Episode # 333 – Arjuna marries Shubadra – Importance of “Pancha-Samskaara”!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of the “Shubradra-Parinayam”, wherein, we had witnessed Shubadra expressing her interest in marrying Arjuna. However, it was a socially non-acceptable marriage, Bhagawan Krishna wanted it to go ahead. So He made a tricky plan – He made Arjuna dawn the attire of a “Sanyasin” and sit below a banyan tree outside the town. As Balarama sees this “handsome & fake Sanyasin”, he gets impressed and wants to call him to their place, even as Bhagawan Krishna negated. With this, the “fake sanyasin” came to their place, when Subadhra was also there and they both met each other. Eventually they fell in love for each other and it was at this time, Bhagawan Krishna suggests to Balarama that both of them go for a “Teertha Yatra” for a few days, taking Subhadra also with them. Again, Balarama protested that Subhadra shouldn’t accompany them, and that, she should take care of the Sanyasin on the days when they were away. Bhagawan Krishna laughs within Himself, and thus, both He and Balarama set out!

As both set out thus, Bhagawan Krishna again played His trick here. He let Balarama lead the way and thus, he had walked ten steps ahead of Bhagawan Krishna. In the meanwhile, Bhagawan Krishna called for the security guards who were guarding the palace. Bhagawan Krishna gave a secret instruction to them thus, “There are two people inside – A Sanyasin and Subadhra. Mostly, they wouldn’t come out of the palace. If at all they come, and if they wish to go out somewhere, let them go. Do not stop them from going anywhere!” As Bhagawan Krishna gives this important instruction thus, He too sets out along with Balarama and acts as if nothing has happened just now! As both of them set out thus, just two or three minutes later, Arjuna and Subhadra held each other’s hands and walked out! It was not even a day or two. It was just a minute or two! As per the instruction, the security guards too didn’t stop them and off they were! Thus, the couple set off to a far distance without anybody noticing them, and eventually they got married. After that, nobody was able to trace them and nobody was able to stop them too!

Now with this, we come to the end of the “Shubadra-Parinayam”. However, there is one important message that we need to also understand from this “Charitra”. Eventually, as the security guards were instructed by Bhagawan Krishna, they also asked him thus, “Oh Bhagawan! Until you come back, tell me whom should we allow inside, and whom should we ask to wait outside”. Bhagawan Krishna thus gives an important reply saying that, those who have the “Shankam” and “Chakram” engraved upon them can be let inside, and those who do not have the “Shankam” and “Chakram” upon them, should be asked to wait outside till He comes back!

This leads us to an important point which the “Shri Vaishnava Sampradhaaya” propagates aloud – This process is called “Pancha-Samskaara”. This is like a “hallmark” of being a Vaishnavite. According to the procedure, we’ve to approach our “Aachaarya” (Guru), seek His blessings and grace and engrave the “Shankam” and “Chakram” upon us. With this, we are “officially authenticated” to be a Vaishnavite. This procedure was given to all of us by none other than Bhagawan Raamaanuja, thousand years ago, and post that, this has been in meticulous practice all through the years. This is something that we’ve to also understand, when it comes to the event of “Shubadra-Parinayam”.

Hence, for today, let us understand this important point and let us wait till the next episode for commencing the next important event in the tenth “Skandha” of the Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana. In fact, we’re coming to the fag end of the tenth Skandha and we still have just one or two small important points to highlight, before we move on the the eleventh Skandha! Stay tuned for updates! J





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