Episode # 514 – Performing our everyday “Dharma” correctly as prescribed – Are we doing this today?

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of our discussion on Yudishtra’s important point on how the four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” are equal and there is nothing called “high class” or “low class” as wrongly being propagated by these contemporary “Dravidian Jokers” in Tamil Nadu. Such malicious propaganda is used by these Dravidian jokers to divide people on the basis of castes and to garner votes, to satisfy their political agenda. Hence, we should be aware of all these “divisive lines” and should not fall prey to their fictitious agenda. This discussion came to the forefront as Yudishtra is answering an important question to Snake Nahusha on what is that common aspect for all the four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” put together. Yudishtra replies that if anyone doesn’t follow the respective “Dharma” as per their respective “Varnaashrama Dharma”, he / she becomes unfit to be part of it anymore. This applies to all the four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” and we can clearly see from Yudishtra’s reply that all these four classes are equal. Hence, there is no question of creating any differences here, and readers should understand this point very clearly. 

Moving on further thus, we’ve to understand one more point here – Are we following Yudishtra’s words today? Now what is Yudishtra saying here? If we’re not following the “Dharma” that is allocated to us, we lose the position of being either a Brahmin or Kshatrya or whoever it might be. Now the question here is, how many of us are meticulously following all the “Dharma” that is assigned to us? If we introspect within us, we might get alarming answers! For instance, if we’re Brahmins, how many of us are performing the “Sandhyavandanam” thrice a day? Even if we do not perform it once in a day and we miss it for some reason or the other, according to Yudishtra’s words, we would lose our position to be called as a Brahmin. I’m not talking about some of us who do not even know what “Sandhyavandanam” is! 🙂 I’m only talking about those who perform “Sandhyavandanam” atleast once or twice a day, and miss the third time! Even if that is the case, there is a “Praayaschitha” (Compensation) for this – The compensation is very simple – Perform the “Gayathri Japa” and chant the Gayathri Mantra for 1008 times! Now who has the time to sit everyday and chant 1008 Gayathri Mantras? If we’ve to do it, it will take around 4 hours to finish. Moreover, we should not change our body position as we do it. Now who has time and energy to do all this in today’s context? 

Moreover, as per the “Varnaashrama Dharma” rules, Brahmins should not earn money, do business, etc. Their only duty is to chant the Vedas and propagate it to the entire world for a noble cause. Now how many of us are sitting and doing this? Almost all of us are into working mode and earning money! As per the protocol, similarly, people who are born in the Kshatrya Dharma should dedicate themselves and fight for the country’s safety, and feed the Brahmins. Now how many of us are doing that? As per the rule, all the Kshatryas should join the Indian army and fight in Kashmir and Ladakh! How many of us are sending our children to the army? Not many, isn’t it? However, if there is one class that is executing their job perfectly atleast to an extent, it is the “Vaishyas”. They’re doing their farming and agricultural “Dharma” perfectly and this is why we’re getting food grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. to consume! Hence, Vaishyas are good in this way. However, the problem is with the other three classes, including the Brahmins and Kshatryas. If we’re not performing our duties properly, what right do we have to call ourselves “Brahmins” or whatever? Hence, this is something that we’ve to ponder about! 

Of course, we can ask a question here – If Brahmins are not going to work and earn money, who is going to protect them in today’s context? There’s literally nobody to take up the responsibility to nurture and feed Brahmins, isn’t it? Hence, how can we say that we’ve to stick on to the “Dharma” assigned here? This is why we emphasize on atleast performing the “Sandhyavandanam” thrice every day. This is the basic and the bare minimal thing that we can do, isn’t it? Atleast let us get this right first. Of course, it is completely understandable that all of us have to work elsewhere and earn money for our survival. However, the request here is that, let us not forgo our basic routines for something else! So for today, let us understand this point clearly, and we shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

One thought on “Episode # 514 – Performing our everyday “Dharma” correctly as prescribed – Are we doing this today?

  1. Unfortunately since 1947 when the Congress Government introduced secularism, very very few people are strictly observing their dharma as per their caste. So as a result caste rules and behaviour patterns have all been changed. Very few people other than perhaps the Brahmins profess to their caste origins. So unless the old caste varnas are revived, very few will do their specific dharma. Very sad but this is the reality of our society.

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