Episode # 629 – Indrajith controls Hanuman with the “Brahma-Asthra”!!!

In the previous episode, we had continued with the interesting discussion between Sage Maarkandeya and Yudishtra on the Ramayana story, wherein we’ve witnessed how Hanuman consoled Mother Sita and assured her of all help on behalf of Sugriva and the Vaanaras. Subsequently, we saw how Hanuman single handedly launched a ferocious attack on Ravana’s Ashoka Vanam and how he destroyed a substantial portion of Ravana’s army including his son Akshakumara. This sends shock waves and shivers to Ravana who had initially underestimated Hanuman to be a mere monkey. Unable to bear the sorrow of losing his son to this monkey, Ravana calls out for his next son, Indrajith, who is extremely powerful and who also knows the secret of the “Brahma-Asthra”. Thus, Ravana calls out for Indrajith and instructs him to go and capture this monkey alive and bring him to justice in front of the courtroom. 

As Indrajith gets ready to go for the war, Ravana gives Indrajith a lot of instructions as to how to approach Hanuman. He explains how Hanuman has single handedly destroyed all the cavalry, elephants, horses, etc. and hence, there’s no use of going with a huge set of army to capture him. Moreover, all the other “Asthras” are merely useless in front of Hanuman’s immeasurable “Tejas”. Hence, the only way to stop Hanuman is by employing the “Brahma-Asthra”. Thus, Ravana instructs Indrajith to be extremely careful and if required, employ the “Brahma-Asthra” to capture him alive! 

Buoyed by all these instructions, Indrajith starts off with a loud sound! He is excited to take on Hanuman, whom he understands to not be an ordinary enemy to take on! As Indrajith approaches Hanuman with a lot of noise, Hanuman too is happy that he has got an excellent enemy to fight with. As Indrajith comes closer, Hanuman understands who he is going to fight with and is extremely excited! Both Indrajith and Hanuman are extremely powerful and this is going to be a cracker of a contest! Hanuman and Indrajith initially look at each other keenly, in a bid to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses! Thus, a complete SWOT Analysis runs through each other’s minds as Indrajith makes the first move! The moment Indrajith fires a sharp arrow, Hanuman is in no mood to let it go! He immediately jumps up in the air and makes the arrow useless! Surprised by Hanuman’s intent to float in the air, Indrajith quickly changes his strategy. He immediately starts firing a flurry of arrows towards Hanuman’s body! However, Hanuman is an expert in escaping out of all these gimmicks! He uses his power and somehow floats in between all these arrows, thus ensuring that none of these arrows actually hit him anywhere! 

Upon seeing this, Indrajith employs the “Vajra-Aayudha” on Hanuman, only to be rendered useless! Hanuman breaks it into pieces and throws it back on Indrajith! Finally after a lot of thought process, Indrajith recollects his father’s words! There is no “Asthra” which can stop Hanuman, given his infinite power and capability. Moreover, what is the use of firing so many arrows on someone who is going to drift through them and escape? Hence, the only way to control Hanuman is through the “Brahma-Asthra”. Making the decision thus, Indrajith aims the “Brahma-Asthra” on Hanuman by chanting the requisite Mantras for it. As Indrajith does so, Hanuman too realizes his potential weakness against the “Brahma-Asthra” and decides to fall under control! Of course, the “Brahma-Asthra” doesn’t harm Hanuman in any way, but according to the instruction of Bhagawan Brahma, Hanuman has to be under its control for some time, before he gets relieved! 

Thus, Indrajith employs the “Brahma-Asthra” skillfully on Hanuman and ties him up! With this, Hanuman falls on the ground unconscious for a few moments, due to the infinite power of the “Asthra”. After a few minutes as Hanuman regains his consciousness, he finds that all the Raakshasas have captured him alive and are tying him with some clothes and ropes. The plan is to take Hanuman in front of Ravana! However, Indrajith forgets one important thing – If any other material is used to tie a person who is already tied by the “Brahma-Asthra”, the effect of this “Asthra” would fade away! Thus here, as the Raakshasas are tying Hanuman with other ropes, the effect of the “Brahma-Asthra” becomes nullified! This sends shivers to Indrajith as he realizes this fact that Hanuman is no longer tied by the “Brahma-Asthra”! What if Hanuman suddenly gets up and attacks everyone after some time? Is his silence a ploy for mass destruction? Several questions run through Indrajith’s mind, however, Hanuman is extremely determined! He uses this opportunity to meet Ravana and seek his opinion on Mother Sita. Hanuman wants to meet Ravana desperately to send out a huge warning about Bhagawan Rama’s might and power! 

Thus, the Raakshasas drag Hanuman through and take him in front of Ravana! There is now going to be an interesting discussion between Hanuman and Ravana, which we shall witness in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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