Episode # 600 – Draupati prays for Bhagawan Krishna’s divine intervention to feed Sage Dhurvasa!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Dhurvasa arriving at Yudishtra’s place along with his 10,000 disciples! This is on the pretext of Duryodhana’s request to Sage Dhurvasa that he should visit Yudishtra’s place at a time when he and his people would be resting after their sumptuous meal for the day. Although Duryodhana prayed to Sage Dhurvasa that he should go and advise Yudishtra on certain aspects of “Dharma”, his malicious agenda is out in the open – He wanted Sage Dhurvasa to go at an odd time, so that Yudishtra and Draupati would struggle to feed him with a meal. This is because, the “Akshaya Paatra” would stop delivering food once Draupati has completed her meal for the day. However, Sage Dhurvasa realizes Duryodhana’s real agenda behind this plan, but still executes Duryodhana’s words. Sage Dhurvasa knows that Yudishtra should be protected at any cost and this is Duryodhana’s ploy to make him curse Yudishtra and Co. 

As Sage Dhurvasa arrives, Yudishtra facilitates him with good hospitality and requests Sage Dhurvasa to freshen up before being served a sumptuous meal. He gives this assurance without realizing that Draupati had already completed her meal! However, when Yudishtra goes to the kitchen, he comes to know the situation! They do not have anything left over to serve Sage Dhurvasa and his disciples! Now what do they do? Draupati starts shivering with fear! What if she has to say a “No” to Sage Dhurvasa and what if Sage Dhurvasa curses all of them as he is highly short-tempered? Now what does Draupati do? She immediately realizes that she has fallen into a trap here and whenever she falls into such a trap, the only thing that she remembers is to think of Bhagawan Krishna! Draupati has been doing this right from her early days – We’ve witnessed this during the gambling game episode as well – When Draupati was being manhandled by Ducchaasana in the public courtroom, the only thing that she remembered is Sage Vasishtaachaarya’s advice, which is nothing but praying to Bhagawan Krishna for help! Draupati followed Sage Vaishstaachaarya’s words and all of us know what happened there. Now again, this is a test for Drauapati’s devotion. As she realizes that this is a trap that she is getting into, she immediately raises her hands and prays thus, “Oh Bhagawan! I know that I’m getting into a trap wherein Sage Dhurvasa has come at an odd time and I do not have anything to serve him! Now what do I do? Oh Bhagawan! Please get me out of this tricky situation unharmed! My husbands should not be affected in any way because of Sage Dhurvasa!”

As Draupati prays ardently thus, Bhagawan Krishna hears it! He is somewhere in Dwaraka and Draupati is nowhere close to where Bhagawan Krishna is. But still, if Bhagawan has to hear Draupati’s ardent prayer, we can understand how in-depth is Draupati’s devotion towards Bhagawan Krishna! Thus, even as Bhagawan is talking with Rukmini Devi, he immediately cuts her off and rushes towards the place where Draupati and Co. are residing! As Draupati opens her eyes, she is surprised to see Bhagawan Krishna standing in front of her! She doesn’t know how to react to this, and she falls on Bhagawan’s divine lotus feet seeking His divine “Anugraha”! As Draupati consoles herself, Bhagawan Krishna wants to play a divine “Leela” here. He tells Draupati thus, “Oh Draupati! I’ve come running all the way just because you called me for something! I’m very hungry and tired. So please, can you serve me some food?” 

As Draupati listens to these words from Bhagawan Krishna, she is once again shell-shocked! Now how does she deny food for Bhagawan? Mustering up her courage, Draupati replies to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Krishna! Oh Vasudeva! Oh Devaki-Nandana! My heart is full of gratitude towards you for answering my prayer immediately! However, please understand one thing – There is no food leftover and this is the reason why I called you! Sage Dhurvasa has come and I do not have anything to serve him. Now if you’re asking for food as well, where would I go for it?” As Draupati replies thus, Bhagawan Krishna quickly replies back: “Oh Draupati! I do not know what you will do now! But I’m extremely hungry! I need some food urgently! Do something to feed me and to quench my hunger!” As Bhagawan Krishna replies thus, Draupati doesn’t know what to do and she breaks down in front of Him! She doesn’t know how to react and she feels guilty for not being able to satisfy her Bhagawan at a time when He needs the most! 

As Draupati weeps thus, Bhagawan immediately consoles her and explains to her thus – “Oh Draupati! You go inside the kitchen and bring that “Akshaya Paatra”! I shall do the rest!” Even as Bhagawan Krishna says thus, Draupati doesn’t understand the “Sookshama” (Secret) behind His words. She immediately replies back, “Oh Krishna! I’ve already washed the utensil and stored it! What are you going to do with an empty vessel? Now don’t make me feel more and more guilty with your words! Please understand my situation!” As Draupati says thus, Bhagawan Krishna replies, “Oh Draupati! Do what I say! Please bring the “Akshaya Paatra”! I know you’re not very good at washing dishes! Let me see how you’ve washed it today!” As Bhagawan Krishna firmly says thus, Draupati now has no option but to bring the vessel. 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to continue this interesting discussion further! Stay tuned for updates! 🙂 


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