Episode # 225 – Balarama accepts for the Arjuna-Sannyasin – Shubadra marriage!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna’s “Master Plan” to get Arjuna married to His sister, Shubadra. If Arjuna had to directly marry her, it might have been difficult, because Balarama would have been a stumbling block for the marriage to go ahead. He would have created unwanted issues. Thereby, to bypass Balarama in a “smart” way, Bhagawan Krishna made Arjuna dress like a Sannyasin and wait at the entrance of Dwaaraka city. Since that particular place was famously known for many popular Sannyasins camping there, Arjuna-Sannyasin became very popular too! Many people came and “worshipped” Arjuna-Sannyasin and Balarama also wanted to do the same. Hence, Bhagawan Krishna saw this as an opportunity to make Balarama visit Arjuna-Sannyasin. As he did so, Balarama became so impressed with Arjuna-Sannyasin and subsequently wanted Shubadra to also pay a visit to him. However, Bhagawan Krishna purposefully objected to it, saying that Arjuna-Sannyasin was young and this meeting might endanger Shubadra’s life. However, since Balarama is known to do exactly the opposite of whatever Bhagawan Krishna says, he insisted that Shubadra meet Arjuna-Sannyasin, and Bhagawan Krishna did not object to it further. The meeting happened between the two and both of them fell for each other. 

However, some days later, the story encountered a twist. Balarama wanted to go on a “Theertha-Yaatra” along with Bhagawan Krishna for a few days. Meanwhile, as they are on the tour, Balarama wanted Arjuna-Sannyasin inside the palace, so that Shubadra can be of service to him. The intent behind Balarama’s idea was that, if Shubadra served a Brahmana Rishi, she would be blessed with a good groom for her marriage. As Balarama proposed this idea to Bhagawan Krishna, it met with a stiff opposition. However, Bhagawan Krishna was anticipating such a move from Balarama and He was all set for it! Bhagawan Krishna however warned Balarama that if Arjuna-Sannyasin was left alone with Shubadra, things would take a drastic turn – Instead of blessing Shubadra with a groom, Arjuna-Sannyasin would himself become that groom! However, Balarama as expected, stood firm on his stance and Bhagawan Krishna again did not object to it further! 

Thus, Arjuna-Sannyasin was invited into Dwaaraka city and inside the palace as well. Now Bhagawan Krishna played His game to perfection – When Balarama was in a hurry to depart for the “Theertha-Yatra”, Bhagawan Krishna strangely was very slow in following him. He seemed to be quite reluctant in accompanying Balarama for some reason. Even as Balarama was pressurizing Bhagawan Krishna to hurry up, He was walking very slowly towards the entrance. Meanwhile, Bhagawan Krishna secretly gave some instructions to Arjuna-Sannyasin who was camping at Dwaaraka palace. When Bhagawan Krishna reached the entrance of the palace, He called the security guards and instructed thus, “There is a Sannyasin inside the palace and my sister, Shubadra will be of service to him. If he wants to continue his stay here, ensure that both of them are safe and secure. However, if both of them want to leave the palace, do not stop them from doing so. Let them go wherever they want!” Saying thus, Bhagawan Krishna accompanied Balarama for the “Theertha-Yatra”. 

The plan was very clear and spot on. As Bhagawan Krishna and Balarama made their way out, Arjuna-Sannyasin and Shubadra started loving each other even more and both of them eventually left the palace together! They started living a married life together until Bhagawan Krishna and Balarama came back! When both were back at Dwaaraka, Arjuna-Sannyasin and Shubadra were missing. Upon a frantic search, both were found out at some place outside Dwaaraka city, living happily with each other! The plan had worked! Now, Balarama had no other option but to say a “Yes” for the marriage! Meanwhile, the news spread to Yudishtra that Arjuna was in love with someone at Dwaaraka! Now the big question is whether Yudishtra would accept this marriage or not! Moreover, will Draupati accept? Let us witness Bhagawan Krishna’s next “plan of action” for this to happen! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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