Episode # 396 – “SHARANAGATI” can be done by anyone at any point of time – Bhagawan Krishna illustrates!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important point as to why Bhagawan Krishna “smartly” and “strategically” abstained from Hastinapura at that crucial time of the gambling game. Bhagawan Krishna outwardly tells Arjuna that He had gone for an important battle against the king of Shaalva Desha and because of that, He got held up there. It is only at this point the gambling game happened and Draupati was insulted. However, Bhagawan Krishna made sure that He protects Draupati “invisibly” from wherever He was! So the question arises here as to why didn’t He come in person and do the needful to the Paandavas and to Draupati at this critical juncture? Perhaps, if Bhagawan Krishna would have been at Hastinapura, maybe the entire gambling game episode wouldn’t have taken place! The only answer that we could give at this point is – “Deivamatra Pramaanam”, which means, whatever has to happen in this world, would definitely happen because of Bhagawan’s divine “Sankalpa”. If this gambling game might not have happened, how on earth would Bhagawan kill Duryodhana and Co.? He has to create that opportunity for Duryodhana to perform all the “Adharma” that he had to do, isn’t it? Only with that, He would be able to punish Duryodhana and the others, and thus teach a lesson to the entire world of future generations to come! Thus, this is one way of looking at it. 

Of course, in the previous episode, we had spoken that if Bhagawan Krishna would have been there, the first person whom He would have punished would be Yudishtra himself! According to Swami Pillai Lokachaarya, Yudishtra himself is at a spot here – When Draupati fervently called Bhagawan, she immediately became Bhagawan’s property. Yudishtra, since he failed to protect Bhagawan’s property, is liable to get punished! However, if Bhagawan had to punish Yudishtra, it would be affecting Draupati’s marriage. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna chose to remain silent at this critical juncture and allowed things to unfold on its own. Like this, there might be several other reasons as to why Bhagawan Krishna decided to abstain from Hastinapura at that crucial juncture, and if we read through the various commentaries written by the Alwars and the Aachaaryas, we might be able to decipher them with a lot of clarity! Thus, it is for all of us as ardent Bhaktas of Bhagawan Krishna to read and understand! 

Moving on further thus, there is another important point that needs to be noted here. First of all, not coming to the rescue of Draupati during that critical juncture, is not just the fault of the Paandava brothers alone. Of course, the Paandavas are the husbands of Draupati, and it is the responsibility of the husband to ensure the safety and security of his wife. If we move further than this, who else was sitting there? Bhishmachaarya, Guru Dhronachaarya, Sage Kripachaarya, etc. were also part of the gathering, isn’t it? When Draupati fervently called for help, did anyone amongst these three people come forward to help her? None came forward, didn’t it? If such was the case, what is the point in proclaiming themselves that they are the “Seniors” of the kingdom? Vidura was the only person who rose up to the occasion, and everybody else kept quiet. This was a huge blunder, and if Bhagawan Krishna would have been there, all their heads would have been chopped off on that very spot! Thus, in order to avoid a chaotic situation at Hastinapura, perhaps, Bhagawan abstained Himself! 

Also, there is one another important point with regards to “Sharanaagati” that needs to be emphasized here. Now the question comes – At what time did Draupati exhibit Sharanaagati towards Bhagawan? It was the time when she was in her monthly menstrual periods cycle. Normally we would say that during these 3-4 days time period, nothing spiritual should be performed by women, but there is a twist to this tale – “Sharanaagathi” can be exhibited at any time by anyone! It doesn’t matter if the woman is undergoing her menstrual cycle or not. It doesn’t matter if one hasn’t took a shower in the morning or not. It doesn’t matter whether it is during the middle of the day or during the middle of the night! “Sharanagati” towards Bhagawan can be exhibited by anyone at any point in time! Now, if Draupati’s mishap would have happened after her periods were over, we might never know this fact at all. Hence, to illustrate to the world that “Sharanagati” doesn’t have any sort of rule or regulation to be followed, Bhagawan Krishna purposefully enacted this entire “Leela” at a time when Draupati was in her menstrual period! 

Thus, in this major event of the Mahabharata, there are innumerable lessons that we can learn and follow. So for today, let us have a deeper understanding as to why Bhagawan Krishna enacted this entire divine play and why He smartly abstained physically from being present there! We shall continue this discussion in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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