Episode # 334 – Beginning of the destruction of the Yaadava clan – Sage Vishwamitra’s curse!!!


In the previous episode, we had concluded the event wherein Subhaddra, Bhagawan Krishna’s sister married Arjuna, in a very different way! Ultimately it was Bhagawan Krishna who made it happen through His “trademark” tricky ways. It was a very comical event as well, and we’ve enjoyed this event for the past couple of episodes. Now moving on further, we also witnessed the brief significance of why should we do the “Panchasamskaara” and the significance of Bhagawan Ramanuja who was behind this important aspect of the Shri Vaishnava Sampradhaaya. With this, we come to the end of the tenth Skandha of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana. As mentioned in the yesterday’s episode, this was a really long one and for us too, it spanned for nearly 100 episodes. One important thing to note here is that, this entire tenth Skandha is dedicated to Bhagawan Krishna and all His divine plays – Right from His childhood days at Gokula, to Vrindavan, to Mathura city, to Dwaaraka, to killing of Narakasura, to bless Sudhaama and finally marrying off His sister Subhadra to Arjuna.

With this note, we now move into the eleventh “Skandha” wherein we’re going first witness around twenty-five important aspects to begin with. In fact, the sixth day syllabus of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana would come to an end with this twenty-five different aspects. It is going to be like a “rapid fire” round! We usually witness such things during quiz programs, isn’t it? The quiz master would ask quick questions with a stipulated number of seconds to answer each of them. Similarly here too, we’re going to witness some quick “rapid fire” questions as we enter into the eleventh “Skandha”. Let us witness them in a bit of detail, for our understanding.

As we know, Bhagawan Krishna was the king of Dwaaraka city as the “Dwaaraka-Deesha”, with the entire “Yaadava clan”. It was a huge clan with around 52,000 families and all of them were very happy under the company and protection of Bhagawan Krishna. However, as years pass by, Bhagawan Krishna starts to feel that He had fulfilled all His duties in this world and it is about time that He leaves back to Vaikunta. It has been 125 years since He had taken birth and He now feels that He has fulfilled all His commitments and has established the “Dharma” in this world, with all His “Leelas” (Divine plays). As He was planning to depart, He felt that He has to take all the people in the Yaadava-Kula along with Him to Vaikunta. Thus, He was looking out for a plan to finish off the entire Yaadava Kula in this world.

It is at this time, there was a huge congregation of many important Maharishis at some place. Sage Sukhaachaarya explains the huge list of Maharishis who congregated – Sage Vasishta, Sage Vishwamitra, Sage Athri, Sage Asitha, Sage Kanva, Sage Dhurvaasa, Sage Bruhu, Sage Angira, Sage Kashyapa, Sage Vaamadeva and Sage Naarada himself! These people are even today considered to be the “tier-1” Maharishis in our Sanaatana Dharma literature. As all these tier-1 Maharishis were engaged in a deep penance together, these Yaadavas were getting complacent and arrogant, just because they had the backing of Bhagawan Krishna. Hence, they decided to make fun of these important Maharishis. There was a person by name “Saamba”. The Yaadavas caught hold of this Saamba, dressed him up like a female, and that too, like a pregnant woman with a wooden plank tied to his stomach, and of course concealed within the saree that he was draped with. This Saamba was sent in front of Sage Vishwaamitra and the Yaadavas were also at the back of him.

As Saamba reaches the vicinity of Sage Vishwaamitra, the Yaadavas explain thus, “Oh great Sage! She is a pregnant woman and is going to give birth very soon. Hence, she is very curious whether the child that is going to take birth is a boy or a girl. You have so much of “Gnyaan-Drishti” isn’t it? So with your power of penance, can you identify the gender of this baby that is going to take birth from this woman?” Of course, we can never ask such a question in today’s scenario! If we go and see in the hospitals, there are lot of announcement boards too – gender of the child would not be disclosed pre-birth. Of course, in those days, such restrictions were not there! J

Upon hearing thus from Saamba and Co., Sage Vishwaamitra knew from his power of penance that these Yaadavas were bluffing and had come there to make fun of him! Sensing this clearly, Sage Vishwaamitra replies angrily thus, “Oh Saamba & Co.! Let me tell you something! The thing that is going to take birth from this Saamba is nothing but a mere wooden plank! However, this plank that is going to take birth, would be solely responsible for the destruction of the entire Yaadava clan altogether!” As the Yaadavas hear thus from Sage Vishwamitra, the entire Yaadava clan was shell-shocked! They did not expect such a stern curse from such a great Sage! Afterall, they wanted to make fun, but that attempt backfired at them very badly!

What happens next? Did the wooden plank really take birth? How did the destruction of the Yaadava clan come by? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! J




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