Episode # 486 – “Perhaps Yudishtra is on the cusp of attaining “Moksha” soon!” – Bhagawan Krishna opines!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna adding a few more important points to the discussion on why Yudishtra is suffering at this point in time, whereas why Duryodhana seems to enjoy his life at the same time. Bhagawan Krishna explains to Balarama that all these are because of the “Karma” cycle which all of us are into. If we’re feeling happy and joyous at any time, it means that our “Punya-Karma” is getting burnt, and whenever we feel sad and suffer, our “Paapa-Karma” is getting burnt down. Bhagawan Krishna explains that perhaps Yudishtra’s time now is to burn all his “Paapa-Karma”, and thus, he is undergoing this suffering now, and perhaps Duryodhana’s time now is to burn all his “Punya-Karma” and hence, he is leading a luxurious life at Hastinapura. However, these are transient and the tables will turn. At any point in time, “Dharma” will always have the last laugh, and Bhagawan Krishna re-emphasizes this point strongly to Balarama and the others who have gathered there. Moreover, we’ve also seen how Bhagawan sends “signals” to mend our ways, if we’re walking the path of “Adharma”, however, if we’re not tuned to receive those signals and still continue doing what we’re doing, Bhagawan will only keep pushing us to further and further perform more of “Adharmic” acts. Ultimately, we will face disaster for all what we’ve done, and there’s no point blaming Bhagawan after that! 

This is exactly what is happening in Duryodhana’s case as well – As Duryodhana is walking the path of “Adharma” right from day one, Bhagawan keeps sending him signals and signs of warnings periodically through various forms. Even while the gambling game was going on, Vidura tried to stop it and educate Duryodhana that playing this game in a public courtroom is an illegal affair. Duryodhana failed to grasp Vidura’s advice, which was Bhagawan’s indirect signal. Apart from this, when Draupati was publicly manhandled in the courtroom in front of everyone, Bhagawan Krishna mysteriously saved her with the unending saree. This was a direct signal and a warning from Bhagawan, conveying the message that His devotees can never be touched nor insulted. Even then, Duryodhana failed to grasp the warning and is continuing to do what he is doing. Thus, Bhagawan is only pushing Duryodhana now deeper and deeper into the pit, from which he is never going to recover. With this, slowly Yudishtra’s hand will start getting stronger and this is what we’re going to gradually witness from here on. 

Emphasizing these points strongly thus, Bhagawan Krishna tells Balarama thus, “Oh Balarama! With all these narratives, I’m trying to drive home the point that it is a gross misconception that people who are good-hearted are suffering and bad people are enjoying life. It is never the point. Everybody has to undergo both happiness and suffering at different time periods in life and this is nature’s rule. Moreover, just think in this way too – Maybe Yudishtra has already neutralized all his “Punya-Karma”, and now it is time for him to neutralize all his “Paapa Karma” as well. With this, he might even transcend to the highest “Moksha”! This is also possible, isn’t it? If our “Punya-Karma” accounts are extremely strong, we will not transcend to “Moksha”, but only to the “Svarga Lokha”. We will experience all the pleasures there and once again be pushed back into the “Manushya Lokha” for the next birth. However, if our “Paapa Karma” is very strong, we will be pushed into the “Naraka Lokha” and here, as all of us know, we would experience all the punishments in different forms and once again be pushed into the “Manushya Lokha” for the next birth. However, attaining “Moksha” or “Salvation” is possible only when we’re able to neutralize both our “Paapa Karma” and our “Punya Karma”, and maybe Yudishtra is at that stage right now! Hence, Balarama! You’re a scholarly person and I’m sure that you know all these principles of nature and “Karma”. Scholarly people like you should not be talking like this, else, this would send a bad message to people outside!” 

Saying thus, Bhagawan Krishna is trying to set the record straight once again. He adds one more important point to this as well. Bhagawan Krishna says, “Oh Balarama! If someone hears what you’re saying, they would come to a conclusion that only if we walk the path of “Adharma”, will they be able to lead a luxurious and a happy life. This is a huge misconception and we should not be responsible for spreading such messages amongst people. Especially for people who are atheists, this will be a “short in the arm” for them. They will only take these kinds of points very seriously and on the other hand, they will discard all the good things that we keep saying every day! Hence, Balarama! Please let us not talk like this and create some wrong notions amongst people!” As Bhagawan Krishna says thus, Yudishtra too agrees to whatever He says! 

So for today, let us reinforce these points in our mind firmly and let us try and walk the path of “Dharma” as much as possible. We should never get misguided by all those false narratives which we’ve discussed as part of what Balarama has spoken. Of course, Balarama knows all this very well. It is only to build such a strong narrative in favor of “Dharma”, he wanted to bring words out of Bhagawan Krishna’s mouth. Thus, Balarama is not to be mistaken at this point. We shall continue this discussion in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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