Episode # 564 – Unconditional love & Selfless service – Two ways to ensure harmony within the family – Draupati explains!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed yet another important point made by Draupati as to how transparency is very important between the husband and the wife. She explains to Satyabhama that it is only because she is transparent with Yudishtra and Co., she is able to maintain a healthy family relationship with all of them together, and not because of any “Mantra” or any tricks that can be done with regards to the food that she serves them. By explaining all this, Draupati makes it crystal clear that it is only the relationship factor which includes transparency at all levels that would help in a prosperous family life, and not other shortcuts such as “Mantras”, “Tantras” being done on the husband to bring him under control. Such things are only short-term ways and means of bringing the husband under control, and if the husband comes to know by any means that the wife is resorting to such techniques to bring him under control, the trust in the relationship is lost forever! Hence, long-term success in a relationship is of paramount importance, and this will come only through exceptional behaviour and character exhibited by both the husband and wife towards each other. 

Explaining all these important points, Draupati further asks Satyabhama back thus: “Oh Satyabhama! Is it appropriate for a woman like you to ask me this question whether I’m using any “Mantra” to bring my husbands under control? I did not expect such a question from you, who is of a very high stature! You’re Bhagawan Krishna’s wife, aren’t you? How come you’ve asked me such a question?” As Draupati asks angrily thus, Satyabhama tries to calm her through her compassionate reply. Sathyabhama replies thus, “Oh Draupati! Please do not get angry for the question that I asked you. I know how meticulous you are with your “Dharma”. However, the world outside is not as good as how you are. You should understand this. I wanted these words of “Dharma” to come out of your mouth, so that ordinary people might be able to mend their ways and follow “Dharma”! Oh Draupati! Please tell me more as to how you take care of your husbands and what are the methodologies you follow to earn their respect and love? Explain in detail!” 

As Sathyabhama pacifies Draupati, she once again starts replying upon certain important facts of “Pathivrata Dharma”. Draupati says thus, “Oh Satyabhama! You’ve now asked a very important question. Now let me clarify – There are only two ways in ensuring harmony within the family – One is unconditional and selfless love towards elders and the second is by offering selfless service towards them. Beyond these two ways, I do not find any other way through which harmony can be ensured within the family. This is what I do towards my husbands and my mother-in-law if she is with us. I ensure that I show my unconditional love towards them through many ways. I ensure that they are satisfied in all possible ways, so that there are no hiccups here and there. Secondly, if they want me to do something for them, I do it without any blemish. I ensure that I’m of whatever help they require at any point in time. In turn, they also take care of me the same way that I do. If I undergo any kind of difficulty, all of them stand by my side to protect me in all possible ways. Similarly, if they undergo any problem, I shall always stand by them at all times. This is how mutual respect for each other grows, and all of us here are following this “Dharma” meticulously. Of course, there might be some misunderstandings here and there, but we’ve to be patient enough to endure all of that. If I’m going to raise my voice everytime due to my ego, life is not going to be easy and all the productive time will go only in fighting with each other. If in-laws are with us, we’ve to respect them and treat them with utmost love and care. Thus, according to me, these are all some basic things that all of us should have within ourselves, so that our married life is happy!” 

Saying thus, Draupati explains the secret of her success in married life and this is for all of us to understand as well. Whatever Draupati is explaining here is completely applicable to us too at all levels. Of course, there might be some pointers that might be a bit tough for us to digest and follow, but here is where our ego is put under test. The real question here is whether are we able to put our ego to rest and introspect within ourselves! So let us do this today! Stay tuned for the next episode for the continuation of this conversation further! 🙂 


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

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