Episode # 393 – “Take immediate action on Duryodhana & kill him!” – Draupati vents her anger to Bhagawan Krishna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an interesting discussion on “Sharanaagathi” (Surrender to Bhagawan’s divine lotus feet) and should it be conditional or unconditional. We’ve used Draupati’s exhibition of “Sharanaagathi” towards Bhagawan Krishna to drive this conversation forward. We’ve seen that if the “Sharanaagathi” is conditional, it has certain limitations. Bhagawan might still honour our requests and words at all times and protect us, but we never know if we would be able to reach the ultimate “Moksha” or not. Many a time, we might transcend to the “Svarga Lokha” and come back again to this world once our “Punya Karma” is over. We’re going to see this happening to all the Paandava brothers and Draupati. All of them went to the “Svarga Lokha” but none of them transcended beyond that, since their “Sharanaagathi” was conditional and subject to Duryodhana’s destruction. However, if we look at other instances like the fruit vendor, Vidura, etc. their “Sharanaagathi” towards Bhagawan Krishna was completely unconditional. Their sole aim was to be with Bhagawan at all times, without any expectations from Him. Hence, these people transcended to Vaikunta quite easily and were able to experience infinite joy with Bhagawan. 

We can witness similar instances in the Ramayana also – Jataayu obtained Moksha from Bhagawan Rama on the spot, because the help that Jataayu had rendered to Bhagawan was so unconditional! Jataayu did not think for a moment that his life was in danger and he was too old to fight Ravana, who was carrying Mother Sita along with him. Even though Ravana was mighty powerful, Jataayu braved him and put up a valiant fight, only for his wings to be cut down! Thus, as Bhagawan Rama came running to see the pitiable plight of Jataayu, His heart melted immediately! We’ve seen in our previous Ramayana project as to how Bhagawan Rama cried on the demise of Jataayu, whom He had considered at a level more than even King Dasharata. Pained by Jataayu’s demise, Bhagawan Rama ordered his Atman to reach Moksha straightaway! Thus, the point here is that unconditional surrender towards Bhagawan would definitely take us to the ultimate “Moksha”. If our surrender is conditional with certain expectations, perhaps Bhagawan might still ensure that our expectations are met out, but we do not know if we would be able to transcend to “Vaikunta”! This is where we’ve to be very careful and let us spare a thought over this. 

Moving on thus, we shall now witness how Draupati spoke to Bhagawan Krishna – She completely poured out all her frustration to Bhagwan Krishna! Draupati says thus, “Oh Bhagawan! You see all my five husbands standing in front of me. But when the crucial time came, none of them came forward to help or to protect me. Forget my husbands – Even seniors like Bhishmachaarya and Guru Dhronachaarya were silent spectators for what conspired on that fateful day! It is only because of you I’m alive today. If you hadn’t protected me at that critical time, I would have killed myself, rather than living with these husbands with guilt in my mind. Oh Bhagawan! For all whatever had happened, you should immediately take stern action against Duryodhana and Co.!” As Draupati says thus, Bhagawan Krishna gives a smart reply thus, “Oh Draupati! I know that you had called out for me, and I had protected you, didn’t I? By doing so, I’ve already taken action! Now what more should I do? I’ve done my part isn’t it?” 

As Bhagawan Krishna replies thus, Draupati says again: “Oh Bhagawan Krishna! No no! I never said that you did not protect me! You did! But you never took any action on the perpetrators of the crime! You should ensure that Duryodhana endures the same pain as that of mine! You should ensure that Duryodhana is killed and my pain is avenged! You should do this immediately in front of my eyes now itself!” As Draupati vents her frustration and anger thus, Bhagawan Krishna slowly and calmly replies to her. This reply is going to be a very important one for all of us to understand, which is also going to be an illustration as to how Bhagawan responds to “Conditional surrender”! We shall witness this epic reply of Bhagawan Krishna in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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