Episode # 601 – Draupati’s “Bhakti” & “Sharanagati” satisfies Bhagawan Krishna’s hunger!!!

We’re in the midst of a very interesting event that is unfolding with Draupati and the Paandava brothers wherein Sage Dhurvasa and his 10,000 disciples have arrived at their place at an odd time. This is the time when there is no food to serve any of the guests who had come, including Sage Dhurvasa. Shaking with fear as to how this situation could be handled, Draupati prays to Bhagawan Krishna for His divine intervention, just like she did while she was being unstripped at the Hastinapura palace during the gambling game. When an ardent “Bhakta” prays to Bhagawan with so much of devotion and helplessness, how can Bhagawan not respond? He immediately comes to the rescue of Draupati and Yudishtra. However, Bhagawan Krishna wants to play a small “Leela” here. He exclaims to Draupati that He is extremely hungry owing to the long travel from Dwaraka to the forest where these people are residing. However, Draupati says to Bhagawan that she doesn’t have anything to serve Him! But Bhagawan Krishna is adamant! He wants something to eat desperately! As Draupati breaks down, Bhagawan Krishna requests her to bring that “Akshaya Paatra” from the kitchen, which she claims to have been washed and stored after the day’s meal is over. However, Bhagawan Krishna insists Draupati to bring it. 

Reluctantly getting up from her chair, Draupati walks towards the kitchen and brings the “Akshaya Paatra” to Bhagawan Krishna. As Draupati walks towards the kitchen, Bhagawan Krishna jokingly says to her thus, “Oh Draupati! I know something about you – You are very good at cooking, but you’re not very good at washing the dishes!” As Bhagawan says thus, He laughs out loud and all the others too join the laughter, including Draupati. Thus, Bhagawan consoles Draupati and as she brings the “Akshaya Paatra” in her hands, Bhagawan Krishna looks at her deeply! He is now desperate in hunger and He urgently wants something to consume. However, what is coming towards Him is an empty vessel! As Draupati comes and hands over  the vessel, Bhagawan Krishna receives it with both His divine hands and as expected, Draupati had not washed it properly! There is just one grain of rice sticking to the edge of the vessel! Bhagawan Krishna quickly spots that small grain of rice, takes it in His divine fingers and consumes it! As Bhagawan Krishna consumes that small grain of rice, His hunger comes down drastically! He is no longer hungry at all! 

As Bhagawan Krishna does so, He declares to Draupati thus, “Oh Draupati! Thank you for the wonderful meal that you’ve served me today! You’ve eradicated my hunger completely!” As Bhagawan Krishna says thus, nobody understood what was going on! Draupati is shell-shocked! She immediately quips thus, “Oh Bhagawan! You’ve not taken anything! I’ve not served you anything! All what you’ve done is consume that one small grain of rice that was sticking to the vessel! With that, how do you conclude that your hunger has come down? Are you making fun of me or are you trying to console me with your answer? Your answer makes me feel even more guilty! I’m unable to hold myself back! Oh Krishna! You’ve come all the way paying heed to my prayer and here I am, without any capacity to serve you the way you wanted me to serve! Why is this happening?” 

As Draupati cries thus, she surrenders herself to Bhagawan’s divine lotus feet! Acknowledging Draupati’s unconditional and pure surrender, Bhagawan Krishna explains His answer in a detailed manner. He says thus, “Oh Draupati! I know how devoted you are towards me and this is why I came running all the way to help you. Oh Draupati! Do you think that the small quantity of food that you would have served me would have filled up my stomach and made my hunger subside? I have the entire world under my control. Whatever is there as part of nature – Fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. are all mine and I was the one who created everything! Do you really think that this one grain of rice fulfilled my hunger? Not at all! Your “Bhakti” and your “Sharanaagati” towards me were the ones that fulfilled my hunger and not the little grain of rice. Even if you would have made a sumptuous meal for me, but without Bhakti, my hunger might not have got satisfied at all! Hence, please do not worry! Everything is taken care of!” 

Saying thus, Bhagawan Krishna acknowledges Draupati’s unconditional surrender and devotion! This is an important lesson for all of us – Our unconditional surrender and Bhakti are the ones that make Bhagawan melt with joy and not what we offer Him as materials! So for today, let us ponder over this point and we shall continue this discussion forward in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 600 – Draupati prays for Bhagawan Krishna’s divine intervention to feed Sage Dhurvasa!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Dhurvasa arriving at Yudishtra’s place along with his 10,000 disciples! This is on the pretext of Duryodhana’s request to Sage Dhurvasa that he should visit Yudishtra’s place at a time when he and his people would be resting after their sumptuous meal for the day. Although Duryodhana prayed to Sage Dhurvasa that he should go and advise Yudishtra on certain aspects of “Dharma”, his malicious agenda is out in the open – He wanted Sage Dhurvasa to go at an odd time, so that Yudishtra and Draupati would struggle to feed him with a meal. This is because, the “Akshaya Paatra” would stop delivering food once Draupati has completed her meal for the day. However, Sage Dhurvasa realizes Duryodhana’s real agenda behind this plan, but still executes Duryodhana’s words. Sage Dhurvasa knows that Yudishtra should be protected at any cost and this is Duryodhana’s ploy to make him curse Yudishtra and Co. 

As Sage Dhurvasa arrives, Yudishtra facilitates him with good hospitality and requests Sage Dhurvasa to freshen up before being served a sumptuous meal. He gives this assurance without realizing that Draupati had already completed her meal! However, when Yudishtra goes to the kitchen, he comes to know the situation! They do not have anything left over to serve Sage Dhurvasa and his disciples! Now what do they do? Draupati starts shivering with fear! What if she has to say a “No” to Sage Dhurvasa and what if Sage Dhurvasa curses all of them as he is highly short-tempered? Now what does Draupati do? She immediately realizes that she has fallen into a trap here and whenever she falls into such a trap, the only thing that she remembers is to think of Bhagawan Krishna! Draupati has been doing this right from her early days – We’ve witnessed this during the gambling game episode as well – When Draupati was being manhandled by Ducchaasana in the public courtroom, the only thing that she remembered is Sage Vasishtaachaarya’s advice, which is nothing but praying to Bhagawan Krishna for help! Draupati followed Sage Vaishstaachaarya’s words and all of us know what happened there. Now again, this is a test for Drauapati’s devotion. As she realizes that this is a trap that she is getting into, she immediately raises her hands and prays thus, “Oh Bhagawan! I know that I’m getting into a trap wherein Sage Dhurvasa has come at an odd time and I do not have anything to serve him! Now what do I do? Oh Bhagawan! Please get me out of this tricky situation unharmed! My husbands should not be affected in any way because of Sage Dhurvasa!”

As Draupati prays ardently thus, Bhagawan Krishna hears it! He is somewhere in Dwaraka and Draupati is nowhere close to where Bhagawan Krishna is. But still, if Bhagawan has to hear Draupati’s ardent prayer, we can understand how in-depth is Draupati’s devotion towards Bhagawan Krishna! Thus, even as Bhagawan is talking with Rukmini Devi, he immediately cuts her off and rushes towards the place where Draupati and Co. are residing! As Draupati opens her eyes, she is surprised to see Bhagawan Krishna standing in front of her! She doesn’t know how to react to this, and she falls on Bhagawan’s divine lotus feet seeking His divine “Anugraha”! As Draupati consoles herself, Bhagawan Krishna wants to play a divine “Leela” here. He tells Draupati thus, “Oh Draupati! I’ve come running all the way just because you called me for something! I’m very hungry and tired. So please, can you serve me some food?” 

As Draupati listens to these words from Bhagawan Krishna, she is once again shell-shocked! Now how does she deny food for Bhagawan? Mustering up her courage, Draupati replies to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Krishna! Oh Vasudeva! Oh Devaki-Nandana! My heart is full of gratitude towards you for answering my prayer immediately! However, please understand one thing – There is no food leftover and this is the reason why I called you! Sage Dhurvasa has come and I do not have anything to serve him. Now if you’re asking for food as well, where would I go for it?” As Draupati replies thus, Bhagawan Krishna quickly replies back: “Oh Draupati! I do not know what you will do now! But I’m extremely hungry! I need some food urgently! Do something to feed me and to quench my hunger!” As Bhagawan Krishna replies thus, Draupati doesn’t know what to do and she breaks down in front of Him! She doesn’t know how to react and she feels guilty for not being able to satisfy her Bhagawan at a time when He needs the most! 

As Draupati weeps thus, Bhagawan immediately consoles her and explains to her thus – “Oh Draupati! You go inside the kitchen and bring that “Akshaya Paatra”! I shall do the rest!” Even as Bhagawan Krishna says thus, Draupati doesn’t understand the “Sookshama” (Secret) behind His words. She immediately replies back, “Oh Krishna! I’ve already washed the utensil and stored it! What are you going to do with an empty vessel? Now don’t make me feel more and more guilty with your words! Please understand my situation!” As Draupati says thus, Bhagawan Krishna replies, “Oh Draupati! Do what I say! Please bring the “Akshaya Paatra”! I know you’re not very good at washing dishes! Let me see how you’ve washed it today!” As Bhagawan Krishna firmly says thus, Draupati now has no option but to bring the vessel. 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to continue this interesting discussion further! Stay tuned for updates! 🙂 

Episode # 599 – Sage Dhurvasa arrives at Yudishtra’s place along with his 10,000 disciples!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana requesting Sage Dhurvasa for a boon. As Sage Dhurvasa is very happy with Duryodhana’s hospitality at Hastinapura, he wants Duryodhana to ask something from him and he can grant it to Duryodhana. Excited by this, Duryodhana once again gets into a huddle with Karna, Ducchaasana, Sahuni and the others and finally come to the conclusion thus – Sage Dhurvasa should visit the Paandavas at a time when Draupati would have finished serving the meal for the day to everyone from the “Akshaya Paatra”. We’ve already seen earlier in our previous episodes that the “Akshaya Paatra” is the divine vessel that is feeding the Paandavas and Draupati every day in the forest and it was gifted to them by Indra, who is the leader of the Devas. The only limitation with the “Akshaya Paatra” is that, after Draupati finishes her meal, it will stop generating food! Duryodhana knows this very well, and this is exactly the reason why he wants Sage Dhurvasa to visit the Paandavas in the forest after the time Draupati finishes her meal. In this way, the Paandavas will not have anything to serve him, and hence, Sage Dhurvasa, as we know, is a short-tempered person, will inflict a curse on Yudishtra for the lack of hospitality! This is the plan that Duryodhana is making! 

However, Sage Dhurvasa being a great Maharishi realizes Duryodhana’s ploy. Of course, he doesn’t show it out to Duryodhana, but he plans his trip to meet Yudishtra in such a way that he is in no way affected by any means. Sage Dhurvasa accepts Duryodhana’s request and agrees to meet Yudishtra as per Duryodhana’s protocol and this makes Duryodhana and Co. rejoice with happiness! Karna gets up immediately to congratulate Dhuryodhana for his “smart” move! The entire Kaurava camp is now very happy that the Paandava brothers are going to be finished! Have they finally found a way to restrict Yudishtra now? Or, is this move going to backfire? Let us continue to witness! 

As Sage Dhurvasa leaves the place, he makes a plan. As per Duryodhana’s request, he makes his way to meet Yudishtra, at a time when all of them have finished their meal for the day. As Yudishtra sees Sage Dhurvasa coming, he runs with excitement to receive him. He offers all the “Argyam”, “Paadhyam”, “Aachamaneeyam”, etc. as a token of respect to the great Sage and welcomes him inside with great hospitality. Along with Sage Dhurvasa, around 10,000 of his disciples have accompanied him. Excited as Yudishtra was, he also gives a promise to Sage Dhurvasa thus, “Oh Sage Dhurvasa! You please make yourself comfortable at our place and maybe if you wish to, you may go and take a shower and freshen yourself up. Once you’re freshened up, all of you will be served a sumptuous dinner!” Yudishtra gives his promise like this, without even consulting Draupati! Such is the level of “Dharma” that Yudishtra exhibits. He doesn’t even know what is remaining in the kitchen, yet, he is determined to serve all those people who have come to meet him. 

However, now here comes the shock for Yudishtra. As Sage Dhurvasa and Co. leave for taking bath, Yudishtra goes into the kitchen and sees what is remaining and he is completely stunned to see that nothing is left over! Draupati had already consumed her share of meal for the day and with this, the “Akshaya Paatra” would stop generating food for the day! As Draupati conveys to Yudishtra that she had consumed the meal, both Draupati and Yudishtra are shaking with fear! How would they serve Sage Dhurvasa now? It is not only about Sage Dhurvasa! He has come with all his disciples too, isn’t it? Not one or two – But ten thousand people have accompanied Sage Dhurvasa! Now, how does Draupati serve all these ten thousand people at a stretch, given that the “Akshaya Paatra” is not going to generate any more food for the day? 

Thus, a tricky situation awaits Yudishtra! On one hand, he has to safeguard his “Dharma” of serving food to all those who had come! On the other hand, he has to also endure the fact that there is no food left over and there is no possibility that food can be cooked immediately for 10,000 people! Yudishtra is clearly caught between two roads! Now what does he do? What does Draupati do to tackle this situation? Let us wait and witness in the next episode! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 

Episode # 598 – Duuryodhana “requests” Sage Dhurvasa to meet Yudishtra & Co. in the forest!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a sudden visit of Sage Dhurvasa to Hastinapura. This happens at a time when Duryodhana and Co. are in a deep thought process as to how to go about things with Yudishtra. Duryodhana is thinking hard as to how he should go about stopping Yudishtra from claiming the Indraprastha kingdom back from his fold. Should he go once again on the offensive against Yudishtra and Co.? Should he call them for a war? Or, should he adopt other ways and means to finish off Yudishtra and Co. in the forest itself? As Duryodhana thinks thus, Sahuni gives the idea quite as usual – Sahuni explains that war isn’t a good option at this moment against the Paandavas. Instead, there should be another smart way of tackling them, just like how they used the gambling game to their benefit. Now, of course, given various constraints, the gambling ploy cannot be used anymore. So what can be the other options? After a thought, Sahuni concludes that the only way to stop Yudishtra and Co. is to make them obtain a curse from a Brahmarishi. If such a thing happens, perhaps, Yudishtra might be on the backfoot. 

As the Kauravas keep discussing thus, Sage Dhurvasa walks in, and Duryodhana is very happy to receive him with all the hospitality and respect! Duryodhana’s agenda is very clear now – To use Sage Dhurvasa and make him inflict a curse on Yudishtra and Co.! Astonished by Duryodhana’s hospitality, Sage Dhurvasa requests Duryodhana to request for a boon or a wish, which he could immediately grant. With this, Duryodhana is overjoyed! What kind of an opportunity he has got now! It seems like Bhagawan had showered him with all the grace! As Sage Dhurvasa says thus, Duryodhana replies back: “Oh great Sage Dhurvasa! Thank you for your wonderful words. However, I’m not interested in asking you anything all by myself. I shall consult with my fellow mates and then get back to you with any request if they have any! Please give me some time!” As Duryodhana requests thus, Sage Dhurvasa too agreed to wait for Duryodhana to come to him with an answer. 

Accordingly, Duryodhana immediately calls for a meeting with Karna, Ducchaasana, Sahuni and the others and discusses the matter with them. The deliberation amongst them is about what does Duryodhana ask from Sage Dhurvasa and how can they make use of this golden opportunity to trick the Paandavas into Sage Dhurvasa’s anger. If Sage Dhurvasa gets angry quickly, he would inflict a curse on Yudishtra and this would aid Duryodhana’s cause, isn’t it? Hence, a plan is made and the meeting concludes. Duryodhana comes out with his proposal. He asks Sage Dhurvasa thus, “Oh great Sage Dhurvasa! I do not have anything big to ask from you! However, my only request goes like this: The Paandava brothers are unfortunately roaming around in the forest from place to place. You go in search of them to give them some nice “Updaesham” (Advice). I want you to go and give them a piece of advice, since you’re an epitome of “Dharma” yourself! However, I want you to go immediately after all of them have finished their meal for the day. It is only then they would be free, and you can talk to them patiently without any tension. Hence, Sage Dhurvasa! Please do this for me!” 

As Duryodhana says thus, Sage Dhurvasa quickly understands Duryodhana’s intention! The intention is very clear – After Draupati finishes serving everyone for the day and after she finishes her meal, the “Akshaya Paatra” with which she makes the food would stop serving further! If Sage Dhurvasa makes his way after the meal, Draupati would not be able to serve him anything, and hence, Sage Dhurvasa would become angry with this, and hence, would curse all of them! However, Sage Dhurvasa understands the secret ploy of Duryodhana very clearly! He now plans his way through and accepts Duroyodhana’s request and words. Now Sage Dhurvasa should make his way to meet the Paandava brothers as per Duryodhana’s direction! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till tomorrow’s episode to find out how Sage Dhurvasa approached Yudishtra and Co.! What happens as Sage Dhurvasa meets Yudishtra? Stay tuned for interesting updates! 🙂 

Episode # 597 – Sage Dhurvasa comes to meet Duryodhana & Co. at Hastinapura!!!

In the previous episode we had witnessed how Mudgala had rejected the offer made by the “Deva Dhootas” to transcend to the “Svarga Lokha” for all the “Punya-Karma” he had done in his current birth. However, since Mudgala was firm in his path of “Dharma”, he did not want to transcend to a “Lokha” which is merely for enjoying luxuries. He wanted to continue his “Dharma” and reach the highest “Moksha” wherein he would enjoy the permanent happiness and bliss in the divine presence of Bhagawan Vishnu. Sage Vyaasa explains all this to Yudishtra and advises him to stay patient and exhibit perseverance. Sage Vyaasa explains that if Yudishtra has to continue walking the path of “Dharma”, he needs to wait for things to happen, rather than jumping in to make things happen. This is an important point for all of us as well. If we’ve to achieve long-term success, which is along the path of “Dharma” we need to wait. We’ve to endure a lot, but these endurances are stepping stones for long-term success. We should not get disappointed and should not lose our heart with all these intermediate sufferings that we’ve to undergo in life. We’ve to have that courage to face anything that comes up in life. 

Moving on thus with the next content, we now get into the next “Parva” which is called “Draupati-Harana Parva”! Here we’re going to witness a very interesting event wherein a king from somehwere comes in contact with Draupati and he falls in love with her. As he does so, he abducts Draupati from there and takes her to his kingdom. Subsequently Bheemasena and the others search for Draupati and finally release her from the captive of that king. This is one side of this “Draupati-Harana Parva”. But before we go into that, we’ve to see what Duryodhana and Co. are doing at Hastinapura. All of them are now getting worried as the days are coming closer. We are now almost in the eighth or ninth year of the Paandavas’ “Vaana-prastham” (Forest life) and there are only barely three or four years left. Now, Duryodhana and Co. are thinking thus, “Oh no! Nothing is moving as per our plan! Years are running by and if this goes on like this, Yudishtra will finish his forest life and stake claim for the Indraprastha kingdom! We’ve to somehow stop this from happening. He should never be able to stake claim for any kingdom forever. Hence, we’ve to do something to finish Yudishtra off in the forest itself! What can be done? Already we’ve bore the brunt of attacking the Paandavas in the forest twice and we’ve got our noses bloodied. Hence, attack is not the way to proceed. We’ve to think of something else!” 

Thinking thus, Duryodhana once again asks Sahuni for a solution. Sahuni quickly says thus, “Oh Duryodhana! As you rightly said, let us not go and attack them with big armies. They will easily defeat us like in the past. We’ve to think of some other plan – Maybe we can use the “Brahma-Shaapam” (Curse of Bhagawan Brahma). Let us call a highly accomplished Braahmana Rishi and request him to curse Yudishtra and Co. for some reason or the other. This is the only way to stop Yudishtra from coming back to stake claim for Indraprastha!” Even as Sahuni is talking thus, Sage Dhurvasa makes his way to the Hastinapura kingdom. As Sage Dhurvasa arrives, Duryodhana is extremely happy! He runs to the entrance and welcomes Sage Dhurvasa with all the respects possible! Normally Duryodhana is someone who disrespects great sages when they come. He doesn’t even know the meaning of “paying respects” to sages. However, Duryodhana has a two-point agenda here – Firstly, Duryodhana is scared of Sage Dhurvasa, as all of us know that he is an epitome of anger. Duryodhana wants to be careful not to get a curse for himself in the first place! Secondly, as mentioned above, Duryodhana wants to use Sage Dhurvasa to push his agenda. He wants to somehow incite Sage Dhurvasa against Yudishtra and Co. and make him curse against them! This is a golden opportunity that has presented itself in front of Duryodhana and he grabs it with both hands!

Pleased by Duryodhana’s respects, Sage Dhurvasa speaks to him thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Wow! I’m so amazed with the way you’ve given the respects and hospitality to me! I’m mighty impressed with you! You may now ask whatever you want from me as a boon. I shall grant you without any prejudice! Whatever is troubling your mind, you may feel free to share with me and I shall give you a solution for the same, in the form of a boon!” As Duryodhana hears this from Sage Dhurvasa, he is doubly pleased! First of all, the fear that Duryodhana had earlier, is now completely vanished! Secondly, Duryodhana is now free to express his wish to Sage Dhurvasa in the form of a boon and if he gets it, there can be nothing better than that, isn’t it? Hence, Duryodhana is preparing himself to ask Sage Dhurvasa what he wants!

So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to find out what is Duryodhana going to ask Sage Dhurvasa! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 

Episode # 596 – Mudgala – An epitome of patience & perseverance!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Mudgala’s firmness in practising his “Dharma”, even though the “tempting” offer of attaining the “Svarga Lokha” and to enjoy all the pleasures and luxuries there is being pitched in by the “Deva-Dhootas” and by Sage Dhurvasa. Mudgala is confident that his “Dharma” would take him to the Lokha that gives the permanent happiness and bliss (Vaikunta) and he prefers to live in the “Manushya Lokha” itself and keep practising his “Dharma” every passing day. Mudgala is clearly interested in playing the “waiting game”, rather than finishing off things in a hurry by transcending to the “Svarga Lokha” now, and only to come back to the “Manushya Lokha” to suffer again later! This steadfast attitude towards “Dharma” melts Sage Dhurvasa’s heart and he gets mighty impressed with Mudgala. 

Thus, as Mudgala declares his decision in this way, the “Deva Dhootas” are impressed too, and they make their way back to their “Svarga Lokha” from where they came from. Sage Dhurvasa too provides his divine “Anugraha” to Mudgala and assures him of Vaikunta very soon. With this, Mudgala and his family continued to live the way they were living earlier and at the end, all of them attained the highest “Moksha”! Narrating all these to Yudishtra, Sage Vyaasa explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Oh Kaunteya (Son of Kunthi Devi)! If you look at what Mudgala had gone through in his life, is the suffering that you’re undergoing a big one? If one had to wait for fifteen days to obtain a sumptuous meal, what more difficulty can he / she face in life? You are feeling bad for whatever had happened in the past, aren’t you? Of course, I understand your pain and I’m not trying to draw a comparison between you and Mudgala. However, if you’ve to pursue the path of “Dharma”, what is more important here? It is patience and perseverance! See how Mudgala was patient enough to attain his long-term goal. If we’ve to achieve something great in life, we’ve to play the “waiting game”. We should not do things in a hurry and then cry foul for whatever repercussions we’ve to face later. Hence, Yudishtra! Please be patient! Things will turn in your favour very soon!” 

This is a very important lesson that all of us have to learn. I’ve already stressed upon this aspect earlier as well, but this context warrants us to extend our thought process a bit more on this – If we’ve to achieve something great in life, we’ve to be strong enough to endure suffering, frustration, pain, etc. If we’re starting to react to each and everything that happens around us, we’re going to go nowhere. For instance, in today’s world we’re not even patient enough to clean our own house! If there is too much dust, we get frustrated. Or for instance, if someone rings our doorbell more than once, we immediately get frustrated, don’t we? Or, if we’re on the road, driving our car or two-wheeler and if someone comes in front of us by mistake, we immediately fume in anger! Or, if there’s a lot of traffic on the road, we get irritated and start driving rashly on the roads! Don’t we do all these things in our everyday life? Even I do most of what I’m saying here and nobody is perfect in this regard. However, by reading through all whatever Sage Vyaasa and all the other great Maharishis are saying, we’ve to slowly start mending our ways. We need to develop that patience and perseverance in our life to pursue the long-term goal. Most of the time we get carried away by the short-term benefits and in due course, we completely forget the long-term goal and start deviating from our path! This is exactly what Mudgala would have done, had he given in to the “Deva Dhootas”’ sales pitch! However, Mudgala stood by his “Dharma” , didn’t he? Even though he knew that the path that he is walking along is one of the toughest, he did not lose heart even for a single moment! This is what we’ve to learn. If we’ve to succeed in a big way, we need to be patient and should wait for things to happen. 

So for today, let us understand and reflect upon this important point, and in the next episode we shall continue this discussion forward as to what Sage Vyaasa explained to Yudishtra further! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 595 – Mudgala’s steadfast attitude towards “Dharma” impresses Sage Dhurvasa!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Mudgala rejecting the offer made by Sage Dhurvasa and the “Deva-Dhootas” to transcend towards the “Svarga Lokha”. Even after a convincing reply and answer given by the “Deva-Dhootas”, Mudgala isn’t really convinced about it because of the very fact that the “Svarga Lokha” is not the place for permanent happiness and bliss. As Sage Dhurvasa and the others educate Mudgala on how the Vaikunta is the only place which gives that permanent happiness and bliss, he desires to take all the effort possible to somehow reach Vaikunta. For this, he is also ready to continue his “Dharma” of collecting grains as per the rules and regulations strictly, just like he had been doing all these days. He desires to also continue serving anyone and everyone who comes to him as a guest, even though he and his family are starving without food for fifteen days continuously at any point in time. Thus, we can see how much “Sathva Guna” has Mudgala accumulated over time, and how much he desires to accmmulate it more and more as well. This is a great lesson to learn for all of us, both in terms of “Saathvika Aahaara” and the steadfast attitude of Mudgala in following the “Dharma” perfectly without any blemish. 

Moving on thus, as Mudgala refuses the offer, Sage Dhurvasa is more than a happy man! Perhaps he might not have been this happy if Mudgala had accepted the offer of going to the “Svarga Lokha”. Maybe Sage Dhurvasa would have concluded that Mudgala was waiting for such an opportunity to enjoy luxuries, and once he got it, he grabbed it with both hands! However, in this case, Mudgala proved his consistency and steadfast attitude towards following the “Dharma”, which made Sage Dhurvasa extremely impressed. He now says to Mudgala thus, “Oh Mudgala! I’m proud of you and your achievements in terms of practising “Dharma”! I understand how steadfast and meticulous you are in practising your “Dharma” and I hereby provide my divine “Anugraha” to you, which would help you reach the highest “Vaikunta” very soon in your life! Please continue practising your “Dharma” the way you’re doing currently, and the world requires people like you to uphold the “Dharma” in this way! Hence, at the end of this birth, if you continue practising your “Dharma” in this way, you would definitely obtain the divine opportunity of transcending towards “Moksha” along with your family!” 

Saying thus, Sage Dhurvasa provides his divine “Anugraha” to Mudgala and his family and with this, Sage Dhurvasa leaves the place. All these narratives, as we should remember, is being given by Sage Vyaasa to Yudishtra to illustrate how Mudgala was extremely steadfast in his “Dharma” and even though his “Dharma” wasn’t that great, it still led him to attain “Moksha”! So for today, let us also once again ponder along with Yudishtra in understanding how important is our “Dharma” and how important it is for us to stand by it at all times! We shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further to witness what Sage Vyaasa further told Yudishtra! Stay tuned for an interesting accord ahead! 🙂

Episode # 594 – Mudgala rejects the “Svarga Lokha” offer – Continues his path of “Dharma”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Dhurvasa and the Deva-Dhootas explaining about the Svarga Lokha, Satya Lokha and finally the Vaikunta to Mudgala. As the explanation about the Svarga Lokha goes on, Mudgala isn’t quite satisfied as he wants to enter into some other Lokha where he doesn’t need to come back again into the present “Manushya Lokha”. The “Deva-Dhootas” then further explain how Bhagawan Brahma’s “Satya Lokha” is even better than the “Svarga Lokha”, however, one cannot reside there permanently as well. This made Mudgala more unconvinced. Moving forward with his explanation thus, the “Deva-Dhootas” now explain about the Vaikunta or the “Nithya Lokha” which is the abode of Bhagawan Vishnu. This is the only Lokha from which nobody comes back to any of the previously explained Lokhas, including the “Manushya Lokha”. 

Continuing this explanation thus, the “Deva Dhootas” say to Mudgala: “Oh Mudgala! This “Vaikunta” is the only Lokha in this entire universal creation wherein no Rajo Guna or Tamo Guna exist. There is only Satva Guna everywhere. There is no jealousy nor pride nor greed nor anger here. It is only happiness, and it is permanent happiness!” As Mudgala listens to all this, he thinks for a while. Now he has to make a decision quickly as the “Deva Dhootas” are waiting for him with the “Vimaana”. Mudgala replies after a big thought process thus, “Oh Deva-Dhootas”! Your proposal for me to come along with you to the “Svarga Lokha” seems very attractive and there is no doubt about that. However, I’m not a person who goes behind luxuries and happiness at the sake of “Dharma”. For me, following the path of “Dharma” is the one that gives me endless happiness, which I’m already getting in this “Manushya Lokha” itself. Even though me and my family are starving without much food, we take it in the right sense and we enjoy being this way. Hence, just because there are a lot of luxuries and happiness, I do not want to enter into a “Lokha” which gives all this only on a temporary basis. I’m looking for the permanent happiness and the permanent divine experience at the end of my life, for which, I’m ready to go to any extent to follow the path of “Dharma” and be devoid of any unwanted desires and pleasures. Hence, my decision is to reject your offer of coming with you to the “Svarga Lokha” and I shall follow your guidance meticulously to strive towards attainment of the “Vaikunta”, which gives us the permanent happiness and the ultimate divine experience. For this, I’m ready to continue with my “Dharma” of picking up the food grains which are worth consuming as per the “Dharma”, and I shall gladly wait for fifteen days to have one sumptuous meal. I do not have any problem with this, as I’m used to this kind of a life for so many years now. Hence, you needn’t worry about my physical health. Thus, I’m not coming with you to the “Svarga Lokha” at all!” 

Saying thus, Mudgala rejects the offer and the “Deva-Dhootas” are extremely happy about it! Sage Dhurvasa too is rejoicing this moment and appreciates Mudgala for his firmness in the decision to follow and implement “Dharma” at any cost. This kind of a mindset is very difficult for people to obtain, isn’t it? Even though he is being tempted with so many luxuries and other advantages, Mudgala stands firm in his “Dharma” by rejecting everything that comes by! So for today, let us understand Mudgala’s firmness and his steadfast attitude towards “Dharma” and we shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 

Episode # 593 – Bhagawan Vishnu’s “Vaikunta” – Abode of permanent happiness & bliss!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Dhurvasa granting Mudgala the right to transcend to the “Svarga Lokha” for all the “Punya-Karma” that he had been performing throughout his life. However, Mudgala isn’t ready as yet, to transcend to the “Svarga Lokha” as he keeps asking questions to the “Deva-Dhootas” who come to escort him. As Mudgala asks the characteristics of the “Svarga Lokha”, the “Deva-Dhootas” explain all the positives of it, without mentioning the negatives. However, Mudgala is more interested in the negatives than the positives. He asks for it again, and the “Deva-Dhootas” explain the only negative aspect of the “Svarga Lokha” – If our “Punya-Karma” account empties out, one cannot reside in the “Svarga Lokha” even for a minute. He / she would be pushed back mercilessly into the “Manushya Lokha” and the “restart” button for our “Karma” would be pressed! This is the grave danger of getting to the “Svarga Lokha”. Of course, until our “Punya Karma” account has “valid points”, things are very luxurious and completely full of resources. We can enjoy every bit of things there. However, when our “validity” of our “Punya-Karma” comes to an end, we would be pushed back. This concept is very similar to how our “Sim cards” act in our mobile phones – Until we have the validity period of our call plans, we would be able to enjoy the benefit of making calls or sending messages. However, if the plan’s validity comes to an end, immediately from the next minute onwards the facility will be withdrawn, isn’t it? Similar is the story here also! 

Thus, as the Deva-Dhootas explain this point, they once again try to convince Mudgala to come with them to the “Svarga Lokha”. They explain thus, “Oh Mudgala! Of course there is this one disadvantage only. But for this one point, why do you want to compromise on the enormous enjoyment and pleasure that is waiting for you out there? You’ve accumulated enough and more “Punya” to have a good time there. Hence, please come with us. The “Vimana” is waiting for you!” As the “Deva-Dhootas” explain this way, Mudgala thinks once again. He is still not convinced. Meanwhile, as this conversation goes on and on, Sage Dhurvasa starts leaving that place. However, Mudgala is not going to let Sage Dhurvasa get away just like that! He asks one more question to both Sage Dhurvasa and the “Deva-Dhootas” thus, “Oh Sage Dhurvasa! Oh Deva-Dhootas! Whatever you’re saying is right! I do not have any problem with that. However, I have only one concern – You’re saying that the “Svarga Lokha” has all the benefits and resources, but it seems to me that it is not a permanent one. I want to go to some “Lokha” wherein I do not want to come back to this “Manushya Lokha” again. It should be permanent in nature. Is there any “Lokha” like that wherein I can experience permanent happiness and bliss?”

As Mudgala asks thus, Sage Dhurvasa intervenes. He explains thus, “Oh Mudgala! Now you’ve asked an important question. There are many Lokhas in this world, just like how we have the “Manushya Lokha” here. For example, apart from the “Svarga Lokha” which the “Deva-Dhootas” have been talking about till now, there is the “Satya Lokha” of Bhagawan Brahma. However, if you ask the same question whether it is temporary or permanent, it is once again temporary. When your “Punya-Kaalam” comes to an end, you should come back here once again. Next, if you transcend further from the “Satya Lokha”, you will reach the “Virajaa Nadhi” (A river in the Celestial space). You might still ask whether if we can take the “Punya-Snaan” in the Virajaa Nadhi and reside there itself in its banks? The answer is “No”! You cannot do that! Of course, if you take the “Punya-Snaan”, all your “Paapa-Karma” will be washed away, and you will be left with your “Punya-Karma”, which will once again take you to the “Svarga Lokha”, and once your “Punya-Karma” gets completed, you will have to come back to the “Manushya Lokha” once more! However, if we go beyond the “Virajaa Nadhi”, we will reach a Lokha called “Vaikunta”, which is the “Nitya-Lokha”. This is where Bhagawan Vishnu resides. If one reaches this “Vaikunta”, he / she is never going to come back anywhere – Be it Manushya Lokha or Naraka Lokha or Svarga Lokha or Satya Lokha. It is a permanent residence with unending bliss, owing to the divine presence of Bhagawan Vishnu! Hence, to answer your question in a nutshell – Yes. There exists one “Lokha” wherein you will get unending joy and happiness and this is nothing but the “Vaikunta”! This “Lokha” is also called “Vishnu-Padam” or “Parama-Padam”!” 

So for today, let us understand up to this point, and let us appreciate the significance of “Vaikunta” over all the other Lokhas. We shall wait till the next episode to witness how Mudgala reacts to this answer from Sage Dhurvasa! Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂 

Episode # 592 – Eveything is so good about the “Svarga Lokha”, but…..!!! 

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Mudgala asking about the significance of the “Svarga Lokha” and the “Deva-Dhootas” giving a beautiful reply for the same. The “Deva-Dhootas” explain how the “Svarga Lokha” is a self-sufficient and a self-sustained place with all the luxuries possible. There would be no dearth for food, water, happiness, etc. and the entire “Svarga Lokha” is something that can never even be compared for an inch with the “Manushya Lokha”, which is full of pain, suffering, misery and sorrow in many ways! Hence, the “Deva-Dhootas” assure Mudgala that once he transcends to the “Svarga-Lokha”, he wouldn’t need to wait for fifteen days for one sumptuous meal! They also assure him that he would be taken care of very nicely and he would receive the best of the best hospitality that he could ever imagine! But now, the question is very simple – Is Mudgala going to accept this offer and transcend to the “Svarga Lokha” along with the “Deva-Dhootas”? Or, does Mudgala have other ideas? Let us witness Mudgala’s decision in today’s episode. 

Listening patiently to all these, Mudgala asks the “Deva-Dhootas” thus, “Oh Deva-Dhootas! All what you’ve said seems to be fine. However, I’m puzzled – How can a place exist without any problems? How can a place have 100% happiness and luxuries? Or, are you trying to hide the negative aspects of the “Svarga Lokha” from my purview? I’m sure that every Lokha will have both positives and negatives. Hence, please tell me the negative aspects of the “Svarga Lokha”!” As Mudgala asks thus, the Deva-Dhootas try to give a befitting reply: “Oh Mudgala! Of course you’re right! No Lokha in this world can be 100% perfect in terms of only the positives. There is just one negative aspect when it comes to the “Svarga Lokha”! However, please do not worry! We’ve told you 100’s of positives about the “Svarga Lokha”, haven’t we? So, you would be having a good time there if you come with us!” This reply from the “Deva Dhootas” seemed a mere “Sales / Marketing talk” for Mudgala. He asks back thus, “Oh Deva-Dhootas! There you go! Now tell me that one negative aspect pertaining to the “Svarga Lokha”. I want to listen to it, evaluate the negative vs. all the 100 positives that you had mentioned earlier. Only if I find that this negative aspect is worth tolerating, I shall come with you!” 

As Mudgala firmly says thus, the Deva-Dhootas realize that no marketing talks would work with him! 🙂 They’re now pushed to tell the truth! Now the Deva-Dhootas reply thus, “Oh Mudgala! Since you’re asking us repeatedly and firmly, let us explain you the negative aspect – We’ve explained all the luxuries and the other positives haven’t we? You can experience all these luxuries only until the time that your “Punya-Kaala” is valid! After this “Punya-Kaala” is over, you would be pushed back into the “Manushya Lokha” again! This is the only glitch there! However, when you’re going through the “Punya-Kaala”, you would be able to enjoy all the available luxuries that you would have never imagined of otherwise!” In other words, there will be a certain time period that would be fixed for all of us as we enter into the “Svarga Lokha”. This time period depends upon the amount of “Punya Karma” that we’ve accumulated over our birth(s). More the “Punya-Karma” in our account, more the time that we will get to spend in the “Svarga Lokha”. However, when the time of exit comes, we would be mercilessly pushed out of the “Svarga Lokha”, only to be taking a re-birth in the “Manushya Lokha”, to accumulate more “Punya / Paapa Karma”. 

Thus, we can understand one thing very clearly here – The “Svarga Lokha” is not a place where we can reside permanently, and this is exactly what Mudgala is also understanding here! So for today, let us understand up to this point and let us wait till the next episode to witness what is Mudgala’s decision – Whether to still transcend to the “Svarga Lokha”, experience all the luxuries and come back to the Manushya Lokha? Or, is Mudgala’s decision something else? Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂