Episode # 375 – King Dhridirashtra sends Sanjaya to call Vidura back to Hastinapura!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Vidura lamenting to Yudishtra that things are not so well at Hastinapura – Solely because of the father and son duo. Vidura sadly expresses his concern to Yudishtra in the forest that he tried his best to educate both of them that the path they’re taking is extremely dangerous, but sadly none of them are prepared to listen to his words. Vidura explains to Yudishtra that as a leader, one should exhibit neutrality and an unbiased approach towards all his subjects, however, King Dhridiraashtra is exactly doing the opposite of this! As Vidura laments thus, Yudishtra consoles him and says thus, “Oh Great Vidura! It is so painful to see you in tears! It is even more painful to see your words of wisdom being ignored like this! But please do not worry! You may render all the advice pertaining to “Dharma” to all of us. We are prepared to listen to you and follow your words of wisdom! You’ve to guide us on the way forward and we seek your valuable inputs. We shall not bother about who listens to you or not. If your words pertain to “Dharma”, I’m prepared to listen to you. Of course, by saying this, I’m not seeing Duryodhana as my enemy. He is still my dear brother and he would always be the same in my heart till my last breath. I do not care if he is jealous towards me. I shall take your advice that one should treat everyone neutrally and without any sort of bias. I always treat Duryodhana the same way as I treat Bheemasena and the others. However, it is sadly Duryodhana who doesn’t realize this. He thinks that I’m eyeing his kingdom, but sadly that is not the reality. I’m very happy with whatever I have! I do not want his kingdom nor his wealth!” 

As Yudishtra explains thus, Vidura replies back: “Oh Yudishtra! I know that you have this clear understanding of “Dharma” and this is why I came to live with you henceforth!” Saying thus, both Yudishtra and Vidura involve in engaging conversations pertaining to “Dharma” and for Yudishtra, this is a great learning opportunity that has presented itself in the form of the man who is the epitome of “Dharma” himself! What more can Yudishtra ask for? As the conversation goes on this side, we shall now go back to Hastinapura and see what happens there. As Vidura leaves the scene from there, King Dhridiraashtra’s initial reaction was very casual! But after a few days, he starts feeling insecure. He also knows that Vidura is the only person who talks “Dharma” and if he is not there nearby, it would be a great loss! We would also feel this sometimes – Our parents would keep on telling us something or the other, but many a time, we might not obey their words! However, one fine day if our parents stop advising us, only then we would feel the pinch! Even though we might not obey our parents’ words, we might still have the feeling that some strength is there in their form that would protect us from our wrongdoings! But if our parents stop saying whatever they are saying, a sense of fear would creep into us, isn’t it? 🙂 

This is exactly what King Dhridiraashtra is feeling here! Till that day, Vidura was “blabbering” something or the other, which King Dhridiraashtra never listened to! But when Vidura had left the place and when nobody was there to advise him, King Dhridiraashtra started feeling the fear within him! He starts feeling insecure slowly as days progress. He knows internally that he is at fault, but when Vidura points it out, he is unable to accept it. But, King Dhridiraashtra starts missing Vidura’s presence, merely because he was thinking that Bhagawan Krishna would pardon him if Vidura is by his side! 

Thinking thus, King Dhridiraashtra calls Sanjaya by his side. Sanjaya is another able minister in King Dhridiraashtra’s cabinet as we might know. King Dhridiraashtra calls Sanjaya and explains to him thus, “Oh Sanjaya! Please go immediately to meet Vidura wherever he is, and ask him to come back to Hastinapura. Please convey my deepest apologies to him for whatever I spoke to him with my anger. Please tell him that I’m missing his words of wisdom and somehow convince him to come back!” As King Dhridiraashtra says thus, Sanjaya quickly asks back, “Oh King! I shall definitely convey your message and apologies to Vidura. But will he come back?” This is a very concerning quesiton from Sanjaya and for this, King Dhridiraashtra replies back to him thus, “Oh Sanjaya! Definitely he would come back! He would consider my request and would return to Hastinapura with you! Please quickly find out his whereabouts and bring him back!” 

As King Dhridiraashtra says this with a lot of confidence, Sanjaya starts and proceeds towards the place where Vidura is residing! Now the ball is in Vidura’s court! Will he come back to Hastinapura, or is he going to continue living with Yudishtra and Co. at the “Kaamyaka Vanam”? Let us find out in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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