Episode # 392 – Should our “Sharanagati” be conditional or unconditional? A discussion!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important conversation that endures between Bhagawan Krishna and Draupati. As Arjuna finishes his conversation with Bhagawan, it is now Draupati’s turn to talk to Him. Of course, she exhibits her surrender to Bhagawan, but with a rider – She was having that little bit of thought that Duryodhana and Co. have to be avenged somehow for what they had done to her and to her husbands. This was burning within her right from the day when she was physically assaulted by Duchhaasana, and even to this day when Bhagawan arrives to meet her, she doesn’t relent from her stance. This is an important point that we should elaborate a bit, with regards to “Sharanaagati” towards Bhagawan. We shall do this in today’s episode. 

When we exhibit “Sharanaagati” towards Bhagawan, how should it be? Should we have prerequisites while doing so, or, should we be unconditional in our approach? This is an important question that many of us might be having deep within ourselves, isn’t it? Now if we look at Draupati’s case, she definitely has a prerequisite – To seek Bhagawan’s help to avenge Duryodhana’s and Duchhaasana’s insult that was meted out to her. Of course, even if any other woman would have been in Draupati’s place, she would have had the same thought process while praying to Bhagawan. But the real question here is, whether Draupati had that trust on Bhagawan! Doesn’t Bhagawan know that Draupati was insulted? Wasn’t Bhagawan Krishna who saved her at that critical point when her saree was pulled off? Draupati realizes that very well, yet, she had her own little doubt within herself as to whether Bhagawan would somehow forgive Duryodhana and let him get away! Now this is where the crunch is – Who are we to doubt Bhagawan? Isn’t His divine will and wish to protect / kill people who follow “Dharma” / “Adharma”? Who are we to interfere and decide whom should Bhagawan kill or not kill? This is where the unconditionality clause comes in. 

Thus, the point here is very clear – As we exhibit “Sharanaagati” towards Bhagawan, it is better if it is unconditional. I’m saying this because, Bhagawan is far more superior than us in terms of deciding whom to protect and whom to kill. Bhagawan’s action on someone depends on various factors which we might not be aware of. For instance, if Duryodhana’s “Karma” would have been extremely good, Bhagawan wouldn’t be able to touch him at all till the end! Or, if we look at it in another angle, had Duryodhana mended his ways and had he given back the Indraprastha kingdom to Yudishtra, Bhagawan Krishna wouldn’t be able to do much! Or, had Duryodhana himself exhibited unconditional surrender towards Bhagawan Krishna, again, Bhagawan wouldn’t have any other option but to protect him! Like this, there might be so many aspects that we might not be aware of, however, Bhagawan would be! Thus, who are we to decide whom to be punished and avenged, and whom to be protected? This is where Draupati went slightly out of track in terms of Bhakti and Sharanaagati. Her Bhakti towards Bhagawan Krishna was completely divine and pure – There is no doubt about that. However, since she had that small iota of revenge in her mind towards Duryodhana, that played spoilsport! 

Now the question would come – How do we know that this aspect played spoilsport? The answer is very simple. During the “Svarga-Aarohini Parva”, what happened to all the Paandava brothers and to Draupati? All of them at different points went to the “Svarga Lokha” only and later took many more births again in this world! Did any of them reach Moksha or Vaikunta? The answer is a big “No”! We might see during the entire course of the Mahabharata that Bhagawan Krishna was backing the Paandavas and Draupati at all times. But, did He take any of them to Vaikunta? This is where, Bhagawan Krishna plays the role of “Maya” or “Illusion” and this is where all of us get carried away! However, it is not to say that Bhagawan Krishna did not give Moksha or Vaikunta to anyone. He gave that “Praapti” (Divine Opportunity) for the vendor who was selling some fruits during His childhood. We’ve witnessed this incident during our previous “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana”. Similarly, Bhagawan Krishna gave this “Praapti” to His ardent devotee Meerabai. As Meera was singing continuously in praise of Bhagawan Krishna, He suddenly appeared from nowhere and took her along with Him, didn’t He? We might have heard this many times.Why did Bhagawan grant “Moksha” to these people? It is because they were “unconditional” in their approach towards Bhagawan. All they wanted is to spend more and more time with Him, experiencing the divinity with Him. Thus, Bhagawan’s heart melted towards them and He granted them the highest reward for their pure “Bhakti”! 

Thus, there are instances wherein Bhagawan Krishna had granted the ultimate “Moksha” or “Vaikunta” to people. Hence, just because we see Bhagawan Krishna moving closely with the Paandavas and Draupati, it doesn’t mean that He took them along with Him at the end! Of course, Bhagawan protected all of them at all times, but at the end of the day, when it comes to the ultimate question, we’ve to spare a thought! So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and let us strive towards making our “Sharanaagati” more and more unconditional! Of course, it would be tough for us going forward, but we shall put incremental efforts and try to reach there! We shall continue with this discussion in the next episode, and move forward from there! Stay tuned! 🙂  

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