Episode # 485 – If someone walks the path of “Adharma”, what does Bhagawan do? Bhagawan Krishna explains!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna continuing to set records straight. As Balarama started talking otherwise, Bhagawan Krishna immediately chips in to correct his stance. He re-emphasizes the point that people who follow “Dharma” will always taste success, sooner or later. This time lag is only because of our Karma that we’ve accumulated over time and over various previous births. Once we neutralize the “Karma” that we’ve accumulated, we would automatically be able to attain “Moksha”. Moreover, Bhagawan Krishna has a word of praise for all the sages who are accompanying Yudishtra and Co. at all times, especially Sage Dhoumya and Sage Saathviki. Bhagawan Krishna openly appreciates both of them by saying that He is breathing a bit easier because of the presence of these two sages constantly with Yudishtra, who are trying to guide Yudishtra all the time towards the path of “Dharma”. Maybe, had these two people not been there, Bhagawan Krishna’s job of protecting the Paandava brothers would have been complicated. Thus, as Bhagawan Krishna appreciates them, the sages, including Balarama also get reassured. 

Moving on thus, Bhagawan Krishna continues his accord further with another angle here. He looks at Balarama and says, “Oh Balarama! Please understand one thing very clearly – No matter how much we talk and lament, Bhagawan’s arithmetics never go wrong at any point in time. Bhagawan has all the accounts of our “Paapa” and “Punya” correctly maintained for each and every individual. According to that, maybe Yudishtra might have committed some sins in his previous birth or earlier in this birth itself. We never know! Hence, if that is the case, how can he escape the punishment for his wrongdoing? No matter whether the misdeed has been performed in this current birth or in any of his previous births, there is no way that the punishment can be evaded. Hence, you’ve to understand that Yudishtra is suffering today because of his “Paapa” accounts being burnt down. At the same time, you’re saying that Duryodhana is very happily enjoying a luxurious life. Yes, this is true, however, you’ve to understand that Duryodhana has performed enormous “Punya” either in this current birth, or in his previous births. The resultant of the “Punya-Karma” is happiness, and this also has to be experienced. Just like how punishments have to be experienced for the “Paapa-Karma”, happiness should also be experienced for the “Punya-Karma” that we do. Hence, for the moment Duryodhana is enjoying the fruits of his “Punya-Karma” and because of this, we should not get carried away. Duryodhana is currently performing an enormous amount of “Paapa-Karma” and the punishments for all this are awaiting him. It is only a matter of time now!” 

Moreover, Bhagawan Krishna continues to give another perspective here too! He says thus, “Oh Balarama! You’ve to also understand one more thing – If someone is going in the path of “Adharma”, Bhagawan will try and motivate him / her to walk deeper into that path, so that this person goes deeper and deepr into the pit. You might ask me – Why is Bhagawan doing this? Why shouldn’t He correct that person from the path of “Adharma” to “Dharma”? Why is Bhagawan pushing someone into the pit? Doesn’t Bhagawan have compassion towards people? The answer is very simple – Bhagawan definitely has compassion towards all His devotees. If someone is going by the path of  “Adharma”, He will definitely give a signal to resurrect the path. However, it is upto us to pick up that signal. Bhagawan has given the intellect to all of us to pick up those signals. If our “antenna” is not tuned to that frequency of Bhagawan, it is going to be nearly impossible for us to pick up those signals, and eventually if we’re not doing so, Bhagawan will not stop us from doing the “Adharma”. Ultimately, we would only fall into the pit, and after we fall, why should we blame Bhagawan for it? He has given the warning signals of our wrongdoing, and if we’re not correcting ourselves and mending our ways, what will Bhagawan do? This is where Duryodhana is also getting stuck! Hence, Balarama! Just wait and see how things proceed from here, and don’t lose heart!” 

Now this is an important eye-opener for all of us here – The message from Bhagawan is loud and clear to all of us! If we’re not tuning our “antennas” to receive Bhagawan’s signals, we’re going to fall into the trap of “Adharma”. Hence, all of us should make it a point to try and get closer to Bhagawan as much as possible, and this is the way in which we tune our antennas towards Him. We should follow whatever Bhagawan is trying to teach us. So for today, let us understand and reflect on these important points and we shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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