Episode # 597 – Sage Dhurvasa comes to meet Duryodhana & Co. at Hastinapura!!!

In the previous episode we had witnessed how Mudgala had rejected the offer made by the “Deva Dhootas” to transcend to the “Svarga Lokha” for all the “Punya-Karma” he had done in his current birth. However, since Mudgala was firm in his path of “Dharma”, he did not want to transcend to a “Lokha” which is merely for enjoying luxuries. He wanted to continue his “Dharma” and reach the highest “Moksha” wherein he would enjoy the permanent happiness and bliss in the divine presence of Bhagawan Vishnu. Sage Vyaasa explains all this to Yudishtra and advises him to stay patient and exhibit perseverance. Sage Vyaasa explains that if Yudishtra has to continue walking the path of “Dharma”, he needs to wait for things to happen, rather than jumping in to make things happen. This is an important point for all of us as well. If we’ve to achieve long-term success, which is along the path of “Dharma” we need to wait. We’ve to endure a lot, but these endurances are stepping stones for long-term success. We should not get disappointed and should not lose our heart with all these intermediate sufferings that we’ve to undergo in life. We’ve to have that courage to face anything that comes up in life. 

Moving on thus with the next content, we now get into the next “Parva” which is called “Draupati-Harana Parva”! Here we’re going to witness a very interesting event wherein a king from somehwere comes in contact with Draupati and he falls in love with her. As he does so, he abducts Draupati from there and takes her to his kingdom. Subsequently Bheemasena and the others search for Draupati and finally release her from the captive of that king. This is one side of this “Draupati-Harana Parva”. But before we go into that, we’ve to see what Duryodhana and Co. are doing at Hastinapura. All of them are now getting worried as the days are coming closer. We are now almost in the eighth or ninth year of the Paandavas’ “Vaana-prastham” (Forest life) and there are only barely three or four years left. Now, Duryodhana and Co. are thinking thus, “Oh no! Nothing is moving as per our plan! Years are running by and if this goes on like this, Yudishtra will finish his forest life and stake claim for the Indraprastha kingdom! We’ve to somehow stop this from happening. He should never be able to stake claim for any kingdom forever. Hence, we’ve to do something to finish Yudishtra off in the forest itself! What can be done? Already we’ve bore the brunt of attacking the Paandavas in the forest twice and we’ve got our noses bloodied. Hence, attack is not the way to proceed. We’ve to think of something else!” 

Thinking thus, Duryodhana once again asks Sahuni for a solution. Sahuni quickly says thus, “Oh Duryodhana! As you rightly said, let us not go and attack them with big armies. They will easily defeat us like in the past. We’ve to think of some other plan – Maybe we can use the “Brahma-Shaapam” (Curse of Bhagawan Brahma). Let us call a highly accomplished Braahmana Rishi and request him to curse Yudishtra and Co. for some reason or the other. This is the only way to stop Yudishtra from coming back to stake claim for Indraprastha!” Even as Sahuni is talking thus, Sage Dhurvasa makes his way to the Hastinapura kingdom. As Sage Dhurvasa arrives, Duryodhana is extremely happy! He runs to the entrance and welcomes Sage Dhurvasa with all the respects possible! Normally Duryodhana is someone who disrespects great sages when they come. He doesn’t even know the meaning of “paying respects” to sages. However, Duryodhana has a two-point agenda here – Firstly, Duryodhana is scared of Sage Dhurvasa, as all of us know that he is an epitome of anger. Duryodhana wants to be careful not to get a curse for himself in the first place! Secondly, as mentioned above, Duryodhana wants to use Sage Dhurvasa to push his agenda. He wants to somehow incite Sage Dhurvasa against Yudishtra and Co. and make him curse against them! This is a golden opportunity that has presented itself in front of Duryodhana and he grabs it with both hands!

Pleased by Duryodhana’s respects, Sage Dhurvasa speaks to him thus, “Oh Duryodhana! Wow! I’m so amazed with the way you’ve given the respects and hospitality to me! I’m mighty impressed with you! You may now ask whatever you want from me as a boon. I shall grant you without any prejudice! Whatever is troubling your mind, you may feel free to share with me and I shall give you a solution for the same, in the form of a boon!” As Duryodhana hears this from Sage Dhurvasa, he is doubly pleased! First of all, the fear that Duryodhana had earlier, is now completely vanished! Secondly, Duryodhana is now free to express his wish to Sage Dhurvasa in the form of a boon and if he gets it, there can be nothing better than that, isn’t it? Hence, Duryodhana is preparing himself to ask Sage Dhurvasa what he wants!

So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall wait till the next episode to find out what is Duryodhana going to ask Sage Dhurvasa! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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