Episode # 337 – An interesting conversation between King Yadu and an “Avadootha” Sanyasin!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of the important “Keshava-Uddhava Samvaadham”, wherein Uddhava is coming crying to Bhagawan Krishna, knowing that He is going to depart to Vaikunta very soon. As Uddhava cries and expresses his anguish that he and other devotees have to live without the physical presence of Bhagawan Krishna, here comes Bhagawan’s important pieces of advice as to how do we focus on Bhagawan, even without being in His vicinity. This is extremely important for all of us too, as we might also have the same questions in our mind – How do we get the focus of Bhagawan in our minds and hearts? We’ve never seen Bhagawan even once in our lives. We’ve only read about Him, heard about His “Charitras”, etc. and all what we know is that Bhagawan is somewhere far off at Vaikunta, which is not accessible to ordinary people like us. Inspite of all these limitations we have in this world, how do we focus on Bhagawan and attain His feet? Normally, we can easily focus on people or objects which we keep seeing in front of our eyes every now and then. As we’ve never seen Bhagawan in our lives till now, how do we do that? The answers to these questions lie in this important section of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana. Now let us witness Bhagawan Krishna’s explanations on this, in a bit of detail.

As Bhagawan Krishna tries to console Uddhava, He first starts with the important point called “Detachment”. Bhagawan explains to Uddhava that even if it was to Him, His devotees should be “detached” to His physical form. He cites a small story to drive this point – This is a conversation between Yadu Maharaja and a great “Avadhoota” Sanyasin (Sage). As we’ve seen before, Yadu Maharaja was Bhagawan Krishna’s ancestor, from whom the entire Yaadava clan was born. Once upon a time, Yadu Maharaja was going to meet this “Avadootha” Sanyasin with a sad face. He was troubled with some thoughts. As we might have known, “Avadhoota” Sanyasins are extremely spiritually advanced souls. They do not care even an inch about worldly life, including their dress. All they drape around themselves is a small little piece of cloth, and in some cases, this too might not be there. Even today, there are many “Avadhoota” Sanyasins in the world, wandering around with zero or bare minimal clothing. Many a times we might not be able to see them, but they would be living around places that are highly spiritually charged – For instance, places like Tiruvannamalai, Varanasi, Prayagraj, etc.

It is thus to one such Avadhoota Sanyasin is Yadu Maharaja approaching. He asks the Sanyasin thus, “Oh Great Sage! I know that I’m a king and I’m having all possible wealth under my possession. Yet, I’m not able to have peace of mind. However, great sages like you are wandering around with bare minimal requirements, and yet you’re happy. How is this possible?” Upon hearing thus from the king, the Sanyasin replies back thus, “Oh Yadu! You’ve asked a very valid question here. However, I’m not alone, but I’m surrounded by twenty-five different entities from whom I learn my lessons everyday and with that, I lead a peaceful life!” Hearing thus from the Sanyasin, King Yadu was surprised! He asks back thus, “Oh Sanyasin! Aren’t you alone, wandering here and there? I don’t see even one of the twenty-five people around you from whom you learn! Please, can you give more clarity?” As King Yadu asks thus, the Sanyasin laughs out loud and replies, “Oh Yadu! The twenty-five entities are not people like how you think! They are present everywhere, and are not necessarily human beings!”

The Sanyasin lists the twenty-five thus: Prithivi, Bhoomi (Mother Earth), Vaayu (Air), Aakaashaha (Sky or Space), Aapaha (Water), Agni (Fire), Chandrama (Moon), Ravi (Sun), Kapothaha (Pigeon), Ajaharaha (Python), Sindhu (Ocean), Patangaha (Small insects), Madhukrith (Honey bees), Gajaha (Elephant), Madhuha (Hunter), Harinaha (Deer), Meenaha (Fish), Pingala (A woman), Kuraraha (A bird), Arbhakaha (A small boy), Kumari (A youthful woman), Sharakrith, Sarpaha (Snake), Urna-naabihi (Silk insect) and Supeshakrith (A type of bee)! Thus, we’ve witnessed around twenty-five such elements from whom this “Avadhoota Sanyasin” has learnt all his lessons from!

Upon hearing thus, King Yadu was surprised and was more curious. He wanted to know what are the lessons that this Sanyasin has learnt from each of the twenty-five elements. The Sanyasin is going to give us a detailed explanation about the same. We shall wait till the next episode to find that out! An important accord awaits us! Stay tuned! 😊





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