Episode # 373 – King Dhridirashtra “CHASES” Vidura away from Hastinapura angrily!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Vidura lamenting to King Dhridiraashtra that Duryodhana is walking on a very dangerous path, which would certainly make him and his entire clan extinct. Vidura repeatedly highlights the point to King Dhridiraashtra that even now it is not too late. He can still correct many things as a leader. He can give stern instructions to Duryodhana and sideline him for sometime until Duryodhana mends himself. During this time, King Dhridiraashtra can call back Yudishtra and Co. and give away the Indraprastha kingdom that Duryodhana has illegally abducted. If he is not doing this immediately and if he allows things to escalate further, Vidura explains that life is going to get tougher and tougher by the passing day for Duryodhana. As Vidura advises repeatedly thus, King Dhridiraashtra is not ready to listen to his words. Instead, he gets angry at Vidura and retaliates that Vidura is only concerned about the welfare of the Paandava brothers every time. Rather than feeling happy and congratulating Duryodhana on his success against the Paandavas, King Dhridiraashtra feels that Vidura is taking the side of Yudishtra and constantly demotivating Duryodhana. However, the situation is right opposite to what King Dhridiraashtra thinks! Vidura is actually talking in favour of Duryodhana and trying his level best to protect him from an imminent danger, however, neither the father nor the son understood this! 

As King Dhridiraashtra angrily replies thus to Vidura, he leaves Vidura in the chamber and rushes away! However, before leaving, King Dhridiraashtra also says something which hurts and wounds Vidura even more! King Dhridiraashtra says thus, “Oh Vidura! I’ve told you enough and more from my side! Now it is your call! You can stay at Hastinapura palace if you wish! Else… The door is open! You may leave this place once and forever! I do not care! I do not want anyone in my palace who talks against the interests of my son Duryodhana!” As King Dhridiraashtra angrily spits his words on Vidura, he leaves the place immediately! Poor Vidura is shocked beyond words and is now completely helpless! Not knowing what to do at that moment, Vidura sinks on to the chair with despair and sadness! Tears roll by Vidura’s cheeks and he is completely agitated! Vidura is a “Mahatma”, and if he gets agitated, it is not going to be because he is insulted by his brother. His agitation is because he is unable to convince King Dhridiraashtra and Duryodhana and “Adharma” is happening right in front of his eyes! 

After some time, Vidura composes himself and arrives at a decision thus – From now onwards, there is no point in residing at Hastinapura anymore! Where there is “Adharma” happening blatantly without a check, there is no place for Vidura henceforth. Thus, Vidura decides to desert King Dhridiraashtra and leave the palace of Hastinapura. He quickly packs his things and moves swiftly to the “Kaamyaka Vanam”. Incidentally this “Kamyaka Vanam” is the forest area where the Paandavas are also residing. Vidura thus leaves for the “Kaamyaka Vanam” which is quite close to Kurukshetra. He takes a chariot of his own and crosses the rivers of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati to reach this place. In fact, before Vidura arrived there, the Paandavas were roaming around somewhere else. However, as fate would have it, just when Vidura arrives at the “Kaamyaka Vanam”, the Paandavas also arrive precisely at the same time. Thus, the place where Yudishtra thinks of setting up his hamlet is exactly the same place where Vidura is sitting! 

As the Paandavas arrive at the “Kaamyaka-Vanam”, they are surprised to see Vidura sitting there! As Yudishtra sees Vidura, he is completely taken aback! He thinks thus, “Oh wow! What is Vidura doing here alone? Why has he left King Dhridiraashtra and the others back at Hastinapura and come? Has he come to meet us here? Or, has he been deserted by people there? If Vidura is here, who would explain the “Dharma” aspects to King Dhridiraashtra and Co. at Hastinapura?” Thinking all of these thus, Yudishtra comes closer to Vidura. As both of them meet each other, Yudishtra sees Vidura in tears! He immediately asks Vidura thus, “Oh great scholarly Vidura! What are you doing here in this dense forest area? Why did you come here? Are everybody at Hastinapura doing fine? How is Mother Kunthi Devi? How is Mother Gaandhaari? How is our King Dhridiraashtra? Are everybody okay? What made you come here by leaving all of them back at Hastinapura? Is there any problem? Your face looks so dull and tired. What happened there? Can you please tell me in detail? By the very look of your face, you seem to be totally worried! I’m unable to understand the reason behind this worry that you’re showing in your face!” 

As Yudishtra asks with a lot of concern, Vidura is going to give a very important reply to him. So for today, let us understand the fact that Vidura has quit Hastinapura and is now going to have a very important conversation with Yudishtra in the forest. We shall wait till the next episode to witness this conversation and Vidura’s reply to Yudishtra’s question! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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