Episode # 376 – Vidura returns back to Hastinapura – King Dhridirashtra seeks unconditional apology!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed King Dhridiraashtra getting the feeling of insecurity because of Vidura’s absence at Hastinapura. He also knows internally that he is walking the path of “Adharma” so as to save his son’s face from embarrassment. Vidura is the only person whom he was banking upon for some real words of wisdom, although he is not going to listen to any of his words. Now that Vidura has gone away, even that one person who was standing like a pillar of strength, was missing, and this made King Dhridiraashtra scared! Thus, he immediately calls upon Sanjaya to somehow convince Vidura and bring him back to Hastinapura. Even though Sanjaya had his own reservations upon whether Vidura would really come back or not, King Dhridiraashtra was confident that Vidura would pay heed to his words and come back. Thus, Sanjaya takes his message and hurries to the forest where Vidura is residing. 

Thus, as Sanjaya reaches Vidura’s place, he too is surprised to see Vidura and Yudishtra together! Thus, Yudishtra seeks the “Anugraha” of Sanjaya by falling on his feet and by paying all the due respects to him. As Sanjaya settles down, he conveys the message to Vidura thus, “Oh Great Vidura! I’ve come here on behalf of King Dhridiraashtra to take you back to Hastinapura. King Dhridiraashtra sent me to convey his deepest regret and apologies to you for what happened the other day. Of course, he was not in his mood when we scolded you, but he feels that it is not good if you’re not alongside him! So on behalf of King Dhridiraashtra, I humbly request you to return back to Hastinapura! Of course, I expressed my concern whether you would come back or not. However, King Dhridiraashtra is very confident that you would honour his words and request. Thus, if you are willing and ready, I shall take you back to Hastinapura. I shall wait for your decision and act accordingly!” 

As Sanjaya humbly makes his submission thus, Vidura immediately replies thus, “Oh Sanjaya! The moment when our king has decided to call me back, I’m ready to come to him. If he is ready to pay heed to my words of “Dharma”, it is my duty as his able minister to render my advice. I should not run away from my duty. I shall immediately return back to Hastinapura and discharge all my duties as a minister to King Dhridiraashtra! It would be my pleasure to do so!” As Vidura replies thus, both Sanjaya and Yudishtra are surprised and happy at the same time. Yudishtra was thinking within himself thus, “Oh wow! Just now Vidura had told me that he is never going to go back to Hastinapura forever, but when Sanjaya made this request, Vidura made a complete “U-turn” in his decision! How can this be feasible?” 

As Yudishtra thinks thus, Vidura immediately replies to what Yudishtra thinks! Vidura explains thus: “Oh Yudishtra! I understand your concern! You’re thinking that I’m making a “U-turn” so quickly, isn’t it? Please understand this point very clearly – If someone asks for an apology unconditionally, it is our duty to honour their words. We should never give space to our ego at this stage. This is “Dharma”. Now, King Dhridiraashtra seems to have realized his mistake and is calling me. I’ve to honour his words without fail and this is the “Dharma” for me as a minister. If I’m giving room to my ego, I would be failing in my duty. Hence, let me go back and execute my duties as a minister to King Dhridiraashtra! Let me see whether he has changed completely for good. If that happens, I would be the first person to be happy and satisfied!” 

Saying thus, Vidura prepares to start back to Hastinapura, along with Sanjaya. As Vidura is about to leave, Yudishtra replies to Vidura thus, “Oh Scholarly Vidura! Thank you for all the important pieces of advice you’ve given me during your short stay with me! I’m indeed fortunate to spend some valuable time with you. Please go ahead and have a safe journey back to Hastinapura. Please ensure that you render all your words of wisdom to King Dhridiraashtra and the others, and by this, I’m sure that there would be a remarkable change for good! I have full confidence in you! I would never say that you’ve to stay along with me. You rightly belong to Hastinapura and Hastinapura needs your presence! Hence, please go ahead and convey my regards to all people there! Please take care of my mother, Kunthi Devi and the others!” As Yudishtra says thus, Vidura and Sanjaya bid farewell to Yudishtra and Co. and swiftly make their way back to Hastinapura. 

As Vidura is back at Hastinapura, King Dhridiraashtra runs to meet him! He falls on Vidura’s feet with tears in his eyes and says thus, “Oh Vidura! Welcome back to Hastinapura! This is your home! I’m terribly sorry that I insulted you! At that point in time, I was in a bad temper and mood! I know that whatever you’re saying is as per the book of “Dharma”, and it is only me who is not able to understand and make sense of what you’re saying! You’re my pillar of strength and please be with me at all times!” As King Dhridiraashtra requests earnestly thus, Vidura too accepts it and both of them patch up with each other from there onwards! So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, let us witness what is happening to Duryodhana, Sahuni and the others meanwhile! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 

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