Episode # 631 – Hanuman sets the entire Lanka city on fire!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important event as part of Sage Maarkandeya’s narration to Yudishtra on the Ramayana story. Here, we’ve seen how Hanuman was outdone by Indrajith’s “Brahma-Asthra”, which enabled the marquee meeting between Hanuman and Ravana. As Hanuman sees Ravana, his anger knows no bounds for what he had done to Mother Sita, however, he controls himself and instead, renders some important words of advice to Ravana. He requests Ravana to mend his ways and return Mother Sita back to Bhagawan Rama. Even as Hanuman says this, he reminds Ravana about Vaali and how Bhagawan Rama killed Vaali with a single arrow successfully. As Hanuman sounds the warning bell thus, Ravana, without even thinking for a minute, orders Hanuman’s execution then and there! However, Vibhishana being an intelligent minister, stops Ravana from proceeding with this blunder and makes him aware of the dire consequences behind this act. Instead, Vibhishana advises Ravana to adopt various other methods of punishment for Hanuman for what he had done! 

Paying heed to Vibhishana’s golden words of wisdom, Ravana reverses his execution order and instead comes up with a revised version – To put Hanuman’s tail on fire, take him around Lanka, beat him up and send him back to Kishkinta. Accordingly, all the Raakshasas start teaming up around Hanuman and tie old and rugged clothes around his tail. Oil is poured over his tail as Hanuman fumes with anger and frustration. Finally, Hanuman’s tail is set on fire and is taken all around Lanka city. The Raakshasas are proudly proclaiming that their enemy is captured and if anyone acts against the interests of Lanka and Ravana, their fate would also be the same as this! Meanwhile, Hanuman could not bear this insult and frustration anymore and he decides to get into the act once again! Thinking and praying to Bhagawan Rama and Mother Sita for one final act, Hanuman jumps up from the clutches of the Raakshasas, frees himself and takes up a huge roaring form! Upon seeing Hanuman’s form, many Raakshasas faint with fear then and there! Even as some of them come to attack him, Hanuman beats them up to death! Now that his tail is on fire, Hanuman starts dwelling upon each of the houses of Ravana’s ministers and sets fire on all of them! Hanuman comes in the order of Ravana’s ministers and all the row houses are set on fire, except Vibhishana’s house, because Vibhishana was the only person who supported his cause in front of Ravana. Moreover, Vibhishana is a “Dharma-Atma” and Hanuman knows it very well, and hence, he doesn’t disturb Vibhishana’s house. 

Moving through all the row houses of all the ministers thus, Hanuman finally comes to Ravana’s palace and sets it on fire! Subsequently, each and every house in Lanka started to be ghastly victims of Hanuman’s fury! The entire Lanka starts burning – Thanks to Vaayu Bhagawan and Agni Bhagawan – The fire starts spreading rapidly with the wind blowing at full speed! Each and every house has someone who is being burnt to death! The entire city of Lanka is in chaos and people are seen running everywhere to protect their kith and kin, belongings, house, etc. The entire city is full of ghastly cries from people! Mother Sita’s anger comes through Hanuman’s act and even as Hanuman fears the safety of Mother Sita, she is unharmed and completely safe under the “Simsubha-Vriksha” tree. As Hanuman flies around with the fire on his tail, he finally puts it off in the sea shore and once again decides to meet and pay his respects to Mother Sita before he leaves for Kishkinta. 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall witness the continuation of what happened next in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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