Episode # 513 – The  real “Dravida Desha” vs. today’s fake “Dravida” narrative – An important accord!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Yudishtra’s extremely important reply for Snake Nahusha’s question wherein he emphasizes the understanding that all the four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” are equal and there is no superior / inferior narratives in this. In today’s context also this has extreme relevance wherein for the past 30-40 years, especially in the southern part of India, this narrative is becoming stronger. The most unfortunate thing is that, these kinds of narratives that Brahmins are trying to “suppress” others, and the fourth Varnashrama Dharma people shouldn’t enter temples, etc. are being circulated, and Brahmins are constantly under threat for their life. Some political parties who are extreme jokers otherwise, are coining such half-baked narratives without any knowledge or understanding about our Sanaatana Dharma, and people should not fall prey to such fake narratives. These so-called leaders in “Dravidian politics” pretend as if they’re atheists and are maligning Hinduism to the maximum extent possible, however, the reality is that, within the four walls of their house they believe in Bhagawan and they offer Pujas and Homas! So what are we understanding from this dual game that they’re playing? These listless jokers are trying to cash in on people’s lack of knowledge about our “Sanaatana Dharma” and are trying to induce false narratives without any backup to cheat and malign people slowly and steadily. Rather than uniting the people, these Dravidian jokers are only trying to widen the rift between all of us, so that they can garner votes and loot us! Hence, people should be extremely careful not to fall into their trap! 

Moreover, we’ve also witnessed yesterday that the classification of the “Varnaashrama Dharma” is purely based on occupation and lifestyle, and it has nothing to do with the devotion towards Bhagawan. For Bhagawan, all of us are the same, and all of us are His divine children! How can a father encourage divisions between his own sons? Will any father have the heart to do that? Bhagawan is our father, isn’t He? So why should Bhagawan encourage all these differences? Moreover, the classifications of the four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” is for the “Deham” and not for the “Atman”. We should understand one thing very clearly – Our Sanaathana Dharma focuses on the development and upliftment of our “Atman” and not the “Deham”. However, what all of us are talking about today, especially these listless “Dravidian jokers” is how to uplift and develop our “Deham”. I shall put up a separate special episode in the future very soon, to expose these “Dravidian jokers” of Tamil Nadu and how these people are so brainless! Moreover, there is a concerted effort going on by these Dravidian jokers” to foster illegal conversions of people by using these fake narratives to divide all of us! There is a huge funding externally for all these illegal activities, and all of us know how neck-deep corruption thrives amidst these “Dravidian jokers”! Hence, the point here is that, we should not get carried away by the listless and baseless narratives being set by these “Dravidian jokers” at any cost! 

In this context, we should also understand one more important thing that is being spoken about in the modern day – What is “Draavida” and what is its exact geography? “Dravida Desha” is something that encompasses the complete southern part of India – Covering four important states – Karnataka, Andra Pradesh (unified), Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Pondicherry also comes under this of course! The northern part of India starting from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and upwards till Kashmir is collectively referred to as the “Aarya Desha”. However, today’s narrative of “Dravida Desha” is somehow restricted only within Tamil Nadu! The so-called “Dravida Model” that these “Dravidian jokers” are talking about, is a resultant of the “Dravidian Movement” that took place in Tamil Nadu in the 1970’s wherein the sole agenda behind this movement was to malign and insult Hinduism – Especially Brahmins. Because of these jokers’ narratives, Brahmins had to bear the brunt for no fault of theirs! This trend continues in Tamil Nadu wherein Brahmins are “soft targets” for these “Dravidian jokers”. As Yudishtra had mentioned earlier, a Brahmin should be patient and should be an embodiment of perseverance – Brahmins till today are doing this! However, the patience and perseverance of Brahmins had been taken for granted by these listless “Dravidian jokers” and were chased out of their own motherland to various places within India as well as abroad. This is quite similar to what happened with the Kashmiri Pandits in the 1990s! 

So, the reason why I’m saying all this at this juncture is that, we should be clear that our “Sanaatana Dharma” does not promote any sort of division amongst its followers. The word “Sanaatana” means “Ancient”, and “Dharma” means Righteousness. It only teaches the right path (Dharma) to attain Bhagawan. If such is the case, where is the question of divisiveness amongst Bhagawan’s followers? We should understand this point very clearly and this is exactly what Yudishtra is explaining to Snake Nahusha here. We shall continue this discussion between Yudishtra and Snake Nahusha in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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