Episode # 395 – Why did Bhagawan Krishna abstain from Hastinapura during the gambling episode? A discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an important piece of advice given by Bhagawan Krishna to Draupati as she fumes in anger over what had happened to her at Hastinapura. As the frustration and anger comes out of her, Draupati goes on to make a demand to Bhagawan Krishna that Duryodhana and Duchhaasana – The perpetrators of the crime be put to death immediately without any delay! As Draupati demands thus, Bhagawan Krishna understands her frustration, but isn’t in favour of fulfilling her demand right away. Time has to take centrestage for anything to happen and Draupati has no right to play with what nature has to do. Bhagawan Krishna advises her beautifully to drive home this important point and He explains to her that Bhagawan would take care of everything at an appropriate time. He explains to her that neither Himself nor she has the power to alter nature’s course of action and also advises her that seeking vengeance over someone is an act against “Dharma”. Thus, even though Draupati’s humiliation played in her mind, Bhagawan Krishna pacifies her by assuring and reassuring her that He is always with them at all times. 

As Bhagawan Krishna says thus, Arjuna has a curious question to ask Him. Arjuna asks Bhagawan Krishna as to why didn’t He turn up when this gambling game was taking place at Hastinapura. Arjuna feels that if Bhagawan Krishna would have been at that spot, first of all, the game wouldn’t have progressed. Moreover, even if the game would have happened, the insult that they had to endure wouldn’t have happened! With all these in mind, Arjuna asks Bhagawan Krishna curiously as to why didn’t He come to Hastinapura at that crucial time. As Arjuna asks thus, Bhagawan Krishna replies, “Oh Arjuna! Yes! I forgot to talk about that to you! I had to go to the “Shaalva Desha”. For some reason, the king of the Shaalva Desha wanted to fight a war with me. I had gone for an all-out war along with my son Pradhyumna. After a long war, we tasted victory over the Shaalva Desha king. It was during this intense war, did Draupati call for me. As the war was going on in full swing, I wasn’t able to leave it and come to help all of you! I really feel bad for the same! I should have ideally come and protected all of you at that critical time, but I wasn’t able to do it! It was my fault totally and I own it!” 

Saying thus, Bhagawan Krishna slightly sheds tears! He becomes emotional for a moment as Arjuna hugs Him! As we’re witnessing this in the Mahabharata, written by Sage Vyaasa, we might wonder if this is the “real reason” why Bhagawan Krishna did not mark His presence at Hastinapura at that time? So what if He would have been fighting a war? Bhagawan Krishna is an “Antaryaami” isn’t it? He can take multiple forms at the same time and could have still come and protected Draupati in person, isn’t it? This is exactly the same reasoning that all our “Alwars” and “Aachaaryas” have. Their question is very simple – Why did Bhagawan Krishna ditch the Paandavas and Draupati at that critical juncture? Is there something beyond the reason that Bhagawan Krishna is giving Arjuna here? Is Bhagawan Krishna hiding something from Arjuna? Pillai Lokaacchaarya gives a very important answer for this question: 

He says thus, “If Bhagawan Krishna would have come to Hastinapura at that time, there would have been a great disaster! If He would have been there, He would have killed Yudishtra, Bheemasena, Arjuna, etc. straight away without asking a question!” We might wonder why Bhagawan should kill Yudishtra and Co? Ideally, Duryodhana and Duchaasana are the real perpetrators of the crime, isn’t it? If that is the case, why should Bhagawan kill the Paandavas? The real reason is here – As she was being physically assaulted, Draupati called out for Bhagawan Krishna! The moment she did so, she becomes Bhagawan’s property! If something happens to Bhagawan’s property and if the so-called “husbands” are not attending to it, whose mistake it is? If a danger comes to Bhagawan’s property, we should run and try to protect it, isn’t it? This is where, Yudishtra and Co. failed miserably, and for this utter failure, Bhagawan Krishna would have killed them straightaway had He been there! Thus, in order to save Draupati’s “Maangalya” (Marriage), Bhagawan Krishna decided to stay away from Hastinaupra for that time being! 

As we read through this section, readers might wonder another thing – “Oh! Why is Yudishtra being cornered every time, even though he is an epitome of “Dharma”? Duryodhana and the others are always on the side of “Adharma”, and nobody questions them on anything! Why is this so? If this is the case, do all people like us who try to follow “Dharma” be soft targets every time?” We should understand one thing very clearly – Can we make a blind person look at the sun? Can we make a dumb person talk wonders? Can we make a dull student score 100% in the exam? We cannot, right? Thus, only if a person has good eye vision, can we ask him to look at the sun. Only if a person has a good vocabulary capability, can we ask him to chant the Vedas or the Divyaprabandham. Only if a person is intelligent, can we motivate him further to score well in the exam! Similarly, here also, only if the person has an inclication to follow the “Dharma” path, Bhagawan can push for more! Yudishtra is an epitome of “Dharma”, and he takes every step towards it. If such a person goes against it, knowingly or unknowingly, will Bhagawan get angry! Everybody knows that Duryodhana is “Adharmic”, and hence, what is the point in pushing him to follow “Dharma”? This is why, Bhagawan Krishna is always behind the Paandavas at all times. We should understand the basic point here – Bhagawan Krishna would certainly be there at all places where “Dharma” thrives! 

So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and we shall continue this discussion forward in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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