Episode # 565 – “I do not have any hidden secrets which my husbands do not know!” – Draupati explains!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Draupati conversing with Satyabhama with regards to how unconditional love, affection and selfless service towards the spouse will lead to a content and a happy married life, rather than taking short-cuts like trying to bring the spouse under control through “Mantras” or any other food substances. We should remember this always – There’s no short-cuts for success in life! This not only applies for our professional success, but is also the same for our personal life as well. A relationship takes time to build and we should slowly nurture it through love and affection towards each other. If one tries to dominate over the other, the trust factor and the affection factor start veering off as time progresses. If trust is broken even once, it is very difficult to rebuild it again. Hence, rather than resorting to risky means of dominating over the other, it is always better to play it safe, in such a way that we ensure long-term happiness. 

Moving on thus, Draupati continues to explain her behaviour that she exhibits everyday. She says thus, “Oh Sathyabhama! If I find someone with an evil intention, I won’t even go near them. I won’t talk to such people who like to just gossip and while away time simply. Moreover, I’m not a person who goes to everyone’s doorstep and gossips. I maintain my strict discipline at home and I only focus on my work and my husbands’ welfare. Moreover, no matter whoever comes to me, including the likes of Indra, Varuna, Skandha, etc., I would never encourage them beyond a formal welcome and a guest. My five husbands are my Gods, and I will never even dare to look at someone else with a wrong intention. Moreover, my “Dharma” is to first feed my husbands and other elders at home, whoever are present at any point in time. Only after I feed all of them, I shall consume my meal for the day. Moreover, if my husbands go out in terms of waging a war against somebody or for some other reason, I shall keep waiting for them eagerly to return home. Once they’re back home, I shall ensure that I feed them to their heart’s content. I ensure that they enjoy the meal that I make for them, because they would have come with a lot of tiredness. I should ensure that their tiredness is gone, isn’t it? 

Moreover, I ensure that I’m very neat and tidy. I carry myself with a lot of cleanliness. This is because I’m proud to be the wife of the Paandava brothers. Also, when I worship Bhagawan, I make sure that I’m clean. This is because, only if I’m clean, will the offerings that I make will also be pure. Hence, I ensure that I’m always neat and tidy at any point in time without any dirt. It is not only me – I ensure that my home is also neat and tidy. This is because, if the home has a lot of dust and dirt, it paves the way for a lot of negativity to creep in, which is detrimental for the people living in that home. Moreover, when it comes to my kitchen, I ensure that it is always neat and tidy. As soon as the meal is prepared and served, I ensure that all utensils are washed immediately then and there. I do not like to accumulate unwashed utensils in the kitchen. Every day I make sure that I clean the stove upon which I boil the food items. Also, I never cook before taking a shower every day. Moreover, while I cook also, I ensure that my clothes are very austere and I do not touch anyone unnecessarily. This is because, the first offering that I make after I cook food is to Bhagawan. If the offering is to be done for Bhagawan, we should do it with utmost respect, isn’t it? Hence, I ensure that I pay my respect towards Bhagawan in all these ways which are possible for me to exhibit!” 

Continuing thus, Draupati explains more aspects of the “Pathivrata Dharma” – “Oh Satyabhama! As far as possible, I always ensure that I live with my husbands at all times. I do not like it if I’ve to be separated from them for a longer period of time, even if it is out of a compulsion of a long assignment. Even then, I urge my husbands to come back to me as quickly as possible because I cannot live happily  in their absence for a long time. Moreover, they also know that I will be waiting for them, and they also will ensure that they come back home as soon as possible and will never ever leave me alone at any point in time. Moreover, most importantly, I do not keep any secrets within myself, which my husbands wouldn’t know! I ensure that we have utmost transparency within each other!” 

Now, these are important points that Draupati is explaining here! So for today, let us understand these points very clearly and in the next episode, we shall discuss them in a bit more of a detail and witness how these are applicable today in the present day! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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