Episode # 599 – Sage Dhurvasa arrives at Yudishtra’s place along with his 10,000 disciples!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana requesting Sage Dhurvasa for a boon. As Sage Dhurvasa is very happy with Duryodhana’s hospitality at Hastinapura, he wants Duryodhana to ask something from him and he can grant it to Duryodhana. Excited by this, Duryodhana once again gets into a huddle with Karna, Ducchaasana, Sahuni and the others and finally come to the conclusion thus – Sage Dhurvasa should visit the Paandavas at a time when Draupati would have finished serving the meal for the day to everyone from the “Akshaya Paatra”. We’ve already seen earlier in our previous episodes that the “Akshaya Paatra” is the divine vessel that is feeding the Paandavas and Draupati every day in the forest and it was gifted to them by Indra, who is the leader of the Devas. The only limitation with the “Akshaya Paatra” is that, after Draupati finishes her meal, it will stop generating food! Duryodhana knows this very well, and this is exactly the reason why he wants Sage Dhurvasa to visit the Paandavas in the forest after the time Draupati finishes her meal. In this way, the Paandavas will not have anything to serve him, and hence, Sage Dhurvasa, as we know, is a short-tempered person, will inflict a curse on Yudishtra for the lack of hospitality! This is the plan that Duryodhana is making! 

However, Sage Dhurvasa being a great Maharishi realizes Duryodhana’s ploy. Of course, he doesn’t show it out to Duryodhana, but he plans his trip to meet Yudishtra in such a way that he is in no way affected by any means. Sage Dhurvasa accepts Duryodhana’s request and agrees to meet Yudishtra as per Duryodhana’s protocol and this makes Duryodhana and Co. rejoice with happiness! Karna gets up immediately to congratulate Dhuryodhana for his “smart” move! The entire Kaurava camp is now very happy that the Paandava brothers are going to be finished! Have they finally found a way to restrict Yudishtra now? Or, is this move going to backfire? Let us continue to witness! 

As Sage Dhurvasa leaves the place, he makes a plan. As per Duryodhana’s request, he makes his way to meet Yudishtra, at a time when all of them have finished their meal for the day. As Yudishtra sees Sage Dhurvasa coming, he runs with excitement to receive him. He offers all the “Argyam”, “Paadhyam”, “Aachamaneeyam”, etc. as a token of respect to the great Sage and welcomes him inside with great hospitality. Along with Sage Dhurvasa, around 10,000 of his disciples have accompanied him. Excited as Yudishtra was, he also gives a promise to Sage Dhurvasa thus, “Oh Sage Dhurvasa! You please make yourself comfortable at our place and maybe if you wish to, you may go and take a shower and freshen yourself up. Once you’re freshened up, all of you will be served a sumptuous dinner!” Yudishtra gives his promise like this, without even consulting Draupati! Such is the level of “Dharma” that Yudishtra exhibits. He doesn’t even know what is remaining in the kitchen, yet, he is determined to serve all those people who have come to meet him. 

However, now here comes the shock for Yudishtra. As Sage Dhurvasa and Co. leave for taking bath, Yudishtra goes into the kitchen and sees what is remaining and he is completely stunned to see that nothing is left over! Draupati had already consumed her share of meal for the day and with this, the “Akshaya Paatra” would stop generating food for the day! As Draupati conveys to Yudishtra that she had consumed the meal, both Draupati and Yudishtra are shaking with fear! How would they serve Sage Dhurvasa now? It is not only about Sage Dhurvasa! He has come with all his disciples too, isn’t it? Not one or two – But ten thousand people have accompanied Sage Dhurvasa! Now, how does Draupati serve all these ten thousand people at a stretch, given that the “Akshaya Paatra” is not going to generate any more food for the day? 

Thus, a tricky situation awaits Yudishtra! On one hand, he has to safeguard his “Dharma” of serving food to all those who had come! On the other hand, he has to also endure the fact that there is no food left over and there is no possibility that food can be cooked immediately for 10,000 people! Yudishtra is clearly caught between two roads! Now what does he do? What does Draupati do to tackle this situation? Let us wait and witness in the next episode! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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