Episode # 367 – “Aashruta Sulabham” – A hallmark of Bhagawan Krishna’s divine incarnation!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Yudishtra obtaining the “Akshaya Paatra” from Soorya Bhagawan, as a token of his immense penance. Impressed by Yudishtra’s path of “Dharma” and his consistency to follow it, Bhagawan Soorya wanted to ensure that Yudishtra’s “Dharma” doesn’t stop for any reason. Hence, he presented Yudishtra with the “Akshaya Paatra”, which can feed “n” number of people continuously with a sumptuous meal every passing day. Usually, Draupati has the last meal from it after feeding all the people around her. After Draupati finishes her quota, the “Akshaya Paatra” would stop generating further food from it. However, one fine day, Sage Dhurvasa had come at a time when Draupati had just finished her meal! The “Akshaya Paatra” had stopped generating the food, and Draupati was perplexed upon how to feed Sage Dhurvasa, who is an embodiment of anger! Helpless at that stage, Draupati called out for Bhagawan Krishna once again, and He immediately appeared in front of her! As Bhagawan understood the situation, He asked Draupati to bring the “Akshaya Paatra” and indicates a small rice grain sticking to one corner. Draupati gives that rice grain to Bhagwaan Krishna and as He consumes it, Sage Dhurvasa’s hunger gets completely neutralized! In turn, Sage Dhurvasa was extremely happy and he provided his divine “Anugraha” to Draupati and the Paandavas as he took leave! 

Now what do we understand from here? With just one single call, Bhagawan Krishna rushes to the rescue of His ardent “Bhaktas”, isn’t it? This is not the first time we’re seeing such an incident. We’ve already witnessed how Bhagawan Krishna “invisibly” protected Draupati when she was being molested publicly at Hastinapura by Duryodhana and Co. Even that happened with just one single call made by Draupati to Bhagwan Krishna! In fact, we’ve witnessed in our earlier “Shrimad Bhaagawatha Puraana” project that Bhagawan Krishna had consumed enormous amounts of food during the spiritual offering made to the “Govardhana Mountain” by the people of Gokula. This happened during His childhood days. There was an enormous variety of food that was to be offered to “Govardhana” and Bhagawan Krishna consumed all of it by Himself! If He can consume so much food, we might ask a question here – How did Bhagawan Krishna’s hunger get satisfied with just that one small rice grain that Draupati had to offer? Isn’t this contrasting? In these similar lines, we’re also going to witness how Bhagawan Krishna’s hunger got satisfied at Vidura’s place, where Vidura was just offering a few banana skins! How does this happen? What is the deeper spiritual meaning behind this? 

The meaning is very simple – It does not matter how much food we’re offering to Bhagawan. All that matters is the attitude with which we’re offering food to Him! Even if it is just a small rice grain, or a couple of fruits, or whatever, if we’re offering them with utmost devotion and tears in our eyes, Bhagawan is going to accept them with glee. Thus, attitude is more important than the quantity / quality of food that we offer to Bhagawan. In fact, this is yet another characteristic of Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation. In Sanskrit, we call this as “Aashrita Sulabham”. This means, Bhagawan is ever ready to come to the rescue of His ardent “Bhaktas” with just one single call. Also, whatever they offer to Him with their love and devotion, Bhagawan would immediately accept! This is the hallmark of Bhagawan Krishna, right from day one till the final stages of the Mahabharata. We’re going to witness in the future episodes as to how Bhagawan Krishna even accepted to be a charioteer to Arjuna. This is an important stage in the Mahabharata where Bhagawan Himself volunteers for this. We might imagine thus: “Oh wow! Bhagawan Krishna is the supreme consciousness and all-pervasive! He is the supreme Lord of the entire world! Yet, why should He undermine Himself to just be a charioteer for someone who is just another normal human being?” The answer is very simple – Bhagawan Krishna would come down to any level possible to secure His devotee. Arjuna was extremely devoted to Bhagawan Krishna at all stages, and Bhagawan Krishna took this as an opportunity to reciprocate Arjuna’s Bhakti and unconditional surrender. He was ready to accept Bhagawan Krishna as His Guru and he was ready to listen to Bhagawan Krishna’s divine words of wisdom, wasn’t he? 

Thus, for today, let us understand this important point and let us wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of this important discussion! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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