Episode # 335 – The “Keshava-Uddhava-Samvaadham” – Uddhava’s emotional appeal to Bhagawan Krishna!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of the “eleventh” Skandha of the “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana”, wherein we had first started with how the destruction of the “Yaadava Kula” commenced. We had seen that one day there was a huge congregation of various important “top-tier” Maharishis and the Yaadava people, backed by Bhagawan Krishna were a bit arrogant towards them. The Yaadavas wanted to show off that the Maharishis are helpless in front of them and thus, they wanted to prove a point. Hence, the Yaadavas set out with a plan and they chose one among them by name Saamba. They dressed him up like a pregnant woman, enclosed a wooden plank around his stomach, and sent him to Sage Vishwaamitra with a weird question – What would be the gender of this “going-to-be-born” baby! It should be understood that the Yaadavas are trying to mock at Sage Vishwaamitra and is trying to test his power of penance.

Upon seeing this Saamba dressed up nicely as a female and upon hearing the weird question from the Yaadavas, the penance power of Sage Vishwamitra showed to him that he is being fooled around. Realizing thus, Sage Vishwamitra got extremely angry and inflicted a huge curse upon the Yaadavas thus, “Oh Yaadavas! This heinous act of yours is going to land you up in a situation wherein the entire community of yours is going to be destroyed by the baby (Wooden plank) that is going to be born from Saamba!” As the Yaadavas heard thus, they started to shiver with fear! Their comical attempt has backfired at them very badly. Realizing thus, they run here and there, seeking shelter, and finally they seek refuge under their king’s feet!

As per the curse of Sage Vishwamitra however, the wooden log took birth in this world, just like how a human being would take birth! As this takes place, the king advises thus, “Oh Yaadavas! Take this wodden plank, mash it into pieces and throw it into the ocean! You can thus escape from this curse!” The Yaadavas too acted upon their king’s instruction, mashed the wooden plank into pieces and threw them all into the ocean. By doing so, they heaved a huge sign of relief – That they’ve finally escaped from the curse of Sage Vishwamitra. However, at a later stage, we’re going to witness that these same pieces of the wooden plank are going to come back and create a mass destruction of the entire Yaadava community altogether. We’re not going to witness it at this moment, but during the end of Bhagawan Krishna’s tenure. We’ve to thus wait for few more episodes to witness how all of these conspired against the Yaadavas. However, we’ve to also understand that when these wooden planks started their “destruction mode”, they were being consumed by the fishes in the ocean. There was a hunter who captured one of these fishes that had swallowed the wooden pieces. Upon exploring the body of the fish, he finds a huge wooden plank into it, and he takes this wooden plank, ties it to his arrow and keeps it ready. We shall stop with this for the moment, with respect to this event, but we shall move on with some other things that conspired at the same time.

Moving on from this scene thus, as Bhagawan Krishna was thinking about returning back to Vaikunta, Uddhava comes to meet Him. As Uddhava learns Bhagawan Krishna’s departure plans, he was totally stunned and shattered to tears. He falls on to Bhagawan’s feet and cries to Him thus, “Oh Bhagawan! All of these years, we’ve been under your grace and protection and we were very happy all through our lives. But if you suddenly depart by leaving all of us behind, how are we going to manage the rest of our lives without you? Isn’t this unfair on your part to desert your ardent devotees and depart? Oh Bhagawan! Please do not do so! If at all there’s no change to your plan, please take us also along with you while you depart!”

As Uddhava cries thus, Bhagawan Krishna lifts him up and makes him sit beside Him. He is now going to give some important and lengthy advice to Uddhava, which we’re going to witness from now onwards as “Keshava-Uddhava-Samvaadham”. There are many aspects that Bhagawan Krishna is going to explain to Uddhava, which are equally important for all of us to learn and understand.

So for today, we’ve set up the context for the important “Keshava-Uddhava-Samvaadham”, and from tomorrow’s episode, we shall commence Bhagawan Krishna’s advice to Uddhava. Stay tuned! 🙂




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