Episode # 372 – “If Duryodhana continues this “Adharma”, his life is in great danger!” – Vidura slams King Dhridarashtra!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the commencement of the next segment of discussion wherein Vidura is conversing with King Dhridiraashtra. Now that all the gambling events are over and the Paandavas have left the Hastinapura palace, King Dhridiraashtra is feeling guilty of whatever has happened. He clearly feels that a gross injustice has been meted out to his brother Paandu’s sons by Duryodhana and Co. Anger and tension is starting to simmer between the two camps. As he was deep into his thoughts with all these things, Vidura makes his way into King Dhridiraashtra’s chamber and now, Vidura is going to render a few words of important advice. We’ve witnessed yesterday that Vidura explains how things are not too late as yet. He explains to King Dhridiraashtra thus, “Oh king! You still have a lot of time and opportunity for course correction. Please do not think that everything is over! Things have just started taking shape. Even now it is not too late. You can still convince Duryodhana, talk with him and see what can be done to pacify the Paandavas. If Yudishtra gets pacified even at this moment, he would forget all whatever has happened and your sons would graciously escape from the wrath of their strong valor and Bhagawan Krishna’s anger!” 

Moving on thus, Vidura continues further: “Oh King Dhridiraashtra! Please understand one thing very clearly – “Dharma” is the same for everyone in this world. It is not that your sons have one school of “Dharma” and the Paandavas have another school of “Dharma”. You should treat both your sons and Paandu’s sons as the same. Afterall, Yudishtra has enormous respect towards you, even after Duryodhana has meted out enormous amounts of humiliation towards him. You should learn to appreciate this in him. Please do not separate the Paandavas and Kauravas and please do not encourage rift between both of them. If you’re starting to differentiate between the two camps, please understand that you’re paving the way for a complete “Kula-Naasham” (Destruction of the entire clan). Thus, if you’re giving something to somebody, please do not show partiality towards one for the other. This is a wrong approach as a leader. You should be an epitome of neutrality between both the camps!”

As Vidura explains thus, King Dhridiraashtra should take his words in the right sense, shouldn’t he? However, what happens here is on the contrary! Rather than appreciating Vidura’s words, King Dhridiraashtra gets angry! Now that Duryodhana has won the gambling game and he has sent the Paandavas to the forest successfully, King Dhridiraashtra’s anger knows no bounds. Atleast till now, there was some fear sticking to him because, before the game was played, King Dhridiraashtra did not know how the outcome could impact his son. Now that he is seeing in front of his eyes that his son is happy, his courage and over-confidence takes over! He replies to Vidura angrily and arrogantly thus, “Oh Vidura! You’re talking about partiality and me not being neutral, aren’t you? However, I’m seeing extreme partiality in whatever you’re talking about. You’re always siding towards the Paandava brothers and you’re unable to see the happiness that my son Duryodhana would get. Before the game was played, you were supporting the cause of Yudishtra, and even now you’re the same. Even for a single day you’ve never spoken in favour of my son, and hence, what kind of a minister are you to me? Your only job is to speak in favour of the Paandavas! Whatever you say to me doesn’t appeal to me as “Dharma” to my son. You might be right in whatever you’re saying, but you should tell something in favour of me also. You’re tailor-making “Dharma” to support the Paandava brothers and by that, you’re not concerned about my sons’ lives at all!” 

As King Dhridiraashtra laments angrily thus, Vidura immediately clarifies: “Oh King Dhridiraashtra! Please understand – I’m NOT talking in favour of the Paandava brothers at all. I’m ONLY talking for the benefit of your son Duryodhana! Right from day one, my stance has always been towards your son only! It is you who is not understanding this. You’re thinking that Duryodhana would be happy and content with all the wealth and luxuries of being a king. However, I’m thinking that his “Atman” should be content and moreover, he should be alive in the first place, to experience the luxuries that you’re talking about! If he walks this dangerous path of “Adharma”, his life is in great danger! Can’t you understand even this simple point?” As Vidura asks thus, a heated argument results between the two, and at the end, King Dhridiraashtra walks away angrily into his palace! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness what Vidura’s reaction is going to be! This is a “make-or-break” situation at Hastinapura here! Is Vidura going to walk away? Or, is Vidura going to try and convince King Dhridiraashtra again? Stay tuned for an important accord! 🙂 


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