Episode # 624 – Hanuman enters Lanka and searches for Mother Sita!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of the search operation for Mother Sita. As per Sugriva’s instructions, the Vaanara army is split into various divisions and one division headed by Jaambhavan and Hanuman proceed towards the southern direction. Upon seeing Hanuman being totally disinterested in the entire operation, Bhagawan Rama spots it keenly, calls him and hands over his “Anguleeyam” (Ring) to be handed over to Mother Sita, if at all he sees her somewhere. Taking it carefully, Hanuman and Co. make their way towards the southern direction, only to face enormous hurdles! Mother Sita isn’t to be found anywhere! Finally as all of them reach the pinnacle of frustration, Sampati comes and guides them further. Sampati, brother of Jatayu explains how Mother Sita is held captive in the island called Lanka and if at all they’ve to find her, they’ve to cross the ocean and enter into Lanka. 

But now the question is – Who will cross over the ocean and enter Lanka? Who has that strength and motivation to go all the way? As many Vaanaras like Angadha try to escape the responsibility, the onus falls on Hanuman! Jambhavan knows who exactly Hanuman is and what his strength is. He motivates Hanuman  and explains the enormous potential that he has. With this, Hanuman gets motivated and decides to take up the huge responsibility. Thus, as all of them look up with awe, Hanuman starts growing into an enormous size and takes one giant leap into the ocean waters as he decides to take the aerial route! As Hanuman starts his way towards the southern direction, the entire Vaanara camp is in joy and with full of confidence that Hanuman will somehow complete the mission successfully! With the “Anugraha” of Jambhavan and the other senior members of the camp and with the divine “Anugraha” of Bhagawan Rama, Hanuman sets out confidently, passing through the clouds and other things that come by! On the way to Lanka, Hanuman had to face three hurdles – The Mainaaka Parvatha standing up from the ocean, Surasa – The “Naaga Maatha” and finally Simhika who was a Raakshasi trying to eat up Hanuman! Smart and intelligent as he is, Hanuman exactly knew how to tackle each one of them and broke up all the shackles to land in Lanka successfully. 

As Hanuman lands in Lanka, he takes an aerial survey of the city and understands the might of Ravana. With this, Hanuman decides to conduct the search operation secretly without the knowledge of anyone around. Hence, Hanuman decides to enter Lanka during the night time and not during the day. The plan is made! Hanuman waits till the dawn falls and post that, gives an entry into Lanka city with a form as small as a kitten! Even then, Hanuman is intercepted by a huge woman with an ugly form, who is none other than the “Devata” of Lanka city. She is the one who protects Lanka city 24*7*365. As she roars that Hanuman cannot enter inside Lanka without defeating her, Hanuman decides to show his might to her a little bit and punches her face! With just that one punch, the “Lanka Devata” falls on the ground, begging Hanuman to leave her alone! With her “Anugraha”, Hanuman enters Lanka and passes through each and every house there. Moving slowly but steadily, Hanuman finally arrives at Ravana’s palace, wherein all his queens are fast asleep around him. Hanuman goes beside every woman there to check if Mother Sita is somewhere amidst that crowd. But Mother Sita is not to be found there as well! All these women who are sleeping near Ravana are the ones whom he won over and abducted from various kingdoms, including the “Deva-Lokha”. Hanuman is able to see women from the Naaga-Lokha, Deva-Lokha, Varuna-Lokha, etc., except Mother Sita! 

Subsequently he also enters the kitchen area to search. Even there, many women are lying all around each other in a drunken state, high on alcoholic drinks! All these women were abducted by Ravana from various kingdoms at different times in the past. Hanuman wades carefully through all of them, but again – Mother Sita isn’t to be found anywhere! Unable to understand what to do next, Hanuman feels a bit demotivated at this stage! By this time, he had searched the entire city of Lanka – Ministers’ houses, common people’s houses, Ravana’s palace, Ravana’s living room, Ravana’s kitchen, Ravana’s “Pushpaka Vimaana”, etc.! However, there is no trace of Mother Sita anywhere! Unable to plan his next move, Hanuman sinks into a mental misery and frustration of not being able to find Mother Sita anywhere! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point, and in the next episode, we shall witness whether Hanuman is really able to find Mother Sita or not! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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