Episode # 483 – “We should embrace suffering & enjoyment equally with balance” – Bhagawan Krishna’s eye-opener!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna giving a befitting reply to Balarama’s concern about Yudishtra and Co. Although Balarama’s concern is genuine in nature, it seems a bit misleading for others. Balarama, when he expressed concern, he put it in a way that people following “Adharma” were enjoying life, and those who practise “Dharma” were suffering the most. This might send a wrong message for people like us, had Bhagawan Krishna agreed to what Balarama said. Of course, there is no doubt that Yudishtra and Co. are suffering at this moment, but that might be because of various other reasons as well. This simply doesn’t mean that all people would suffer if they practise “Dharma”! Hence, to set the record straight, Bhagawan Krishna indirectly “pokes” Balarama by saying that some so-called “scholarly” people are sometimes talking nonsense, whereas people who are devoid of any spiritual knowledge are actually talking sense! Of course, if Bhagawan Krishna gives such indirect “punches”, Balarama is no less smarter to understand it! 🙂 However, the point here is that, Bhagawan Krishna is trying to emphasize and re-emphasize that “Dharma” will ultimately have the upper hand and will definitely pay rich dividends, if followed meticulously. Hence, there is no question of deviating from the path of “Dharma”, no matter whatever happens. This is the “Vairagya” that all of us should also strive to develop within ourselves. 

Moreover, we’ve to understand this in a different perspective too, and let us witness this perspective of Bhagawan Krishna’s words in today’s episode. Yesterday, we had left a thread incomplete – Bhagawan Krishna explains how our past “Karma” comes in the middle of our sufferings and enjoyment that we undergo alternatively in our life. If our “Paapa-Karma” account is more, obviously we’ll have to suffer, so as to pay the price for whatever mistakes we’ve done in the past. This “past” can be in this birth itself too, that is, for instance, we might have committed some mistake a few minutes ago, and immediately there might be a repercussion for it! Sometimes, we might have to face the repercussion for a “Paapa Karma” that we might have committed years ago! Many a time, we experience the resultant of our “Paapa Karma” after many births! Hence, we never know which “Paapa Karma” is having its effect on us today! However, one thing is clear – As per Newton’s third law of motion which says, “Every action has an equal and an opposite reaction”, here too, every “Paapa Karma” that we commit today, will definitely have an equal and opposite reaction at some point of time, which we might not be able to calculate accurately! Of course, as per Newton’s law, if a ball is thrown on a wall, it will immediately bounce back upon us! However, in the case of “Karma”, we never know the time at which it would come back to us! This is the difference that all of us should understand! Hence, in Yudishtra’s case, he might have done a wrongdoing during some other birth, which is reflecting upon him now, and perhaps because of that, he had to lose his kingdom, stay in exile for twelve years, and one year of “Agnyaatavaasam”, then fight a disastrous war and then establish himself! Thus, “Karma” is something that none of us can escape, no matter whoever or whatever we are! 

If such is the case for the “Paapa Karma”, the same is the case with our “Punya Karma” as well. If we perform good actions, these too will have an equal and opposite reaction as per Newton’s law! The resultant of all our “Punya Karma” is the enjoyments that we experience in our lifetime! Thus, life will always be a mixture of both suffering and enjoyment, which simply means that we’re paying dividends for all what we do! However, in today’s mindset of ours, what do we want? We want only happiness and enjoyment, but no sufferings! How can this work out? In lieu of this, we’ve to understand one more thing here – We shall be able to attain the highest “Moksha”, only if we’re able to neutralize both our “Punya Karma” and “Paapa Karma”! We’ve to also understand here that whenever we undergo a difficulty in life, our “Paapa Karma” is getting burnt! At the same time, whenever we’re undergoing an enjoyment, our “Punya Karma” is getting burnt! Hence, if we want to experience only enjoyment, our “Punya Karma” will only keep on burning down! Our “Paapa Karma” will be staying still without any downward movement, isn’t it? If such is the case, how on earth are we going to attain “Moksha”? 

Thus, the point here is very clear – We should learn how to look at life with a balance. We should embrace suffering in life in the same way as we embrace enjoyment. This is exactly what Bhagawan Krishna is trying to convey here. Hence, the underlying meaning of what Bhagawan Krishna is saying here is that, no matter whether it is happiness, joy or sadness or suffering, we should develop that mindset to view all of them in a balance. He is going to give a detailed accord on this point during the Bhagawad Gita later on, which we’re also going to witness in great detail! However, for now, let us understand this important point very clearly, as we try and introspect within ourselves too! We shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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