Episode # 226 – Birth of Abhimanyu to Arjuna & Shubadra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna “playfully” executing the marriage plans of Arjuna and Shubadra. If things would have gone the normal way, Balarama and Yudishtra wouldn’t have accepted it perhaps! However, only if things have such twists and turns like how Bhagawan Krishna took it forward, we would also be able to have some enjoyment while reading and listening to Bhagawan’s divine “Leelas”. Thus, in yesterday’s episode, we had witnessed Bhagawan Krishna and Balarama leaving for the “Theertha Yatra”, with “Arjuna-Sannyasin and Shubadra alone at Dwaaraka. This was Arjuna’s golden opportunity to be with Shubadra, and he grabbed it with both hands! As time passed by, the couple were deeply into each other and eventually both of them left together to some other place, which nobody knew! However, when Bhagawan Krishna and Balarama were back from their “Theertha-Yatra”, they found out where Arjuna was, and without any option, Balarama had to accept for their marriage! 

We should remember here – It was Balarama who was put into the trap everytime by Bhagawan Krishna and it was the same when it came to the case of Arjuna and Shubadra too. Bhagawan Krishna exactly knew where Balarama would disobey His words. He purposefully wanted Balarama to leave Shubadra and Arjuna alone with each other, and when this wish came out of Balarama’s mouth itself, Bhagawan Krishna was more than happy to execute it. Finally, since it was Balarama who had suggested that Shubadra should be “of service” to Arjuna-Sannyasin, even though Bhagawan Krishna opposed it, Balarama reluctantly accepted the marriage between the two. Now it is the turn of Yudishtra to give his approval. But before this, Draupati had to accept, isn’t it? Even for this, Bhagawan Krishna had a plan. 

So the plan worked like this – Bhagawan Krishna asked Arjuna to come in the same “Sannyasin” form, along with Shubadra, to Indraprastha. Shubadra was instructed by Bhagawan Krishna to assume the form of a normal servant woman. Bhagawan Krishna also accompanied the two of them. All of them thus went to Indraprastha. Arjuna now goes to Indraprastha after around eleven or twelve years! We should understand here that Arjuna had come on a “Vana-Vaasa” for just one year, but because of all what had happened in the middle, that one-year-period extended all the way to twelve long years! Now as Arjuna comes back, Yudishtra hugs him with all his affection and understands what had happened. He was happy that Arjuna had married Shubadra, because she was Bhagawan Krishna’s own sister. However, this is still not known to Draupati.

As Draupati came out of her chamber, she too was happy to see Arjuna back. With the wink of an eye, Shubadra fell on Draupati’s feet as a token of respect. As Shubadra fell on her feet, Draupati blessed her thus, “Oh young woman! You will get a good and noble husband very soon!” As Draupati blessed thus, Bhagawan Krishna sharply intervened in the middle thus, “Oh Draupati! She has already obtained the blessing that you just gave her!” Upon hearing this from Bhagawan Krishna, Draupati was surprised! Who was that noble husband to whom Bhagawan Krishna was referring to? That person was none other than Arjuna himself! Upon understanding this, Draupati was more than happy and welcomed Shubadra into the family. She was happy that Arjuna had another companion in his life. 

Thus, the marriage was complete and both of them lived happily. Thus with time, this couple had a son by name “Abhimanyu”! Many of us might be aware of Abhimanyu and how he exhibited his capabilities during the Kurukshetra war. It was this Abhimanyu who entered into the “Chakra-Vyuga” formed by the Kaurava army bravely, but was killed mid-way! Readers should also understand an important point here – Right from the time when Abhimanyu was in Shubadra’s womb, he was imparted with key skills of warfare. In fact, there is also a point of view that Abhimanyu was taught how to bash his way into the “Chakra-Vyuga”, but before he could be taught how to come out of it, he was born! Even though Abhimanyu was exceptionally talented, he only had this one issue! This was clearly exploited by the Kaurava army to perfection! 

So for today, let us understand up to this point, and we shall continue this discussion in the next episode as well. Stay tuned! 🙂 


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