Episode # 512 – “All four ‘Varnashrama Dharmas’ are equal!” – Yudishtra’s befitting reply to today’s fakery!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Yudishtra giving an important answer to Snake Nahusha on the aspect of “Bhoomaadhikaranam”. This is a hallmark characteristic of a Brahmin, wherein if one sees Brahman in any form, or listens to something pertaining to Brahman in any form, he / she would just not be interested in anything else in this world. This person’s thoughts would be automatically directed only towards the ultimate Brahman and nothing else. Hanuman was an epitome of this aspect and we had witnessed yesterday as to how Hanuman practised Bhoomaadhikaranam with none other than Bhagawan Rama Himself! With this answer from Yudishtra, Snake Nahusha is more and more getting impressed with Yudishtra’s scholarliness. He asks further questions, and we shall witness them in today’s episode. 

Moving on thus, Snake Nahusha is asking the next question – “Oh Yudishtra! Please tell me – What is the common “Dharma” that all the people from all the four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” have to perform?” Till now, Snake Nahusha was only asking about the “Dharma” of a Brahmin. Now the question is about the “Dharma” of all the four Varnaashrama Dharmas put together. As Snake Nahusha asks this question, Yudishtra is going to give yet another beautiful answer here thus, “Oh Nahusha! In this world, there is a lot of confusion that some belong to the first “Varnaashrama Dharma” and some belong the fourth one. I do not know when that confusion is going to end! All four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” came from one ultimate Brahman only. Moreover, the common aspect between all the four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” is that, those who are failing to follow their respective “Dharma”, would lose their eligibility to be part of that “Varnaashrama Dharmas” forever! Of course, there are separate “Dharmas” for each of the four classes. All of them who belong to the respective classes should execute their “Dharmas” properly without any blemish. If however one fails to do so, he / she would not be eligible to belong to that “Varnaashrama Dharma” ever! It might be a Brahmin or a Kshatrya or whoever it is!” 

This is an important answer that Yudishtra is giving here, and there’s an important point that needs to be highlighted too – All four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” are equal in nature. There is nothing like one class is higher and the other is lower! This is a wrong perception that has been unfortunately injected into our society for the past 40-50 years, especially in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. I do not see such clear demarcations in other Indian states, but the situation in Tamil Nadu is quite precarious to say the least! The point here is, this demarcation is not only made for garnering votes by these listless Dravidian political parties, but it is also being used as a tool to demean our “Sanaatana Dharma”! The half-baked atheists who belong to the “Dravidian Movement” propagate some listless stuff regarding Sanaatana Dharma that is completely based on casteism! This is entirely wrong! Sanaatana Dharma has casts, yes! Agreed! But it never says that Brahmins are higher and the others are lower. This is the way in which these listless so-called “Dravidians” are trying to create rifts between people to garner their political mileage. People should understand this very clearly. Moreover, we should also understand that these four “Varnaashrama Dharmas” are as per the echelons of the society, and does not have any relationship with Bhagawan. When it comes to Bhagawan, all of us are one. All of us are His children! There is no difference between a Brahmin and a Vaishya or a Kshatrya in Bhagawan’s eyes. We should clearly understand this. However, these Dravidian jokers are trying to propagate the fact that since Sanaatana Dharma is something that encourages differentiations like this, people should become atheists and God-hating! This is absolutely foolish isn’t it? Hence, people like us should understand this false and fake propaganda very clearly and flush out these jokers from our system! 

Thus, the “Varnaashrama Dharma”, as we should understand, is an important concept, not to differentiate people in the sense that who can go and visit temples and who cannot! The differentiation is based on the societal setup and the nature of jobs that people undertake. It does not have anything to do with Bhagawan! Moreover, we shall see this in another angle too – Our “Sanaatana Dharma” always focuses on the development and upliftment of our “Atman”. In this, where is the question of the “Varnaashrama Dharma” here? The entire concept of the four classes in the society is something that pertains to the “Deham”, and not the “Atman”. While we’re looking at the “Atman” aspect of living beings, all of us are the same, aren’t we? Hence, this is also one reason why we shouldn’t easily give away to these listless jokers who keep propagating some fakery or the other every passing day to make themselves stay relevant in the public domain! So for today, let us understand this point very clearly – All the four “Varnaashrama Dharma” people are the same in front of Bhagawan! All of us are “Jeevatmas” in front of the “Paramatma” who is Bhagawan! So let us take a pledge that we would not give in to these stupid divisive forces which try to wreak havoc in the society for their own personal and political relevance! We shall continue this in the next episode also to witness more! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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