Episode # 330 – From poverty to plush lifestyle – Bhagawan Krishna transforms Sudhaama’s life forever!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sudhaama handing over the Aval that he had brought for Bhagawan Krishna. He had to hand over the Aval to Bhagawan with some hesitation, because, he did not know whether Bhagawan would receive it from him, given His plush lifestyle and the quality of food that He consumes every day. However, on the contrary, Bhagawan Krishna throws up another surprise to Sudhaama by gleefully accepting it and starting to consume it immediately! Bhagawan Krishna consumes the Aval with lot of relish. In the due course of yesterday’s episode we had witnessed an important message through this gesture of Bhagawan Krishna that He doesn’t really look at WHAT we’re offering. He’s more interested in HOW we’re offering it – With what level of “Bhakti” are we offering it to Him? Sudhaama was at the highest level of Bhakti while making the offering, and this is the reason why Bhagawan Krishna is relishing every bit of the Aval, even though it is old, dry, not well cooked, etc.

As time goes on, again Bhagawan Krishna and Sudhaama start talking, while He was consuming the Aval. Now, in the midst and excitement of the conversation, Bhagawan Krishna now goes on to put the second handful of Aval into his mouth, and this is where, Rukmini Devi stops Him from doing that! Why did Rukmini Devi stop Bhagawan Krishna from putting the second handful of Aval into His mouth? We’re going to witness the reason in a short while from now! However, for this context, as Rukmini Devi stops Him, Bhagawan Krishna gets the message and He stops as well. He now bids farewell to Sudhaama with teary eyes of joy and satisfaction. He hugs Sudhaama with Him and with a heavy heart, wishes him all the best and a happy life thereafter! He also says to Sudhaama thus, “Oh Sudhaama! If you have anything to ask me or tell me, please feel free to come back to Dwaaraka any time in the future! This was again a “coveted” statement made by Bhagawan Krishna to Sudhaama, just to hint him that a huge surprise is awaiting him!

Upon hearing this from Bhagawan Krishna, Sudhaama sets out and bids farewell to Bhagawan Krishna. He starts walking back with a heavy heart of missing Bhagawan Krishna’s company. He recalls and recollects all the happy moments that he had with Bhagawan Krishna. He’s laughing within himself and at the same time, crying within himself too! He felt bad that he’s missing Bhagawan Krishna’s divine presence. At the same time, he was thinking as to what answer he would give to his wife upon reaching home! It should be remembered here that Sudhaama’s wife had requested him to ask for some help from Bhagawan Krishna at these compelling times of poverty. But, Sudhaama never even asked a single word to Bhagawan Krishna! More than making a resolve to himself, he had totally forgotten to ask anything to Bhagawan Krishna! He was so overwhelmed upon seeing Bhagawan and everything else in his life took a back seat. Such was Sudhaama’s unconditional love and devotion for Bhagawan Krishna!

But whatever said and done, is Bhagawan Krishna going to be so stone-hearted that He is going to leave Sudhaama back into the clutches of poverty again? Afterall Bhagawan knows what to give us and what not to give us, isn’t it? Should we ask Bhagawan for whatever we want? It is not required, isn’t it? If He knows it already, where is the compulsion that we should “ask and get” whatever we want from Bhagawan? If He’s going to open His graceful eyes towards us, He’s going to shower all sorts of luxuries that we might not even have asked for! He cannot be equaled or paralleled to anybody in this world in the gesture of “giving”! This is the same thing that happened to Sudhaama as well.

Thinking of so many things within himself, Sudhaama slowly makes his way to his place, but he was wonder-struck with what he saw in front of him! A beautiful palace standing mighty in front of him with plush interiors! A beautiful road that leads to the palace, with so many security guards! His wife decorated in a golden coloured saree, coming forward to welcome him with all possible respects! His sons, well dressed up, hale and healthy with adequate food! Upon seeing all of this, Sudhaama couldn’t believe himself! He was stunned to bits! What has happened in the midst of him going to meet Bhagawan and coming back? His wife comes running to him and says thus, “Oh my dear husband! See what all Bhagawan Krishna has given us! Hadn’t you asked him anything, would we be in this position today?” Sudhaama thinks within himself thus, “Oh wow! I have never asked anything from Bhagawan Krishna! But see what all has He gifted me and my family with! This is divine grace, isn’t it?”

It is to be remembered that as Bhagawan Krishna consumed the Aval, Rukmini Devi stopped Him from taking the second morsel. The reason behind this is that, with just the consumption of one morsel of the Aval, Sudhaama had become such a wealthy person with all luxuries! Had He consumed the second morsel of Aval, Sudhaama would have attained “Moksha” then and there! Since, it wasn’t yet time for Sudhaama to attain Moksha, Rukmini Devi, who is an incarnation of Goddess Mahalakshmi stops Bhagawan Krishna from going too far! 🙂

Thus, from this divine episode, we understand that Bhagawan is giving whatever we require, not by we asking Him anything. He’s giving what is right for us at that instance of time. Hence, we should realize that whenever we visit any temple, we should always pray for His divine grace, and thank Him for all whatever He has given us till date! We should leave the future to Bhagawan to figure out, rather than breaking our heads with it! With this message, we come to the end of the all-important “Kuchela-Upaakhyaanam”. With this, Sudhaama spent the rest of his life, thinking about Bhagawan Krishna, and finally he attained the highest “Moksha”, with Bhagawan’s divine grace!

So for today, let us enjoy and experience this heart-touching “Charitra” of Sudhaama and let us take a firm resolve in improving our level of Bhakti towards Bhagawan Krishna! We shall wait till the next episode to witness the further events that Sage Sukhaachaarya is going to narrate! Stay tuned! 🙂





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