Episode # 394 – “Seeking revenge on someone is against Dharma!” – Bhagawan Krishna advises Draupati!!!

In the previous episode, we had continued our discussion on “Conditional Surrender” and how dangerous that could be when it comes to Bhagawan Krishna. The important point that all of us need to understand is that, when we surrender to Bhagawan (Sharanaagathi), it should be completely unconditional in nature. In other words, we should not expect anything from Bhagawan and we should have the confidence that Bhagawan would take care of everything that pertains to us – Irrespective of protecting us, punishing our enemies, etc. This is where Draupati went slightly off track. Her Sharanaagathi is very pure and Bhagawan too responded promptly to protect her at all the critical times. However, since she had “pre-conditions”, Bhagawan Krishna wasn’t happy within Himself. Thus, when it came to a decision between transcending towards the “Svarga-Lokha” or “Vaikunta”, Bhagawan Krishna gave the former than the latter, which means that she had to again take a re-birth in this world! Thus, in yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed Draupati venting out all her frustration to Bhagawan Krishna. She fumed in anger as to how Duryodhana and Duchaasana insulted her publicly and how her husbands were just mute spectators to that disastrous event at Hastinapura palace. For this heinous crime, Draupati demanded to Bhagawan Krishna that Duryodhana should at once be killed without any mercy! 

Of course, Bhagawan Krishna understands the pain with which Draupati is talking all these, but somehow internally He wasn’t really convinced. At one point, Draupati started instructing what Bhagawan Krishna had to do next! This is where Bhagawan Krishna intervenes thus, “Oh Draupati! Please understand one thing very clearly – You had asked me to protect you, and I have done it with perfection. More than that, you’re not supposed to intervene in nature’s “Sankalpa”. You do not have the right to decide who should be killed and who should be protected. That is my job to look into it and it is not yours. If you ask me to protect you, I’m always there with you! But please do not get into the next level of deciding whom should be killed and whom should be protected. Let Bhagawan take care of everything. You do not need to interfere in Bhagawan’s Sankalpa. He knows whom to kill and whom to protect and at what time!” 

This is a very interesting reply from Bhagawan Krishna. Although He is Bhagawan Vishnu Himself – The one who protects the entire world, He doesn’t wish to reveal Himself fully to Draupati at that point. Thus, Bhagawan Krishna uses His words very carefully here. He doesn’t say that protecting and destroying someone is His job. Instead, He cleverly says that these are the jobs of Bhagawan who is above all of us! Thus, the important understanding that all of us should have here is that, more than anything else, Bhagawan Krishna plays the role of a “Guru” to the Paandavas and Draupati. At every instance, more than directly saving and protecting them, Bhagawan Krishna guides them and makes them do their jobs perfectly, through which they are protected. This is a very important point here – Bhagawan Krishna is very clear in His approach. His simple agenda here is, “Do your job perfectly without any blemish. I shall take care of the rest!” We should understand this perfectly here as we move on. 

Moving on thus, Bhagawan Krishna continues His accord with Draupati. He explains to her thus, “Oh Draupati! Please do not worry or get angry. You will certainly get back your kingdom and all your wealth. These are just passing clouds. Things will come back to normal. However, getting angry on somebody, taking vengeance on someone, etc. are against the principles of “Dharma”. Please do not get into it. If you do so, what is the difference between you and Duryodhana? He’s also fuming in anger for nothing, and you’re also doing the same! Hence, don’t get into that zone. Maintain yourself in a calm and composed manner. Things will automatically fall in place. Time will give you the best answer!” 

As Bhagawan Krishna says thus, He consoles Draupati who is in extreme pain and distress. Upon listening to the soothing words of assurance from Bhagawan Krishna, Draupati too feels happy. She is assured even more that Bhagawan Krishna is always with her at all times – Both visible and invisible. As Draupati calms down, Arjuna asks an important question to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Keshav! Usually you would immediately mark your divine presence whenever Draupati calls you, don’t you? However, when that regrettable incident happened at Hastinapura during the gambing game, where did you go? You never came when she called you! Why was it so?” As Arjuna asks thus, Bhagawan Krishna replies, “Oh yes! I’ve to tell you something very important! I shall tell you where I was at that time, and why I couldn’t come to Indraprastha / Hastinapura at that crucial time!” Saying thus, Bhagawan Krishna is going to give an important reply to Arjuna’s question. We might also be wondering where did Bhagawan Krishna leave these people and go at that critical juncture, isn’t it? Bhagawan Krishna is going to give an important answer for this in the next episode! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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