Episode # 625 – Hanuman spots Mother Sita in the “Ashoka Vanam” – Realizes his mistake too!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Sage Markandeya’s accord on Bhagawan Rama and Mother Sita to Yudishtra and Co. as part of the “Rama-Upakhyana Parva”. In this way, we’ve witnessed Hanuman crossing over into Lanka and searching for Mother Sita everywhere. Hanuman investigates the houses of each and every minister of Ravana, including Kumbhakarna, Vibhishana, etc. and finally arrives at Ravana’s palace, where he spots the beautiful “Pushpaka Vimaana”. Hanuman enters the “Pushpaka Vimaana” and learns that this is the same vehicle in which Ravana abducted Mother Sita. Raging with anger, Hanuman searches the nook and corner of the divine vehicle, but he could not find Mother Sita anywhere. Moving forward further, Hanuman enters Ravana’s mighty palace, which resembles a huge temple! There are so many security guards roaming here and there, and since Hanuman has taken a tiny form, nobody is able to spot him. Thus, Hauman searches every nook and corner of Ravana’s palace, only to find innumerable women whom Ravana had abducted from various places earlier. Even though Hanuman searches with utmost concentration amidst all these women, Mother Sita isn’t to be found anywhere! 

As this continues, Hanuman slowly loses his motivation! He goes to the extent of declaring the operation to have failed miserably! He even goes on to contemplate whether he should return back to Kishkinta or to commit suicide here itself! Hanuman thinks thus, “Oh! If I go back to Kishkinta and tell Bhagawan Rama that Sita is not be found anywhere, what would happen? Won’t Bhagawan Rama kill Himself then and there? If Bhagawan Rama isn’t there, how will Lakshmana, Bharata and the entire family sustain? Because of me, everyone in the Ikshvaaku family will die! Hence, it is better if I die, and maybe after sometime, Bhagawan Rama would send someone else more efficiently than me to search for Mother Sita and maybe that person can find her whereabouts!” As Hanuman is getting demotivated thus, he suddenly spots a beautiful forest area with a lot of “Ashoka trees”. Hanuman quickly thinks, “Oh wow! This place looks extremely good! Why shouldn’t Mother Sita be held captive amidst this forest? There are beautiful rivers, trees, shrubs, etc. in this place. Let me go and search here. Maybe I might be able to find Mother Sita here!” 

Hoping thus, Hanuman now prays to Bhagawan Rama, Indra, Mother Sita herself: “Oh Bhagawan! If it is true that I’m searching for Mother Sita with a pure heart, please show her to me! I need to have her divine “Darshan” now! Oh Mother Sita! Till now I’ve been searching for you with an “I” attitude! Now I realize my mistake – It is you who have to show yourself to me! Oh Mother Sita! Please reveal yourself to me as quickly as possible! I’m here to bring both you and Bhagawan Rama together. Please show your divine “Anugraha” on this child!” As Hanuman prays wholeheartedly thus, miracles start happening! The very tree upon which Hanuman is currently sitting and praying amidst the “Ashoka Vanam” has Mother Sita under it! As Hanuman opens his eyes and looks around, he immediately spots a beautiful woman with a divine aura sitting right in the bottom of the tree where he is sitting! With all the identification marks that he knows, Hanuman confirms that this lady is none other than Mother Sita herself! What a divine “Anugraha” for Hanuman! He spots Mother Sita who is surrounded by a number of Raakshasis with ghastly looks! Mother Sita is crying continuously and she is full of thoughts about Bhagawan Rama every minute and every second! 

Upon seeing Mother Sita this way, Hanuman also realizes one more thing – Initially we’ve witnessed that Hanuman was sitting aloof without showing any interest in the search operation, until Bhagawan Rama called him and handed over the “Anguleeyam” to him, isn’t it? At that point, Hanuman was thinking thus, “Oh wow! This Bhagawan Rama is proclaiming that He’s Sage Vasishtachaarya’s great disciple! However, He has a lot of worldly attachment! Just because of the loss of one woman in His life, why is He so pale and why are everyone going around in a frenzy like this? Shouldn’t He have “Vairaagya” and move on?” Now, upon seeing Mother Sita in such a pitiable condition, Hanuman realizes thus, “Oh wow! I’ve realized now as to why Bhagawan Rama is so particular about Mother Sita! Both of them seem to be made for each other and are always together by heart, even though they are physically separated at the moment! Her thought process is the same as his. Just like how Bhagawan Rama misses Mother Sita a lot, Mother Sita too misses Bhagawan Rama a lot! Hence, both of them should somehow see each other and reunite!” 

Thinking thus, Hanuman is extremely happy upon seeing Mother Sita and tears of joy roll down from his divine eyes! So for today, let us join hands with Hanuman to celebrate this golden moment and we shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion forward! 🙂 Stay tuned! 🙂 

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