Episode # 366 – Bhagawan Krishna’s “Divine Leela” with the “Akshaya-Paatra” of Surya Bhagawan!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Dhoumya providing his “Anugraha” to Yudishtra in the form of the famous “Surya-Namaskara Mantra” for the sole reason of carrying out his “Grihasta-Dharma” of feeding all the people who have followed him to the forest. Yudishtra too obliges and receives the Mantra with all the requisite procedures that a “Sishya” should follow. With this, Yudishtra obtains the Mantra and the next day he chants it with all his devotion towards Bhagawan Surya. Impressed by Yudishtra’s dedication towards the path of “Dharma”, Surya Bhagawan immediately gifts him with a huge “Akshaya_Paatra”, with which he could serve unlimited food for all the people who are with him. From that day onwards, the “Akshaya-Paatra” takes care of the hunger of all people and with this, Yudishtra’s “Dharma” is also fulfilled successfully. Thus, the important aspect that we should understand here is that, if we’re honest and sincere towards “Dharma”, Bhagawan would ensure that we are stacked up with adequate resources to carry out our “Dharma” properly. 

Thus, with the “Akshaya-Paatra”, Yudishtra as a routine feeds all the Brahmins and the Maharishis every day and Draupati would be the last person to consume food from it. Once Draupati finished her meal, the “Akshaya-Paatra” would stop generating food for that day. Thus, this routine was going on for a while, and in fact, Bhagawan Krishna played a “Leela” (Divine game) with this “Akshaya Paatra” itself. One day, Sage Dhurvasa makes his way to visit the Paandavas and Draupati. All of us know who Sage Dhurvasa is, and what is he known for! 🙂 Unfortunately for Draupati that fine day, Sage Dhurvasa makes his way into their hamlet immediately after she consumes her food for the day! As we’ve seen earlier, the “Akshaya-Paatra” would stop generating food after Draupati finishes her meal! In fact, Duryodhana sends Sage Dhurvasa to the Paandavas on purpose! He wants Sage Dhurvasa to get angry and curse them! Through some means, Duryodhana comes to know that Yudishtra has this “Akshaya Paatra” and he wants to use it to his benefit here! However, as we’ve witnessed earlier, during times of a problem, Draupati knows only one thing – To call out for Bhagawan Krishna for help! Bhagawan Krishna also immediately responds to Draupati and appears before her. Upon explaining the situation that she is unable to feed Sage Dhurvasa who is her “Atithi” (Guest) from the “Akshaya-Paatra”, Bhagawan Krishna suggests an idea here. He asks Draupati to bring the Akshaya Paatra, only to find out that there is one small food grain sticking on to its corner! Bhagawan Krishna takes that food grain and eats it, and with this, Sage Dhurvasa’s hunger also gets neutralized! Thus, instead of getting angry, Sage Dhurvasa was very happy and he provided his divine “Anugraha” to Yudishtra and Co. and left the place! 

Thus with this, Duryodhana’s plan of somehow using Sage Dhurvasa to pitch for Yudishtra’s downfall hit yet another roadblock! Bhagawan Krishna thus played this “Divine Leela” to protect the Paandavas from the curse of Sage Dhurvaasa. Thus, from this small incident, we can understand the significance of both the “Akshaya-Paatra” as well as Bhagawan Krishna’s divinity! So for today, let us understand and experience this important “Leela” of Bhagawan Krishna and let us wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! We might be wondering how Bhagawan Krishna’s hunger was satisfied with just that one small food grain, isn’t it? In fact, it did not just satisfy Bhagawan Krishna’s hunger, but also of Sage Dhurvaasa. How did this happen? What are some anecdotal references regarding this “Leela” of Bhagawan Krishna? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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