Episode # 202 – Mother Gaandhaari’s curse to Bhagawan Krishna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Vishwamitra cursing the entire Yaadava community for the atrocity that they performed towards him. The Yaadavas wanted to insult Sage Vishwamitra and the power of his penance. For that, they brought a man in front of him who was dressed as a woman, with a wooden plank tied around his stomach and waist, thus pretending to be a pregnant woman. They wanted Sage Vishwamitra to predict whether this person would deliver a male or a female child. Irked heavily by this, Sage Vishwamitra cursed that this person would really deliver a wooden plank, which would be the source of destruction of the entire Yadava community altogether. Frightened by this, the Yaadavas realize their folly, but it is too late now! Sage Vishwamitra’s curse is so powerful that it is bound to come true in some way or the other. However, the Yaadavas try their best to come out of that curse. They immediately run back to their place, remove that wooden plank from that man’s waist, powder it into fine pieces and throw it into the ocean waters. They are now under the impression that this wooden plank is completely destroyed and is never going to come back to haunt them. 

Meanwhile, it should also be remembered that Bhagawan Krishna Himself had a curse from Gaandhaari, who was the wife of King Dhirdiraashtra. At the end of the Kurukshetra war (The great Mahabharata War) once the entire Kaurava clan was destroyed by the Paandava camp, King Dhirdiraashtra and Gaandhaari were extremely unhappy with the way things went. They clearly had the notion that it was Bhagawan Krishna who was solely responsible for this “massacre” of all their hundred sons, including Duryodhana. Little did they think about the atrocities that Duryodhana and Duchasana meted out to the Paandavas. This is where the “parental attachment” towards children comes in the middle of “Dharma”. This is what Bhagawan Krishna refers to in His Bhagawad Gita as “Maya ” or “illusion”. This excessive attachment towards Duryodhana and Co. is what led to King Dhirdiraashtra turn completely blinded towards whatever “Adharma” the Kauravas did. 

However, at the end of the war, Gaandhaari who was deeply pained by her sons’ mass killing, cursed Bhagawan Krishna from the bottom of her heart. She said thus, “Oh Krishna! I know that you are the sole person who is responsible for all my sons’ massacre. Let me tell you one thing – You would also meet a similar end to your life after a few years. Your entire Yaadava community would be destroyed and massacred in front of your own two eyes, just like how myself and my husband are seeing our sons getting massacred!” Bhagawan Krishna too accepted the curse, as it is coming from a deeply pained mother who has lost all her sons for no fault of her’s. He never spoke a word against Mother Gaandhaari and He too knew that it was about time that such a thing came through. 

Thus, taking all these into account, the Yaadava clan was now staring at a mass destruction owing to various curses from various corners. Bhagawan Krishna too decides that the time has come for Him to depart back to Vaikunta, and the advent of Kali Yuga is very close by. He too knows that He shouldn’t be present in this world when the Kali Yuga begins. There is a separate incarnation that is going to come from Him for this Kali Yuga and hence, Bhagawan Krishna has no role to play in this. 

Meanwhile, the Yaadavas started celebrating their “victory” over Sage Vishwamitra’s curse! So let us wait till the next episode to check out whether their celebration is going to be long-standing or short-lived! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 242 – Sage Vishwamitra curses the entire Yadava clan!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna deciding to descend back to Vaikunta as His tenure in this world was coming to a close. He thinks of ways to execute this, and as He does so, the Yaadavas take the center-stage. As the Yaadavas were thinking too much about themselves with Bhagawan Krishna rallying behind them all the time, they decided to show their superiority to none other than Sage Vishwamitra. The Yaadavas were extremely proud of themselves and went all the way from Dwaraka to the place where Sage Vishwamitra was doing his routine penance. As the Yaadavas meet Sage Vishwamitra, they decide to trick him and prove to him that they are beyond even the power of his penance! With this in mind, they dressed up one person in their group as a woman, tied a wooden plank around his waist and made him look like he was pregnant. 

As they meet Sage Vishwamitra, the Yaadavas claim thus, “Og Great Sage! The entire world knows how powerful is your penance. Today it is going to be tested by us. We’ve brought this “Pregnant woman” in front of you. Now you’ve to tell exactly whether a male or a female child would be born to this woman. If your answer is right, then we shall accept that your penance is extremely powerful. Whereas, if your answer is wrong, we would let the entire world know that your penance has no meaning!” Upon hearing this from the Yaadavas, Sage Vishwamitra did not understand anything for a moment. Later, with the extreme power of his penance, Sage Vishwamitra understood what was going on. He realized that these Yaadavas are going to be instrumental in Bhagawan Krishna going to Vaikunta again. Also, Sage Vishwamitra also realized that these Yadavas are thinking no match about themselves and are trying to fool him. Fuming thus, Sage Vishwamitra replies to the Yaadavas, “Oh Yaadavas! I understood your trick! Now let me give you my answer to what you had asked! This so-called pregnant woman would deliver the same wooden plank, which would be the cause of destruction of your entire Yaadava clan! You’ve tried to cheat and trick a great sage today. So here is my curse to your entire clan! You would be completely destroyed by none other than this same plank with which you had tried to fool me and my penance!” 

As Sage Vishwamitra curses the Yaadavas thus, he walks away from that place in extreme anger. As this happened, the Yaadavas were stunned beyond words! They did not anticipate such a response from Sage Vishwamitra. They started shaking with fear! They were perplexed and did not know what to do next! As per Sage Vishwamitra’s curse, this man who was dressed as a woman, started bearing the wooden plank in his stomach! Upon seeing this, the Yaadavas went into a huddle to strategize what to do next and how to negate Sage Vishwamitra’s curse. They concluded among themselves that the only way that they can employ to escape the curse is to break that wooden plank into tiny pieces and throw it into the sea, so that it can never be retrieved again. 

Thinking thus, the Yaadavas hurry towards the Dwaaraka seafront, break the plank into a thousand pieces, make it into almost a powdered state and throw it into the ocean. Their thought process is that the plank would slowly dissolve into the ocean water and would not haunt them anymore. Will this thought process work? What happened next? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 241 – Bhagawan Krishna decides to descend back to Vaikunta – After 120 years!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna neutralizing the threat of Baanaasura to the world. As per the sequence, we’ve witnessed how Baanaasura’s daughter, Usha fell in love with Aniruddha, Bhagawan Krishna’s grandson. Eventually, Aniruddha was “transported” to Baanaasura’s palace and both Usha and Aniruddha started “living together” without anyone’s notice. As Baanaasura came to know about this one day, he imprisoned both of them. Bhagawan Krishna, on the pretext of releasing Aniruddha and Usha from the clutches of Baanaasura, wages a battle against him, defeats him and retrieves the couple from the jail. In this process, all the Raakshasas associated with Baanaasura were killed by Bhagawan Krishna. However, Baanaasura was left alone. Bhagawan Krishna chopped ninety-eight of his hundred hands and allowed him to flee away. Bhagawan Krishna purposefully did not want to kill Baanaasura as he had become the father-in-law for Aniruddha. It is wrong to kill a father-in-law and bring his daughter home, isn’t it? It then gets classified as “abduction”. Hence, Bhagawan Krishna was very careful here not to get the blame upon Himself that He had abducted Usha for Aniruddha. 

With this, all of them came back to Dwaaraka and Aniruddha henceforth lived happily with Usha. As this event comes to an end, Bhagawan Krishna also decides that He has had enough in this world. He decides that it is time for Him to go back to Vaikunta. I’m skipping many events in the middle here, because we’ve witnessed all of these in detail in our previous “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana” project. To sum up a few important events of Bhagawan Krishna’s mission at Dwaaraka, He managed to marry Jaambhavati, Rukmini Devi, etc. He also blessed Kuchela, one of His childhood friends at Gokula with enormous wealth and thereby bringing him and his family out of extreme poverty. Subsequently He killed Sishupaala, did a great deal of help to the Paandavas, especially Arjuna, played an important role in the Kurukshetra battle between the Paandavas and the Kauravas and ensured that Paandavas emerged successful and thereby restoring the “Dharma” in this world. With all this, Bhagawan Krishna too decided that He has completed all His divine duties that He had in His agenda. He was thus thinking of ways and means to get back to Vaikunta. 

At this time, the Yaadavas, amongst whom Bhagawan Krishna was born, were extremely proud of themselves and at the same time, this pride gave way to a lot of arrogance. Just because Bhagawan Krishna was ever with them to protect them, the Yaadavas’ arrogance knew no bounds. However, Bhagawan Krishna wasn’t happy with the ways in which the Yaadavas were going about things and decided that they should be taught a befitting lesson. It is through this lesson that Bhagawan Krishna too decides to finish off His divine incarnation. One fine day, the Yaadavas had heavily drunk alcoholic drinks and with this, they went straight to Sage Vishwamitra in the forest, who was in deep penance as usual. They wanted to make fun of Sage Vishwamitra and his immense penance. 

Thus, the Yaadavas readied a plan  amongst their group to insult Sage Vishwamitra. They selected one person amongst their group, dressed him up as a female, tied a wooden plank around his waist and stomach and brought him straight to Sage Vishwamitra. Thus, the Yaadavas ask the Sage, “Oh Sage Vishwamitra! The entire world knows the power of your penance, isn’t it? We’ve brought in front of you, a woman who is carrying. With the power of the penance that you’ve obtained till date, can you predict correctly whether this woman is going to deliver a male or a female child?” We should remember here that this was a trick that is being played by the Yaadavas on Sage Vishwamitra, so as to insult him and his power of penance. So what is Sage Vishwamitra’s reaction to the Yaadavas going to be? Did he find out that the Yaadavas were fooling him? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 240 – Bhagawan Krishna chops off Baanaasura’s hands and defeats him!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Baanaasura getting angry with his daughter, Usha for “living in” with Aniruddha, who was Bhagawan Krishna’s grandson. We’ve witnessed how it was Aniruddha’s turn to fall in love with Usha as he met her for the first time. Chitralekha’s men had managed to trace the whereabouts of Aniruddha and in bringing him from Dwaaraka as he was sleeping at night. As both of them met face to face for the first time, they fell in love with each other at that same instant. From that moment onwards, both Aniruddha and Usha started living together with each other at Baanaasura’s palace. This was happening without the notice of anyone, including Baanaasura. However, one fine day when Baanaasura entered inside Usha’s room, he spotted a boy who was with her in the same room. Upon enquiry, Baanaasura came to know the truth and with this, he imprisoned both Aniruddha and Usha together for an indefinite time. Meanwhile, Bhagawan Krishna too launched a massive search operation to find out where Aniruddha is, and eventually He came to know that Aniruddha is at Baanaasura’s place. 

Buoyed by this, Bhagawan Krishna’s next important mission was underway – The war with Baanaasura. We had already witnessed that Baanaasura was a Raakshasa and was seeking revenge against Bhagawan Krishna for killing so many of his men over these many years. Baanaasura too knew that Bhagawan Krishna would come to him for a fight, and he too started getting ready for the same. As expected, Bhagawan Krishna arrived very soon at Baanaasura’s place and called him for a fight. After a treacherous fight that went on for days together, Baanaasura was unable to give a tough fight to Bhagawan Krishna. He eventually called it a “defeat” and however, Bhagawan Krishna did not kill him then and there, unlike He did for other Raakshasas. However, the other important Raakshasas who adorned Baanaasura’s kingdom were killed by Bhagawan Krishna.  

Now this is the first instance that we’re witnessing here, wherein Bhagawan Krishna is leaving a Raakshasa go without getting killed. Bhagawan Krishna didn’t want to kill Baanaasura for one main reason, because his daughter is going to the daughter-in-law at Dwaaraka. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna thought within Himself, “Oh! Why should we earn a bad reputation that I killed my father-in-law to bring his daughter to my place? If I kill Baanaasura now, it’ll be an insult to Usha! So let him go scot-free!” However, Baanaasura had a hundred hands, and Bhagawan Krishna cut off ninety-eight of his hands! At the end, Baanaasura was left with just two hands and was allowed to flee off the battlefield. 

With this, Aniruddha and Usha were released from the clutches of Baanaasura and were taken back to Dwaaraka. Henceforth, Aniruddha and Usha lived together happily at Dwaaraka, with Bhagawan Krishna’s divine grace. So for today, let us enjoy this experience of Bhagawan Krishna ensuring the happiness of Aniruddha and Usha and with this, let us wait till the next episode to continue further! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 239 – Baanaasura imprisons Aniruddha and Usha together!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Baanaasura’s daughter, Usha fell in love with Bhagawan Krishna’s grandson, Aniruddha. We had witnessed how Usha saw Aniruddha in her dreams and with that itself she decided that if she’s going to get married in her life, it is only going to be with this person and nobody else. She somehow wanted to know the whereabouts of this person, and also wanted to find out whether such a person exists in the first place. She thus calls out to her best friend, Chitralekha, who was an excellent artist and can exactly replicate on paper even people who were seen in dreams. As per Usha’s recollection of the dream, Chitralekha managed to successfully draw the portrait of Aniruddha, which exactly coincided with that person whom she had seen in her dreams. Now with this portrait, Usha’s attraction towards Aniruddha increased manifold. She now requests Chitralekha to help her in finding out the whereabouts of where this Aniruddha lived and what was his background. 

Accordingly, Chitralekha sends out her friends to search for this person. She gives this portrait of Aniruddha to them and asks them to find out where this person is. They thus set out immediately, search their way through many places and finally reach Dwaaraka. As they near the Dwaaraka palace, they spot Aniruddha fast asleep on a luxurious cot on the terrace. By the time these people reach Dwaaraka, it is already midnight and the entire city is fast asleep as well. They saw this opportunity and quickly made a decision. Rather than waking up and inquiring with Aniruddha, they decide to carry him along with them as he is sleeping. Thus, the men lifted Aniruddha along with his cot and carried him away! They quickly made their way to where Usha was living, and placed the cot along with Aniruddha at her house. 

Next morning when Aniruddha woke up, he was surprised to see that he was no more at Dwaaraka! On the other hand, Usha too was surprised to see her dream boy in front of her. She was so happy to see Aniruddha in front of her. Aniruddha too was taken aback by Usha’s beauty and immediately fell in love with her! Thus, both of them started loving each other from their first sight, and even started living together with each other. This continues for a few months without anyone noticing. However, one fine day, Baanaasura, Usha’s father enters into her “Antahpura” for some reason and finds out that she’s living with a boy. Upon seeing this, Baanaasura starts fuming with anger and immediately orders both Usha and Aniruddha to be imprisoned together! 

At this point, our Aachaaryas raise a very important point and a comparison here – They say that this is the trick that Ravana failed to employ! Now we might wonder what is this “trick” that our Aachaaryas are talking about. In our previous Ramayana project we had seen that Ravana had imprisoned Mother Sita in the “Ashoka Vana” at Lanka, isn’t it? Had he imprisoned both Mother Sita and Bhagawan Rama together, there wouldn’t have been any fight of any sorts. Ravana could have happily continued to rule Lanka and Bhagawan Rama would have been happily living with Mother Sita at Lanka itself! He wouldn’t have even thought of going back to Ayodhya after the fourteen-year tenure came to an end. If He has to go back, He knows that Bharata would come crying to Him and hand over the kingdom, along with Mother Kaikeyi. After that, He has to rule the Ayodhya kingdom, which isn’t an easy task at all. Thus, had Ravana given Bhagawan Rama and Mother Sita an opportunity to live together at Lanka, the “Yuddha Kaanda” in the Ramayana wouldn’t have even taken place! Thus, Ravana had missed this trick very badly, according to our Aachaaryas! 

Moving on thus, as Aniruddha goes missing at Dwaaraka, Bhagawan Krishna comes to know of this, and sends His troops on a massive search operation. Finally, Bhagawan Krishna understands that Aniruddha is at Baanaasura’s place, imprisoned along with Usha. So Bhagawan Krishna now has to take Baanaasura on in a war, so as to free Aniruddha from imprisonment. What is Bhagawan Krishna’s strategy going to be next? Is He going to wage a battle with Baanaasura immediately? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 238 – Usha sees Aniruddha in her dreams – Falls in love with him!!!

In the previous episode, we were amidst a huge transition in Bhagawan Krishna’s divine incarnation, wherein He officially took over as the king of a great place called Dwaaraka. We’ve seen how Bhagawan Krishna had reached this place as “Rana-Chod-Rai” (Bhagawan who had escaped the battlefield at Mathura), and eventually established His great kingdom here. It is only from Dwaaraka did Bhagawan Krishna execute all His divine activities from here on. Eventually, we also witnessed a glimpse of Bhagawan Krishna’s family. I’m going a bit fast in this section because we’ve already seen all of this in detail in our “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana” project previously. Bhagawan Krishna had a son by name Pradhyumna and this Pradhyumna in turn had a son by name Aniruddha. We’re now going to witness a very interesting event that took place with this Aniruddha. As we’ve seen earlier too, Aniruddha got married to Baanaasura’s daughter by name Usha. We are now going to witness how this marriage took place. 

Once upon a time, Usha was able to witness Aniruddha in her dream, as she was sleeping. Aniruddha was a very handsome-looking boy with all qualities of being a great king. As we know, Bhagawan Krishna Himself is very handsome by nature, and obviously His grandson would have the same features, isn’t it? Thus, one day, Usha saw Aniruddha in her dream and she instantly fell in love with him. She wanted to somehow meet this person and marry him. However, there is one difficulty when it comes to dreaming – It is next to impossible for any of us to revisit a dream the next day, isn’t it? We might see something beautiful in our dreams tonight. But what is the guarantee that we would be able to see the same thing in tomorrow’s dreams as well? It is never going to be possible mostly! However in Usha’s case, she had a friend by name Chitralekha. This Chitralekha had a peculiar quality – She was an artist and was an expert in drawing. Not only that – Chitralekha had a unique quality of reproducing people in dreams as drawings! Now this sounds great, isn’t it? This was a huge opportunity for Usha to realize her dream and to understand who she has seen! 

Thus, Usha approached Chitralekha with all details of her dream and the person whom she saw. She requested Chitralekha to replicate this person as a drawing. Chitralekha thus started her assignment! She started drawing all handsome-looking men, as per what Usha described. Finally she even managed to draw a portrait of Bhagawan Krishna! This took Usha with awe! She hadn’t seen such a handsome-looking person ever in her life! Usha replies to Chitralekha thus, “Oh Chitralekha! I think you’re almost there. The person whom I saw had very similar features, but not as handsome as this person. So please reduce the handsomeness factor and draw once more!” Upon Usha’s request, Chitralekha did some modifications to her portrait and managed to replicate Bhagawan Krishna’s son, Pradhyumna. Upon seeing this, Usha was getting more and more eager! She replies thus, “Oh Chitralekha! I think you’re reaching the point slowly! Now reduce a bit more of the handsomeness to this portrait, and I think you’re there!” Accordingly, Chitralekha did yet another round of modifications, and finally she managed to create a beautiful portrait of Aniruddha! 

Upon seeing this, Usha was overwhelmed beyond words! She finally had her dream realized on paper! Now the important question still remains – How does Usha manage to trace Aniruddha’s whereabouts? Where is he? How is she going to marry him? From whom is she going to take help now? She again turns towards Chitralekha for help! Now what is Chitralekha going to do? How is she going to find where Aniruddha is? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 237 – Bhagawan Krishna establishes a mammoth kingdom at “Dwaraka”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna granting the highest “Moksha” to Muchukunda, after he burns down Kaalayavana. We’ve witnessed how Kaalayavana came in the direct firing line of Muchukunda who was in deep slumber for so many decades continuously. As Bhagawan Krishna grants “Moksha” to Muchukunda, we’ve witnessed a stark comparison of the way in which Bhagawan Krishna killed Raakshasas, as against Bhagawan Rama’s strategy. Of course, as I had mentioned earlier too, this comparison is just for our understanding, and nothing else. This is never to undermine one incarnation for the other. We should remember that Bhagawan incarnates every time for a specific purpose. It is He who best knows how to kill each enemy. Thus, irrespective of whether it is Bhagawan Rama or Bhagawan Krishna, the ultimate goal here is to establish and re-establish “Dharma” in this world. As Bhagawan Krishna Himself declares in the Bhagawad Gita thus, 

“Paritraanaaya saadhunaam vinaashaayacha dushkruthaam!

Dharma samsthaabhanaarthaaya sambhavaami yuge yuge!!”

Thus, although Bhagawan Krishna explains to Arjuna the purpose of His incarnation, this statement holds true for any of His incarnations. We should understand how Bhagawan protects the “Saadhus” and destroys the Raakshasas. Here too, we’ve seen how Bhagawan Krishna protects Muchukunda, who was a “Saadhu” by nature and grants him the highest Moksha. At the same time, He destroys Kaalayavana, who was a Raakshasa by nature. Thus we can see that at every instance of Bhagawan’s divine incarnation, this theory would be satisfied. 

As we’ve seen Muchukunda attaining “Moksha”, this very place can be worshipped even today, in the western-Indian state of Gujarat. Here, Bhagawan Krishna is today worshipped in the name of “Rana-Chod-Rai”. This means, “the deity which had fled the Mathura battlefield and come to this place”! This is where the main “Dwaraka Patna” was also established by Bhagawan Krishna later on. We’ve already witnessed in our previous “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana” project as to how Bhagawan Krishna established the “Dwaaraka” city. Indra, the leader of the Devas, made sure that he shows his gratitude towards Bhagawan Krishna by helping Him build an enormous kingdom on the Araibian seashore. Even today we can witness some remains of this mighty Dwaaraka palace beneath the seafloor. There is a lot of archaeological work that is being carried out today to determine how this palace looked like. Tourists and pilgrims can visit the remains of Dwaaraka palace even today by going for a few kilometers into the sea by boat. There are dedicated ferry services that are available exclusively for this purpose. In fact, if we visit Dwaaraka today, we can see a big museum that has recently been built, which shows the exact timeline of various excavation works that had taken place till today, along with the findings. If we connect the dots, we can easily conclude the existence of a huge empire, which has been destroyed over thousands of years due to constant sea erosion and changing of the landscape. 

Thus, the reality remains that Dwaaraka was a massive establishment that existed during the Dwaapara Yuga, headed by Bhagawan Krishna Himself. As we might know by now, the Dwaapara Yuga got over somewhere around 5000 years ago and Bhagawan Krishna incarnated towards the end of this Dwaapara Yuga. Once Bhagawan Krishna departed to Vaikunta, the Kali Yuga took over. This is how we’ve to understand the timelines here. 

With the construction of the huge palace, courtesy Indra, Bhagawan Krishna thus establishes His kingdom at Dwaaraka. As Bhagawan Krishna moved into Dwaaraka, it is said that He married around 16,108 women and ruled the kingdom with an enormous family. This is why we worship Bhagawan Krishna as Bhagawan “Dwaaraka-Deesha”! One of Bhagawan Krishna’s important sons was Pradhyumna. This Pradhyumna had a son in turn, by name “Aniruddha”. As we move on further, we’re giong to see how Aniruddha got to marry “Usha ” who was Baanaasura’s daughter. This Baanaasura was a “Raakshasa” by nature, and we’re going to witness how this marriage took place. An interesting episode on this awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 236 – Bhagawan Krishna grants the highest “Moksha” to Muchukunda!!!

We’re at an important point in Bhagawan Krishna’s pursuit towards Dwaaraka, wherein Kaalayavana is giving a tough chase. Bhagawan Krishna runs and runs, and finally enters into a big cave wherein Muchukunda is amidst a sound slumber. We’ve seen in yesterday’s episode as to who this Muchukunda was and why he was sleeping here. As per the boon obtained by him from Indra, Muchukunda had the power to burn anyone down on that very moment, whoever disturbs his sleep. Knowing this very well, Bhagawan Krishna puts His “Peetaambara” cloth over the sleeping Muchukunda, gives him a tight kickon his lap and hides Himself in a dark corner of the cave. Kaalayavana who was following Bhagawan Krishna sees the “Peetambara” over Muchukunda and wrongly concludes that it was Bhagawan Krishna who was “acting” as if He was asleep. Thinking thus, Kaalayavana gives Muchukunda a tight kick on his legs, which wakes him up from the deep slumber! 

Now, all of us know about Muchukunda’s boon! The moment Muchukunda opens his eyes, it was Kaalayavana who was directly on the “firing line” of Muchukunda! Thus, Kaalayavana was burnt down to ashes at that very spot! As Muchukunda opened his eyes for the first time after so many years, he did not even know who was in front of him. All he did was to recollect Indra’s boon, and administered the boon effectively on poor Kaalayavana! Thus, Bhagawan Krishna did not directly kill Kaalayavana. He was just an instrument in getting him killed. 

This is yet another stark difference between Bhagawan Krishna and Bhagawan Rama. In Bhagawan Rama’s case, He would go personally and kill all the Raakshasas. We’ve seen how Bhagawan Rama killed Shubaahu on the way to Mithilapuri. Further, He searched and killed the 14,000 Raakshasas at “Dhandakaaranya” forest. He went all the way to Lanka to kill Ravana. However, in contrast, Bhagawan Krishna was just acting as an instrument in getting the Raakshasas killed. Even in Gokula we’ve witnessed that all the Raakshasas who came to kill Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, literally killed themselves only. For instance, Poothana came to feed breastmilk to Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. He did not intend to kill her! He sucked her in such a way that her poison killed her, instead of it killing Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. Similar was the case for Sakatasura too. Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was crying profusely by shaking His hands and legs violently. Sakatasura unfortunately came into Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s arc of swinging His legs, and he got kicked to death! Similarly, if we look at the Mahabharata war (Kurukshetra battle), Bhagawan Krishna never lifted even a single weapon! Yet He managed to kill thousands and thousands of people in the war, including Bhishma, Guru Dhronachaarya, Duryodhana and all his “Kaurava” brothers. Thus, this is a gross difference between the two incarnations of Bhagawan Vishnu. 

Again, this is a comparison that I’m making, just for our understanding and experiential purpose. We should always understand that every incarnation of Bhagawan is unique and has its own significance. These are not to be compared and contrasted as to who is better! Moving on further, as Kaalayavana was burnt down by Muchukunda, Bhagawan Krishna appears in front of him. Muchukunda still couldn’t recognize that it was Bhagawan who was standing in front of him. Unknowingly thus, Muchukunda asks Bhagawan Krishna, “Oh! Who are you? Why have you come here?” Bhagawan Krishna smartly replies thus, “Oh Muchukunda! It is not important now as to who I am. I’m Bhagawan Krishna. I’ve come here to grant you the ultimate “Moksha”. Do you want to take it right away, or, do you want to still continue investigating who am I and what is my background? You choose what do you want!” Upon hearing such a “diktat” from Bhagawan Krishna, Muchukunda was left out with no option but to accept the offer. The moment Muchukunda says “Yes”, Bhagawan Krishna ensures that he transcends to “Vaikunta” the very next moment, without a single question being asked! We can imagine how fortunate was Muchukunda here! 

So for today, let us enjoy this experience of Muchukunda attaining “Moksha” and let us wait for the next episode to see how Bhagawan Krishna established His vast empire on this very place and how is Bhagawan Krishan being worshipped today in this very place! An interesting accord awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 235 – Bhagawan Krishna sees Muchukunda inside the cave – Unleashes His trick on Kaalayavana!!!

We’re amidst a very interesting and absorbing phase of Bhagawan Krishna’s divine incarnation, wherein He flees from Mathura and “runs” all the way to Dwaraka in the western coastal state of Gujarat in India. We should imagine the distance which Bhagawan Krishna has covered all the way by just running – Mathura is in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. From Mathura, Bhagawan Krishna has crossed the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. If we calculate the distance, it would be more than a thousand kilometers easily. We witnessed yesterday how Kamsa’s uncle, Jarasandha was trying to avenge Kamsa’s demise by taking on Bhagawan Krishna repeatedly, only for both of them being unable to neutralize each other. As this warfare was becoming a never-ending story at Mathura, Bhagawan Krishna decides to give it up and flee from there, so that the Mathura people can be free of any further war and loss of life and property. Thus, one fine night, Bhagawan Krishna starts to run away from Mathura, only to be spotted by Kaalayavana, who was Jarasandha’s brother. 

As Bhagawan Krishna runs all His way, Kaalayavana starts chasing Him. This was an ultra-long chase and it was never-ending. However, Kaalayavana was never tired of running such a long distance. Bhagawan Krishna too was surprised as Kaalayavana never gave up the chase at any point! Finally Bhagawan Krishna decides that He’s had enough with all the running. He thus enters into a huge cave, full of darkness. Kaalayavana too enters into the cave and starts chasing Bhagawan Krishna. 

As Bhagawan was running with full speed, even amidst darkness, He came across this person by name “Muchukunda”. This Muchukunda is a peculiar person – Once upon a time there was a huge war between the Devas and the Raakshasas. Muchukunda being an invincible person in warfare, was approached by Indra, the leader of the Devas camp. Accordingly, Muchukunda accepted the invitation to fight, and thus fought on behalf of Indra and Co. to defeat the Raakshasas. Muchukunda achieved this feat quite easily with all his power and valor and this impressed Indra beyond words! Indra asks Muchukunda thus, “Oh Muchukunda! I’m mighty impressed with the way you’ve fought and won this battle for us. You’ve restored and safeguarded the safety and reputation of the Devas. So please feel free to ask me for a boon. I shall grant you without any prejudice!” Upon Indra’s request, Muchukunda was overwhelmed and replied thus, “Oh Indra! I did not fight this war for you on the pretext of any boon. I just did my duty to protect Dharma. I’m not interested in any boon from you. However, since I’m feeling tired after a long fight, I want to rest for a while at some secluded place wherein I wouldn’t be disturbed. If I get disturbed by someone and when I open my eyes and look at that person, he / she should get burnt down then and there! Oh Indra! Please grant me this one thing!” Pleased by Muchukunda’s reply, Indra grants whatever he asked for, and shows this very tunnel for him to sleep. The time period for which Muchukunda is asleep was over a hundred years put together, because the war went on for many light years. 

Thus, it is near this same Muchukunda that Bhagawan Krishna is now coming close to. Of course, Bhagawan Krishna knows Muchukunda’s past and on purpose, comes into this particular cave. It is to be remembered by readers that Kaalayavana is giving chase all the way inside the cave as well. Upon seeing this, Bhagawan Krishna decides that this is the right time for things to move ahead. Bhagawan Krishna gives Muchukunda a tight kick on his thighs, covers Muchukunda’s body with His “Peetaambara” (Yellow silk cloth that Bhagawan Krishna wears every time), runs into a corner and hides Himself! Giving a befitting chase, Kaalayavana reaches the spot where Muchukunda was sleeping! Upon seeing the yellow “Peetaambara” cloth covered over, Kaalayavana thought that it was Bhagawan Krishna who was acting there as if He was sleeping. Seeing this, Kaalayavana gives a tight kick to Muchukunda’s legs to wake him up! 

Now we’re at a very interesting phase here – What happens next? Is Muchukunda going to wake up with Kaalayavana’s kicks? Is Muchukunda going to open his eyes now? Who is going to be burnt down by Muchukunda? Let’s wait to witness the answers for all these questions in tomorrow’s episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 234 – From Mathura to Dwaraka – Bhagawan Krishna’s “MARATHON” running!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Bala-Krishna completing His formal education under Guru Saandeepana and with the completion of the same, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna and Balarama give the “Guru Dakshina” of reuniting Saandeepana with his lost son. With this, Guru Saandeepana was extremely happy and blessed Bhagawan Bala-Krishna of enormous success in whatever endeavor He undertook as part of His divine mission. Moving forward thus, Bhagawan Krishna returns back to Mathura and at this time, Jaraasandha, Kamsa’s uncle was in great anger upon hearing Kamsa’s demise. He decides to take Bhagawan Krishna head on in a war, and to kill Him then and there. Bhagawan Krishna too knows that Jarasandha is a formidable enemy and is getting ready to take him on. 

Thus, Jarasandha arrives at Mathura with a huge army and Bhagawan Krishna too is up and ready for the challenge. A huge war breaks out between the two camps and the fight goes on and on. Finally, Bhagawan Krishna is unable to win over Jarasandha and on the other hand, Jarasandha too doesn’t know how to win over Bhagawan Krishna. Both of them thus call off the war, and go back to their places. It is to be noted that this Jarasandha has obtained a boon – He would be killed only if his body is cut into two halves and one half being thrown into the opposite direction of the other. This is going to be a daunting task for Bhagawan Krishna to achieve for the moment, and thus, Jarasandha getting greedier by the moment, calls Bhagawan Krishna for a fight repeatedly. Until a certain point, Bhagawan Krishna too responds to Jarasandha’s war call and several rounds of fights take place between the two. Jarasandha is steadfast in his intention of taking vengeance over Bhagawan Krishna for killing Kamsa. Bhagawan Krishna on the other hand, is highly invincibile in nature, and Jarasandha is unable to understand the trick here! 

As this fight continues on and on at several occasions, the entire Mathura city is now getting into a panic mode. To avoid this from getting escalated further, Bhagawan Krishna narrows down on a “tricky” plan. He knows that Jarasandha can’t be killed if He goes for a war every time. There’s someone else who is destined to kill Jarasandha, who is none other than Bhima –  Second brother of the “Pancha-Paandavas”. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna decides to avoid Jarasandha for the time being and decides to quit Mathura altogether. Not knowing this, Jarasandha sends his brother, Kaalayavana to the battlefield to fight Bhagawan Krishna for the n’th time. However, Bhagawan Krishna is in a different mode altogether. Just as Kaalayavana arrives at the battlefield, Bhagawan Krishna starts to run away from him. 

Upon seeing this, Kaalayavana did not understand anything for a moment. He shouts at Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Coward Krishna! Stop! Don’t run! Have the guts to fight with me! I know you’re weak, but this is not the way in which you give up the battle!” Even though Kaalayavana shouts on top of his voice, Bhagawan Krishna keeps running! He runs, runs and runs as Kaalayavana gives a competent chase! Bhagawan Krishna runs from Mathura city in a south-western direction, crosses over Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, enters into Rajasthan, and keeps on running! Kaalayavana chases Bhagawan Krishna all the way, wherever He runs! 

Finally, Bhagawan Krishna enters this area called “Dwaraka” in Gujarat, and quickly spots a huge cave! Kaalayavana is still giving a befitting chase and as Bhagawan Krishna enters the tunnel, Kaalayavana enters inside as well! Going deeper and deeper, Kaalayavana feels that he has lost his way somewhere! As he thinks for a moment, suddenly Bhagawan Krishna appears in front of him and starts running again! Kaalayavana gets totally confused and is tired of running too long as well. Finally, Bhagawan Krishna is now going to unleash a huge trick which is going to kill Kaalayavana. What is that trick? Is Bhagawan Krishna directly going to kill Kaalayavana, or, is it someone else who is going to kill him? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂