Episode # 598 – Duuryodhana “requests” Sage Dhurvasa to meet Yudishtra & Co. in the forest!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a sudden visit of Sage Dhurvasa to Hastinapura. This happens at a time when Duryodhana and Co. are in a deep thought process as to how to go about things with Yudishtra. Duryodhana is thinking hard as to how he should go about stopping Yudishtra from claiming the Indraprastha kingdom back from his fold. Should he go once again on the offensive against Yudishtra and Co.? Should he call them for a war? Or, should he adopt other ways and means to finish off Yudishtra and Co. in the forest itself? As Duryodhana thinks thus, Sahuni gives the idea quite as usual – Sahuni explains that war isn’t a good option at this moment against the Paandavas. Instead, there should be another smart way of tackling them, just like how they used the gambling game to their benefit. Now, of course, given various constraints, the gambling ploy cannot be used anymore. So what can be the other options? After a thought, Sahuni concludes that the only way to stop Yudishtra and Co. is to make them obtain a curse from a Brahmarishi. If such a thing happens, perhaps, Yudishtra might be on the backfoot. 

As the Kauravas keep discussing thus, Sage Dhurvasa walks in, and Duryodhana is very happy to receive him with all the hospitality and respect! Duryodhana’s agenda is very clear now – To use Sage Dhurvasa and make him inflict a curse on Yudishtra and Co.! Astonished by Duryodhana’s hospitality, Sage Dhurvasa requests Duryodhana to request for a boon or a wish, which he could immediately grant. With this, Duryodhana is overjoyed! What kind of an opportunity he has got now! It seems like Bhagawan had showered him with all the grace! As Sage Dhurvasa says thus, Duryodhana replies back: “Oh great Sage Dhurvasa! Thank you for your wonderful words. However, I’m not interested in asking you anything all by myself. I shall consult with my fellow mates and then get back to you with any request if they have any! Please give me some time!” As Duryodhana requests thus, Sage Dhurvasa too agreed to wait for Duryodhana to come to him with an answer. 

Accordingly, Duryodhana immediately calls for a meeting with Karna, Ducchaasana, Sahuni and the others and discusses the matter with them. The deliberation amongst them is about what does Duryodhana ask from Sage Dhurvasa and how can they make use of this golden opportunity to trick the Paandavas into Sage Dhurvasa’s anger. If Sage Dhurvasa gets angry quickly, he would inflict a curse on Yudishtra and this would aid Duryodhana’s cause, isn’t it? Hence, a plan is made and the meeting concludes. Duryodhana comes out with his proposal. He asks Sage Dhurvasa thus, “Oh great Sage Dhurvasa! I do not have anything big to ask from you! However, my only request goes like this: The Paandava brothers are unfortunately roaming around in the forest from place to place. You go in search of them to give them some nice “Updaesham” (Advice). I want you to go and give them a piece of advice, since you’re an epitome of “Dharma” yourself! However, I want you to go immediately after all of them have finished their meal for the day. It is only then they would be free, and you can talk to them patiently without any tension. Hence, Sage Dhurvasa! Please do this for me!” 

As Duryodhana says thus, Sage Dhurvasa quickly understands Duryodhana’s intention! The intention is very clear – After Draupati finishes serving everyone for the day and after she finishes her meal, the “Akshaya Paatra” with which she makes the food would stop serving further! If Sage Dhurvasa makes his way after the meal, Draupati would not be able to serve him anything, and hence, Sage Dhurvasa would become angry with this, and hence, would curse all of them! However, Sage Dhurvasa understands the secret ploy of Duryodhana very clearly! He now plans his way through and accepts Duroyodhana’s request and words. Now Sage Dhurvasa should make his way to meet the Paandava brothers as per Duryodhana’s direction! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till tomorrow’s episode to find out how Sage Dhurvasa approached Yudishtra and Co.! What happens as Sage Dhurvasa meets Yudishtra? Stay tuned for interesting updates! 🙂 


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