Episode # 484 – “It is because of you, I’m feeling relieved!” – Bhagawan Krishna appreciates Sage Sathviki & Sage Dhoumya!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important assertion given by Bhagawan Krishna with regards to how “Dharma” is always bound to win, no matter how long it takes to do so. This is indeed an eye-opener to all of us. Also, to substantiate this point further, Bhagawan Krishna explains the path to “Moksha”, wherein He clearly spells out that we’ve to neutralize both our “Paapa Karma” and “Punya Karma” accounts before we reach there! For this, we’ve to obviously undergo some trials and tribulations in our lifetime, along with the happiness and joy. We cannot have a life with only happiness, which might also be quite dangerous. If we’re only going through happiness, it means that only our “Punya_Karma” is getting burnt. If such is the case, when is our “Paapa Karma” going to be burnt? For this, we’ve to suffer, don’t we? Hence, we should not get perturbed by the suffering that we undergo every now and then. We should be able to treat both happiness and suffering equally with balance, and embrace both of them so that all our “Karma” balance gets burnt down! We’ve to understand this point very clearly as we move further. 

As Bhagawan Krishna says thus, Sage Saathviki replies back to all of them: “Oh Bhagawan Krishna! Whatever you’re saying are words of gold! I totally agree to all your words of wisdom. However, as you explained now, I do not know the difference between suffering and happiness, as I’m a sage. Everything for me is the same. But, no matter whatever it takes, I shall always be alongside the Paandava brothers, irrespective of whether they’re happy or suffering. I do not care whether they fight a war with Duryodhana and win over him. I do not care whether Yudishtra once again goes back to Indraprastha and becomes a king. I shall support him in whatever cause, in whatever way possible!” As Sage Saathviki says thus, Bhagawan Krishna acknowledges his words and replies with tears in His eyes: “Oh Saathviki! I truly appreciate your stance. Now let me tell you something frankly and openly to all the sages gathered here – It is only because of your divine presence with Yudishtra and Co., I’m having a huge sigh of relief! If you hadn’t been around the Paandavas, then it would have been a herculean task for me to protect them. All of you are time and again inculcating the “Dharma” into Yudishtra’s mind, and with this, Yudishtra is also following the “Dharma” meticulously. Oh Yudishtra and Co.! Oh Sages! Please do not worry! “Dharma” will win. It might take some time, but I shall ensure that “Dharma” does not have a downfall beyond a point! Moreover, I do not know how to thank Sage Dhoumya for what he is doing here! He is another person along with Sage Saathviki who is guiding Yudishtra and Co. in all possible ways! It is only because of all of you, I’m happy that Yudishtra is in safe hands!” 

Moreover, as Bhagawan Krishna once again reassures all of them thus, He also explains one important thing here. He explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra and Saathviki! All the accounts of “Paapa” and “Punya” Karma that all of us do, are carefully maintained by Bhagawan! He knows when to give the prize for our “Punya Karma” and when to punish us for our “Paapa Karma”. We might not get the effect immediately as and when we think. There is a time for everything and perhaps, Yudishtra is undergoing some suffering as a token of punishment for some “Paapa Karma” that he has done earlier! This might have been in this birth, or in any of his previous births as well, and we never know! Hence, let us take this in the right sense and move on. Atleast now I’m happy that Yudishtra and Co. are walking the path of “Dharma” which is very important for me at this time! Hence, please do not worry! Things will take its shape when the time comes!” 

Saying thus, Bhagawan Krishna once again reassures all of them gathered there, and for today, let us once again understand and reflect this point within us. We shall continue this discussion in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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