Episode # 311 – Key learnings from the Sudhaama – Bhagawan Krishna meeting


For the past few episodes, we had witnessed how Sudhaama got an opportunity to meet his childhood friend, Bhagawan Krishna after so many years. Of course, Sudhaama was forced to meet Bhagawan Krishna on account of his extreme poverty situation. However, since Sudhaama was a spiritually advanced soul, he did not want to mention a single word about his poverty to Bhagawan Krishna. Eventually, he succeeded in his attempt, even as Bhagawan Krishna tempted him several times to pull words out of his mouth. Sudhaama kept totally mum and was more focussed on having Bhagawan Krishna’s divine darshan than anything else. So in today’s episode, as a concluding note to this important event, let us witness some key learnings that we can take from this whole incident.

First and foremost, we should understand through this event, the key difference between the “Atman” and the “Deham”. We’ve of course spoken about this several times in the past, but in this context, this discussion assumes lot of significance. As we know, the “Deham” is our physical body which is destroyable in nature, and the “Atman” is our soul, which is never destroyable, even though we keep taking innumerable births in this world. Sudhaama clearly knew that whatever difficult situations he was undergoing in his life was all for the “Deham” and not for his “Atman”. He knew that some day or the other, this “Deham” is going to be destroyed. Hence, poverty, hunger, etc. took a clear backseat for him. Although his wife wanted him to talk about the poverty situation to Bhagawan Krishna, he refused to do so till the end. Even when Sudhaama was returning back, he had not asked even a single word to Bhagawan Krishna about his poverty.  His “Atman” was very happy and well-nourished because he had just obtained Bhagawan Krishna’s divine darshan. Although his “Deham” wasn’t well-nourished, he didn’t care a damn for it. Ultimately for us to reach “Moksha”, the “Atman” should be purified and should feel happy and contented of obtaining the close proximity to Bhagawan.

Secondly, we should learn from the way in which Sudhaama respected Bhagawan Krishna, although they were friends and they knew each other since childhood. He had the courtesy to carry a handful of “Aval” for Bhagawan Krishna, knowing that He liked “Aval” so much! Sudhaama did this, although he was in extreme poverty. This shows the amount of respect he had for his friendship with Bhagawan Krishna. Also, Sudhaama internally knows the his friend is none other than Bhagawan Vishnu Himself and hence, as a token of his love and devotion for Him, he takes the handful of “Aval” for Him. This also shows us, how do we respect elders and senior people than us. Whenever we go to meet elderly people or diseased people, or even children, we should never go empty-handed. We should make sure that we carry atleast a small biscuit packet or a small bag of fruits or whatever with us while we go, if not anything else.

Thirdly, from the perspective of Bhagawan, we should understand how Bhagawan respects and appreciates our ardent devotion. We shall witness this in the way Bhagawan Krishna consumed the “Aval” with lot of relish, although it was from a poverty-stricken friend of His! Even though Bhagawan Krishna was leading a royal and a luxurious life at Dwaaraka city, He enjoyed Sudhaama’s “Aval” so much, not because of the physical taste of the “Aval”, but because, it was given to Him by one of His most ardent devotees. Hence, we should understand here that Bhagawan Krishna did not just consume the “Aval”, but also Sudhaama’s ardent devotion and poverty together! We’ve witnessed that Rukmini Devi had to stop Bhagawan Krishna from consuming the second handful of “Aval”, isn’t it? This is because, had He consumed it, Sudhaama would have directly gone to “Moksha” then and there! But if Sudhaama is gone, who would save his family back home? Thus, we can witness here that Bhagawan is ever ready to give whatever we require at the right time. Eventually, Sudhaama obtained “Moksha” at the appropriate time.

Finally, we might be having a question lingering in our mind – We’re saying that Sudhaama is an ardent devotee and if that’s the case, why was he under extreme poverty? Why was he suffering so much until he had met Bhagawan? Why was Bhagawan Krishna waiting for Sudhaama to come to HIm, and then alleviate him from the poverty condition? The answer here is very simple and straightforward – Ardent devotees of Bhagawan have to undergo His tests and tribulations, before He accepts us. Sudhaama wasn’t an exception too. If we consider any spiritually advanced soul, this would only be the case – Be it Kabirdas, or Tulsidas, or even Meera. In fact, even though Meerabhai led a luxurious life, she had to undergo innumerable tortures, before Bhagawan Krishna took her with Him. Hence, the point here is that, nothing in this world can be obtained just like that! This includes “Moksha” too. We’ve to put the right effort for it, to earn Bhagawan’s divine grace. It doesn’t come just like that.

However, I’m not saying here that Bhagawan is cruel. Of course, Bhagawan is an embodiment of “mercy” or “compassion” towards all of us. If He sees us taking the right effort and right part, He would take up the responsibility to bring us towards Him! We should be steadfast in our approach, and that is what is required. Moreover, all the trials and tribulations that we undergo in our lives is because of our own “Karma” as well. Whatever we’ve done, would automatically come back to us in some form or the other. If we’re suffering because of our own “Karma”, then what right do we have to blame it on Bhagawan?  However, having said that, if we follow the right procedure and the path towards Bhagawan, He would alleviate us from the ill-effects of our “Karma” and finally He would take us towards “Moksha”.

So for today, let us understand these important points from the Sudhaama-Bhagawan Krishna meet, and we shall wait for the next episode to witness the subsequent “Charitra” explained by Sage Sukhaachaarya to King Parikshit. Stay tuned! 🙂

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