Episode # 370 – “You still have a chance for course correction!” – Vidura advises King Dhridarashtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had completed the detailed discussion on Yudishtra obtaining the “Akshaya Paatra” from Surya Bhagawan, courtesy – Sage Dhoumya who taught him the auspicious “Surya-Nanaskara Mantra”. Yudishtra on his part, meticulously chanted it for the benefit of all the people and the cows who accompanied him to the forest. Impressed by this, Surya Bhagawan gave the “Akshaya Paatra”, which supplies unlimited food to all the people and cows assembled there. With the instructions clearly given by Surya Bhagawan, Yudishtra feeds all the people and cows with it, which in turn fulfils his “Dharma” that he should feed everyone sumptuously to their full satisfaction at all times. As this happens, we now shift our focus to what is happening in Hastinapura. We had left Hastinapura at a point wherein the Paandavas had accepted the “Vana-Vaasa” for twelve years and the “Agnyaata Vaasa” for the thirteenth year, isn’t it? Duryodhana and Sahuni had won the second round of gambling, which led Yudishtra to renounce everything and leave! 

Now that everything is over, King Dhridiraashtra is worried as to what has just happened! He knows that his son Duryodhana has created a problematic situation for him, which is not going to be easy for any kind of course correction in the future. An irreparable damage has been caused, which might lead to a huge disaster. As King Dhridiraashtra is thinking thus, Vidura hurries into his chamber. Upon seeing Vidura coming towards him, King Dhridiraashtra laments to Vidura thus, “Oh Vidura! I know that you were the only person who stood by the “Dharma”. I know that all your words are correct and I should have paid heed to it. However, please forgive me for not obeying your words, as I was pushed to a corner by all the people sitting there. Duryodhana was extremely aggressive and so were Sahuni and the others. It was a compelling moment for me to support Duryodhana. Of course, I nullified the first round of gambling after Draupati was insulted in public. I had somehow dosed down the situation a bit. However, I couldn’t control Duryodhana any further. I was completely cornered and helpless!” 

As King Dhridiraashtra says thus, he is in tears of sorrow. Now as Vidura is looking on, King Dhridiraashtra continues thus, “Oh Vidura! I know you would have something to tell me with regards to course correction. However, I feel that everything is over and it is now too late for any sort of course correction! The Paandavas have left for the forest for thirteen years. If I’ve to reverse this decision, it is not going to be easy. I feel that it is next to impossible. So what else can be done? It is not going to be easy either to pacify the Paandavas. Of course, Yudishtra would still accept my request, but will Bheemasena and the others accept anymore? The way in which Bheemasena and the others took the “Shabadhams” in front of the entire crowd the other day still rings fresh in my ears. Of course, I see a huge danger in front of the Hastinapura kingdom and most importantly Duryodhana. I do not really know what would be the way forward from here on!” 

As King Dhridiraashtra sheds tears of sorrow and frustration thus, Vidura tries to calm him down. Vidura replies now to King Dhridiraashtra thus. “Oh great king of Hastinapura! I understand your deep concern that you weren’t able to act on that decisive day. Of course, I understand that you were pushed to a corner and were forced to favour Duryodhana at that point. However, please understand one thing – It is still not too late. The problems have just started. You’re saying that everything is over. But what I feel is that everything has just started. “Adharma” is still just starting to take shape, and it is still not too late for course correction. You can still do a lot of things to mend Duryodhana’s ways and pacify the Paandava brothers, but all what is required is your strong willpower. If you’re ready to exhibit your assertiveness at this critical moment, things can be reversed quite easily, before it becomes even worse!” 

As Vidura explains thus, we should also understand an important point that he is trying to drive home – It is fine for all of us to make a mistake. But what do we learn from that mistake? How do we move forward by correcting it? What steps are we taking for course correction and how early are we doing it? This is what Bhagawan wants from all of us. It is not the fact that the moment we make a mistake, Bhagawan would punish us then and there. He gives us a lot of time and innumerable opportunities for course correction. But the real question here is whether we’re using those opportunities to correct ourselves and mend our ways! So for today let us understand this important point and let us introspect within ourselves. So what is King Dhridiraashtra going to do now? Is he going to listen to Vidura’s accord and mend his ways? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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