Episode # 368 – Surya Bhagawan gifts the “AKSHAYA – PAATRA” to Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of the discussion wherein Bhagawan Krishna played a “Divine Leela” with the “Akshaya Paatra”, and Draupati illustrates how Bhagawan’s “Naama-Japa” comes to the rescue of ardent devotees when they are in a fix. Moreover, one of Bhagawan Krishna’s important purposes of incarnating in this world is to illustrate His “Aashrita Sulabham”, which means that He is readily accessible to all His devotees who merely calls Him by name! Also, whatever His devotees offer to Him with their love and devotion, Bhagawan would immediately accept – Irrespective of a sumptuous meal or even a small food grain. All what is important for Bhagawan is the attitude with which we make the offering. Draupati and Vidura are excellent examples for this in the Mahabharata. 

Thus, coming back to our context here, we’ve witnessed that Sage Dhoumya had given this “Surya-Namaskara” Mantra to Yudishtra in order to ensure that his “Dharma” of feeding all the Brahmins and the cows is fulfilled. Sage Dhoumya explains to Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Please chant this Surya Namaskara Mantra every morning after your regular oblations. Soorya Bhagawan will ensure that all your needs are met. Thus, whoever chants this Mantra meticulously every morning, his / her home would be filled with priceless “Ratnas” (Ornaments like gold, diamonds, etc.) in an unlimited quantity!” As Sage Dhoumya says thus, we might immediately think here – “Oh wow! If we also chant this, we would also get all the gold and diamonds in the world, isn’t it? :)” Of course we would! The great words of Maharishis aren’t going to prove futile. However, the purpose for which Sage Dhoumya is giving this Mantra to Yudishtra is something that we should always have in mind. Sage Dhoumya is giving this to Yudishtra, not for satisfying his personal selfish luxuries and needs. This Mantra is for the benefit of all the others who are around Yudishtra. This Mantra is to obtain food for all the Brahmins and the cows that are following Yudishtra. Whereas, if we’re asking for all the “Ratnas”, mostly it would be for fulfilling our selfish needs. 

Thus, we should understand one thing here – Mantras would work if our attitude is selfless. Whereas, if we chant them for fulfilling our selfish worldly pleasures, they wouldn’t work. This is something that all of us should understand very clearly at this point. Thus, of course, we shall all chant the “Surya-Namaskara” Mantra and I shall give the entire set of 7-8 slokas in a separate episode. Or, we shall even find it with a simple “Google” search. However, what we should remember here is that we should chant the Mantra for the benefit of the entire world. We should pray to Surya Bhagawan that the entire world should get sufficient food, clothing and shelter for a sustained existence without any diseases or suffering. If this is our prayer, Surya Bhagawan would definitely answer it! Thus, Yudishtra obtains the “Akshaya Paatra” from Surya Bhagawan with his immense “Tapas”, which impresses him. 

Thus, as Yudishtra performs his penance, Surya Bhagawan comes in front of him and says thus, “Oh Yudishtra! I’m extremely impressed with the consistency of your path of “Dharma” that you’ve undertaken. For this, I shall ensure that all of you, including the Brahmins, Maharishis, cows, etc. would be adequately fed from this moment onwards. Thus, for the next twelve years when you’re in the forest, I shall feed all of you sumptuous! So here is the “Akshaya Paatra” which would generate unlimited food for all of you here!” You may consume as much food as you want and you can relish the food that comes out of it. Please remember that this food is the “Prasadha” that is offered to Bhagawan and it comes directly to you!” 

As Surya Bhagawan says thus, Yudishtra is immensely happy and satisfied. His path of “Dharma” from now onwards would not be compromised and this is the reason for which he is happy. We’ve to note this very carefully – Yudishtra is not bothered whether his prayers are answered or not, or whether he obtained the “Akshaya Paatra” or not. He is happy because his path of “Dharma” is protected and there is no obstacle for it any more! So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and in the next episode we shall move on from this discussion to the next! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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