Episode # 630 – Ravana orders Hanuman to be killed – Vibhishana intervenes!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Markandeya’s accord on how Mother Sita had to undergo enormous suffering along with Bhagawan Rama. Sage Markandeya is narrating this to Yudishtra as part of the “Rama-Upaakhyaana Parva” to highlight how Draupati is much better off, as compared to what Mother Sita had to undergo during the “Vana-Vaasam”. In this way, we’ve seen how Mother Sita had been held captive in Ravana’s Lanka and how Hanuman single handedly found her whereabouts. He also convinces and assures Mother Sita that Bhagawan Rama is on His way along with Sugriva and Co. to destroy Ravana and take her back to Ayodhya. Subsequently as Mother Sita is consoled, Hanuman decides that he has something left to do and launches an all-out assault on Ravana’s army. He destroys key Raakshasas including Akshakumara (Ravana’s son) and finally had to be controlled under Indrajith’s “Brahma-Asthra”. As Hanuman falls on the ground, all the Raakshasas tie him with a lot of ropes and drag him towards Ravana. 

At this point, both Indrajith and Hanuman know that the “Brahma-Asthra” has lost its power, and Indrajith also knows that Hanuman is quiet for some unknown reason. As Hanuman sees Ravana, his anger knows no bounds! However, he controls his anger only for the reason that he has come as a messenger and not as a warrior to fight Ravana. As Ravana sees Hanuman, he too realizes that Hanuman is not an ordinary monkey by any means. Ravana has a doubt whether Bhagawan Shiva Himself has taken a form of this monkey to test his war capability. As both of them see each other, Ravana calls out for his minister Brihastha to enquire about Hanuman. As Brihastha asks a few questions, Hanuman ignores him totally and looks up to Ravana directly to talk. Hanuman says thus, “Oh Ravana! I’m an ordinary monkey. I’m not anybody special as you think. This is my true form. I’ve come here as a messenger of Bhagawan Rama and as a minister of Sugriva, the Vaanara king. Oh Ravana! The entire world knows who Bhagawan Rama is, and what His invincible powers are! I had come here in search of His beloved wife, Mother Sita and unfortunately, I witnessed her divine presence in your Ashoka Vana! Oh Ravana! You are a great king and such an act of abducting another person’s wife doesn’t suit your stature! Hence, please return Mother Sita back to Bhagawan Rama immediately! Else, you will be facing severe consequences in the near future. You would have known about Vaali and how powerful he was. Bhagawan Rama killed Vaali with just a single arrow! Hence, you can imagine the invincible power of Bhagawan Rama. More than that, you would be knowing the invincible powers that Sugriva and Angadha possess. Please remember – All these people have teamed up together against you! Whatever destruction you saw from me today is just a miniscule of their capability. Hence, it would be good if you can return Mother Sita to Bhagawan Rama and with this, you can avoid mass destruction to yourself as well as to your entire Lanka. I do not want to see the destruction of this beautiful Lanka unnecessarily and it is in your hands only!” 

As Hanuman sounds out a warning thus, Ravana’s ego gets hurt very badly. As Hanuman’s tone of talking was also quite insulting in nature, Ravana doesn’t want to think of the content of Hanuman’s talk. He immediately orders the execution of Hanuman without even giving it a thought. As Ravana orders thus, Vibhishana immediately gets up and requests him to take a breather. Vibhishana clearly explains the “Raaja-Dharma” to Ravana and how it is a horrendous crime to kill a messenger who has come all the way from a different kingdom to convey a message. Even though the messenger has caused harm to Lanka, he could be punished in different ways, but should not be killed at any cost! As Vibhishana explains this to Ravana in a soothing and convincing way, Ravana too understands that killing Hanuman doesn’t give him any benefit. Killing Bhagawan Rama and Lakshmana should be his bigger motive. Thus, Ravana reverses his order and issues a new order now – To burn Hanuman’s tail, beat him up and send him back to Kishkinta! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point, and we shall witness in the next episode as to how Hanuman is going to react to this punishment meted out to him by Ravana! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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