Episode # 626 – Ravana and the other Rakshasis torture Mother Sita at Ashoka Vana!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Maarkandeya explaining in detail to Yudishtra as to how Bhagawan Rama lost Mother Sita to Ravana and how Hanuman makes his way to Lanka to find her whereabouts. In this way, we’ve witnessed Hanuman’s tiring search for Mother Sita and finally spotting her at the “Ashoka Vanam” forest in Lanka. As Hanuman spots her, he also finds a lot of Raakshasis sitting around her, threatening her in all possible ways. As Hanuman sits and watches the proceedings before taking an initiative to strike a conversation with Mother Sita, Ravana makes his way to that place to meet her! Ravana comes and prostrates in front of her and proposes his love for her. He starts praising Mother Sita’s beauty and expresses his wish of marrying her! By saying so, Ravana also launches a wield personal attack on Bhagawan Rama by saying that he is useless and is an ordinary human being roaming around in the forest aimlessly. With this, Ravana tries to strike a chord with Mother Sita by blackmailing her in a lot of ways! But is Mother Sita going to relent to all of Ravana’s gimmicks and sales talks? Let us witness! 

As Ravana proposes thus, Mother Sita is extremely pained at heart. She takes this difficulty as a tough and a bitter pill to chew and even if she’s suffering, she never loses her cool and calm. Rather than scolding Ravana for his obnoxious words, Mother Sita advises him to focus on his wives and not on somebody else’s! She explains how he would go down the drain if he continues this tyrrand of activities. Even after Mother Sita’s kind words of advice, Ravana only becomes angry and not cautious. He doesn’t realize what kind of a blunder he is committing! Ravana threatens Mother Sita by saying that he is going to finish off Bhagawan Rama within minutes and will forcefully marry her even if she doesn’t wish to! For this, Mother Sita explains the significance of Bhagawan Rama to Ravana and once again advises Ravana to refrain from Bhagawan Rama’s route. Mother Sita warns Ravana that if he messes up with Bhagawan Rama, his life itself would be a question mark, and instead, she again advises that Ravana should go and make friends with Bhagawan Rama, so as to avoid such a disaster! 

As Mother Sita advises once again, Ravana doesn’t pay any heed to even a single word of what she says. His ego and anger are overtaking his intellect. He once again threatens Mother Sita with words that are not to be used and finally walks back into his palace with a seemingly heavy heart. However, Ravana is determined to proceed with whatever he is currently doing! He is not going to take a step back! As Ravana goes back into his palace, Mother Sita bursts into tears of sorrow. She cries aloud for help, but sadly none were there to lend a helping hand to her. Nobody is there around her to put an end to all her suffering. Upon seeing this helplessness of Mother Sita, Hanuman also feels bad and his heart almost breaks! His rage is building within him and he wants to go and immediately attack Ravana and finish him off, however, he could not do that. This is primarily because Hanuman has come to Lanka as a messenger, and not as a warrior deputed by Bhagawan Rama and Sugriva. A messenger’s job is only to convey and gather information and not to pick up a fight and hence, Hanuman has to refrain at the moment. However, he is determined to strike a conversation with Mother Sita, so as to calm her down. Hanuman wants to pacify Mother Sita and give her the confidence to hold on for a few more days before Bhagawan Rama and Sugriva lambast Lanka. However for Hanuman’s bad luck, all the Raakshasis are awake and in this situation, he cannot go and strike a conversation with her. But at the same time, unable to bare the torture of these Raakshasis and of Ravana, Mother Sita starts contemplating of committing a suicide! She even gets ready to sacrifice her life, rather than to pay heed to Ravana’s wish! Such is the dedication and surrender Mother Sita had towards Bhagawan Rama. 

So for today, let us understand up to this point, and in the next episode, we shall witness how Hanuman approached Mother Sita and spoke with her! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 

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