Episode # 377 – Duryodhana fumes with anger as Vidura returns!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed King Dhridiraashtra repenting for his bad behaviour towards Vidura and thus, calling him back to Hastinapura. He sends Sanjaya for the task of bringing Vidura back to Hastinapura, and accordingly Sanjaya conveys King Dhridiraashtra’s message to him. He says that King Dhridiraashtra is repenting for his mistake and he wants Vidura immediately back in the palace. Acknowledging Sanjaya’s words thus, Vidura decides that he would leave back to Hastinapura, to be of assistance to King Dhridiraashtra. He bids farewell to Yudishtra and Co., assuring them that there would be a positive change very soon at Hastinapura palace because Vidura feels that King Dhridiraashtra might mend his ways and in turn mend Duryodhana’s ways as well. With this positive hope, Yudishtra too bids a teary farewell to Vidura, who then hurries along with Sanjaya to reach Hastinapura palace. Thus, when Vidura reaches Hastinapura, King Dhridiraashtra runs and welcomes him back by seeking unconditional apology for his words. Vidura too accepts King Dhridiraashtra’s apology and both of them patch up with each other again. 

As this happens, the news of Vidura’s return reaches Duryodhana and Co., which shocks them! Duryodhana was heaving a sigh of relief when he learnt that Vidura had left. But now as Vidura comes back, it sends shivers to him! Thus, Duryodhana quickly calls for a meeting with all his companions – Sahuni Uncle, Duchaasana, Karna, etc. and wants to discuss the way forward and mainly how to tackle Vidura! Duryodhana talks to all of them thus, “Oh friends! Oh Sahuni Uncle! Till now I was relieved that Vidura had gone away from Hastinapura as a result of a fall out with my father. However, Vidura is back, and I do not know what had conspired in the middle between my father and him. Now that Vidura is back, he would again start his monotonous accord of “Dharma”, “Adharma”, etc. and my father would blindly believe his misguidance. Vidura is not at all concerned about me and my future. He thinks that “Dharma” is nothing but siding by Yudishtra and Co., who are listless people. He thinks that by taking sides of Yudishtra, I can be successfully sidelined, and with this, Hastinapura would be given to Yudishtra and the Paandavas. This is totally rubbish and I wouldn’t allow this to happen until my last breath!” 

As the others look on, Duryodhana continues further thus, “Oh Sahuni uncle! You are an experienced person both in terms of age and knowledge, isn’t it? What is “Dharma”? Is it being cowardly by nature? Or, is it giving away anything and everything to whoever comes and asks you for it? According to me, “Dharma” is nothing but “Victory”! That victory can be through any ways and means! It can be either through legitimate war, or through illegitimate means like the gambling game which we conducted! I do not care if the path that I’m taking is legitimate or illegitimate. All I want is “Victory” and I do not care in which way it comes! Oh Sahuni Uncle and the others! I want all of you to follow my pursuit from here on, and ensure that we win over the listless Paandavas everytime they come and confront us! Now that we’ve cunningly and smartly won over us, chances are very high that they might also try something like this to get over us. We’ve to be extremely careful and watchful. Now that Vidura is also there, he would simply keep blabbering “Dharma” and “Dharma” everytime to my father! He would brainwash my father quite easily and that fool would not take my words at all! Hence, we’ve to keep a close watch on what King Dhridiraashtra does and we should make sure that he is always on our side and not by Vidura’s!” 

This is not Bhagawan Krishna’s version of “Dharma”, but Duryodhana’s! 🙂 We shall understand from the above accord as to how arrogant Duryodhana is! He gives a new definition and description for “Dharma”, which we would not find in any of our “Sanaatana Dharma” literature! Even though this is the case, many of us follow many aspects of “Duryodhana’s Dharma”, as compared to “Bhagawan Krishna’s Dharma” in today’s scenario! I’m telling this with a lot of confidence because, in today’s competitive world, all our focus is on “winning” and “outsmarting” others, rather than working collaboratively and mutually living with others around us, isn’t it? Right from our academic education system to getting a job, to excelling and getting promoted in our career, and even within our own family, we keep fighting with others every passing day! Of course, we squarely put the blame on the term called “Survival” and comfortably defend ourselves, but the reality remains that we can still survive by mutually cooperating with each other and living in harmony. Of course, healthy competition is required in every field of life, but having said thus, it is not a guarantee that we would enter into dirty competitions with others. We should know where to draw the line in terms of competing with others and understanding our limitations and strengths. 

This is something that all of us have to introspect within ourselves – Whether we’re following Duryodhana’s version of “Dharma” or Bhagawan Krishna’s version of “Dharma”. So for today, let us spare a thought on this point and let us think within ourselves and make an analysis of ourselves. Only if we make this self-analysis, we would be able to identify our gaps and shortcomings, which would in turn help us improve further towards our spiritual growth. We shall continue with this discussion forward in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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