Episode # 224 – Bhagawan Krishna’s “Master Plan” for Arjuna to marry Shubadra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed an unexpected meeting between Bhagawan Krishna and Arjuna at Praabhaasha Kshetra near Dwaraka. Arjuna had incidentally gone there as part of his “Vana-Vaasa” and he found Bhagawan Krishna being part of a glamorous function. Both of them were excited to see each other and in the same function, Arjuna spotted Shubadra, who was Bhagawan Krishna’s step-sister. We’ve witnessed this in yesterday’s episode and Arjuna immediately falls in love with Shubhadra. However, Bhagawan Krishna advises Arjuna that it is not so easy for him to marry Shubhadra because Yudishtra and Balarama had to give their permission for the same. Although Yudishtra might give his permission, Balarama is a tough nut to crack. Hence, Bhagawan Krishna made a plan. He called Arjuna to Dwaraka along with Him, and asked Arjuna to come in the form of a “Sanyasin”. Bhagawan Krishna also advised Arjuna not to straightaway come into His palace, but to take shelter under a huge tree at the entrance of the kingdom, where many other Sanyasins used to stay. However, Bhagawan Krishna also advised Arjuna not to strike any conversation with anyone there, and to just sit silently at the bottom of the tree. 

Thus, paying heed to Bhagawan Krishna’s advice thus, “Arjuna-Sanyaasi” came along with Him and proceeded towards that tree wherein he was asked to sit under. As this Arjuna-Sanyaasi was sitting, many people came to see him and seek his “blessings”! Eventually, Arjuna-Sanyaasi became quite famous amongst the people in the vicinity. Sensing this, one day Bhagawan Krishna wantedly asks Balarama thus, “Oh brother! Why is there so much crowd near that tree where Sanyaasins used to sit? Is there someone sitting there who is well known? Why is there so much commotion?” As Bhagawan Krishna asks thus, Balarama did not know that Bhagawan Krishna was playing a game! He replies to Bhagawan Krishna innocently thus, “Oh Krishna! It seems that there’s a Sanyasin who has arrived there and people are flocking towards him. Let us also go and see him and seek his blessings!” 

As Balarama replied thus, Bhagawan Krishna replied back to him: “Oh Balarama! I do not believe in “fake sanyasins”! I do not want to go and meet such people! If you want to go and meet him, you may feel free to do so!” Bhagawan Krishna knew that Balarama would do exactly the opposite of whatever He says, and hence, He wantedly uttered such a statement! As expected, Balarama got offended and replied back thus, “Oh Krishna! You have this bad habit of disobeying whatever I say! You’re disrespecting people even without knowing who they are! Let us go and check him out. If he is really a fake sanyasin, let us teach him a befitting lesson!” Saying thus, Balarama took Bhagawan Krishna along with him to meet Arjuna-Sanyaasi. Both of them went, fell on Arjuna-Sanyaasi’s feet, worshipped him and came back! Balarama was mightily impressed with Arjuna-Sanyaasi! 

Next morning, Balarama suggests to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Krishna! Now that both of us have worshipped that Sanyaasin, we should ask Shubadra to go and worship him as well. She should also obtain his divine “Anugraha”, isn’t it? Bhagawan Krishna was expecting Balarama to tell this, however, He was very careful in His moves! As usual – Bhagawan Krishna knew exactly what Balarama’s weak point was! He replied thus, “Oh Balarama! Let me tell you something – It is not advisable to let Shubadra go there. This Sanyaasin is a youngster, and anything might happen. Let us not take this risk of sending Shubadra there!” On expected lines, Balarama made sure that he disobeyed Bhagawan Krishna’s words, and immediately sent Shubadra to meet Arjuna-Sanyaasi! Thus, both of them met each other and Arjuna’s dream of marrying Shubadra was slowly starting to get realized! Both of them fell in love for each other immediately. 

However, the game was not over yet! Balarama wanted to go for a “Theertha-Yaatra” along with Bhagawan Krishna. Also, Balarama had an idea within him, which he expressed to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Krishna! Our Shubadra should get married to a nice boy, isn’t it? To obtain a nice groom for her, she should be of service to a Sanyaasin whole-heartedly. Hence, let us call this Sanyaasin whom we met yesterday, to our home. Let Shubadra be of service to him till we come back from out “Theertha-Yaatra”. Maybe, the Sanyaasin would provide his divine “Anugraha” to Shubadra, with which, she would get a good groom for her marriage!” As Bhagawan Krishna heard this from Balarama, He laughed within Himself! He was expecting such a move from Balarama and it exactly materalized! Now what is Bhagawan Krishna going to reply? Let’s wait for an interesting accord in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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