Episode # 216 – Important lesson that we should learn from Akroora’s unconditional “Bhakti” – A discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Akroora reaching Gokula, primarily for two reasons – One obviously as per the order given by Kamsa to bring Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to Mathura city, to “participate” in the “Dhanur Yaga” that Kamsa was “planning” to do! However the second reason is what is very important here – Akroora, being an ardent devotee of Bhagawan Krishna, was eagerly waiting for a chance to worship Him in person. As Kamsa’s “administrative” instruction has given Him a golden opportunity to go to Gokula and pay His respects to Bhagawan, Akroora couldn’t control his happiness. He was sleepless all night, and was eagerly waiting for the dawn to arrive. As soon as the morning arrives, Akroora hurries on to his chariot and races his way to Gokula. We’re now at a point wherein Akroora has reached Gokula and is eagerly waiting for Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to open the door for him. Meanwhile, Akroora was having thousands of questions running in his mind as he was waiting for Bhagawan Krishna to arrive. These questions were out of his sheer eagerness to worship Bhagawan. At the same time, these questions gave rise to a sort of fear in Akroora’s mind. What if Bhagawan rejects him straight away if He comes to know that he has come from Kamsa? Or, what if Bhagawan attacks and kills him then and there, thinking that he is a Raakshasa? Or, worst comes to worst, what if Bhagawan Krishna never turns out to see him? 

As Akroora was thinking thus, he started getting tears in his eyes. With these tears, Akroora gives a faint knock at the door of Bhagawan Krishna’s house. He couldn’t hold his excitement and fear – Both at the same time. However, what is going to happen now is a sharp contrast with what Akroora was thinking! The moment when the door opens, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was right there in front of him with a beaming smile! Akroora was taken aback by this firstup! He never expected first of all for Bhagawan Krishna to come and directly open the door. Moreover, the way in which Bhagawan Bala-Krishna welcomed Akroora was right opposite to what Akroora was thinking in his mind. Upon seeing Akroora, Bhagawan Krishna didn’t even ask him who he was. He immediately addressed Akroora by his name and welcomed him inside the house! This was the second shock that Akroora had! Now that Akroora had been welcomed inside the house, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna and Balarama being children, fell on Akroora’s feet and worshipped him! The first two shocks that Akroora received were slightly better. But this third shock that he received – Akroora couldn’t stand it anymore! He burst into tears as he lifted Bhagawan Krishna and Balarama from his feet. Akroora was shell-shocked! He had come to Gokula to worship Bhagawan Krishna, but on the contrary, Bhagawan Krishna is worshipping him! How can this happen? Akroora replies to Bhagawan thus, “Oh Bhagawan Krishna! As per the protocol, you are Bhagawan and I’m your “Daasa” (Devotee). Accordingly, it should be this Akroora who should fall on your feet and worship you. But you’re doing the contrary here! How can this be feasible?” 

As Akroora says thus, he is completely in tears. Upon seeing Akroora’s state, Bhagawan Krishna smiles at him and hugs him warmly in His arms! What an opportunity for Akroora! Just like how Hanuman got a warm embrace from Bhagawan Rama in the Ramayana, here, Akroora is getting a warm embrace from Bhagawan Krishna! Such is the respect that Bhagawan gives to His devotees, if the devotion is pure and steadfast. This is the lesson that all of us should learn and understand from the Akroora and Hanuman episodes – True devotion towards Bhagawan, melts His heart completely! If our devotion is pure, Bhagawan would definitely answer our prayers in the most welcoming way, just like how He did for Akroora and Hanuman. 

Continuing further thus, Akroora explains to Bhagawan Krishna, the agenda behind his visit. Akroora explains to Bhagawan that His uncle, Kamsa is calling Him to Mathura city, to participate in a “Dhanur Yaga” that he is planning to do, and hence, he has sent Akroora as a messenger to receive Him. Now what is Bhagawan Bala-Krishna going to do? Is He going to go with Akroora straight away, or, is He going to do otherwise? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 215 – Akroora reaches Gokula – Waits for Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine “Darshan”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Kamsa operationalizing a two-tier strategy to take on his lethal enemy, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. The first tier of security comes in the form of an elephant by name “Kuvalayaapeetham”, which is extremely ferocious in nature. Kamsa’s thought process was that, this elephant would easily kill Bhagawan Bala-Krishna as He enters the palace. Even if He somehow escapes the elephant, the next tier was a set of experts in “Malyuddha” (Kick-boxing). These people were extremely well-trained and they can take down anybody with ease. Thus, if at all Bhagawan Bala-Krishna manages to defeat these people, Kamsa can directly engage in a fight, head-on. With this, Kamsa was extremely confident that his enemy can be neutralized successfully. He was thus waiting eagerly for Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to arrive. Meanwhile, we’ve also witnessed that Kamsa had sent his minister, Akroora to bring Bhagawan Bala-Krishna from Gokula to Mathura. 

Meanwhile, Akroora hurries his way to Gokula. So far, we’ve been witnessing what was happening at Mathura. Now let us shift our attention to what is going to happen at Gokula. Akroora arrives at Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s place at Gokula, and he is full of happiness and eagerness. Akroora was thinking within himself thus, “Oh! Until today, I was so unfortunate that every morning I’ve to wake up and look at Kamsa’s ugly face. However, today I’m going to get an opportunity to have a look at Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine face and hence let me prepare myself for it. Although Kamsa is cruel by nature, I’ve to thank him today, because, out of all the ministers, he chose me for this assignment. I’m getting this opportunity, which nobody else at Mathura has got!” Thus, even before he started his journey from Mathura, Akroora started having all such thoughts running in his mind! With this, he was eagerly waiting for the dawn to break and to take the chariot to ride fast to Bhagawan Krishna. Even as Akroora was coming along in the chariot, he was filled with such thoughts of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, and he was in extreme happiness with the very thought that he’s going to get this divine opportunity of worshipping Bhagawan in person! 

In today’s scenario, we too would have this feeling, isn’t it? I do not know if that would be true in case we’re going to a temple to worship Bhagawan, but, for instance, if we’re planning to travel to another location to visit a close relative, or even if we’re planning for a tourist trip to a hill-station or somewhere, we would start having that urge to go there, even before one week or ten days of the actual trip, isn’t it? For instance, the moment we book the flight tickets to go to Goa or some tourist destination, our heart and mind would totally delve into Goa, even if it is 15 days remaining for the trip to commence. We would start thinking and conceptualizing how would Goa be, how would be the hotel where we would be staying, how would the sight-seeing trips be, how would the food be, what kind of parties can we be part of, etc., isn’t it? Until the actual day of the trip arrives, we would be immersed in such thoughts! This was exactly the same feeling that Akroora underwent! The moment Kamsa called him and asked him to go and meet Bhagawan Krishna the next day, Akroora entered into a huge celebration mode within himself! He was imagining how would Bhagawan Krishna look like, how would Bhagawan receive him, how would he be able to talk to Him, how would Bhagawan Krishna react when he falls on to His feet to worship Him, etc. Thus, Akroora was completely sleepless that entire night and he was badly waiting for the morning to come, so that he could hurry his way to Gokula! 

This, in fact, is one of the highest forms of “Bhakti”. The way Akroora was longing to have Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine darshan the next day, and the way Akroora forgot himself completely with these thoughts, are excellent spiritual lessons that we can learn. Of course, we also have such feelings – But mainly for worldly affairs like going on a holiday, visiting some close relatives / friends, etc. I do not know if we would have this same feeling if we’ve to go to a temple the next day. If we have this feeling towards Bhagawan, this is one of the greatest forms of “Bhakti” that we can have. 

Huffing and puffing thus, Akroora finally reaches Gokula and knocks at Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s door. As he does that, a sort of fear creeps into Akroora’s mind. He was extremely excited, and too much excitement sometimes leads to a fear and lack of self-confidence. Here too, Akroora is getting skeptical thus, “Oh! What if Bhagawan chases us away, thinking that I’m a stranger? Or, if He comes to know that I’m from Kamsa’s place, what if Bhagawan attacks me and kills me? Or, what if He insults or ill treats me?” As Akroora was thinking thus, he gradually made up his mind thus, “Whatever it might be – Irrespective of how Bhagawan treats me or insults me or kills me, atleast I would have the divine opportunity to see Him with my two eyes. This itself is enough for me! I don’t mind however Bhagawan treats me when He sees me!” 

Thinking thus, Akroora was waiting for Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to open the door. So for today, let us also join hands with Akroora and wait until Bhagawan lets us in! 🙂 How is Bhagawan going to receive Akroora? An absorbing episode awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 214 – Kamsa’s “TWO-TIER” strategy to tackle Bhagawan Bala-Krishna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Kamsa deciding to take Bhagawan Bala-Krishna head on. He has had enough with sending a trail of Raakshasas to kill Him. All the Raakshasas went to Gokula, but none came back – Only to get killed by the enemy then and there! As Kamsa decides thus, we’ve witnessed in yesterday’s episode that Sage Naarada too has a role in motivating Kamsa to “go for the kill”, rather than waiting for someone to do the job. Sage Naarada explains how Kamsa was fooled by Bhagawan Bala-Krishna and how He escaped from the Mathura city jail and fled to Gokula overnight. This explanation from Sage Naarada angered Kamsa even more! With this, Sage Naarada has done his part to perfection! An angry brain cannot think wisely, isn’t it? Kamsa is now extremely angry and the anger is getting over his head now. He thus calls Akroora and instructs him to bring Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to Mathura city. 

Meanwhile, Kamsa is making his plans very clear – He tells Akroora thus, as he is about to start – “Oh Akroora! Tell Krishna that his uncle Kamsa is arranging for a grand “Dhanur-Yaaga” at Mathura City and he wants Krishna to be a part of the offering!” Saying thus, Kamsa sends off Akroora to Gokula. Akroora makes his way to the village with a puzzled mind. Why should Kamsa call Bhagawan Krishna all of a sudden? Why is this “Dhanur Yaaga” taking place now? On what pretext is it happening? Is it a conspiracy plan to target Bhagawan Krishna? Akroora thinks to himself, “Anyways, whatever it might be! Kamsa has given me an opportunity to worship Bhagawan Krishna in person. Till today, I’ve been thinking and longing for His divine presence, but today, let me use this golden chance to meet Him in person and to surrender to His divine feet!” Akroora was a great and an ardent devotee of Bhagawan Bala-Kirshna. 

As Akroora comes by, meanwhile, Kamsa chalks out his plan – He arranges a two-tier security for himself, to protect himself from being attacked by Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. First tier of security is through a huge elephant by name “Kuvalayaapeetham”. This is the most important and the strongest of all elephants in town. Kamsa orders this “Kuvalayaapeetham” elephant to be tied at the entrance of the palace. As Bhagawan Bala-Krishna makes His way to the palace, the elephant would be untied and it would attack Him. Bhagawan Bala-Krishna shouldn’t be able to match the strength of this elephant and He would be killed by it. This is plan number one! 🙂 

Apart from this, Kamsa makes another backup plan (Plan B) – Even if Bhagawan Krishna somehow wins over the elephant and enters into the palace, there would be 6 to 7 “Mallyudha” experts (In modern day, “kick-boxing”) who could take Bhagawan Krishna hands down with ease! The strength of these 7 kick boxers would never be able to match one Bhagawan Krishna! This was Kamsa’s thought process. Accordingly, Kamsa invites these well-trained kick-boxers to arrive at Mathura city on the stipulated date and time. With this, Kamsa ensures that the plans are in place to tackle the enemy who is about to come. Meanwhile, Kamsa also orders his team of ministers to make an announcement to the entire city about the “Dhanur Yaaga” that he has “arranged”. With that, the announcement should also include that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is a “special invitee” for the function. As Kamsa does so, he had his “Plan C” ready too – If at all Bhagawan Bala-Krishna manages to defeat these kickboxers, he himself would enter the stage and fight Bhagawan Bala-Krishna directly. This would happen only if Plans A and B end up in a failure. Kamsa was so confident that neither of the first two plans would fail ever. With this, Kamsa was eagerly waiting for the arrival of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, and to teach Him a lesson as to who this Kamsa really is! 

As this was happening at Mathura city, Akroora meanwhile reaches Gokula and is eagerly waiting to worship Bhagawan Bala-Krishna! What happens next? Is Bhagawan Bala-Krishna going to accompany Akroora to Mathura? What is going to be the reaction of the people of Gokula if their beloved Bhagawan Bala-Krishna leaves them once and forever? Let’s wait for the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 213 – Kamsa sends Akroora to bring Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to Mathura!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the culmination of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s pursuit of all the Raakshasas from Poothana to Kesi, and how He successfully eliminated all of them who came to attack and kill Him. Thus, we had witnessed how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna created a virtual “one-way-traffic” into Gokula and how those who came inside, never went out! This wasn’t the case just with the Raakshasas only. It was the same and even today it is the same for devotees like all of us too. This is where we had witnessed in yesterday’s episode, a gross difference in approach of Bhagawan Krishna as compared to Bhagawan Rama. Of course, this comparison is on a lighter side, but the point here is that, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna made sure that none of the Raakshasas escaped, in a bid to protect His ardent devotees to perfection. Thus with this, Kamsa was left to fend himself, and now let us witness what happened next. 

As Kamsa thinks of what to do next, he has multiple plans on the table now. Should he personally go to Gokula, fight Bhagawan Bala-Krishna and finish Him off there itself? Or, should he bring Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to Mathura and fight Him here? If Kamsa has to go to Gokula, he has to go alone. Nobody is there to accompany him, who might be as powerful as him. All the Raakshasas with all their powers are destroyed now! He cannot fight a lone battle with Bhagawan for two reasons – One is, of course, there is no backup! Second is, Kamsa’s ego – Kamsa was still under the thought that if he goes in search of the enemy, his stature as a king would come down. Instead, he should make the enemy come towards him and then a fight can be done. Moreover, if the fight happens in his own backyard, Kamsa would also gain in confidence, isn’t it? With all this in mind, Kamsa decides that rather than going to Gokula to take on his enemy, it is better that he brings Bhagawan Krishna here to Mathura. 

With this plan in mind, Kamsa also decides that while calling Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to Mathura, he should make sure that Bhagawan shouldn’t know that He’s being called for a fight. It should be as if it is a kind invitation by His uncle. Hence, Kamsa calls upon one of his senior-most ministers, Akroora to entrust the task of getting Bhagawan Bala-Krishna and Balarama to Mathura at any cost. As Kamsa’s instructions are clearly laid out, Akroora too sets off from Mathura and within a jiffy, he reaches Gokula. Meanwhile, as Akroora gets ready, Sage Naarada makes his way into Kamsa’s palace. As we know very well, Sage Naarada was the person who tried to drift Kamsa away from any sort of intelligent thinking every time. Sage Naarada arrives with a similar plan this time as well. As he is seeing Akroora starting urgently somewhere, he straightaway goes to Kamsa and enquires. 

Sage Naarada asks Kamsa thus, “Oh Kamsa! I’m seeing Akroora going somewhere urgently! What is happening? Is everything okay? Why are you so tense?” Upon hearing thus from Sage Naarada, Kamsa replies, “Oh Sage! Yes. Akroora is going to Gokula to bring Krishna here to Mathura!” Sage Naarada intervenes thus, “Oh that’s great! Rather than you going and fighting Him out, if He comes here, you would stand a better chance to win over Him! It’s a good idea that you’re doing!” Sage Naarada continues further and explains to Kamsa some aspects of the truth behind Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. Sage Naarada explains thus, “Oh Kamsa! You’ve been cheated very badly by this Krishna. He fooled you and somehow escaped from the prison after He took birth to Devaki and Vasudeva. He made sure that you wouldn’t be able to trace His whereabouts, but credits to your intelligence – You managed to trace Him! Now it is time to give Him back for all what He has done to you! How can you let loose a criminal like this? As a king, isn’t it your duty to capture such criminals and take them to task? Hence, make Him come to Mathura with a trick. Do not let Him know that you’re calling Him for a fight. Let it be a secretive mission! He should be totally unprepared when you’re taking on Him to fight. With that, you would easily be able to win over Him!” 

As Sage Naarada suggests thus, Kamsa too starts thinking! This was enough for Sage Naarada, as he bids goodbye to Kamsa and leaves! He has done his job! Now Kamsa calls Akroora and reiterates his plan to him. He orders Akroora to keep this mission totally secretive from Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. All Akroora has to do is to somehow bring Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to Mathura. Kamsa would take care of the rest. With this resolution, Akroora reaches Gokula! So for today, let Kamsa be waiting for Bhagawan Bala-Krishna to arrive at Mathura. We shall also go along with Akroora, who is an ardent devotee of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, to have His divine darshan! Let us wait along with Akroora to see Bhagawan Bala-Krishna in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 212 – Whoever enters Gokula can NEVER exit – Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s unique significance!!!

The previous episode saw the culmination of the discussion on how Bhakti-Maarga as illustrated by Bhagawan Bala-Krishna holds waters in this “Kali Yuga” as well. As we’ve witnessed in yesterday’s episode, just like how other “Yugas” had their own significances and positives, this present “Kali Yuga” too has its own. “Naama-Sankeerthanam” is one unparalleled significance that this “Kali Yuga” has, which other Yugas might not have had so important in them. The easiest way to attain “Moksha” is this “Naama-Sankeerthanam” or in other words, “Singing / Chanting Bhagawan’s divine names” and this is feasible very much in this “Kali Yuga”. It is for this reason we’re repeatedly stressing upon the important point of “Mantra-Chanting”, wherein if we’re able to control and channelize our mind into chanting, Bhagawan is automatically going to come closer and closer to us. So, rather than blaming the “Yuga” in which we are in, let us try to extract the maximum benefit from what we have in our hands. 

Moving on thus, eventually Bhagawan Bala-Krishna neutralized the last Raakshasa sent by Kamsa, who was none other than “Arishtaasura” or “Kesi”. We’ve seen that Arishtaasura had a face in the form of a horse and he eventually tried scaring everyone away, only to be killed easily by Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. With this, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna successfully neutralized all the Raakshasas who came to Gokula in pursuit of Him. This happened right from Poothana, who came the very second day after Bhagawan Bala-Krishna reached Gokula, to Kesi here. There is a huge list of Raakshasas whom Bhagawan Bala-Krishna neutralized during His childhood days. This is in stark contrast with what Bhagawan Rama did all through His incarnation! 🙂 In our previous Ramayana project, we had witnessed at many occasions wherein Bhagawan Rama would leave behind one or two Raakshasas while killing others. He probably didn’t know the meaning of the word “perfection” (in the lighter sense of course) 🙂 For instance, when Bhagawan Rama and Lakshmana took on Thaataka and her sons, Bhagawan Rama killed SHubaahu and left Maareecha alone. This was the same Maareecha who came later on as the golden deer to fool Mother Sita, only to be abducted by Ravana at Panchavati. Had Bhagawan Rama killed Maareecha then and there, probably the abduction of Mother Sita would have never happened! Similarly when Bhagawan Rama killed the 14,000 Raakshasas at “Dhandaka-Vanam” (Janasthaanam), He killed 13,999 of them and left one unkilled! He was none other than the Raakshasa “Akampana”. It was this “Akampana” who went all the way to Lanka, explained to Ravana the entire story of Bhagawan Rama and the beautiful Mother Sita. It was this Akampana who instilled the desire in Ravana’s mind to have Mother Sita as his wife. Same thing happened with Soorpanaka too, isn’t it? As a Raakshasi, Bhagawan Rama should ideally have killed her. But He didn’t! He let Lakshmana to raze off her ears and nose and let her off! Thus, at every stage of the Ramayana, we would witness how Bhagawan Rama would leave His job “incomplete”! This incompletely left job would come at a later stage, haunting Him! 🙂 

Whereas, on the other hand, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was an epitome of perfection in this regard! Whomever came to Gokula village, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna ensured that none of them went back! Perhaps it would have been written in front of the Gokula village that it is a “One-way traffic” here! 🙂 Whoever comes here, cannot go back! This was the same for devotees as well, isn’t it? Of course, if Raakshasas come by, they would be killed. But if devotees like us go there, of course we wouldn’t come back, would we? Bhagawan Himself is there, waiting for us, and why on earth should we come back? Even now if we happen to pay a pilgrimage visit to Gokula, Vrindavan, etc., the spiritual vibrations are extremely strong there, and we would never have the heart to leave. Of course, we would have other life commitments, etc. and with a heavy heart we would walk out of these places. Such is the divinity of the place, and this is the reason why I’m repeatedly stressing to all our readers to visit these places in person to understand the complete essence of who Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is. Just by reading through this blog wouldn’t give us the real experience. It is like trying to taste an apple that is drawn on paper. How can we enjoy the taste of an apple by merely looking at a portrait of it drawn on a paper? We’ve to chew a real apple to enjoy its taste, isn’t it? Similarly here also, only if we visit the place, we would be able to experience the divinity of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. 

Thus, this is a gross difference between the two incarnations of Bhagawan Vishnu. Of course, we had this discussion on a lighter side, but we’ve to also understand that Bhagawan Rama left a few Rakshasas to escape because of various other valid reasons. Few of the valid reasons were discussed in our recent episodes as well and readers can skim through for the same. Now coming back to the context here, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna neutralizes the whole of Kamsa’s army of Raakshasas, and he is now left all alone to fend for himself against his deadly enemy. What is Kamsa going to do? How is he going to defend himself against Bhagawan Bala-Krishna? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 211 – Bhagawan Bala-Krishna kills Arishtaasura – Reduces Kamsa to a lone warrior!!!

In the previous episode, we had concluded the discussion on how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna spent divine time with the “Gopikas” at Vrindavan and what can we learn from this divine experience that we had enjoyed this far. We’ve witnessed it in multiple dimensions and in yesterday’s episode we witnessed how this highest level of “Bhakti Maarga” is completely relevant in this “Kali-Yuga”. As discussed, every “Yuga” has its own significances, positives and negatives. It is upto us to pick up the significances and positives and discard the negatives, instead of blaming the Yuga in which we are born. It is very easy for us to “escape” the hard spiritual path by just putting the blame on the “Kali Yuga” for not doing what Bhagawan expects us to do. In fact, if we do it with dedication and devotion, the spiritual path is never hard. It takes us to a state of unending bliss, which we would have never experienced in life before. However, all that is required from our end is the right effort in the right direction. 

As mentioned many times earlier too, this “Kali Yuga” perhaps provides the easiest way to attain Bhagawan, as compared to other Yugas. We’ve witnessed in the “Tretha Yuga” how King Janaka attained “Moksha” by being an epitome in “Karma Yoga”. This is the toughest path to attain “Moksha”, as one should be highly steadfast in the actions (Karma) that he / she performs. One mistake here or there would be a costly miss. Even in the Dwaapara Yuga, Bhagawan Krishna Himself emphasizes to Arjuna that the best way to attain “Moksha” is through “Karma Yoga”. This is the reason why the entire Bhagawad Gita was born and in that, Bhagawan Krishna is motivating Arjuna to fight the war, rather than running away from it. However, in the “Kali Yuga”, the requirement has been further diluted, and it is said that one can attain “Moksha” through “Bhakti Yoga” quite easily. In fact, Bhagawan Krishna Himself talks about all the three Yogas – “Karma Yoga”, “Gnyaana Yoga” and “Bhakti Yoga” in the Bhagawad Gita text in great detail. We shall witness it at length when we have an opportunity to discuss the Bhagawad Gita in detail at a later time. But for now, the best and the easiest way to attain Bhagawan in this Kali Yuga is the “Bhakti Yoga”, through the process of “Naama-Sankeertanam”. This is the reason why we often emphasize upon chanting the divine names of Bhagawan as many times as possible. The more we keep chanting and singing in praise of Bhagawan, the easier the path for us to attain “Moksha”. Thus, we should understand this point very clearly as we move further. 

Moving on further thus, Kamsa on the other side of the Yamuna river was getting tensed day after day upon witnessing the growing popularity of his enemy, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. He had heard how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna had single handedly taken down Snake Kaaliya and how He lifted the mighty Govardhana Mountain to protect the entire village from the unprecedented rains. Kamsa now thinks that he’s letting his enemy grow too much in prominence and power. Of course, Kamsa had been sending a stream of Raakshasas every now and then to capture and kill Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, but all his attempts till now have turned futile. We’ve of course seen only few important Raakshasas whom Bhagawan Bala-Krishna had neutralized, but here, we’re going to witness one important Raakshasa by name “Arishtaasura” or “Kesi”. This Raakshasa had his face in the form of a horse. Kamsa calls out for Kesi and gives the same instruction – To have zero mercy on Gokula villagers and to somehow capture and kill Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. Accordingly, Arishtaasura sets out with a fierce Raakshasa form, which was enough to scare everybody around! He was on a rampage and as he crossed over the river banks, came rushing into the Gokula village with a fierce and savage resolution. As the people of Gokula saw a scary Raakshasa approaching them, they started scampering here and there for shelter. Panic spread all over the village and Arishtaasura started unleashing his vicious powers on them. Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, unable to resist Himself, decides to take him head on. He thus comes in front of Arishtaasura, and unable to bare the ferocity of Bhagawan, Arishtaasura fell on the ground dead. This was of course after a long fight between the two. 

With the killing of Arishtaasura thus, all the Raakshasas under the ambit of Kamsa at Mathura were totally undone! There’s nobody left in Kamsa’s kitty to send to Gokula. It all started with Poothana, who came the very next day after Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s birth. We’ve witnessed this in our earlier episodes too. Now that all the Raakshasas are destroyed, what does Kamsa do? He’s now in a state of shock, despair and helplessness. What is Kamsa’s strategy going to be at this stage? Is he going to give up? Or, is he going to fight the enemy all by himself? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂

Episode # 210 – Can “Bhakti-Marga” be implemented in this “Kali-Yuga”? An important discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the divine experience of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna with the Gopikas at Vrindavan, wherein Bhagawan Bala-Krishna mixes spiritual bliss with some breaks in the middle, so that the Gopikas do not get carried away too much. As Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s presence is intoxicating the Gopikas more and more every moment, they’re starting to fall on the ground unconscious, and this, as we’ve seen earlier too, is the highest level of “Bhakti” one can transcend to. We have been experiencing this blissful state for the past couple of episodes, along with some important points with regards to what was the level of relationship between Bhagawan Krishna and the Gopikas. We’ve witnessed that the Gopikas had the highest level of divinity when it came to their relationship with Bhagawan. Rather than being worldly or physical in nature, the Gopikas proved how a “Jeevatman ” should exhibit ardent devotion and longing towards Bhagawan. We should learn this important point from the Gopikas and should try and implement it in our daily lives. 

Of course, I’m saying that all of us should sit and cry in front of Bhagawan, leaving aside everything else from tomorrow. That is not the point here. However, we shall experience Bhagawan’s divine presence amongst us by chanting our “Mantra” non-stop even while doing all our daily routine chores, both at home and office. Moreover, one can attain closeness to Bhagawan by “Naama-Sankeertanam” (Singing in praise of Bhagawan by uttering His divine names). We’ve witnessed the significance of this in our previous episodes as well. Thus, the point here is that, it is very much possible for all of us to attain Bhagawan’s proximity even in this Kali Yuga. Many of us might be having this question in our mind – We’re witnessing the Gopikas exhibiting devotion towards Bhagawan and attaining Moksha. We’re witnessing the episode of Chintayanti, and the fruit-vendor who directly attained Moksha with Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine grace. There are many more such instances that we’re going to witness in due course. However, are all these applicable in this present “Kali Yuga”? How do we even conceptualize Bhagawan in the Kali Yuga, given so much of disturbances and unprecedented amounts of distractions around us? Will it be possible for us to attain “Moksha” in this treacherous Yuga? 

The answer is very simple – Any “Jeevatman” would be able to attain the highest “Moksha” irrespective of whichever Yuga he / she lives in. We should understand this important point here – Every Yuga is significant in its own ways, as all of it are creations of Bhagawan. Just like how the Tretha Yuga and Dwaapara Yuga had their significances, Kali Yuga too has its own significance. It is only up to us to identify and unearth those significances, make use of them and attain Bhagawan’s proximities. Aren’t there so many people who had attained “Moksha” in the Kali Yuga? We’ve witnessed “n” number of examples in this regard in our previous episodes as well, isn’t it? We’ve for instance, witnessed how Saint Thiyagaraja Swami (A prolific composer in Carnatic Music), who lived just 300 years ago in this same Kali Yuga, having the divine opportunity to worship Bhagawan Rama in person and thereby attain “Moksha”. In similar lines we’ve witnessed many others like Saint Tukaram, Meerabai, who were ardent devotees of Bhagawan Paanduranga (Bhagawan Krishna). These people have also lived in the Kali Yuga only. In the same lines, many of us know how the “Alwars” and “Aachaaryas” have propagated their “Divyaprabhandham” text in praise of Bhagawan Vishnu and thereby with that, have attained the highest “Moksha”. 

Thus, the point here is that, irrespective of whichever Yuga we’re part of, everyone has an equal opportunity to try and attain “Moksha”. Bhagawan treats all His children equally without any differences amongst any of us. Hence, instead of cribbing about the nuances of the Kali Yuga, we’ve to make up our minds and try to focus on Bhagawan. Yes, of course, it is difficult, but since it is difficult, can we just sit without taking any effort? We should channelize our mind and drive our focus towards Bhagawan, isn’t it? Of course, all of this doesn’t come without having faith. Our faith should be strong enough within us, that Bhagawan would definitely respond to our ardent prayers. It is with this same faith that these Gopikas were also longing for Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s presence isn’t it? It is with this same faith that Chintayanti was waiting patiently for Bhagawan’s divine flute music to pierce her ears, isn’t it? We should understand here as to how “faith” and “willpower” are extremely important for spiritual progress. If we have a negative feeling thus, “Oh! There are so many thousands and millions of people calling out for Bhagawan. Is He ever going to respond to me?”, nothing is going to happen. Bhagawan would definitely come in front of us if we’re having the right pedigree of “Bhakti”, “Faith”, “Confidence” and “Willpower” in us. Along with these four important parameters, we should also put in the right effort in the right direction. We should make sure that we keep doing our “Mantra-Japa” every time without a break. We should perform our “Nitya-Anushtaana” every day without fail. If we start with these simple practices, these would take us a long way forward. 

So for today, let us conclude the episode on the Gopikas with this important note, and let us start taking the right effort in the right direction, so as to attain “Moksha” at the end of this birth. We shall wait till the next episode to continue with the next important “Krishna Leela” as narrated by Sage Paraashara. Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 209 – Bhagawan Bala-Krishna gives the Gopikas an unparalleled spiritual experience!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important point pertaining to Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine “Leela” with the Gopikas. As we know by now, the Gopikas are none other than the “Devas” (Celestial Beings) who had incarnated along with Bhagawan Bala-Krishna in this world, to spend quality time with Him. As promised, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna too makes sure that He gives the Gopikas an unparalleled spiritual experience of dancing along with them, hand-in-hand. This divine event is many a times mistakenly propagated by some anti-Hindu elements in a way that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna was a “womaniser” and spent time with so many women. These are baseless allegations against our beloved Bhagawan Bala-Krishna and in yesterday’s episode we had witnessed an apt justification for the same. Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, by dancing with the Gopikas, made sure that they enter into a state of divine bliss and “Trans”, and as the dance continued further, the Gopikas started falling on the floor unconscious. This is the highest state of “Bhakti” that one can experience as a “Jeevatman”, which is longing for the presence of Bhagawan. 

Moving on thus, as this was happening at Vrindavan, the Gopikas get puzzled with Bhagawan Bala-Krishna appearing and reappearing alternatively. For instance, when Bhagawan Bala Krishna suddenly disappeared, He made sure that there was a string of footsteps on the ground. The footsteps were so adorably beautiful as that of a little boy walking past. As the Gopikas regain their consciousness and wake up from their fainted state, they weren’t able to find Bhagawan Bala-Krishna near them, but they were able to find only these footsteps leading to some place. The Gopikas conclude amongst themselves with tears in their eyes thus, “Oh no! Our beloved Bhagawan has left us and gone somewhere! Probably we might have done some mistake and He became angry with us!” Weeping profusely thus, the Gopikas would follow the footsteps to check out where they lead to. Perhaps, if they follow the footsteps carefully, they might be able to trace out the location of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna! 

With this thought in mind, and with the constant yearning for His presence, the Gopikas start following the tiny footsteps and proceed in that direction. However, to their dismay, the footsteps would disappear after a certain distance! Seeing thus, the Gopikas would burst into tears and cry profusely. It is at this point, from nowhere, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna would reappear in front of them! Upon seeing Bhagawan back again with them, the Gopikas would be in a state of mixed feelings – On one hand they would be happy seeing Him, and on the other hand they would be feeling angry and guilty at the same time because Bhagawan left them without any intimation. The Gopikas would struggle to give any sort of reaction upon seeing Bhagawan, because of this confused mix of feelings! However, they would muster up some courage and come closer to Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, who would be waiting for them with some flowers in His hands. Upon seeing the beautiful sweet-smelling flowers, the Gopikas would request Bhagawan Bala-Krishna thus, “Oh Krishna! Where did you get these flowers from? They are so beautiful and sweet-smelling in nature! Oh! Maybe you would have gone away from us only to get these for us? That is so nice of you! Oh Krishna! Can you do a favor for us? Please, can you keep these flowers on our heads amidst our hair with your divine hands? This would add more beauty to us, isn’t it?” 

As the Gopikas request innocently thus, Bhagawan too would accept their wish and ask them to turn around. They would oblige and Bhagawan Bala-Krishna would beautifully keep those flowers on each of their heads. As Bhagawan touches their heads with His divine little hands, the Gopikas would enter into another round of extreme happiness and “Bhakti” and would go to the extent of falling flat on the floor! Upon seeing this, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna would immediately disappear from that place! Again the Gopikas would regain consciousness after a few minutes, only to find that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna has disappeared once again! The frantic search for Him would start and after a while, Bhagawan would reappear amidst all of them in different forms, and they would start dancing again in divine bliss. 

Such was the divine experience Bhagawan Bala-Krishna gave to all the Gopikas at Vrindavan. So for today, let us also join hands with the Gopikas and try to experience the unparalleled profound bliss that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is providing here. Let us imagine that we’re also at Vrindavan and we’re also part of the Gopikas group and let us dance along with our beloved Bhagawan! We shall wait till the next episode to continue further with this divine experience! Stay tuned! 🙂  

Episode # 208 – Relationship between Bhagawan Krishna & Gopikas – Highest level of “Bhakti-Maarga”!!!

In the previous episode, we had commenced witnessing the all-important “Raasa-Kreeda” that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna performed along with the “Gopika” women of the Gokula village. Normally the “Gopika” women are from the families that maintain huge cowsheds and whose daily routine is to sell milk and milk products. They are young in age and as we had mentioned earlier too, the Gopikas are one of the most ardent sets of devotees during Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s time at Gokula. Readers might also recall from our earlier episodes that young women are more inclined towards Bhagawan Bala-Krishna easily, not because they are getting carried away by His physical form, but the underlying fact here is that, the ultimate spiritual surrender towards Bhagawan is of the highest level in them. This is because young women know that there is nobody else in this world to whom they can bank upon for security and sustainability in life. The Gopikas are perfect examples of astute surrender towards Bhagawan, and as we know by now, the Gopikas are none other than the divine incarnations of the Devas (Celestial beings), the surrender is even of a higher order. 

Thus, as Bhagawan Bala-Krishna spends quality time with the Gopikas at Vrindavan by dancing along with them, the environment and atmosphere around that place becomes highly spiritually charged up. This makes the Gopikas go extremely high on “Bhakti” in such a way that one after the other start fainting and falling on the ground unconscious. This is the highest level of happiness and divine “Bhakti” that one can reach. If a person is able to reach this pinnacle level, he / she automatically transforms into a “Mahatma” or a “high spiritually realized soul”. This is exactly what is happening with the Gopikas here. Buoyed by the divine presence of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna for which they were yearning for a long time, the Gopikas reach the highest state of “Trans” that they totally forget everything around them while dancing with Bhagawan. However, Bhagawan also has His responsibility isn’t it? He cannot let His devotees get into extreme unconscious levels. Thus to bring them back to the normal conscious state, He suddenly disappears from their vicinity! Unable to bear the separation from Bhagawan even for a moment, the Gopikas suddenly regain consciousness, only to find Him missing amongst them! They start searching for Bhagawan frantically, only to find Him right behind them again! Thus once again, Bhagawan joins hands with all of them and starts dancing with profound bliss. This continues on and on and as per the promise made by Bhagawan Vishnu to the Devas earlier, the Gopikas are getting quality time with Bhagawan finally. Who would let such a golden opportunity go by? 🙂 

As we’re witnessing and enjoying the profound blissful state of the Vrindavan experience, we should also understand one important point here – In today’s world wherein there are so many atheists (Unfortunate Anti-Hindu elements of the society) roaming around, many raise a “question” as to how can Bhagawan Krishna have “relationships” with so many women! Isn’t this unfair being Bhagawan Himself? Isn’t Bhagawan Krishna setting a bad example for the next generations of people to follow? How can one man have infinite relationships with women? These are questions that arise because of two reasons – One is lack of awareness and in-depth understanding of what exactly is the case, and secondly, such questions are asked just with the intent to malign and defame our Sanaatana Dharma. We would not be talking much about the second reason, as all of us know that our Sanaatana Dharma cannot be destroyed just like that by such buffoons and jokers. The first reason is something of a concern and I shall try and address that today. 

As explained earlier, the “Gopikas” are not ordinary human beings, but are divine incarnations of the “Devas”. This is the first and foremost thing that all of us have to remember. Secondly, we should note here strictly that the relationship between the Gopikas and Bhagawan Krishna was of a different level altogether. It is a perfect illustration of a relationship between a “Jeevatma” and the “Paramatma”. The Gopikas clearly illustrate and teach us how a “Jeevatma” should yearn and long for the divine presence of the “Paramatman”. This is the highest level of “Bhakti Maarga”. As depicted by the anti-Hindu brigade of today, the relationship between the Gopikas and Bhagawan Krishna was never physical in nature. It was completely divine and there was no place for worldly affairs here. We should have a clear understanding here in this context and as ardent followers of our “Sanaatana Dharma”, we shouldn’t get carried away by these baseless gimmicks that are created by this so-called “Secular”  anti-Hindu brigade. 

Hence for today, let us understand this important point about the divinity of the relationship between Bhagawan Krishna and the Gopikas, and let us continue to enjoy the divine spiritual experience as we read through this important event. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of this event further and shall witness how Bhagawan Krishna spent more time with the Gopikas. Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 206 – Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s divine “RAASA-KREEDA” at Vrindavan – A glimpse!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed how Bhagawan grants us the highest “Moksha” by neutralizing our “Karma”. All of us know by now that there are two main types of “Karma” that make up our account – The “Sanchita Karma” and the “Praarabdha Karma”. As witnessed yesterday, Bhagawan doesn’t destroy both our “Sanchita Karma” and “Praarabdha Karma” in the same way. Once we surrender to Bhagawan, He makes sure that all our “Sanchita Karma” is completely burnt away. However, our “Praarabdha Karma” doesn’t burn away so easily as the other one. If that happens, we would attain “Moksha” this minute itself. Bhagawan is very smart in that way – If such a thing happens, we would never come into the “Bhakti Maarga” at all and we would keep postponing it. This is where Bhagawan says that if we follow the “Bhakti Maarga” properly from this minute onwards until the end of this birth, He would make sure that our “Praarabdha Karma” would be “got rid of”. This is exactly what Bhagawan Rama illustrated in the episode wherein He killed Shubaahu (Illustration of how our “Sanchita Karma” is burnt down) and chased away Maareecha (Illustration of how our “Praarabdha Karma” is got rid of). In this present discussion about Bhagawan Krishna too, we’ve witnessed how Bhagawan granted the highest “Moksha” to the fruit vendor and to Chintayanti by applying this theory to practice. 

Moving on thus, we now move to an important event of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s tenure at Gokula – The “Raasa-Kreeda”. Now Bhagawan Bala-Krishna is getting a bit older and is near the age of 8 or 9. At this time, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna remembers His promise made to Indra and the Devas. We had discussed this in our earlier episodes too as to how Bhagawan Vishnu had given an assurance to the Devas that He would be spending time with them individually during the Krishna-Avatara. It is now time for this to happen. As instructed by Bhagawan, the Devas take birth as “Gopikas” and are waiting at Vrindavan, which is adjacent to Gokula village. We can visit this Vrindavan today also when we go to Mathura. As we go through a “guided tour” of Gokula and Mathura, firstly we would be shown the banks of River Yamuna wherein Bhagawan Bala-Krishna took on snake Kaaliya. It is popularly known even today as “Kaaliya-Damanam”. After that, we would be shown the place where Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s birth took place. This is the jail complex that is still present on the other side of River Yamuna, which is Mathura city. This is also a very important place for us to worship as this very jail is believed to be the place of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna’s incarnation. Thirdly, the very banks of River Yamuna wherein Bhagawan Bala-Krishna used to play pranks with the Gopikas by hiding their clothes as they take a shower every morning. Fourth is this place called Vrindavan, which is a beautiful garden-like set-up wherein Bhagawan Bala-Krishna performed the “Raasa-Kreeda” with the Gopikas. Now we shall see how Bhagawan Bala-Krishna performed the “Raasa-Kreeda”. 

As the Gopikas would be longing for Bhagawan’s presence, He would multiply His number of forms, so that He would be able to spend time individually with all the “Gopikas” at the same time. At any point, there would be sixty-four Gopikas dancing with Bhagawan Bala-Krishna. Hence, Bhagawan would have to take sixty-four different forms of Himself, so as to dance with all the Gopikas at the same time. Thus, the pattern is very simple – All of them would form a circle with one Gopika and one Bhagawan Bala-Krishna alternating. Everybody would have their hands upon each other’s shoulders and would start dancing in ecstasy. So if someone happens to see, they would be able to see two Gopikas dancing with one Bhagawan Bala-Krishna, or two Bhagawan Bala-Krishnas dancing with one Gopika. This would be the format of the “Raasa-Kreeda”. 

Thus, as the divine dance goes on, as time progresses, the happiness, the level of “Bhakti” and the devotion of the Gopikas towards Bhagawan would increase to such a state that they would start fainting and falling on the floor unconscious! We should note here that if “Bhakti” goes beyond a threshold state, we would get totally into bliss and would fall on the floor unconscious! This, we should note, is the highest level of “Bhakti” one can attain. Thus, to bring the Gopikas back to their normal state and to henceforth prevent them to go into such a state of “Trans”, Bhagawan Bala-Krishna would suddenly disappear from that spot! Unable to find Bhagawan Bala-Krishna near them even for a second, the Gopikas would suddenly come back to their normal self and would start frantically searching for Him. As they search on for 5-10 minutes, suddenly Bhagawan Bala-Krishna would re-appear in front of them and again the “Raasa-Kreeda” would continue. Such was the routine that Bhagawan Bala-Krishna employed to spend dedicated quality time with the Devas in the form of Gopikas. 

So for today, let us enjoy this blissful experience of Bhagawan Bala-Krishna at Vrindavan and we shall continue this experience into tomorrow’s episode as well! An absorbing experience awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂