Episode # 627 – Hanuman consoles Mother Sita!!!

We’re in the midst of a very important happening at Ashoka Vana, wherein Ravana is torturing Mother Sita to an unprecedented level. This narrative is being given by Sage Markandeya to Yudishtra to highlight an important point that Mother Sita had to bear the brunt of Bhagawan Rama’s fourteen-year exile punishment. Sage Markandeya explains this to Yudisthra to also prove that Draupati’s current stature is much better as compared to that of Mother Sita. Continuing his accord thus as part of the “Rama-Upakhyaana Parva”, Sage Maarkandeya explains how Hanuman is aggrieved upon seeing Mother Sita undergoing all these tortures. As Ravana proposes his wish time and again to Mother Sita of marrying her and killing Bhagawan Rama, Mother Sita takes all those barbs patiently and advises Ravana to mend his ways. Even then, Ravana’s ego stops him from paying heed to Mother Sita’s golden words of wisdom. 

As Ravana leaves that place, Hanuman decides that it is high time that he goes in front of Mother Sita and consoles her. It is the same time wherein Mother Sita is also contemplating a suicide. She is completely frustrated with everything that is happening around her. She is upset with the thought that Bhagawan Rama too has deserted her! She does not know that Bhagawan Rama is on His way through Hanuman to meet her. At this critical juncture, Hanuman starts narrating Bhagawan Rama’s “Charitra” from the beginning, in a voice that is audible to Mother Sita only. He first starts talking from his hiding place itself, so that Mother Sita doesn’t get a doubt that Ravana is trying to play gimmicks. As she hears Bhagawan Rama’s “Charitra”, tears roll down Mother Sita’s eyes as she looks around from where this sound is coming! This is an important portion even in the Vaalmiki Ramayana as part of the famous “Sundara-Kaandam” wherein Vaalmiki Maharishi beautifully describes how Mother Sita’s emotions undergo a sea of change at this point in time! For someone who is contemplating a suicide to undergo this change in mindset – The full credit goes to Hanuman! This is the biggest “Seva” (Selfless service) that Hanuman did to Mother Sita and Bhagawan Rama! 

Thus, as Hanuman narrates the “Raama-Katha”, he slowly comes closer in front of Mother Sita. Even though initially Mother Sita has a doubt whether this monkey form that she sees in front of her is none other than Ravana himself or not, Hanuman dashes out her thoughts by presenting the “Anguleeya” of Bhagawan Rama to her! Hanuman presents it to her as a token of identification of Bhagawan Rama and Hanuman introduces himself formally to Mother Sita that he is none other than Bhagawan Rama’s messenger and assures her that she can freely interact with her. Hanuman explains to Mother Sita as to how he was able to cross the ocean all by himself, thanks to Bhagawan Rama’s and Mother Sita’s divine “Anugraha” and thanks her for giving him this golden opportunity of having her divine “Darshan”. Saying thus, Hanuman also narrates the entire story of how Bhagawan Rama met Sugriva and killed Vaali. He also explains how all the monkeys are engaged in the search operation and how veterans like Jaambhavan, Angadha, etc. along with him have come towards the southern direction in search of Mother Sita and how he has successfully found her! 

Overwhelmed with Hanuman’s heart-touching explanation, Mother Sita receives the “Anguleeya” from Hanuman’s hands and hugs it with her chest. She imagines Bhagawan Rama standing in front of her in the form of that precious ornament! At one moment she laughs upon seeing it, and at the other moment she cries! She is extremely happy that Bhagawan Rama is on His way to take her back, and on the other hand, she is extremely sad that Bhagawan Rama had to undergo enormous difficulty! Consoling her more, Hanuman explains how Bhagawan Rama and Lakshmana are invincible warriors and how both the brothers have joined hands with the powerful Sugriva and how all of them are focused only in defeating Ravana and releasing her from the captive. Hanuman explains how Bhagawan Rama is missing her a lot and how He cries every passing day, longing for her presence. Hence, Hanuman requests Mother Sita to be brave and give him some time to go and inform Bhagawan Rama and for Bhagawan Rama to come to Lanka. 

As Hanuman makes this emotional appeal, Mother Sita calms down substantially and she is very happy with what Hanuman has done for her and for Bhagawan Rama! She provides Hanuman with her divine “Anugraha” and lets him start off his return journey. At this time, Mother Sita gives her crest gem to Hanuman, to be given to Bhagawan Rama as a token of recognition. Hanuman takes it carefully with him and departs from there. Now the question is, whether Hanuman is going directly to Kishkinta, or is he going to do something else? Let us wait for the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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