Episode # 577 – Yudishtra & Co. move to the “Kamyaka Vanam” – Sage Vyasa comes to meet them!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana conducting the “Vaishnava-Satra Yaaga” and with this. He gained enormous happiness and satisfaction. He was mainly happy that he is finally able to match Yudishtra’s “Raaja-Suya Yaaga” in some way, even though he isn’t able to perform it at this moment. Thus, with this, we come to the end of the “Goshayatra Parva”, and we move on to the next important Parva which is the “Mriga-Svapnotthava Parva”. Here, as Yudishtra goes to bed one night, he has a dream – All the animals in the “Dvaita Vanam” is coming to Yudistra to seek justice. They had been unceremoniously killed in the name of hunting and other activities allied to it. The animals were actually in grief over the loss of their near and dear ones, and also were scared whether their population will become extinct in the “Dvaita Vanam”. Thus, the animals wanted Yudishtra to provide them some sort of justice. Thus, Yudishtra too decides that it is time for him to make a move on. He communicates this to Draupati and the others and the next day, all of them pack their bags and move to the next place – The “Kaamyaka Vanam”. 

Readers should recollect here that the mandate given to the Paandava brothers at the end of the gambling game is that, they’ve to reside in the forest for twelve years, and for the thirteenth year, they should be living in secrecy and should not be seen by anybody. This is called “Agnyaata-Vaasam”. If at all someone sees the Paandavas from the Hastinapura kingdom, they should once again go to the forest for the next twelve years and should spend one more year in the “Agnyaata-Vaasam”. Thus, the shift that we’re seeing here from the “Dvaita Vanam” to the “Kaamyaka Vanam” is happening well within the first twelve-year period only and hence, there is no need to worry about being seen by anybody at this point in time. Hence, Yudishtra decides to make a move from the “Dvaita Vanam” to the “Kaamyaka Vanam”, which is also an equally dense forest area. As Yudishtra and Co. reach the “Kaamyaka Vanam”, we come to the end of this small “Mriga-Svapnotthava Parva”. As we move on to the next Parva, we go into the “Vreehi-Draunika Parva”. The phrase “Vreehi” means paddy, and “Drauni” means an instrument that is used to measure the quantity of the paddy. 

As we move into this Parva, Sage Vyaasa enters into the scene once again! This is a time when Yudishtra is feeling extremely bad and depressed with all the suffering that he and his family are undergoing at the moment. He feels ashamed of himself as to why he opted to play the gambling game and why didn’t he stop playing that when he started losing everything that was under his possession. Yudishtra starts feeling upset that he had gone to that extent of losing even his beloved wife to the gamble and he feels deeply hurt because of the insult that he had to undergo in the hands of Duryodhana and Co. As Yudishtra keeps brooding over the past incidents, Sage Vyaasa enters in at that very moment. Normally people like us have this tendency – If we undergo some trials and tribulations in our life, we tend to get depressed mentally by thinking about it more often! We keep lamenting about it with many other people as well, and express our anguish. However, in this process, we fail to think of what should be done in the future to combat such suffering. This is where we need the help and guidance of “Mahatmas” and “Spiritual Masters”. They are people who are beyond all these feelings and suffering. They can clearly guide us on the way forward from here on. Their only focus is on “Dharma” and establishing it any cost. Thus, Yudishtra now has the golden opportunity to rejuvenate himself with some fresh inputs from Sage Vyaasa. 

So for today, let us understand up to this point, and we shall wait till the next episode to witness what conspired between Yudishtra and Sage Vyaasa! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 576 – Duryodhana performs the “Vaishnava-Satra-Yaga” successfully to prove his mettle!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana coming back to Hastinapura with a refreshed mood – Thanks to the Dhaanavas for their “Dhur-Bodhana” (Wrong advice & misguidance) that they had made to him! The King of the Dhaanavas had grossly misguided Duryodhana that he has all the qualities to pip Yudishtra quite easily and become the next king of Hastinapura. With this “Bodhana”, Duryodhana starts feeling overconfident from that very moment onwards! He returns back with a new rigour and proposes to all his mates, including the likes of Sahuni and the others, that he wants to perform a “Raaja-Suya Yaaga”, similar to the one that Yudishtra did when he was the king of Indraprastha. However, the Brahmin Pandits struck down that idea because Duryodhana wasn’t eligible to perform such a “Yaaga” at that point in time due to various reasons. Mainly, he wasn’t even a king of Hastinapura and moreover, how can he perform this Yaaga when his father is alive?  

However, the Brahmin Pandits gave him an alternative course of action. The Brahmin Pandits say thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Do not worry that you’re unable to do the “Raaja-Suya Yaaga” at the moment. Time will come, and we shall think of it at that moment. However, now, you can perform an equivalent “Vaishnava-Satra Yaaga” and prove your mettle to the world! Hence, please try and perform this Yaaga as a substitute to the “Raaja-Suya Yaaga”!” This sounds good for Duryodhana and Co. and they get ready for the same almost immediately! Thus, Duryodhana arranges for a grand “Yaaga” at Hastinapura and it takes place with a lot of grandeur. With this, Duryodhana and all the others surrounding him are extremely happy and satisfied! King Dhridarasshtra is also happy that Duryodhana is slowly gaining a lot of prominence in the power circles of the kingdom. With this, we come to the end of this “Goshayatra Parva”. We’ve seen how Duryodhana initially wanted to see Yudishtra and Co. suffering in the forest, thereafter pick up a war with them and finish them off. However, unfortunately as fate would have it, Duryodhana landed up in the hands of Chitrarasa and was almost beaten to death, only for Arjuna to come and save him. Filled with embarrassment, Duryodhana decided to commit suicide – Thanks to the Dhaanavas who saved him from it! Now, Duryodhana has regained that confidence by performing the “Vaishnava-Satra Yaaga” and he is back to his original form! 

Moving on further from here, we go into the next small Parva, which is nothing but the “Mriga-Svapnotthava Parva”. Now this is a sad Parva, wherein all the animals living around the “Dvaita Vanam” are feeling threatened. As the Paandava brothers are living in this “Dvaita Vanam”, they are catching one or two animals every passing day and killing them as part of their regular hunting exercise. As this continues further everyday, the population of these animals living there are coming down slowly. With this, the animals are worried about whether they will become extinct soon. Thus, one night when Yudishtra goes to sleep, all these dead animals come in Yudishtra’s dream and tell him thus, “Oh Yudishtra! You’re known for “Dharma” and “Righteousness”, isn’t it? Is it “Dharma” to kill all of us for no fault of ours? What mistake did we make to you? Why are we meeting a ghastly end to our lives? All of us are living in fear in this forest area, and with each animal passing away, the population of animals is coming down! Oh Yudishtra! Why are you people roaming around in the forest, which is our dwelling place? Why don’t you go back to your kingdom and live happily?” 

As the animals ask thus with tears in their eyes, Yudishtra replies back, “Oh! We never came here on our own! We were chased away from our kingdom and this is the reason we’re roaming around here! Anyway, now that you’ve raised your concern, we will assure you of no more troubles from our side. We shall vacate this “Dvaita Vanam” and move to a different place!” Saying thus, next day, Yudishtra and Co. move to the “Kaamyaka Vanam”! So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness what is going to happen in the “Kaamyaka Vanam”. Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 575 – Duryodhana wants to perform the “Raja-Suya-Yaga”, but meets a dead-end!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana making a firm decision to somehow put an end to his life, unable to bear the insult and humiliation he had to receive in the hands of Chitrasena and subsequently with Arjuna and the Paandava brothers. Since Arjuna had to come to his rescue, Duryodhana could not digest this fact, despite having great warriors like Karna and the others at his disposal. This leads to peak frustration, and Duryodhana goes away from everyone, only to be intercepted by the “Dhaanavas”, who did the “Dhur-Bodhana” (Instigating) to him in his dream. The Dhaanava king reiterated that Duryodhana has all the capabilities to be a great king and sort to misguide him on the path of “Adharma”. The logic behind the Dhaanavas doing this is very simple – If Duryodhana attempts a suicide and kills himself by chance, only one out of the hundred “Adharmic” people would die. The rest of the 99 would be alive and will continue to wreak havoc. If Duryodhana is alive, he himself will pave the way for the demise of all the other 99 brothers of his who walk the path of “Adharma”! Hence, the Dhaanavas wanted to keep Duryodhana alive at any cost! 

Moving on further thus, as Duryodhana wakes up again, he is completely rejuvenated! He gets that much required confidence and morale-booster from the Dhaanava king and with this, his jealousy and aggressiveness gain more traction. Thus, Duryodhana returns back to Hastinapura with a new vigour! As all of them return back after the futile forest visit, Duryodhana convenes a meeting with Sahuni and the others and proposes thus, “Oh Sahuni uncle! Oh Karna! Oh brothers! Now that Yudishtra and Co. are never going to return back to the kingdom for their entire life, I’m having a plan. Anyway, the Dhaanavas have confirmed to me that I’m going to be the next king of Hastinapura, I’m planning to perform the “Raaja-Suya Yaaga”, just like how Yudishtra performed a few years ago!  But this time, I’ll make sure that I perform the “Raaja-Suya Yaaga” in an even more grand fashion than what Yudishtra did! I request your cooperation for this. We need to take this opportunity to prove to the world that Duryodhana is a much better king as compared to Yudishtra!

As Duryodhana proposes this idea, Sahuni opines immediately – “Oh Duryodhana! Your proposal seems to be good! However, we need to check with the Brahmin pandits as to whether it is possible. Also, if it is possible, we need to look at ways and means of how to perform it!” Paying heed to Sahuni’s advice, Duryodhana and the others consult some highly scholared Brahmin pandits. The answer that Duryodhana obtains from them is quite shocking to him! The Brahmin pandits explain thus, “Oh Duryodhana! If you’ve to perform the Raaja-Suya Yaaga, you should first win over the kingdom which has an equal share with Yudishtra. Without making the kingdom completely yours, how will you perform the Yaaga? If Yudishtra performed it, he was already the king of Indraprastha, which was given to him by your father. But since you’ve not yet taken over the reins of the kingdom from your father as yet, you’re not even a king at the moment. If that is so, how will you perform the offering? Moreover, how can you do the “Raaja-Suya Yaaga” when your father is alive? Yudishtra performed it because his father is no more. Hence, it is not wise of you to compare yourself with Yudishtra blindly like this!”

As one of the Brahmin Pandits says thus, Duryodhana is getting confused! He fumes back thus, “Oh! If that is the case, can I never match Yudishtra in everything? Why is that all of you are taking so high of Yudishtra and are keeping me at one level below him every time? What is so special about that Yudishtra? Afterall he is a cheat and he is a coward in all aspects! He doesn’t even know how to be smart and win a game of gambling! If such is the case, how can he even be a king and manage the kingdom for a single day? His acumen of being a king is a complete zero. He does not have any iota of smart thinking! This is never going to happen! Hence, Oh Brahmin Pandits! I somehow want to prove to the world that I’m better than Yudishtra in the “Raaja-Suya Yaaga”, with which, I can declare to the world that I’m a “Chakravarthy” (Great King). Hence, rather than creating stumbling blocks like this, suggest some other ways through which I can somehow perform it!” 

So we can see here that Duryodhana is firm and adamant as usual! He is now boosted with the Dhaanvas’ words and this is also acting as a catalyst in Duryodhana’s arrogance! So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to see what other alternatives do the Brahmin Pandits come up with for Duryodhana! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 574 – Duryodhana rejuvenates himself with more arrogance – Thanks to the Dhanava King’s “peppy talks”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana facing a bitter embarrassment in the hands of Chitrasena and Arjuna. As Chitrasena drags Duryodhana towards the “Svarga Lokha” to give him some apt punishment, Arjuna stops him mid-way and engages in a fierce battle with Chitrasena in a bid to free Duryodhana. Chitrasena realizes quickly with whom he is fighting and reminds Arjuna about his past. Immediately Arjuna too realizes and the fight comes to an end. With this, Duryodhana is freed from the clutches of Chitrasena, according to Arjuna’s request. This incident wherein Duryodhana had to be saved by none other than an enemy himself gives him a lot of shame and embarrassment. On top of this, Karna assumes that Duryodhana had won over Chitrasena and when he starts praising Duryodhana’s “valour”, Duryodhana goes to the extent of deciding to commit a suicide! He doesn’t want to live with this embarrassment any further! He has been defeated left, right and centre, and has been insulted and humiliated too! 

Deciding thus, even as Karna and the others try to stop him, Duryodhana commences his journey towards the northern direction in his chariot, firm on what he wants to do. As Duryodhana drives on further and further, he becomes tired and fatigued after a point. This is also because he had taken a “Prathignya” (Vow) not to consume any food and water! Thus, after a point, Duryodhana falls almost unconscious mid-way and he is fast asleep now! At this time, the “Dhaanavas” (One community of Celestial Beings) were looking at what was happening with Duryodhana. They started thinking, “Oh no! If this Duryodhana dies now, the rest of the Kauravas will not be destroyed! Only if Duryodhana is alive and only if he wages a battle later on, will there be an opportunity for the Paandava brothers to destroy the entire Kaurava clan. Hence, we’ve to do something to revive Duryodhana’s health!” Thinking thus, the Dhaanavas come near Duryodhana and create a dream amidst his sleep. They created a dream as if Duryodhana is being gently carried by them and taken in front of the king of the Dhaanavas. 

Thus, upon seeing Durydhana, the Dhaanava King explains: “Oh Duryodhana! Till now I’ve been seeing you as a great warrior who is unfazed when it comes to a war. Now, just because you’ve been on the losing side with Chitrasena, why are you getting so unmotivated to an extent of going for a suicide? This is not a characteristic of a great warrior! You should get up, prepare yourself better next time and fight, rather than sulking like this! Moreover, if you’re taking such extreme decisions, imagine the plight of your 99 brothers who are waiting for you. Imagine what Karna will think of you! Don’t you have the responsibility of protecting and taking care of all of them as their elder brother? Moreover, you’re the one who is going to carry forward your father’s legacy as a great king! In future, you’re going to be a great king! This is just a one-off defeat and in the future, you’re going to have an extremely good time ahead! Hence, get up and brace yourself for a bright and a prosperous future! Get yourself prepared to be the next king of the Hastinapura kingdom!” 

Saying thus, the King of the Dhaanavas motivates Duryodhana in a wrong way! As Duryodhana sees this dream amidst his sleep, he suddenly wakes up! He feels so refreshed after seeing this dream and with this, Duryodhana assumes that these words of the Dhaanava king are really going to come true in the near future! Thus, Duryodhana gets rejuvenated and returns back to the kingdom with even more arrogance! As he returns back, he narrates this incident to a few people, however, he mars this incident to a few others, and with this, Duryodhana’s arrogance and jealousy towards the Paandava brothers increased multifold – Thanks to the encouraging and motivating words from the Dhaavana king! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall continue this discussion in the next episode as well, to witness what is Duryodhana’s next course of action! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 

Episode # 573 – Duryodhana decides to commit suicide because of embarrassment!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a marquee battle taking place between Arjuna and Chitrasena, with both of them not realizing whom they were fighting with. The fight is taking place to save Duryodhana from the clutches of Chitrasena, who is trying to drag him away to the “Svarga Lokha” for some “special treatment”! As Duryodhana cries for help, Yudishtra wants Bheemasena to go to his rescue, however, he refuses. Subsequently, Arjuna takes up the responsibility to save Duryodhana and the fight happens. Finally as Chitrasena realizes that he is fighting with none other than Arjuna, he calls truce immediately and introduces himself to Arjuna! Upon realizing that he is fighting with none other than Chitrasena, Arjuna too stops the fight immediately and both of them put down their bows and arrows. Arjuna asks Chitrasena thus, “Oh Chitrasena! What are you doing here in the Manushya Lokha? You are not supposed to come down to our Lokha isn’t it? Why did you come? What happened between you and Duryodhana? Why are you dragging him away? Please explain!” 

As Chitrasena explains all whatever happened earlier, Arjuna requests Chitrasena to forgive Duryodhana and leave him alone. Paying heed to Arjuna’s words, Chitrasena lets Duryodhana off his clutches and with this, Duryodhana is left alone! As this happens, Chitrasena bids farewell to Arjuna and leaves back to his “Svarga Lokha”. Now, the onus is upon Duryodhana to thank Arjuna for saving his life, isn’t it? But did Duryodhana do that? The answer is “No”! Shame is written all over Duryodhana’s face and he is completely embarrassed! Duryodhana thinks within himself thus, “Oh! Arjuna is my biggest enemy, but I’m being insulted in front of my enemy in this way! I can never take this any further!” Thinking thus, Duryodhana immediately leaves that place. On one hand, his anger towards Arjuna and Co. is simmering, and on the other side, he is unable to express it towards them because Arjuna was the person who had saved his life! Duryodhana is in a clear fix right now – Whether to apologize to the Pandava brothers and call them back, or, just take the embarrassment and move on with his agenda! Duryodhana chooses the latter! Even though an enemy has done something good for him, he is not in a mood to forgive that enemy unconditionally and accept him! This is the biggest fault that Duryodhana has in him! 

Thus, Duryodhana walks away in shame and embarrassment and on the way he meets Karna. Upon seeing Duryodhana bruised all over and in the absence of Chitrasena, Karna initially thought that Duryodhana had won over Chitrasena! Karna praises Duryodhana thus, “Oh wow! Duryodhana! What a victory you’ve obtained today! When none of us were able to stand in front of Chitrasena’s wrath, you’ve single handedly won over him! How was it possible? How did you ensure that you won the marquee battle?” In this way, Karna started praising Duryodhana, which actually made Duryodhana even more embarrassed! Duryodhana replies back thus, “Oh Karna! Please stop this nonsense! You do not know what happened, and don’t blabber something without knowing anything! I’ve been beaten and bruised by Chitrasena and finally Arjuna had to come and rescue me from him! I’m already deeply wounded and hurt by this insult and now you’re rubbing more salt on my injury! With this, I don’t think I have any more strength left in me to live a life! I can’t take this kind of a torture anymore! I’m deciding to commit a suicide and finish myself! I cannot live any further with this embarrassment that I obtained from Arjuna! Oh Karna! You know what? That Yudishtra was looking at me as if he had achieved something huge! Bheemasena was celebrating my loss to Chitrasena! He was looking at me as if he has accomplished something great! Such a coward he is – He doesn’t have the strength to call me for a one-on-one battle with me, but if someone else beats me up, he is celebrating as if it is victory! Can anybody be more cowardly than what the Paandava brothers are? Hence, instead of living any further with this insult, I’m going to finish off my life with this! I’ve had enough!” 

Saying thus, Duryodhana rushes out! Upon seeing Duryodhana’s condition, Karna and the others did not know how to react! All of them are stunned beyond bits! So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to find out what happened to Duryodhana next! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 572 – Arjuna vs. Chitrasena – A marquee battle between experts!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana being caught by Chitrarasa and his army and being dragged on to the “Svarga Lokha” for some “harsh treatment”. Duryodhana did not anticipate such a result as he severely underestimated Chitrarasa and his powers. He tried waging an unwanted war with Chitrarasa and to his horror, all his Kaurava army, including the likes of Karna and the others were beaten and bruised! Karna was defeated to such an extent that he had to run away to save his life! Finally, Chitrarasa caught Duryodhana by his collar and started dragging him away, which alerted Yudishtra and Co. As Duryodhana sounded for help, nobody came to his rescue. Yudishtra’s heart started melting with these helpless sounds from Duryodhana and requested Bheemasena to go and help Duryodhana out! Yudishtra tries convincing Bheemasena to go and help, by saying that he has to learn and forgive people for their flaws. Moreover, Yudishtra tried explaining to Bheemasena that even though there are feuds within the family, an outsider cannot be let to dominate our family members. But is Bheemasena ready to listen to all this? Let us continue from where we left! 

As Yudishtra explains his “Dharma” clearly, Bheemasena is unwilling to relent! The hurt that he had obtained from Duryodhana and the scene wherein Draupati was insulted in the public courtroom flashes in Bheemasena’s mind again and again. This mars him from accepting Yudishtra’s piece of advice. Bheemasena replies back, “Oh brother! Whatever you’re saying is correct! Your words are power-packed with “Dharma”. However, my mind is unable to relent from the injuries that it had obtained over the years. Duryodhana is not an ordinary criminal. He is doing blunder after blunder and is roaming scottfree. However, today he has got the treatment that he deserves. I’m not going to help Duryodhana in any way. Moreover, if there is one enemy I have in this world who is very prominent, it is Duryodhana, and nobody else! How can I go and protect my enemy, as I’m waiting for his downfall? Hence, I’m not interested to go and extend a helping hand to that crook!” 

As Bheemasena replies thus with anger, Yudishtra decides that there is no point convincing Bheemasena any further. Bheemasena is very stubborn and reluctant, and Yudishtra knows his character. Hence, he tries the next option – Arjuna! Initially Arjuna is also reluctant, but since Yudishtra is firm on his “Dharma”, Arjuna agrees to execute Yudishtra’s words. As Arjuna prepares to fight, Bheemasena also has no other option but to join Arjuna in the pursuit. Hence, both Bheemasena and Arjuna prepare themselves for the marquee battle and they set out in the direction where Chitrasena is dragging Duryodhana. A huge fight happens between Chitrasena and the two Paandava brothers. Chitrasena is an expert in the bow and arrow technique and he is showering the entire sky with his sharp and fast arrows. However, Arjuna, as all of us know, is also an expert in negotiating such situations and he too joins the show with his range of arrows. Thus, a huge fight happens and both Arjuna and Chitrasena are relentless in their pursuit. 

However, as this happens, Chitrasena is puzzled! He starts thinking within himself thus, “Oh wow! Who is this person with an enormous talent on the bow and arrow? I never expected anybody to be having this level of expertise in warfare! Perhaps, is it Arjuna with whom I’m fighting?” Initially, Chitrasena did not realize that the battle was with Arjuna, because both were at a distance from where they could not spot each other. However, upon moving a bit closer, Chitrasena realizes that it is Arjuna on the other side! Thus, Chitrasena stops the war all of a sudden and talks to Arjuna thus, “Oh Arjuna! Don’t you remember me? I’m Chitrasena, who taught you various art forms while you were in the “Svarga Lokha”! Upon seeing your expertise in warfare, I suspected that you might be Arjuna and nobody else, and my doubt has been clarified! Oh Arjuna! Please understand that you’re fighting with your own Guru! Hence, let us stop this battle here itself!” 

As Arjuna hears this, he too realizes that he is making a mistake here! Arjuna replies back thus, “Oh Chitrasena! My profound apologies first up! I did not know that you’re Chitrasena! Please come down and let us have a talk! What is happening, and why did you pick up a fight with my brother Duryodhana? What went wrong? Please come down and explain to us!” As Arjuna calls Chitrasena thus, Chitrasena too comes down to meet Arjuna and Bheemasena. So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness what Chitrasena had to say to Arjuna and Bheemasena and we shall move on further from there on! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 571 – Yudishtra coaxes Bheemasena to rescue Duryodhana from Chitrasena!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana and Co. arriving at the forest area where Yudishtra and the others are residing. Of course, Duryodhana did not want to go straightaway to the near vicinity of the Paandava brothers, but stops at a distance. This is the place where Chitrasena, a “Gandharva” by nature, is playing with some of his female friends. We should remember here that “Gandharvas” are not ordinary human beings, but are celestial beings. Thus, as Duryodhana sees these pretty females there, he gets a desire to play with them as well. Meanwhile, Duryodhana orders tents to be put up, and all arrangements for some enjoyment in the form of drinks, dance, etc. are being made as well. Now, as Duryodhana sets his eyes on these ladies, Chitrasena senses something wrong. He sees Duryodhana at a distance and straightaway comes to him and warns Duryodhana to get out of this place. However, as all of us know, Duryodhana is adamant and he doesn’t pay heed to Chitrasena’s words. 

As Chitrasena’s words go deaf ears, Duryodhana and Chitrasena gear up for a head on! Chitrasena calls up his Gandharva army for a fight against Duryodhana and Co. Duryodhana instructs his soldiers to somehow approach Chitrasena, tie him to a tree and bang him! However, Chitrasena isn’t an ordinary person to handle, as Duryodhana anticipated! Chitrasena escapes from Duryodhana’s soldiers and his Gandharva army gets into a bitter battle with Duryodhana’s soldiers. All of Duryodhana’s soldiers are getting heavily injured in the fight. As this happens, Karna comes with his army and weapons and invites Chitrasena for a war! Chitrasena readily agrees and a huge fight endures! At the end of it, even Karna couldn’t withstand Chitrasena’s power and he had to run away for his life! Upon seeing Karna being defeated left, right and center, Duryodhana himself prepares to oppose Chitrasena. A marquee battle endures and at the end of it, Duryodhana too couldn’t stand in front of Chitrasena’s prowess. Duryodhana is getting beaten left, right and center by Chitrasena’s army and he is heavily injured and insulted! 

As Duryodhana gets defeated thus, Chitrasena doesn’t leave him there – He ties Duryodhana to his chariot wheel and starts riding it towards the “Svarga Lokha”. As Duryodhana cries for help, nobody is there to relieve him from the clutches of Chitrasena. Karna, who was there all this while, got bruised heavily and fearing Chitrasena’s wrath, he ran away back to Hastinapura in fear! Hence, Duryodhana is now left to fend for himself, even as Chitrasena mercilessly carries Duryodhana along! As Duryodhana cries louder for help, Yudishtra hears this clearly! Upon hearing a familiar voice shouting for help, Yudishtra rushes out of his home and checks what is going on. At a distance, he sees Duryodhana crying for help as he is getting dragged by Chitrasena! Within a flash, Yudishtra understands what is going on, and immediately calls Bheemasena. Yudishtra tells Bheemasena thus, “Oh Bheemasena! Isn’t that person our Duryodhana? Why is he getting dragged along like this by Chitrasena? Maybe you should go and relieve Duryodhana and come back!” 

As Yudishtra says thus, Bheemasena gets angry! He replies back angrily thus, “Oh brother! Of course, he is none other than Duryodhana. But why are you saying “our Duryodhana”? Who is he to us? He is our worst enemy! Chitrasena is doing what we should be doing to him! Do you still want me to go and protect our enemy? Let Duryodhana suffer in the hands of Chitrasena, and only then he will realize the pain that we are undergoing every passing day!” As Bheemasena replies angrily thus, Yudishtra quickly calms him down. He says thus, “Oh Bheemasena! Of course you’re right – Duryodhana is our enemy, I know that. But at this point in time, we shouldn’t look into that aspect. If someone is in danger, and even if that person is our enemy, it is our “Dharma” to go and protect him. Moreover, Duryodhana is our brother, and we might have “n” number of issues within our family. However, who is Chitrasena to punish Duryodhana? Chitrasena is a third person. Why should we allow a third person to dominate our family members? If Duryodhana and the Kauravas come for a fight with us, it is 100 vs. 5. However, if a third party like Chitrasena comes for a fight with us, it is 105 vs. 1. We should be united by leaving away all our differences at these crucial junctures. Whatever problems we have within us, this is not the time to seek revenge against Duryodhana. Time will come for that separately!” 

From this accord, we can see how Yudishtra stands by his “Dharma” of protecting anybody who is in dire need – even being his own enemy. However, the bigger question here is whether Bheemasena is going to accept Yudishtra’s words and protect Duryodhana or not. We shall wait till the next episode to continue this interesting accord! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 570 – Duryodhana & Co. set out to the forest in search of Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had commenced witnessing what happened during the “Goshayatra Parva”. After Sage Markandeya finished his accord, and after Satyabhama and Draupati finished their conversation, we’re now entering into the Hastinapura scene and here, Duryodhana desires to mock at Yudishtra’s suffering. He wants to go and make fun of Yudishtra and Co. and thereby, induce anger and tension in them. With this, he plans to finish them off on the spot itself, because the Paandavas are in the forest without their arms and weapons. As Duryodhana plans thus, Sahuni cautions him of King Dhirdaraashtra’s potential bottleneck. Sahuni gives an idea of taking stock of all the cows that have returned from their routine grazing, and thereby with this excuse, go to the forest and see where Yudishtra and Co. are. Accordingly, Duryodhana takes this plan to his father and seeks approval. 

Duryodhana explains to his father thus, “Oh father! Since all our cows are coming back from their grazing stint, we’ve to take stock of all of them, whether all the cows have returned or not. For this, I’m planning to number each cow and ensure that all of them are back. For this, I’m planning to do a “Goshayatra”. Please grant me the permission to do so!” As King Dhirdaraashtra hears this, he immediately approves of it, as he thinks that Duryodhana is trying to do something constructive and he should favour it. Little did King Dhirdaraashtra know Duryodhana’s wicked intentions behind this plan. He was completely aloof to what Duryodhana was doing, and he had no clue of what is going to conspire. With this ignorance, King Dhirdaraashtra gives his approval and Duryodhana is jumping with joy! The plan given by Sahuni is working perfectly! All of them are rejoicing and simultaneously getting ready for the assault. 

As this happens, the army also gets ready for the journey and Duryodhana, along with Karna, Ducchaasana, Sahuni, etc. commence their journey. They trace the whereabouts of Yudishtra and Co. and are nearing that forest area. After a long journey, Duryodhana’s caravan reaches the vicinity of the forest where Yudishtra and Co. are residing. Duryodhana doesn’t want to go straightaway to see Yudishtra and orders for tents to be made in that place itself. As all the preparations are made, Duryodhana and Co. are relaxing themselves after a long journey with a lot of glamour and drinks. At this place where Duryodhana is staying, Chitrasena, who is a “Gandharva” by nature, is playing along with his female friends. Readers might remember who Chitrasena is – We’ve witnessed in our earlier episodes, wherein when Arjuna had gone to the “Svarga Lokha for five years, he learnt various art forms from Chitrasena, who was appointed by Indra. It is the same Chitrasena, who acted as a messenger for Urvashi to go and convince Arjuna. We’ve seen that upon seeing Arjuna, Urvashi fell in love with him and wanted Chitrasena to go and convey her love to him. However, Arjuna rejected her, and with this, Urvashi cursed Arjuna. We’ve seen all this earlier, and readers might recollect this “Charitra” from our earlier episodes. 

Thus, Chitrasena was enjoying his time with his female friends, and this somehow caught the eye of Duryodhana. Upon seeing the beautiful women around Chitrasena, Duryodhana has an inner desire to go near them. Hence, he orders his caravan to be shifted from this current place to the place where the beautiful women are. As this is happening, Chitrasena notices something wrong! He immediately senses Duryodhana’s arrival with a wicked intention and hence, orders him to go back. Chitrasena explains that this place is of the Gandharvas and normal people aren’t allowed to come here. However, Duryodhana is adamant as usual and braces for a fight against Chitrasena and Co.! 

So for today, let us understand upto this point and in the next episode, we shall witness what happened to this fight! Is Duryodhana going to win over Chitrasena, or vice versa? Stay tuned! 🙂  

Episode # 569 – Duryodhana desires to mock at Yudishtra’s suffering – Charts out a plan with Sahuni!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the conclusion of the “Draupati-Satyabhama-Savaadha Parva”, wherein we’ve witnessed very important and interesting answers from Draupati upon Satyabhama’s questions. Draupati explains how she has her husbands under her control completely with her behaviour and character, and not through any other means. She focuses on key points such as transparency between the couple, making sure that the husband is well-taken care of, compatible goals between the couple, cleanliness at home, etc., which are directly applicable for all of us in today’s context as well. If we follow these points in our everyday life, we will endure never-ending and continuous happiness with our family life. Hence, all of us should take this as an opportunity to reflect upon our own family lives and make amendments wherever necessary. With this note, we move into the next “Parva”, which is the “Goshayaatra Parva”. This is a small “Parva” only and we shall quickly skim through what happens in this “Parva” in today’s episode. 

This incident that we’re going to discuss now happens because of Duryodhana’s unnecessary “Ahankaara” (jealousy and arrogance). Let us see what happens. The term “Goshayaatra” indicates taking stock of all the cows when they come into the king’s territory. Every cow has a count or a tag, just to keep a tab on how many cows we have. Even today we do this practice, but of course, with technological advancements, we put RFID tags on the cow’s ears. However, in those days, the practice was a bit traditional. One day, a Brahmana Rishi comes to meet King Dhirdaraashtra at Hastinapura palace. For a long time now, we’ve only been witnessing what is going on at Yudishtra’s side, isn’t it? Now let us for a change go to Hastinapura and see what is happening on the other side. This Brahmana Rishi had first met Yudishtra and Co. in the forest before heading towards Hastinapura. Upon meeting King Dhirdaraashtra, the Rishi explains how Yudishtra and Co. are homeless in the forest, wandering from one place to the other without even properly getting three meals a day. Moreover, the Rishi explains how the forest wild animals are torturing the Paandavas every passing day and how they are negotiating all those threats. Upon hearing all this, King Dhirdaraashtra starts feeling bad and eventually he is in tears as well! Even though King Dhirdaraashtra is in tears that his brother’s sons are suffering this way, does he take any concrete action on ground as a king? He never does and all of us know the reason for King Dhirdaraashtra’s gross inaction too! 

As the Brahmana Rishi narrates all the sufferings of the Paandava brothers in the forest, Duryodhana is also present in the courtroom and hears all these accords. Internally, Duryodhana is extremely happy because this is what he wanted Yudishtra and Co. to undergo! Hence, Duryodhana had a desire – He somehow wanted to go and see Yudishtra and Co. and understand how much suffering they are undergoing! Upon seeing this, readers shouldn’t quickly come to a conclusion that Duryodhana is going to call Yudishtra back, out of mercy or compassion! 🙂 The purpose of Duryodhana’s desire is to have a hearty laugh at Yudishtra’s suffering! He wants to make fun of Yudishtra’s dire situation in person. As Duryodhana expresses this desire to his “companions”, Karna and Sahuni, they too get interested in this idea. 

As Duryoudhana convenes a meeting with his trusted aides, he says thus, “Oh Sahuni uncle! Oh Karna! Let us chart out a plan here – Let us go to the forest with all our army strength! Let us trace the location where Yudishtra and Co. live. We shall reach there and upon seeing all of them, we shall laugh out loud and make them feel embarrassed. Definitely Arjuna will not keep quiet, even though Yudishtra does. Arjuna will want to fight us down, however, they will not have their weapons and armours with them. We shall seize this opportunity to kill all of them there itself and finish the story!” As Duryodhana expresses his plan thus, Sahuni quickly intervenes – “Oh Duryodhana! All your plans look very good on paper! But before all of these, first go to your father and get his approval. The moment you say that you’re going to the forest, your father will shudder. He doesn’t want Yudishtra to be killed at any cost, because your father still has a soft corner towards the Paandavas! First go and convince your father, and then let us plan the rest!” 

As Sahuni says thus, Duryodhana is not very happy again. He asks back thus, “Oh uncle! I understand your point. Yes! My father is a stumbling block for all my plans! Now you only give me an idea as to how I can convince my father on this!” For this, Sahuni gives an idea – “Oh Duryodhana! Anyways, all the cows have returned back to Hastinapura after their seasonal grazing time. Maybe you can use this opportunity and tell your father that you’re in the process of taking stock of all the cows, whether they’ve returned back or not. In this pretext, you can say that some cows are missing and you’re going to the forest in search of them. With this, you can easily execute your plan!” 

As Sahuni gives this idea, Duryodhana rejoices, and goes with his proposal to his father! Now, the question is simple – Will King Dhirdaraashtra accept Duryodhana’s proposal blindly? Or, will he scrutinize his proposal and ask him some tough questions? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 568 – What is “income” & “expenditure” for Bhagawan Krishna? An interesting thought!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Draupati continuing to explain some of the secrets behind her successful relationship with Yudishtra and Co. Draupati explains how the husband and wife should have compatible goals to be achieved together, even though they might be individuals with different thought processes. Only if there is some commonality in the achievement-orientation of goals between the husband and wife, life would be happy and smooth. Moreover, Draupati also talks about how she feeds each and everybody who visits her with love and care. This includes Maharishis, to servants, to animals as well. In fact, Draupati also explains how she remembers each and every animal by its name, even though there are hundreds of them! She says that she calls each and every animal by its name and feeds them! These are some great qualities that people can have, isn’t it? 

Moving on thus, Draupati explains to Sathyabhama – “Oh Satyabhama! More than all these things, there is one important aspect that I’ve to take care of – Income and expenditure. I have the complete control to manage all the income and expenditure at home. My husbands have given that entire authority to me and hence I maintain things very clearly and with full transparency!” As Draupati explains this, Satyabhama looks at Bhagawan Krishna and smiles! As Satyabhama smiles, Bhagawan Krishna understands the intention behind her smile! We should understand here that as this conversation is going on, Bhagawan Krishna, as well as the Paandava brothers are very much present at that place. As Satyabhama smiles, Bhagawan Krishna understands her thought process. She is thinking thus, “Oh wow! Draupati maintains all the income and expenditure correctly! However, our husband doesn’t even care about all that! Maybe because He is a king!” Bhagawan Krishna thinks within Himself in return thus, “Oh wow! This Satyabhama doesn’t know who I am! She thinks that I’m just a mere husband of hers. In fact, my income is all my Bhaktas (Devotees) who come to worship me and exhibit “Sharanaagati”. My expenditure is when I’ve to go personally to meet all my devotees. Moreover, what is income and expenditure for me, if the whole world is mine? Very soon, I’m going to explain and reveal this to Arjuna, who is sitting nearby! Hence, Satyabhama is unaware of who her husband really is, and hence she casts a look like that!” 

Hence moving on further, Satyabhama is also satisfied with Draupati’s answers, and she appreciates Draupati for meticulously practising austerity when it comes to her family life, and her “Pathivratha Dharma” towards her husbands. Bhagawan Krishna and Yudishtra too acknowledge Draupati’s words and in turn, Bhagawan Krishna provides His divine “Anugraha” to her. With this, we come to the end of this Parva, and we now move into the next Parva called the “Goshayaatra Parva”. So for today, let us recall and understand all what we’ve witnessed as part of the “Draupati-Satyabhama Samvaadha Parva” and let us try to reflect some important points from here into our daily lives as well! These points are real eye-openers for today’s life and let us try and practise them meticulously. We shall wait till the next episode to witness what happened during the next “Goshayaatra Parva”! Stay tuned! 🙂