingdom! Now think of how you’re going to fight them, instead of doing some meaningless talks!” 

As Utthara Kumara lifts his head up and sees, he is shell-shocked! Till this day in his life, he has never seen such a huge army standing in front of him to fight against him! Unfortunately, due to his overconfidence, Utthara Kumara has come all alone to fight! There is no backup army at all! Now, how is he going to single handedly take on the ocean of an army standing in front? Shivering with fear thus, Utthara Kumara says – “Oh Brihannala! I think we’ve made a mistake! We shouldn’t have come this way! Upon seeing this huge army waiting to attack  me, I’m starting to shake with fear! Oh Brihannala! Please turn the chariot and let us first get out of here! If we stand here even for a minute, we are in great danger! This army cannot even be defeated by the Devas! We’ve made a foolish decision to fight! Do you know something? As per the “Dharma-Shaasthra”, you should not fight with an enemy without understanding his strengths and weaknesses. Now that I’ve clearly understood the enemy’s strengths, I think it is better for us to go back, rather than getting ourselves hurt in the process!” 

As Utthara Kumara talks this way in fear, Brihannala tries to motivate him now! Brihannala explains thus, “Oh Utthara Kumara! From the way you were talking till now, I was thinking that you’re a great warrior! 🙂 But is this all what you have in your heart? By merely glancing at the army, how can you conclude that you would not be able to win over? Moreover, as a Kshatriya prince, what is your duty? Your duty is to fight with the enemy, no matter whether he is big or small, and in the process, if you attain “Veera Gathi” (Killed), that is your biggest significance! This is what “Raaja-Dharma” says. But you’re trying to act totally against it! You’re saying that you want to run away like a coward without even firing a single arrow! How is this justice to your kingdom and to your people?” As Brihannala asks tough questions thus, Utthara Kumara tries to give even smarter replies, just to escape from that place! 🙂 He says thus, “Oh Brihannala! Whatever you’re saying is right! But if all of us in the kingdom are killed, who will run the kingdom and administer it in the future? We would need atleast one person to do that, isn’t it? Hence, let me be that one person who will take care of the kingdom!” 

As Utthara Kumara says thus, Brihannala gets angry now! He asks back thus, “Oh Utthara Kumara! Don’t you think whatever you’re saying now is so foolish and cowardly? Please remember – They’ve abducted our cows! If we do not recover them, it is a huge insult to the Viraata Desha! Moreover, please remember your promise that you’ve made to all the women back home! You’ve said that you’ll bring all the enemies’ “Vasthras” (Clothes) to them for playing! Have you forgotten all of it? Now if you go back empty-handed, won’t they make fun of you? Won’t you lose your respect?” Even as Brihannala asks some firm questions,  Utthara Kumara’s fear is not letting him overcome his shackles! He replies in fear thus, “Oh Brihannala! I do not care whether women laugh at me! I do not care whether our cows are abducted or not! Let them do whatever they want to do! I want to live my life and I do not want to die! I would not like to sacrifice myself for all these!” 

Saying thus, Utthara Kumara quickly jumps out of the chariot and starts running away! Brihannala follows him! 🙂 So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode we shall witness what happened next! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 676 – Uttharan reaches the battlefield as Brihannala (Arjuna) drives his chariot!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Brihannala “learning” from Utthara Kumara as to how to ride a chariot. Of course, Brihannala (Arjuna) is an expert in this as one of the world’s greatest warriors of all times, but, due to the compelling circumstances, he decides to pull it along! This is quite a comical phase of Arjuna’s life wherein he even has to pretend of not knowing to wear a “Kavacha” (Protective shield) and a few women have to come and make him wear it properly. Thus, as Brihannala is somehow ready, Utthara Kumara is about to start and the women of the queen’s “Antahpura” have a request to him – To bring all the top “Vasthras” of the enemies against whom Utthara Kumara is going to win over! Utthara Kumara exudes confidence of victory to all of them (He sounds a bit overconfident), and in today’s episode, let us continue with what happened next. 

Moving on further, Brihannala rides the chariot along the way through which the enemy sounds are being heard. This leads Brihannala and Utthara Kumara to the precise place where all the weapons of the Paandava brothers are kept hidden. We’ve already seen this earlier during the start of the Viraata Parva itself that before entering into the Viraata Desha, the Paandavas had hidden all their weapons, including Arjuna’s famed “Gaandepa” bow inside a huge banyan tree. It is precisely near this same tree that Arjuna is now going for the fight, along with Utthara Kumara. As the journey progresses further, Utthara Kumara is talking to Brihannala thus, “Oh Brihannala! Let us go a bit faster! I taught you how to drive the chariot, didn’t I? We should go fast, finish the war as quickly as possible – Maybe within the next 30-45 minutes and return back even more quickly than before! We should ensure that our father is protected too, as he had gone to the northern end of the kingdom which is also under attack! Hence, we should finish off the enemy as quickly as possible and come back!” 

As Utthara Kumara talks thus, Brihannala laughs within himself and thinks thus, “Oh wow! This child doesn’t know who he is going to fight against! He doesn’t even know the might of Bhishmachaarya and Guru Dhronachaarya. If even one of them starts showering him with arrows, this child will lose within just 5 minutes! What a pity! Maybe he will realize the depth of the situation when he sees all of them standing in front of him in the warfield!” As Arjuna thinks thus, their chariot reaches the battlefield. At the battlefield, all the big-heads of Hastinapura are standing – Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronachaarya, Sage Kripachaarya, Duryodhana, Karna, Ducchaasana, etc.! So now the question is very simple – Does Utthara Kumara maintain his confidence, or is he going to panic? What is going to be his reaction upon seeing a sea of an army as his enemy? An interesting accord awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 675 – Uttharan teaches Brihannala (Arjuna) how to drive a chariot!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Viraata Desha being attacked from both the northern and the southern ends by Duryodhana’s army. Even though the southern end was neutralized by Vallabha (Bheemasena) singlehandedly, danger looms large on the northern end, wherein Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronachaarya, etc. along with Duryodhana are jointly launching an all-out assault. As this happens, the entire kingdom goes into a frenzy and panic starts spreading. Uttharan (Son of the Viraata Desha king) is determined to go and give a valiant fight against the enemies, but he feels that he needs a good charioteer. This is where Sairandhri (Draupati) gives a suggestion that maybe Brihannala (Arjuna) can be handy! Thus, as Utthara goes and convinces Brihannala, he reluctantly accepts the request as he is scared of his identity being revealed. Thus, Brihannala readies himself to sit upon the chariot and drive it towards the enemy camp. 

As this happens, Uttharan’s assistants come to Brihannala and provide him with the “Kavacha” (Protective equipment) to wear. As Brihannala receives it, he pretends to not know how to wear it, and hence wears it upside down! 🙂 Upon seeing this, all the ladies around Brihannala start to laugh out loud! They make fun of Brihannala that he doesn’t even know how to wear a “Kavacha”! Upon seeing this, Arjuna is internally happy, because till date, there are so many people who get scared even upon hearing his name and run away! But here, people are laughing and making fun as they see him. This is a welcome change, isn’t it? 🙂 Hence, Arjuna takes this opportunity to enjoy this moment of fun and frolic that is going on. Finally, upon seeing Brihannala struggling with the “Kavacha”, Uttharan himself comes directly and helps Brihannala wear the “Kavacha” properly. Thus, with the “Kavacha” on, Brihannala sports a completely different look and even this is being admired by all the women around him! This again makes Arjuna laugh! Thus, we can see here that Arjuna is enjoying this moment, even though he is made fun of! 

Thus, both of them get into the chariot, and Brihannala is about to catch the rope that is tied to the horses. By the way Brihannala is trying to hold the rope, Uttharan is not really convinced. He once again says thus, “Oh Brihannala! Let me teach you how to hold the rope and conduct the horses!” With this, Uttharan gives a big “demo” on how to ride and conduct the chariot during war time. Brihannala listens very carefully to all that Uttharan is teaching him! 🙂 Again, we should understand here that Arjuna is just pretending not to know anything here, and is enjoying all these moments! Meanwhile, as the demo session is going on, all the women in the queen’s “Antahpura” come and meet Uttharan. They put up a request to Uttharan thus, “Oh Utthara Kumara! All of us know how powerful you are and you can take down any enemy with ease! Now as you go and defeat the enemies from the northern end, as a token of victory, please take all the top garments (Vasthrams) of the enemies and bring them to us. We shall use all those clothes for our play every day! 

We should imagine here – Winning over Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronachaarya, etc. and bringing their top garments – And that too by a small boy called Uttharan! Is this really going to be possible? We might think that these women are so crazy! Or, perhaps, they do not know the might of the enemy cohort which Uttharan is going to fight with! In reply, Uttharan also says thus, “Oh friends! I shall definitely bring their garments to you if they are alive after the fight! I’m determined to finish them off in the war! Perhaps if they are alive, I shall definitely pay heed to your request!” 

This sounds a bit overconfident and arrogant, isn’t it? So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness how the fight unfolded between the two camps! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂